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  1. Does annual package and other benefits are decided on the basis of member in family in government jobs?
  2. My patient is asking me for refund on not being recoverable from disease
  3. Due to bossís negligence I am working overtime without any extra pay
  4. Not feeling safe in cab facility given by office
  5. Can a contract based employee take leaves as per company norms?
  6. How to deal with a colleague who keeps ignoring you all the time without any genuine reason?
  7. Should I take the blame for one of my friends as he is begging me to do so?
  8. Some of the nurses in our hospital are falsely accusing one doctor in front of another
  9. How to deal with a teacher who is not regular in checking the work of her students?
  10. What should I do when my boss has lost all faith in me due to some blunders in the recent past?
  11. How to tell your boss that you are sorry for your mistake and will not repeat it?
  12. How should an employee react when his boss asks him a personal question and he is not comfortable with it?
  13. My boss wants me to listen to old hindi songs
  14. Should I leave my job as my boss is setting a bad example for the employees?
  15. My bossís constant negative comments regarding my character have shattered me
  16. My boss wants me to sing at his personal party
  17. Is it legal for my employer to fire me during my maternity leave period?
  18. My boss wants me to be the team leader of our team for a few days
  19. Very distressed due to my bossís criticism of my hard work
  20. The nurses in our hospital donít know how to maintain good relations with the doctors
  21. Our boss doesnít know how to respect his secretary
  22. Shocked after seeing the female employees, at our workplace, drinking and smoking
  23. What to do with a nurse who is constantly on leave?
  24. Our boss doesnít believe in helping his employees, and always misuses his power
  25. My boss is harassing me by calling me at odd times
  26. New advances in technology in the medical field are bothering me
  27. Poor performance by one of the best employees is bugging me
  28. What to do if your employer is forcing you to attend workshops during the weekend?
  29. The teachers in my school have divided themselves into 2 groups
  30. My constantly increasing closeness with my boss is making some employees jealous of me
  31. My dressing sense has become a point of discussion among the officials
  32. What to do with an employee who is constantly failing to complete his tasks on time?
  33. Afraid of losing my job due to my bad performance during the time of recession
  34. Unable to focus on my work due to my bossís constant scoldings
  35. Lost my job due to one of my colleagueís cunning ways
  36. Whether to continue as a software engineer or to join as clerk in Central bank of India?
  37. It is possible to plan third child being central government employee?
  38. Salary of Diploma in Mechanical engineering will be less than that of Mechanical engineer after 12th?
  39. I belongs to creamy or non creamy layer if my father's annual income is 25000?
  40. How many minimum and maximum leave are being given to employee?
  41. Best and least expensive engineering after 10th?
  42. Which one to choose Manufacturing Engineering studies in IIT-Madras or Senior Section Engineer post in Railways?
  43. How to write a leave letter for Casual leave?
  44. What to choose after 12th for further studies in Management?
  45. What after qualifying the NDA & NA exam? Detail of course and job?
  46. Admission in Mumbai University having 60% in Diploma E & TC?
  47. Should I do diploma after my 12th and then go for degree?
  48. Boss threatens me on deducting my salary on choosing wrong candidate during recruitments
  49. Can I get a relaxation from my payment of loan during search of my new job?
  50. Do campus visiting companies pay to institutes or vice versa?
  51. How to handle the fights in office as an employer?
  52. Employees in my office come with having more profit to self in limited service period
  53. Can I take 2 singing contracts at a time if I can manage?
  54. Do barbers have any on rolls professional career?
  55. Co-employee becoming voice violent in absence of boss
  56. Due to bossís loose point a co-employee is advantage on whole staff
  57. How could authentication of parentís salary is done on competitive forms?
  58. In which category do salary of employers counted if he gives his consultation after his office hours?
  59. Some of the staff is coming without uniform when boss is out of office
  60. Boss not providing hic contact details when going abroad
  61. Provision for optional transfer in government offices?
  62. Compensating on choosing employerís choice of transferred city
  63. Why donít boss gives liberty to do the work in own styles?
  64. Can a benefit of allowance be transformed into some other benefit?
  65. My boss never replies greeting mails on festivals
  66. Office peon mis-behaving with employees
  67. What is NSC? How to have savings in NSC?
  68. All my team members are angry with me as I came late for an important meeting
  69. My team leader is not interested in clearing my doubts regarding the project
  70. Our boss is taking out his frustration on the employees
  71. Didnít get any message regarding an important meeting during the weekend
  72. One of my colleagues is blackmailing me now as he caught me red handed
  73. Should I leave my job as I donít like any of my colleagues?
  74. My boss is not allowing me to go to the foreign trip despite being selected
  75. Being forced to lose my pay due to the tyranny of the boss
  76. My boss does not want me to take interest in sports
  77. One of my colleagues is not ready to help me by dropping me home at night
  78. Our company does not care at all about the opinion of its employees
  79. Some of the teachers are forcing me to terminate one of the teachers
  80. What to do if some of your colleagues are plotting against you?
