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    Unprofessional attitude from the employees leading to the downfall of our company

    I am the owner of a private company. Recently we have lost many of our clients and the sole reason for this is the unprofessional attitude of majority of our employees. This has caused the downfall of our company and I am feeling very depressed right now.What should be done in order to bring back everything to normal?

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    Re: Unprofessional attitude from the employees leading to the downfall of our company

    Sir one thing is clear that it may be a private company or government organization, if employees of that branch are very good at dealing with clients and showing professional behavior and modest attitude then the branch gets more responsibilities from various clients and just against this is that if employees are not good in behavior and showing unprofessional attitude to the clients and customers in the office then what would be the feedback of clients and customer about that office so such type of things matters too much in respect of the company and this is not a easy task to handle because manager are there to manage employees but a group or panel of employees is following each other in that wrong way then it is quite tough to get cleared that is why we should be careful about this situation because this is something that is creating a big loss to the company and not good at all for you and all other employees so first of all you should make them realize about their mistake that what they are doing at present as your company is getting loss

    First of all you should talk to all those clients who have left coming to your company and personally say sorry from your side that whatever happened was not so good and I am apologize over that and also say that the same will never happen again with you and anyone else so at least they will not give wrong feedback about the company to other colleagues and you will start getting service and if any client comes then you should ask them about who misbehaved with you then client may give information about that person so you can talk to him in after the client leave office premises and make him realize that he did something that can not be accepted by me and any other management officer and be strict while making him realize so he will understand and also say that clients has left company because of you all that you do not behave good and they are leaving and if this happens again then I would either fire you form the job or you will have to pay the salary of your one month to me then only I will allow you to work here and be strict while saying so everyone will get it because this is happening due to the lack of management in office and if you once create fear then no one will do that with any client

    You should make a poster on that you should mention your contact number and also write on that for clients "Clients are welcome and we would try our best to serve you as per your demand. If any client has any problem with the system, management, officers, working etc. and officers does not treat you well then all the clients are welcome to make a call at ********** so may be that officers think that if any client call to the boss then they may loose their job and also make a letter box where your company will welcome of the all feedbacks given by clients so you will get everything back

    All the best

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