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  1. Confusion regarding NOC from Gramin Bank to join Union Bank of India?
  2. Will I come under Non Creamy layer if my father's income dropped below 4.5 lacs?
  3. Minimum salary of IPS Officers in India?
  4. Being given the task of helping all the freshers by my boss
  5. None of my team members want to befriend me as I am in the bad books of my boss
  6. The company accountant not taking interest in making good relations with the employees
  7. Many clients speaking rudely to me due to the mistake of one of the employees
  8. Not able to handle the preparations for overseas tour and my current project simultaneously
  9. Lot of work remaining pending due to some problems in the past few days
  10. How to answer the question “ How will you maintain good relations with your colleagues?” in the interview?
  11. Not able to concentrate on my work due to my colleagues loud chats
  12. Sincere efforts going to waste due to a mistake committed by one of our teammates
  13. Failed to finalize the deal with the clients
  14. Boss wants us to join social networking sites
  15. Some of my valuables being stolen from my office locker
  16. No rice being served in our office canteen
  17. My salary being reduced due to no particular reason
  18. How can I make my boss choose me over my colleague for heading the foreign trip?
  19. Good computer courses for B.Ed student and part time jobs?
  20. Salary structure after B.Com?
  21. Guidance for a better career option after having a year of experience?
  22. Which college will I get having 20591 rank in GATE?
  23. Wife gets government job after husbands death is called?
  24. Did not serve Notice Period and problem in getting Releaving Letter
  25. The Senior Resident taking undue advantage of my determination to work hard
  26. Our employer is a very obstinate person
  27. Should we give presents to our colleagues on their birthdays?
  28. My boss expects too much from me when my pay is so less
  29. How many paid leaves, on an average, does a company gives to its employees in a year?
  30. Will completing my post graduation over a very long time period affect my future?
  31. Are there interviews for getting the job after the completion of MBBS degree?
  32. My boss doesn’t want me to befriend a certain colleague
  33. My boss orders me to do some very ordinary chores
  34. My manager never sanctions my leaves due to racial discrimination
  35. Will I get Gratuity having served for 4.8 years?
  36. Whether Company Secretary course is suitable in terms of career and income for a 33 year old person?
  37. Facilities provided to employees at Nationallised Banks?
  38. Need suggestion on TCS bond breach for freshers
  39. Which company to join Wipro or L & T Infotech?
  40. Can I get OBC NCL certificate if my father is not Class I Officer?
  41. Is the Appointment Letter from Kuwait Gas Company be email is original?
  42. Boss wants to know about so many things other than our work
  43. My father is a School Principle class 2 officer having salary above 4.5 lacs. Am I eligible for noncreamy layer certificate?
  44. Boss wants his employees to listen to classical music
  45. Being a lawyer what attitude should I adopt while dealing with my clients?
  46. Some of the teachers are indulging in biased behaviour
  47. The menu of our company canteen is very repetitive
  48. My boss is not able to understand my grief
  49. Some of the employees are behaving in a very uncivilized manner
  50. My boss wants me to back off from heading the foreign trip
  51. How to deal with the relatives of the patient, who always keep on worrying?
  52. The head nurse is never answering our queries
  53. One of my colleagues always tries to copy our boss in every way possible
  54. Being transferred to an undisclosed location
  55. How to teach my colleague the art of good communication skills?
  56. Just half of the salary hike being given than what was promised
  57. My daughter wants to work at my position for 6 months
  58. No respite from excessive work pressure in our company
  59. One of my colleagues is under severe depression
  60. Can I take a maternity leave for a baby born by some other method?
  61. The doctors of the government hospitals scolding the interns even on the smallest of mistakes
  62. Not at all impressed by my boss’s tactics
  63. Boss wants me to select two best freshers based on their performance in the past 2 months
  64. Lot of employees being given promotions excluding me, inspite of being the best performer of the last year
  65. Is it necessary to give my greetings to my boss on every festival?
  66. Whether to prepare for GATE after engineering or not? Low B.Tech percentage will be a problem to be eligible for PSU's?
  67. How Should I Count My Regular Service?
  68. What can I do on refusal of Casual Leave application?
  69. Should I do CA or B.Com in Banking & Insurance or MBA after 12th?
  70. Salary and job availability for Diploma holders in future?
  71. Which one to choose- A Production Engineer in GE or Bank PO job in PSB?
  72. Does agreement system apply for every kind of job?
  73. How to speak as a Telecaller at the time of emergency in a Hospital?
  74. Why being minor, the child actors are allowed to do the job at early age?
  75. Will my experience be counted if I had started working as a minor?
  76. Can Mother Company hire from sub-company?
  77. Employee’s behaviour is not good after receiving the best performance award
  78. Is it necessary to close a savings account opened by the company after leaving the company?
  79. Can one company hire more than one consultancy for recruitment?
  80. No performance award due to increase in pay issue
  81. Why ESI for salary below 15000?
  82. Boss did fraud in agreement to work Abroad for four years
  83. Bank employee took a term loan in the name of customer
  84. My boss insists me to work for long hours
  85. Are doctors doing part time when they open clinic own while working in some hospital?
  86. In what circumstances the managing director of a company or the owner of the company is sued by the employees of his own company?