  81. Even after 5 years of my service, I am not getting due credit for my work
  82. Our team leader is not able to guide us in the right direction
  83. Is it good to join as Bank clerk as or joining to software organisation?
  84. Not being able to reach the office on time for the past few days
  85. Caught my best friend leaking the sensitive information of our company to some rival company
  86. Some people never learn learn from their mistakes
  87. A lot of students are protesting against the incompetence of the Maths teacher
  88. Being the Editor of a reputed magazine, not getting due respect from my juniors
  89. My boss is not willing to sanction my maternity leave as I lost an important file related to my project
  90. Getting invitation from the boss for a disco party, but donít want to go
  91. My boss is trying to degrade my image due to some personal problems with my father
  92. Nurses planning to go on strike as their demands had not been fulfilled
  93. The students donít want one of the teachers to leave our school
  94. Should I plan my future according to my parentís advice?
  95. How should I reconcile my boss and my manager?
  96. None of the doctors in our hospital speak politely with the nurses
  97. What to do so as not to spoil my relations with my manager?
  98. Not getting my original certificates even after 2 years
  99. Circular/Internal Memo about everyone needs to get permission to get any thing
  100. Which is better option in term of job and salary BMLT or B.Pharma?
  101. Minimum number of staff required in company to start PF?
  102. Can I get admission in Karnataka (government college) after studies from Maharashtra?
  103. Better course among CCNA and SAP as per the present and future market?
  104. Options available after B.Pharma? Which branch to select?
  105. Leave job after 1 year to join MBA?
  106. Option other than BBA or BBS after 12th Commerce?
  107. Questions asked in the interview conducted by food product companies to graduating students
  108. How to answer the question,ĒDescribe your imaginary boss to me..Ē
  109. What is importance of OS process management in professional world?
  110. Difference between the resume for Administrative and Client Relations Manager job
  111. Will it be wise decision to retain the senior employees by giving hike in their salary or make fresh recruitment?
  112. Employee always asking irrelevant questions
  113. Boss not giving enough liberty and freedom at work
  114. Will there be any harm on doing extra official work at office?
  115. How to convey boss that I have lost some important documents?
  116. Will it be right to invest on new comers in the film industry?
  117. How to get NOC if the date for claiming it has passed?
  118. Steps against employee who resigned without serving notice period? Steps to be taken to terminate that employee?
  119. Not getting relieving letter and company closed
  120. Which degree will be helpful for commerce student in IAS?
  121. Whether an average student can get job after passing BCA with average marks?
  122. What to answer for "Why Should i hire you?"
  123. What to do with an employee who always leaves the office early?
  124. One of the employees is influencing others in a bad way
  125. No holidays for interns in our hospital
  126. Not getting many clients in my first year of practice
  127. Should I support my colleague who has been behaving badly with me for the past few days?
  128. What to do with an employee who constantly keeps on disobeying you?
  129. Finding it difficult to teach the students due to a different accent
  130. Some of the teachers not having the proper qualifications
  131. My manager ignoring all my requests due to a tiff with the boss
  132. Our manager never keeps his word
  133. How to convey boss to change my working shift?
  134. Boss giving late reply to my queries
  135. Will there be any harm in doing part time job along with regular job?
  136. What to do if employees do strike in order to get hike in their salary?
  137. Getting disturbed by the smell of smoking from the co-worker
  138. What sort of security should be implemented while setting up a bank?
  139. Not getting enough exposure in the present company
  140. Unable to cope up with the work pressure at office resulting in problems in personal life
  141. Boss giving extra work which was not there in the job proposal
  142. How should I react on getting demotion suddenly?
  143. How to build up coordination in a team?
  144. Not succeeding inspite of putting a lot of effort. How to achieve success?
  145. Job for 40 year old inexperienced woman with qualification of Masters in Zoology
  146. Difference between the resume for Administrative and Sales Manager job
  147. What is importance of Data Warehousing in professional world?
  148. Why calculative subjects are needed to enter in military and defence services?
  149. What are the criteria for normal maternity claim in private hospitals?
  150. Trying from last 4 years but every time gets rejected in interview
  151. Manager is not ready to appreciate my efforts due to some of my previous blunders
  152. How to write a letter asking for maternity leave from my manager?
  153. Will company pay me for the days in notice period if I become ill?
  154. Do singers work on contract basis?
  155. My plan backfired due to my bossís bad mood
  156. How to answer the question ďHow much effort will you put to get your promotion?Ē in the interview?
  157. Not happy at all with my government job
  158. One of my colleagues is taking credit for my ideas
  159. I donít want one of my colleagues to leave the company
  160. Some of the senior nurses in the hospital are very interfering
  161. Fed up of my colleagues constant jokes about my family backgroud
  162. Could not take my bossís calls as I had left my phone at home
  163. Not able to make the arrangements properly for my bossís party
  164. No separate canteen for doctors in our hospital as compared to others
  165. Some of the teachers are very harsh on the weak students
