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  1. Is NGO sector better than Real Estate business?
  2. Details regarding Appraisal?
  3. What to do while TDS deduction Management asked about PAN card number and I donít have it?
  4. Is any HR Certification is needed for getting a better job in HR Domain?
  5. Effect of body language during interview?
  6. What should be our answer when asked about Ďweaknessesí during interview?
  7. Difference between Base pay and Basic pay?
  8. What action can be taken if Left the Organization without notice Period?
  9. Is it possible to get OBC Certificate at the age of 32 years?
  10. How to crack the interview round for the job post of Administrative Manager ?
  11. Which is a better option between IBM(Off-Campus) and Infosys(On-Campus)?
  12. What is the work of Recruiting Manager?
  13. How to project myself as a lyricist at national level?
  14. How to answer the question,ĒHave you ever felt being overloaded with work? How did you deal with it?Ē
  15. What is importance of Android Coding and Application in professional world?
  16. Difference between the resume for Administrative and Facility Manager job
  17. Job for 27 year old inexperienced woman with qualification of Masters in Psychology
  18. Not able to cope up with the demand of the product in the market
  19. What are the qualities needed to become a team leader?
  20. How to tell my new HR that I will be joining my new job a week late due to some urgent piece of work?
  21. Lot of stress on me as I have to work full time as well as look after my small kids
  22. My notice period has been extended by 1 month due to the poor quality of my work
  23. One of the nurses has a very high opinion of herself and does not listen to even the senior nurses
  24. Unable to prove myself as a good team leader due to the constant fighting between some of my team members
  25. Getting a lucrative offer from another company but my boss wants me to complete this project which will take another 2 months
  26. My boss is not showing any sympathy to me as I have fractured my right arm and will not be able to work for a month
  27. Being forced to attend the dance party by all my colleagues but donít want to go as my daughter is not well
  28. One of my colleagues keeps on irritating me by teasing me about my rumoured linkups
  29. What to do when your employer is keen on giving you a demotion or fire you?
  30. Being offered a higher post in the same company which I had left as I received a lucrative offer from somewhere else
  31. Our boss has a very bad habit of shouting at the employees, whenever he gets the chance, which is not good for his health
  32. One of the employees in our company is so hopeless that he never does his work himself and always gets it done from others
  33. Our companyís position in the market is going down day by day and thus I am very worried about the longevity of this job
  34. Feeling very bad for one of the nurses, who is so good and efficient in her work, but always get scolded by the Head nurse
  35. Unfair comparisons being made by my boss between me and one of my colleagues
  36. Not able to take a liking to my new boss but my colleagues want me to say nice words about him
  37. Our new boss is very incapable as she fails to take the right decisions in even the simplest of matters
  38. All my colleagues have a wrong impression of me that I am very arrogant, which is causing a lot of trouble for me
  39. Should I leave my job as even my juniors donít have any respect for me?
  40. What should be done to get my colleagueís transfer delayed by a month?
  41. Some of my colleagues donít have any control over their tongue and always use foul language
  42. How to protect my job as some of my colleagues want to get me removed from this company?
  43. Even after being at the position of the manager , some of the employees talk to me in such a manner as if I am their friend
  44. One of my colleagues is taking a lot of interest in my personal life but I donít want to tell her everything
  45. What can be done if my boss is not ready to accept my resignation letter as he is too emotionally attached to me?
  46. I will never be able to forgive my boss as he cheated me at the last moment
  47. What should be done with the freshers who have very poor practical skills despite clearing the interview?
  48. What should be done when all the employees are demanding to make the workplace fully air conditioned but we donít have enough funds?