  87. How can a HR judge the performance of one employee who is working in different field from the knowledge of HR?
  88. My boss do not revert me on my mails
  89. Does the monthly salary preparations are done by HR?
  90. Why no HR for automobile industry necessary?
  91. Experience letter for working for a limited period on replacement
  92. Can group interview be taken in recruitment process?
  93. Can I sell my research work to the same company from where I have done the research?
  94. Shall an employee provide training to new comer if the prior gets fired without information?
  95. Company charging me for damage of official laptop
  96. Legal actions against opening the software unethically by an employee
  97. From where I can do my summer internship if I opt for PR and Marketing in bollywood?
  98. Are there any agency hiring to enter into various bollywood careers?
  99. Boss deducted one month salary on losing data from system
  100. Is English compulsory to work in outlets like Mcdonald's & CCD’s in India?
  101. Got fired due to company vehicle damage in accident
  102. Can I work as a DSA and a Sales Manager both at the same time?
  103. Can billing for sale be done in the middle of the month?
  104. How to answer the question “How many years are you planning to stay in this company?” in an interview?
  105. Feeling ashamed of myself for not helping one of my colleague
  106. Working in a software company, my boss expects me to be a good team leader
  107. Unable to find a solution to my boss’s problem of gifting something special to his wife
  108. I admire my boss a lot but unable to express this in front of him
  109. Misuse of the internet and television facilities by the employees
  110. How to utilise my good communication skills in the GDs and interviews?
  111. Not able to get rid of my habit of smoking at my workplace inspite of my boss’s warning
  112. How to answer the question “What will you do if your company goes into losses?” in the interview?
  113. How to end the cold war between me and one of my colleagues?
  114. Some amount of money being deducted from our salary from the past 2 months
  115. Unable to say anything to my colleagues when they make fun of me
  116. Not receiving any kind of incentives to work harder for my company
  117. Being asked to leave the company or work for 1 month before availing my maternity leave
  118. Not able to face anyone after being scolded by my boss in front of everyone
  119. Giving my best to my work but my boss still wants more from me
  120. One of the employees shows no respect to the manager
  121. Being an intern in a government hospital doctor not ready to answer any of my queries
  122. Extremely nervous about the announcement of promotions
  123. My new home is very far away from my working place
  124. How to make up with the boss after a fight?
  125. I can never satisfy my boss. How to deal with such a situation?
  126. One of my colleagues in a government organisation is very underrated
  127. What is the best gift that I can give to my boss on his birthday?
  128. What should be done with an employee who constantly bothers me for giving him a promotion?
  129. How to motivate one of my employees to work to his full potential?
  130. My salary being credited into my teammate’s account
  131. Not comfortable with the accent of my team leader
  132. A simple argument with my colleague resulted in my termination
  133. List of top 10 PF & ESIC consultants in Delhi NCR
  134. How join another engineering college in 3rd year due to health issues?
  135. What is the latest ESIC limit?
  136. A specimen sample of Undertaking Letter
  137. Which course should I study to become CID or CBI Officer?
  138. Delay in Relieving Letter making me feel like loosing the job
  139. Whether to prepare for GATE after engineering or not? Low B.Tech percentage will be a problem to be eligible for PSU's?
