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  1. Shocked by the illegal ways of earning of my boss
  2. How to politely refuse the case of one of my clients?
  3. Software Job or Lecturer Job, what to choose? How much a Lecturer can earn in future?
  4. Is it good to do MBA in Fashion Marketing & Merchandising after B.Com and CS? Best institute and job opportunities?
  5. B.Tech IT holder is eligible to apply for IES? Which post will be given?
  6. How to convince employer for job transfer?
  7. Best course after 12th which can give best salaried job?
  8. Do I belong to OBC if My Father died as class 2 officer with Annual pension 3.5 lakhs?
  9. Can a 43 years old woman do CA having 10 years of experience in Accountancy?
  10. Can a grandson of freedom fighter avail the quota in government jobs?
  11. Admission having 5 years gap after 12th?
  12. Casual leave can be availed along with Sick and Earned leaves together?
  13. Law regarding minimum payment to fresher in an MNC? Minimum pay in Bangalore?
  14. How can I get my TDS return refund if I didn't got it yet?
  15. Will I lose my job if my boss comes to know about my previous termination?
  16. How to make up for the lack of communication skills?
  17. How to answer the question “ Will you stand by your company in the time of need?” in the interview?
  18. What should be done with an employee who is not ready to improve himself?
  19. The reputation of our company is going down due to indiscipline among the employees
  20. The doctors in our hospital are not on good terms with one another
  21. No increment being given by our Principal for the past 5 years
  22. My colleagues forcing me to attend late night disco parties on the weekends
  23. My teammate wants me to follow his idea for the project
  24. Not able to progress in my company due to my inability to express my ideas
  25. I am not getting salary since 52 days from my previous company
  26. TCS percentage criteria verification for M.Tech post graduate?
  27. Withdraw of EPS & EPF by directly submitting the claim form to EPF office without the authorization & notice of the employer?
  28. JAM eligibility criteria clarification
  29. 23 years old still in 2nd year and frustrated to study anymore
  30. Am I eligible for SSC Test being university level Sports person?
  31. In PVT LTD jobs how can one check with the previous company’s documents of employee that they fake or not?
  32. Boss always cut my some amount from incentives taking an advantage of mine being a female
  33. Does experience matters in campus placements when doing higher degree course after leaving previous job?
  34. Do offices provide character certificates?
  35. Company made mistake and expenses borne by me
  36. Why do hotel staff of reputed hotels gets high salary being a fresher?
  37. Does government jobs ask to sign bond too?
  38. If a company employee bond breaks up due death of employee then wills the amount of compensation is paid by employee’s side?
  39. One of my sales team member go for watching movies in my absence
  40. My salary debit card is not working and no ownership by bank and company
  41. What would I do of an employee who goes for leaves every month for 10 days?
  42. My office environment is not work friendly rather it is gossip friendly
  43. Employee’s girlfriend sends him gifts and flowers very often in office which is creating gossip mongers
  44. Are disabled given extra advantage at the time of final interview too?
  45. Why are government staffs in banks so lethargic?
  46. How can we do changes in DMS as software?
  47. Why is Skelta software directly linked up to head office?
  48. Why the software company can’t pay me back if my employees are not using the system software in their day to day work?