  49. What should be done with my colleague who is always poking his nose into my personal life?
  50. Lack of proper sleep, due to working overtime, is creating a lot of health problems for me
  51. Lack of clarity in our team leaderís speech is creating a lot of problems for the members
  52. My boss wants to drag me to the court for the theft of some important files from our office
  53. Some of the employees in our company even lack the basic common sense
  54. My boss wants me to give me a promotion but is not ready to tell me when it will happen
  55. My boss is not ready to take any action against the bullying of the freshers
  56. Unable to digest the news that our boss will be permanently leaving our company in a few days
  57. One of my colleagues is very cunning and sly as he always blames other employees when the fault is his
  58. What to do with an employee who always parties late night and never comes to the office on time?
  59. One of the new lawyers in our court always keeps on asking question from senior lawyers and never uses his own mind
  60. B.Tech in Chemical or Biotechnology from Banasthali vidyapeeth?
  61. Canít withstand some of my colleagues who act too pricey but donít have any quality at all
  62. Should I use false means to win in my first case as a lawyer or should I stick with the truth?
  63. Some of the nurses are being too arrogant and not ready to help the interns at all
  64. My boss scolded me when it was my teammate who was at fault for late communication
  65. Got beaten by one of the employees as I stopped him from harassing a female employee
  66. What should I do as I desperately need to win the best performer award this year to strengthen my image?
  67. Feeling bad for my boss as no employee gives her importance inspite of her being so nice to them
  68. Some of my colleagues laugh at my boss just because he dresses in a fashionable manner
  69. What to do when no one wants to befriend you just because you are involved in a civil case?
  70. Being at a higher post, a lot of the staff members and other people are offering me bribes
  71. What to do when a doctor doesnít come to the hospital for a week without any information regarding the same?
  72. Unable to refuse my client who wants me save him from punishment but am in a great dilemma now
  73. What action should be taken against a teacher who is abusing some of the students?
  74. Boss ordering me to wear western clothes which is against my principle
  75. What should be my primary objective on being appointed as the managing director temporarily?
  76. Will it be right to attend the party of the rival companyís owner?
  77. How to build up good professional network?
  78. Should employees be stopped from doing other part time work during leisure time at the office?
  79. How to maintain consistency in performance?
  80. Employees not improving even after repeated warning
  81. What action should I take if two efficient employees get involved in fighting with each other?
  82. How to build up the confidence within myself?
  83. Promotion criteria and perks offered in IOCL?
  84. My employer is miffed with me as I did not agree to do one of his personal works
  85. Not able to reinsall trust in my colleague after cheating him one time in the past
  86. Not getting any good accommodation near my workplace thus creating a lot of problem for me
  87. Being criticised for my inability to persuade the clients by my boss as well as my colleagues
  88. Forgot to do an important work given by my boss which has ruined my image in front of him
  89. Shortage of nursing staff in our hospital is leading to the overburdening of doctors
  90. Some of the nurses in our hospital have a very sharp tongue and they donít even regret their wrongdoings
  91. Feeling very shy to talk with my female colleagues leading to a lot of problems for me
  92. My boss wants to give the best performer to his favourite employee but I really want to win it this time
  93. How to save my job after being caught drinking at the workplace with my colleague?
  94. How to deal with my boss who criticizes everything I do including the choice of my shoes?
  95. My hectic work schedule is not giving me any time to spend with my childhood friends
  96. What to do if your boss is forcing you to do his personal chores also along with your office work?
  97. One of my colleagues wants me to spread a rumour regarding the affair of another colleague
  98. Will doing a part job affect my resume as I have not been able to find a job for quite sometime?
  99. Feeling guilty as I cheated my boss by meddling with the accounts data
  100. What all points should I keep in mind as I have been made the team leader for the first time?
  101. What to do when one of the nurses is not speaking to me for the past few days?
  102. Not getting any good offer after my first movie bombed at the boxoffice
  103. How to react in front of the boss when he abuses you for your mistakes?
  104. Could not commit to attend my bossís birthday party due to some prior commitments
  105. My personality is becoming a big hindrance in my success in the present company
  106. Feeling very sad as I could not win the best performer award for the 3rd consecutive time
  107. Feeling very depressed due to the rejection of my stories by all the famous producers
  108. Very less increment being given to me even after working so hard for the companyís prestigious project
  109. Best course after B.Tech ECE to get a job in private companies?
  110. Which course is better after doing 12th in PCM? Good colleges in Punjab?
  111. If I resign after 4 years 11 month & 2 days & serve one month notice, will I get the benefit of gratuity?
  112. I fall under which category if my father is 1st class Officer?
  113. Pay scale and perks paid to RAS Officer?
  114. My Company is asking for resignation as it considering my overpaying
  115. Why I have been asked a forceful resignation due to others?
  116. New notice period rule came after my resignation
  117. Female sales staff creating nuisance in office
  118. HR taking undue advantage if her designation
  119. Boss insulting when not performing in front of co-employees
  120. Will my performance be affected if I am not regular in my attendance but my targets are over achieved?
  121. What is the right approach to say no to transfers made by government authority?
