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    Will it wise of me to go for Painting and Arts as the career course?

    I have always devoted myself towards painting. I lacked proper education in sketches and painting so I did not achieve success at minor age. But due to my own practice and devotion I succeeded in winning the state level painting competition. From that day onwards I have made up my mind to make my career in this field. But I do not know which and how I should go further to follow a right path that can take to my destiny of becoming a great artisian. Can you guide me in this path?

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    Re: Will it wise of me to go for Painting and Arts as the career course?

    Dear its sound really good that you want to convert your interest/hobby into your career. As you also mention that you won state level painting competition, this show your dedication towards your goal, so keep going you are on right path.
    Now a days there are many good and well known colleges which contain 'Art & craft' as there optional subject. So just search all colleges on internet on your city/location preferences.
    I am pretty sure that you will have bright feature and one more thing dear just keep same devotion and practice in future also. Because sometime we lack these things and it will affects our career/life.
    So just search those institutes/colleges according to your location preferences.

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