  49. My boss forces to pick up office calls during offs and after office hours
  50. How to enter into IT sector if one is not from engineering background?
  51. Less liberty from reporting head to explore sales quality being a female
  52. Very less work in office making me very lethargic and rest prone
  53. If I am doing a networking business from home, I am liable to pay taxes?
  54. Company’s belongings being distributed among employees without my knowledge
  55. My marketing manager taking undue advantage of my goodwill in market
  56. A same percentage salary hike: injustice to lower level employees
  57. Can appraisal benefits be given at the end of the employmentship in an organisation concern?
  58. For the effectiveness in performance, can we avoid disclosure of appraisals?
  59. Are trainings given to HR for every low change related to labour low?
  60. What is the difference between a Boss and a Leader?
  61. My boss asking me to wear fashionable spectacles at workplace
  62. My company laptop giving me a lot of problems
  63. Will it be good for me to work in my uncle’s company?
  64. How can I stop my boss from ruining the career of my colleague?
  65. Whether wearing casual clothes to my workplace create a bad impression on my boss?
  66. How to ask for a leave for my friend’s marriage when such an important project is going on?
  67. How to deal with patients who want to know even the minutest of details?
  68. Should I give false hope of winning the case to my client?
  69. My boss is treating me like a servant due to some fight with my father
  70. Not being given the travel allowance for the past 2 months due to the lack of funds
  71. Differences with my boss leading to a dip in my career
  72. My boss not allowing me to change into casuals for the night shift
  73. Arrogant boss treating his employees badly
  74. How to answer the question “ What is your opinion on the employees following a particular dress code?” in the interview?