  122. Due to work pressure I am unable to spend time with my family
  123. Can my daughter be placed to my government job if I take VRS?
  124. What an an Electrical Engineer do in summer vacation?
  125. In what circumstances can rejoin after taking VRS?
  126. Are there competitive exams for chefs to enter into five star hotels of country?
  127. How to crack the interview round for the job post of Client Manager ?
  128. Which is a better option between IBM(Off-Campus) and HCL(On-Campus)?
  129. What is the work of clients Manager?
  130. How to project myself as a music director at national level?
  131. How to answer the question,ĒHow would you deal with a team member who is consistently underperforming?Ē
  132. What are the advantages of soft skills?
  133. I am one of the most efficient nurses but still not getting rewarded for the same
  134. Unable to complete my bossís challenge of completing my previous task in just 5 days
  135. Difference between B.com and B.Com (Professional)?
  136. Can I become insurance agent for both life and non-life?
  137. Due to my ill luck, I have not managed to stay in my previous 3 jobs for more than a year each
  138. What to do when your boss thinks that your performance is not upto the mark and you think the opposite?
  139. I have not been able to adjust in my company due to the lack of proper manners displayed by most of my colleagues
  140. No facility of air conditioners for the doctors in our hospital even after complaining many times
  141. My best friend is not talking to me for the past few days as he thinks that I have misinformed the boss about him
  142. What excuse should I make for taking leave for attending the interview in another company?
  143. My boss is not ready to forgive me even after apologizing to him so many times
  144. Our boss is not interested in asking the management to provide some extra perks to the employees
  145. I donít think our workplace is good for the female employees due to sexual harassment being practiced by many male employees
  146. Our workers are making unnecessary demands at a time when the company is suffering heavy losses
  147. Salary after Computer Engineering?
  148. How to manage studying CA in my age group 25 -30 years being an Housewife?
  149. Options available to rejoin another PSU after VRS?
  150. What action can be taken against a female employee who is misusing her gender by falsely accusing some male employees?
  151. What should be done with an employee who is trying to create difference between other employees?
  152. Can the doctors of our government hospital go on strike as the management is not ready to fulfill our demands?
  153. How to teach a lesson to one of my colleagues who is always making fun of our manager , who is a very good person?
  154. Could not attend an urgent company meeting as I met with a minor accident and now being scolded for that
  155. Not getting good suggestions from my team leader regarding how to proceed in my part of the project
  156. Unable to make my place in my company due to lot of politics going on here
  157. My boss projecting me as the culprit when it was he who misbehaved with the clients
  158. Unable to convince my boss regarding my immense contribution in the project
  159. Not getting anytime to indulge in my hobbies due to hectic work schedule
  160. My boss told me to bring some vegetables for him as he didnít have enough time to spare
  161. I am badly hurt due to the misbehaviour of some of my colleagues along with my boss , towards me in the recent past
  162. Ridiculous behaviour from my team members is causing a lot of trouble for me , being the team leader
  163. Not getting any favoritism from my boss even after helping him so many times in the past
  164. The surgeons in our hospital are very short tempered and have no patience at all
  165. Our boss is allowing only one of our teamís members to take leave for a few days
  166. Going to start my first job in a few days, afraid of the seniors in our company who are notorious for ill-treating the juniors
  167. Some of bossís favourite employees indulge in bullying of the freshers as they are not afraid of anyone
  168. No one chats with me at my workplace which makes everything very boring
  169. My boss wants me to be his driver as a punishment for my mistake
  170. Unable to save my job as none of my colleagues are ready to help me in proving my innocence
  171. What should be done with the students, belonging to influential families, and as a result disrespecting all the teachers?
  172. Some of the teachers are not at all complying with the students in solving their doubts
  173. Some of the nurses are making false accusations regarding the doctorís incompetence to the management
  174. My boss is planning to remove me as the team leader due to some false accusations by my team members
  175. Inability to take quick decisions is a big drawback for me due to which I am suffering a lot in my present job
  176. What can we do for our company as it completes its 25 years in a few weeks?
  177. What should I do to persuade my husband to allow me to continue with my job?
  178. My colleague is falsely accusing me of making negative comments about his project report
  179. My new expensive mobile phone has been stolen and I am sure one of my colleagues has done it
  180. Our boss is imposing a lot of unnecessary restrictions on the employees, even for official parties
  181. Not comfortable in speaking freely with my boss, hence facing a lot of problems in my job
  182. Not being allowed to celebrate the birthdays of employees at our workplace which is very frustrating
  183. One of our colleagues is always getting jealous of otherís achievements and never happy with his own
  184. Boss has told all the employees to drink at the official parties but I donít want to
  185. Very nervous as my boss wants me to take charge of all the juniors and teach them how to behave
  186. Sometimes our boss gets very abusive and then he doesnít even spare the female employees
  187. My boss is not ready to sanction my leave for attending my best friendís wedding
  188. Severe criticism from my boss, regarding my work, is giving me nightmares
  189. How should I persuade my best friend not to leave the company and instead solve his differences with the boss?
  190. What should be done when your boss scolds you in front of everyone for wearing casual clothes to an important meeting?
