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    What should one do to join a Shipping company?

    I have completed my Higher Secondary Education in Commerce. Then after I pursued Diploma in logistics in shipping and logistics. Now I want to join a Shipping Company. How do I get in? Do I have to go through any entrance test or simply an interview. Can you also provide me details that will help me in cracking the same.

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    Re: What should one do to join a Shipping company?

    Dear Shipping and Logistics sector has very wide scope in India and if you once get the job then you may easily make your future very good in such type of top companies because demand of the employees is increasing according to the development of the world and globalization that is why everyone want to use new technologies as online shopping that no one wants to go to the market and just make a call and get your demanded thing delivered at your home that is why there is a huge recruitment and mainly for managerial posts because most of the candidates who are called delivery person are found easily but to manage the system and corporate office of the shipping and logistics management is not easy task that is why companies demands for good and deserving candidates for such posts and they found tough to get that is why I would say that you have chosen a very good way to make your future good in business management

    You have completed higher secondary class then got a diploma in shipping and logistics management so I would like to say that you may get the job but not in office because your educational qualification is not according to the demand of companies that you could get a job in office of the company so I would like to suggest you that first you should complete all necessary educational qualification as demanded in companies then you should start your career and for that you should get admission in MBA - Master's of Business Administration and choose Sipping and Logistics Management as the specialization subject of your MBA so you will earn more knowledge about this field and you will see that your value has been increased in such companies and you will get a job easily with good payout and there is no process that you have to appear for entrance exam then interview, just complete your MBA and most of the companies hire candidates through interview process from the colleges so you have to prepare yourself better for that situation

    Some of the top Shipping and Logistics Companies in India offers thousands of job every single year :

    TNT Express
    DHL Ltd.
    All Cargo Logistics Ltd.
    Agrawal Packers and Movers
    Gati Ltd.
    First Flight
    Blue Dart
    Global Express Services
    Fed Ex

    All the best

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    Re: What should one do to join a Shipping company?

    1.To deal with your shipping preferences, locating the right shipping company that will make sure that your products will arrive in one piece is crucial.

    2.Many companies normally evaluate the transport enterprise in accordance with the rate billed to them.

    3.The means of the shipping corporation to deliver the shipment without delay is one more decisive component that needs to be taken into consideration.

    4.You should not ignore the value of obtaining an insurance.

    5.In any case, you cant ever truly guarantee that nothing will go wrong.


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