  140. Will flattering the boss be a good tactic on my part for a better future in the company?
  141. When to start preparing for group discussions?
  142. The government hospital nurses not taking a liking to me
  143. Will failure to complete a task on time cost me my job?
  144. Many restrictions imposed on the employees in our company
  145. How to satisfy my boss’s urge of wanting me to do better and better everytime?
  146. Unable to comprehend the meaning of my boss’s words
  147. My colleague is instigating me against our boss
  148. Feeling small in front of the other employees due to my poor dressing sense
  149. Boss wants to file a lawsuit against me due to some grave mistake committed by me during the notice period
  150. Rude behaviour of the interviewers made me cry during an interview
  151. Lack of confidence is making me feel ashamed of myself
  152. One of the teachers is not paying attention to the student’s problems
  153. Boss forcing the male employees to wear shirts of a specific foreign brand
  154. Female colleague forcing me to help her complete her project
  155. Original document submission for contract job
  156. Education today helps in climbing the ladder of professional succes but not the ladder of life
  157. Offer Letter not given, Salary blocked after showing interest to quit
  158. Being a victim of false accusations
  159. Hate my boss for being so harsh on my friend
  160. Boss making some unusual demands from me
  161. Not having good relations with boss’s favourite employee
  162. My boss wants me to buy a new mobile
  163. How to answer the question-”Why are you interested in joining our company?” in an interview?
  164. Do’s and dont’s of salary negotiation during an interview
  165. No medical insurance benefits being provided to the freshers
  166. My client wants to take his case back at the last moment
  167. My boss has misplaced an important file related to my project
  168. Our team leader is leaving the project midway
  169. Separate canteens for doctors and nurses
  170. One of our employees was recently punished in a civil case
  171. Pension process taking much more time than expected
  172. Boss wants me to shoot for a documentary on a political figure
  173. My best friend refusing to help me during my difficult times
  174. My boss wants me to complete my tasks first and then only take the leave
  175. What shall I do if my previous company is not paying me my pending salary with Conveyance?
  176. Am I eligible for Quarantine Leave being a Central Government Employee in Kolkata?
  177. Can I download Form No 19 and Form No 10C from internet and submit the same?
  178. Which stream to opt after 12th Science to earn huge salary?
  179. Will I lose the savings of my PF Accounts from my two ex-employers? My next (new) employer will open a new PF account. So what should I do now?
  180. Will it be good for me to negotiate my salary after a gap of 2 years?
  181. Employability tests used by various MNC’s throughout India
  182. Details about Leave Travel concession
  183. How to help my colleague to get over his shyness?
  184. Government hospital doctors treating the interns in a very harsh manner
  185. Being offered another job with better perks but lower starting salary
  186. The boss has no right to get physical with the employees
  187. My boss wants me to conduct a debate on a certain topic
  188. Boss not accepting my plea to work on a certain project
  189. One of the employees is an expert in creating stories about others
  190. How to work on rolls to various jobs in bollywood?
  191. Rude behaviour of boss due to my ignorance to his weird behaviour
  192. How to show my salary proves when for some months my salary has been credited to my personal account?
  193. Does salary packages get lowered if transferred to rural area?
  194. Change job location within training period
  195. Can I apply for OBC certificate non creamy layer if my fathers is in class-III (Government of India ) and his income is greater than 4.5 lakh per annum?
  196. Co-employees speaking ill about character on mere fact of increment due to performance
  197. Is it normal when employees bitch about me on mail chats?
  198. A lot of pressure on me due to being the “Best performer” of the last year
  199. Boss not acknowledging the need to provide new laptop to the employees
  200. Don’t have any respect left for my boss, working in a government organisation
  201. Not getting a good job even after doing my degree from a reputed college
  202. How to refuse an offer from my management without disrespecting them?
  203. One of our colleague think of himself to be the undisputed No. 1
  204. Pathetic condition of the government offices
  205. How to win over my boss’s wife in order to have good relations with him?
  206. Getting my 4 months due salary after 3 long years
  207. What should I do so that my boss takes notice of my work?
  208. Not able to make the right choice among so many job offers
  209. Unable to face my manager after committing a grave mistake
  210. Not confident about taking up the position of a team leader
  211. Boss questions when he deducts salary on taking leave and no pending work
  212. Will my salary be deducted if I interpret wrong sales forecasts?
  213. Will my salary be deducted if I interpret wrong sales forecasts?
  214. Manager cut one day salary for going out 2 hours for job interview
  215. Boss behaves rudely during unofficial trips too
  216. Are editors asked to work on fields too?
  217. Boss asked to serve water in absence of office peon
  218. My boss insults me in front of my family members when they come to office
  219. One of my co-employees always irritates by his fake philosophies
  220. What to do if hikes in salary don’t go with assigned work?
  221. In my office existing employees treats new recruitments as their slaves
  222. Is it right to accept a job offer with low salary?
  223. Will I be paid if allotted classes of a teacher who is on leave if it’s a private concern?
  224. How to crack the interview round for the job post of HR?
  225. Which is a better option between Tech Mahindra(Off-Campus) and Siemens(On-Campus)?
  226. What is the work of database Manager?
  227. How to project myself as an author at national level?
  228. Questions asked in the interview conducted by call centers to graduating students
  229. How to answer the question,”What are the most important things for you as a manager?”
  230. What is importance of Mobile Technologies in professional world?
  231. Cowardice on the part of one of the colleagues is not going down well with me
  232. Manager not answering my queries regarding the bonus policies
  233. Afraid of losing my job due to family problems
  234. No higher official is interested in listening to the employees complaints
  235. Should I obey my manager’s orders to spy on my colleague?
  236. Lot of competition for the interview of a reputed firm
  237. Should I complete my project before taking my maternity leave?
  238. Will my company pay for my surgery?
  239. Not comfortable with talking to some of my colleagues
  240. Boss is asking me to purchase my own laptop as the company’s laptop got broken due to my own mistake
  241. Not being served piping hot food in our company canteen
  242. Whom should I be faithful to- my boss or my manager?
  243. Some of the employees in our company really need spoonfeeding
  244. Some of the nurses of our hospital are very high headed
  245. Few employees are taking undue advantage of our manager
  246. Finished working on the project but still no salary hike being given
  247. Boss is treating the employees like children
  248. My wife wants to join the same company as mine but at a higher position
  249. Colleague always discouraging me to tell my plans to my team leader
  250. I am very passionate about my work but my boss never encourages me