  191. What should be done if one of our employees is asking for her maternity leave 1 month in advance?
  192. Did my work to the best of my abilities but did not receive that much appreciation from the boss as I expected
  193. Our boss has forbidden all the male employees from experimenting with their hair
  194. Our bossís differences with his wife are creating a lot of problems for all the employees
  195. Our manager wants to leave our company but all the employees donít want him to leave
  196. Did not receive any appreciation for my idea which benefited our company in a large way
  197. None of the best employees are showing interest in heading the foreign trip to finalize the deal with some foreign delegates
  198. One of the officials left the meeting in the middle which is not a good example for his juniors
  199. What should be done with an employee who is so engrossed in his work that he never maintains good relations with anyone?
  200. Our boss favours only those who come from a rich family background, which is very unfair for the others
  201. No one at my workplace wants to befriend as they think that I am a bad influence on them
  202. Our management wants us to work overtime for a few weeks as an important meeting with some reputed clients is coming up
  203. Receiving a lot of flak from my boss for not helping a few of my colleagues
  204. Being a fresher, what all should I take care of to make my first job a huge success?
  205. My boss is making fun of me in front of my juniors, which is highly embarrassing for me
  206. How can I reinvent myself in my acting career after failing for the past 5 years?
  207. What should be done with a nurse who is violating every rule and regulation of the hospital?
  208. I tried very hard to get back into the good books of my boss but failed each time
  209. A lot of employees are smoking at our workplace, thus affecting the health of other employees also
  210. How to write a letter asking for a specific amount to be deducted to my retirement pay?
  211. Should I pay the bond money in the following cases?
  212. Job after passing HSC?
  213. One of the nurses is having a fake degree
  214. There is not even a bit of privacy in our company
  215. Some of the male teachers encouraging the students to drink
  216. Most of the team members want our team leader to be changed
  217. Cannot eat in the company canteen due to my sensitive stomach
  218. What to do with a boss who is always showing off his wealth and power?
  219. How to crack the interview round for the job post of content writer?
  220. Which is a better option between Nestle(Off-Campus) and Britannia(On-Campus)?
  221. What is the work of Administrative Manager?
  222. How to project myself as an actress at national level?
  223. Which course to join after MCA to find a good job if I am not good in programming?
  224. TCS offer letter not received even after a month of passing all rounds?
  225. Requirements of Sales Tax Officer examination?
  226. Minimum qualification required to open a Medical Store? Options available?
  227. Showcause Notice if my previous employer is a fake company?
  228. What to do if not happy with the job and consistently getting lower rank in GATE?
  229. Should I join Deck Cadet course by paying heft fee?
  230. Difference between Assessment Year and Financial Year
  231. What should be done with an employee who is misbehaving with all the officials during the notice period?
  232. No non-veg being served in our hospital canteen even after many protests by the doctors
  233. All the employees at our workplace are being disturbed by the constant chattering of a few female employees
  234. Not getting adequate recognition after being the editor of a popular magazine for 2 years
  235. Our boss is setting a very bad example for the employees by not being punctual
  236. Members of my team are not cooperative at all leading to many problems
  237. What is the perfect way to impress your boss and come back in his good books?
  238. Nurses in our hospital are very hopeless at their work and with no regards for the patient
  239. Useless employees in our company are getting favours from the boss while the deserving ones are being ignored
  240. What should be done when your boss overburdens you with extra work and you are unable to handle the same?
  241. Higher authorities are not ready to listen to my complaints against an employee as he is the son of an IAS officer
  242. HOD of medicine is not ready to give me attendance for one whole week when I have been absent for just 3 days
  243. The film producers are hell bent on making a mockery of my film by asking me to implement some weird ideas
  244. Usage of un parliamentary language by co-employee
  245. Illegal money making through indirect earnings in office
  246. Why are there no contracts for drivers in automobile industry?
  247. What is the legal procedure of distribution of monetary benefits of any project which is completed by the team as a whole?
  248. Being hard to search a growing job as my salary is lower than my lucrative incentives
  249. Why canít house rent allowance be given in hand as cash?
  250. If a lower caste female goes for an inter caste marriage, will her ST/SC/OBC certificate valid in her upcoming career?