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    Will my salary be cut down after I was demoted to lower post?

    I was working as an assistant control room manager. But due to a wrong decision there was a 6 hours delay in the project. So our manager demoted me. I am worried now. This is only source of income we have in our family. Will my salary be also cut down? Or they will not provide my increment for this year? Please suggest.

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    Re: Will my salary be cut down after I was demoted to lower post?

    Hello Friend,

    I am afraid the answer to your query is "Yes". After any demotion sallary tends to get lower compared to the previous one. Promotion and demotion are part and parcel of any work and you have to accept that quickly otherwise you will not be able to work properly. You have made one wrong decision and for that you are penalized. Now, is the tme you should work hard and execute the work efficiently and in time so that nobody can say anything to you. If you want to get back to your previous post then you have to work out of your skin and then wait for your superiors evaluation. All the best to you.


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