  166. Not able to prosper much as a company secretary
  167. None of the team members are happy with my leadership skills
  168. Boss wants me and few of other employees to go for a movie with him and other officials
  169. My communication skills are not good enough to please my boss
  170. Was expecting a salary increment, but getting a decrement instead
  171. How to ask for leaves for attending two marriages simultaneously?
  172. One of the sub editors misbehaved with the female staff after drinking
  173. Taking a lot of wrong decisions has completely ruined my career
  174. A lot of doctors are miffed with the nursing staff
  175. Getting a great offer but donít want to leave my colleagues in the present company
  176. A lot of employees seem to have lost interest in their work
  177. I donít have any faith left in my company
  178. Our manager is constantly ignoring our complaints against a male employee who harasses us daily
  179. One of the employees is constantly making mistakes
  180. My whole team received words of appreciation except me
  181. Getting my salary very late for the past 4 months
  182. My team leader is not willing to listen to my ideas
  183. My colleague blaming me for the loss of his precious watch
  184. How to maintain a good teacher-student relationship?
  185. Boss not allowing me to get my bonus for the next 3 months as a punishment for my mistake
  186. Should I get some of my work done from my juniors as I am overburdened with work?
  187. Boss wants me to get some tips from my juniors
  188. Not being able to take the correct decisions as a team leader
  189. What to do when some of the patientís relatives behave rudely with you?
  190. A less talented, less experienced female employee getting a salary hike in my place
  191. Boss not ready to reimburse me for the leaves which were not used
  192. Not being able to adjust to the strict rules in my new company
  193. My Principal wants me to take special classes for some of the weak students
  194. What should be done with a boss who is constantly comparing me with all the employees?
  195. What should I do when my boss asks me to complain against my manager?
  196. Should I ask my boss for a salary hike after 1 year of my joining?
  197. Lot of violence being practiced by the students of our college
  198. Delay in joining new job due to Emigration Clearance Required (ECR)
  199. How to reduce Tax apart from investing money in PPF?
  200. English teacher being very harsh on the students
  201. Doctors in our hospital being paid less as compared to those of other hospitals at the same post
  202. Boss asking me to work even on Sundays to complete an important project
  203. No salary hike for the first 10 years in our company
  204. What can I do to impress my boss on the first day of office?
  205. Nurses coming late for their duty
  206. Feeling jealous of one of the new employeeís popularity
  207. Employee coming late to the office during a very important meeting
  208. Our companyís future seems to be dull
  209. Lot of my colleagues take undue advantage of my innocent nature
  210. Which type of OBC certificate will I get?
  211. Is it true that Company Secretary has no value in present market?
  212. What to choose between B.Com and BCA?
  213. Information about increment for Senior Sales Executive
  214. Can I investigate the situation of unfairness in promotion?
  215. How to apply in BHEL for summer training of Diploma in Mechanical?
  216. Getting messed up with my online and offline job. How to manage both effectively?
  217. How to control my short temper?
  218. What should I do if employees asks for leave on regional festivals?
  219. Getting frustrated by getting repeated warnings against the deputy manager
  220. Boss ignores most of doubts thereby facing difficulty in my work
  221. What action can be taken against carelessness of the employees?
  222. How to crack the interview round for the job post of customer care?
  223. Which is a better option between Allahabad Bank(Off-Campus) and Punjab National Bank(On-Campus)?
  224. What is the work of Facility Manager?
  225. How to project myself as an actor at national level?
  226. Questions asked in the interview conducted by audit companies to graduating students
  227. Can a commerce student study BCA or BCS?
  228. What are all good opportunity for me to succeed in Accounts field?
  229. Legal action if an employer is not paying the PF?
  230. Confused whether I should take commerce with Maths if my Maths is weak in 10th
  231. Courses which can be done while doing Mechanical engineering?
  232. How many semesters are there in IT? Subjects that we have to study?
  233. How to answer the question,ĒDescribe the work environment of your dream jobĒ
  234. What is importance of Business Intelligence in professional world?
  235. Difference between the resume for Facility and Client Relations Manager job
  236. What to do if facing tough challenge concerning the sales of a product from other companies?
  237. Should I take safety measures for my employees?
  238. Other members always disturbs in between while I am talking to the team leader
  239. Not getting enough time to interact with the boss
  240. What should be the basis of choosing company if interview of both falls on the same date?
  241. What to do if the cost of production increases?
  242. How to get rid of the habit of forgetting things?
  243. What to do if employees are found absent minded while discussing plans?
  244. How to convey boss that his plan can be cause of failure of the project?
  245. Is it possible to get job on the basis of fake documents?
  246. What should I do if the employee is asking to change her working shift?
  247. What safety measures should be requested to be taken by the company for the females working in their night shifts?
  248. Students putting false allegations against the teachers
  249. Failing in my business and not getting a good job now
  250. What to do as our MD is going to downsize the employees?