  75. How to make things easier as I am receiving a lot of flak in my professional life?
  76. My boss wants to give my post to one of his relatives
  77. My boss asking for some personal details which I don’t want to reveal
  78. Some of the doctors in our hospital are very harsh on the poor patients
  79. I really want to leave my present job but have no other option in hand. What should I do in such a situation?
  80. My boss forcing me to stay late in the office for the past few days
  81. How to ask for a 7-day leave for my cousin’s marriage?
  82. Not being successful in my career as a lawyer
  83. Medical insurance facilities being taken away from the employees for the next few months
  84. Our Vice principal does not have any respect for our Principal
  85. Won unanimous appreciation from all the senior officials except my boss
  86. Salary hike being withheld for the past 3 months due to unknown reasons
  87. Only being allowed to bring nutritious food to the workplace
  88. Scarcity of nurses in our hospital. How to deal with such a situation?
  89. Freshers being treated as servants in our company
  90. What to gift my boss on his 25th anniversary celebrations?
  91. How much salary can I expect after doing my M.Tech in civil from a reputed college in Delhi?
  92. My genuine complaints against my colleague going unnoticed
  93. Average salary package after completing my CS
  94. Even after completing my MBA, I am not getting the desired salary
  95. The students of my class don’t show any respect to the teachers
  96. After how much time I can expect my first increment, being a fresher?
  97. Not getting promotion as my manager thinks that I dress very shabbily
  98. My manager not allowing me to take a loan from the company
  99. How to answer the question “ How do you rate your performance in the past 5 years?” in the interview?
  100. Getting scolded for the mistake of my colleague
  101. One of my colleagues not able to understand my feelings for her
  102. Feeling ashamed after letting my client down in a civil case
  103. Boss not allowing me to take a 5-day casual leave due to my unimpressive track record
  104. The Principal is unnecessarily scolding the teachers
  105. Teachers not able to maintain adequate amount of discipline
  106. How to answer the question “ What will you do if you don’t get this job?” in the interview?
  107. My maternity leave is going to end but I still feel that I am not healthy enough to continue my job
  108. Whenever I ask my boss for an increment, he always asks me to work harder
  109. Got an overseas offer but my boss not ready to relieve me
  110. My Principal never rewards me for my hard work due to some family enmity
  111. Which CAT coaching institute to join?
  112. CCA is paid to whom? Maximum amount that can be paid?
  113. Can we do tow government jobs one as permanent and other on contract basis?
  114. According to my job profile my potential which I can give my best is not coming
  115. Due to head office orders for compensatory off my office is suffering loss
  116. Boss asked me to leave the job due to recruitment of single employee at two profiles
  117. My boss wants to do one to one meeting before any annual increment
  118. Employees are charged to contribute in out let's electricity bill due to other shops been shut down forever
  119. Is performance only calculated through profit to organisation or all over?
  120. My workshop staff stood together having disagreement in current salary and planning to resign together
  121. Does the PF amount and gratuity amount liable for taxes every month or at the end of employee’s employment ship?
  122. Are performance bonuses taxable in corporate?
  123. In this heated weather our office’s centralised AC has been damaged and my boss is sitting idle
  124. Comparison in performance creating personal differences
  125. Boss interfering in personal issues with co-employee
  126. Boss being in bad mood to avoid discussions on employee’s problem
  127. Feeling no job security in my company after entering into my new job
  128. Employees questioning me on increment on their salary
  129. Who will answer for harassment on women at labour class?
  130. Employees asking for bonus on the occasion of Labour Day
  131. Where are performance assessments made by the outsourcing agencies?
  132. Disagreement of usage of software by employees
  133. What is the compulsory criterion for being in the company where my current company sends me for some projects in abroad?
