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    Some of the employees in our company are so unruly that all the others are miffed with them

    I am the manager of a private company. Recently I have received many complaints from the employees regarding some of their colleagues who are so unruly that everyone is miffed with them and want them to be given a good punishment. What should I do in such a situation?

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    Re: Some of the employees in our company are so unruly that all the others are miffed with them

    some employees don't care for their co-worker they set some standards for all the dirty politics and create some tensions and disturb the total working conditions to worst indirectly causing unproductive efficiency at work.. as a manager you are responsible to clean up the mess immediately as you cannot depend on them to change their behavior unruly and mischievous employees don't mend their way so easily they should be taught the lesson in hard way and they do deserve that.. but the fact is you should know the actual root cause of they behaving very rude with co workers there are some social grooming standards and compromise on such issues is not accepted employees should know how to behave if they don't even behave in the office how can you expect to be good with the clients in any particular project.. you should take all the complaints to your notice and see the seriousness of the complaints received at your desk and also find the solution of those irritating and rude employees who tend the spoil the friendly conditions of office.. never ignore an complaint as a small issue if you do so then entirely it would an huge mess around which you will be blamed at the end if you don't take a serious action then you tend to encourage them at their best..

    when you find one complaint against those employees then you can ignore them but you have mentioned that you find many complaints with them is totally a serious and genuine problem that most employees are facing it .. of of revenge an employee will complaint against that group but not majority of people will not complaint if they are good and cooperative .. so you need to check company rules and regulations for disciplinary actions as well according to company rules you can even discuss among the HR department and you need to talk with board of directors for this nuisance and all these rude behavior that some employees are creating their their suggestion that what could be done to get them on track or will they face disciplinary action or will they be thrown out .. as a manager you should take the matter to higher authorities as there are some employees of 4-6 employees with whom all are miffed so multiple dismissal would lead in decrease of man power what ever you do consult the chairman or MD of the company take all the complaints to his notice then its his final decision which you can apply.. but the thing is that you should never give them chance they don't deserve it in case of what ever the MD directs you to do... you can also serve them disciplinary notice to reply to it give them 24 hr time to reply and if there is not reply keep them under hold and then you can fire them under disciplinary action clause of rules based in your company.. rude and arrogant people are not encouraged at all for god 's sake they make things bad for environment..

    the importance of speaking to MD and higher authority is to keep them updated with what actually is going on in the company this unruly episode is a serious matter its a threat to company reputation and security among the employees and law order situation will be enforced if you take this matter very lightly its high time you keep the situation under control all the reply you get from the rude employees should be forwarded immediately and seek what should be done needful action should be taken if you don't put in your efforts its you who will be responsible if something is happened seek the power from MD to punish them... all the best

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