  134. What are the norms to be followed for setting up a petrol pump?
  135. Boss not revealing my growth opportunities
  136. How to raise voice against the decision of implementing western dress code in the office premises?
  137. How is demand forecasting helpful while setting business in a new industry?
  138. How should I manage the production if the demand of a commodity falls?
  139. What should I say to boss if I am unable to complete work on time?
  140. What are the advantages in initiating company vehicles for dropping and picking employees from their residence?
  141. What precautions should be taken to prevent loss on launching of a new product?
  142. Action against employee taking bribe resulting into loss of the company
  143. Getting disturbed by the singing of co-worker while working
  144. How can the sales/demand of a product be increased in the market?
  145. How to deal with the short temper of the boss?
  146. Difference between the resume for Database and Networking Manager job
  147. What is importance of Database Management in professional world?
  148. How to answer the question,”If you are asked to do something different in your job, what would it be? Why?”
  149. Questions asked in the interview conducted by private consulting firms to graduating students
  150. How to project myself as a social worker at national level?
  151. What is the work of Networking Manager?
  152. Which is a better option between Tata Communications(Off-Campus) and Reliance Communications(On-Campus)?
  153. How to crack the interview round for the job post of database engineer?
  154. My boss wants me to purchase some shirts for him based on the latest fashion
  155. How to resolve matters peacefully with one of my colleagues, who happens to be the boss’s favourite?
  156. What are the options for me if I want to quit my job and do something else?
  157. How to thank my boss for helping me in the time of need?
  158. The company accountant is not at all competent in his work
  159. No time for interacting properly with my patients due to excessive workload
  160. Unable to attend an official party as my daughter is not well
  161. Unable to befriend my team leader as he does not have a liking for me
  162. My friends advising me to serve in rural areas as a Doctor but I don’t want to
  163. Many of the teachers not paying heed to my advice
  164. Is there any shortcut to win my boss’s heart in short span of time?
  165. Not allowed to drink whisky in the office premises during the lunch break
  166. One of our team members is not cooperative at all
  167. Can I become a property dealer after completing my graduation in B.E.?
  168. My boss wants me to make arrangements for his personal party
  169. Taxi services being provided only to the female employees for the night shift
  170. One of the nurses , having some problem with my wife, is not behaving properly with me also
  171. I am not being able to develop interest in my profession
  172. Unable to impress my boss for the past 10 years
  173. My boss wants me to present the outline of our project as our Team leader is not well
  174. Am I eligible for OBC certificate as per the last 3 years income of my father?
  175. What is better CBSE or SEBA?
  176. Whether the Daily Allowance paid by company is taxable or not?
  177. Can I avail half day Casual Leave?
  178. How to file case under Labour Law against a private limited firm?
  179. Previous papers for Labour Relation N6
  180. What is the minimum annual increment of employees?
  181. Do sales tax officers save themselves from paying taxes?
  182. Do government provide with a replacement job if the department gets closed unfortunately?
  183. How can someone claim for regular pension if not working?
  184. Why is resume needed as a fresher?
  185. My boss didn’t give me full salary until one year for not been clear in one last paper of my post graduation
  186. Employer is asking me to pay to get relieving letter and if not he will terminate
  187. Company ate my interest rate money on a savings scheme
  188. Professional doctors leaving important surgeries to trainers
  189. Increment of notice period due to non-achievement of targets
  190. In what circumstances can an employee leave the company on immediate effect?
  191. Why is annual increment interviews held?
  192. Delay in incentives due to management’s mistake
  193. My engagement broken due to wrong information given by co-employee
  194. How to create management skills in labour class?
  195. How can I create a positive attitude in slow season of sale among my sales team?
  196. Boss’s ordered to pay the maternity pay at the end of employment ship
  197. Employer is charging me for compulsory yoga classes in office campus
  198. How can be the ESI deductions claimed if salary is above 15000?
  199. Employer taking bribe to give job to my wife in the same company where I am working in
  200. What are the qualifications/conditions required for opening Medical Shop?
  201. Why is child actor’s salary taxable if they are minors?
  202. How to crack the interview round for the job post of Sales Executive?
  203. Which is a better option between Tech Mahindra(Off-Campus) and Cognizant(On-Campus)?
  204. How to project myself as an detective at national level?
  205. How to answer the question,”What is your style of management?”
  206. What is importance of EDA Design and Tools in professional world?
  207. Difference between the resume for Purchasing and Sales Manager job
  208. Job for 28 year old inexperienced woman with qualification of Masters in Political Science
  209. Promotion criteria and perks offered in MTNL
  210. How to increase the goodwill of a firm in the market?
  211. What to do if employees are not accomplishing work on time?
  212. How to remove the frustration due to monotonous work at office?
  213. Boss not listening to our plea of putting Air Conditioner in office
  214. What to do if my PA is not scheduling my tasks properly?
  215. Which will be the best company to invest in order to buy their shares?
  216. What are the rules and regulations of setting up of insurance company?
  217. What steps should be taken with an employee involved in black marketing?
  218. Boss calling for work during holidays and Sundays without any extra payment
  219. What to do if facing problems regarding bad working atmosphere?
  220. Should reimbursement be given if employee meets with an accident in company’s tour?
  221. No one, in my company, wants to be my friend as I belong to a poor family
  222. Interview stress taking a toll on my health
  223. False reports regarding my behaviour being given to my boss
  224. How to answer the question “What will you do if some senior official points out the mistakes in your behaviour?” in the interview?
  225. Editor of our magazine always bullies the sub-editors
  226. Receiving an appointment letter from one of the companies when I haven’t attended their interview
  227. My boss having a false notion that I don’t show respect to other employees
  228. All my teammates want me to be the team leader
  229. Our management not giving any due credit to the nurse who saved the patient’s life
  230. Should we give bonus to our employees or not, being new in the market?
  231. How to answer the question “ How are you different from the other candidates coming for the interview?” in the interview?
  232. No one works seriously at my workplace in a software company
  233. How to maintain a good doctor-nurse relationship?
  234. My boss not letting me be the team leader when I have all the qualities for the same
  235. Dearth of placement offers for the students of our college as compared to last year
  236. Will it pay to be a honest lawyer?
  237. Unable to think of a way of dealing with my brother, who is one of my team members
  238. Unable to decide whether to terminate one of the employees or not
  239. What all should be done just before the annual appraisal in order to please the boss?
  240. No peace at our workplace in a government organisation
  241. Unable to find evidence regarding my stolen goods
  242. Our boss never keeps his promises
  243. Finished the project successfully but after many scoldings from the boss.
  244. How and when can I avail my LTC from my company?
  245. Our boss is strict with all the employees except his favourites
  246. My boss wants to remove me from the position of team leader.
  247. Being fed up of the constant teasing by one of the employees
  248. Being promised regular salary hike by a private firm but am quite wary of it
  249. Teachers getting physical with the students
  250. Boss reprimanding me for wearing jeans at the workplace