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  1. Customer complained to me against the behaviour of one of the senior employees of the organization
  2. Principal of the college asking me to force one of the staff members to resign because of the indiscipline in his class
  3. Colleagues of one of the workers tend to make fun of him because he is a slow learner by birth
  4. Salesman while cleaning the store broke one of the expensive products and is not admitting his mistake
  5. Employee in my photography studio indulging in misusing the photographs of the customers
  6. Manager unnecessarily using my personal car for his personal daily routine chores
  7. Nurse in my hospital is indulging in malpractices like demanding gifts from the families of the patients
  8. Restaurant owner serving false variety of food under the pretext of the food that is specifically for the navratras
  9. Coordinator always doing comparisons with the method of teaching adopted by other schools in the region
  10. Mechanic at my service centre is accused of removing the original parts of the vehicles that are coming for servicing
  11. Workers at my tavern are consuming the alcohol themselves rather than catering to the customers and creating a ruckus at the tavern
  12. Do not want to indulge in dishonest practice but being forced to because of personal relationships
  13. What should be done with a student who has been caught with other exams cheat paper?
  14. How to extend my study loan payment period?
  15. My boss is displeased with me for my terrible English communication
  16. My boss is unwilling to allow participation in Annual Industrial Sports meet
  17. What lucrative opportunities can I enjoy being a cashier in Government bank?
  18. What explanation should I give to interviewer for taking a 1 year gap in completing my education?
  19. What is the meaning of 5000 key depressions per hour?
  20. Is it good to go for Modelling in middle of my Bachelor course?
  21. Which should I opt for, my newly created web site or job in MNC?
  22. Contract was given without declaring the tender price for it
  23. Am I eligible for Disability Pension having 80% disability?
  24. What to do after Embedded System course?
  25. Will I get OBC-NCLif both my Father and Brother are earning more than 6 lacs per annum?
  26. If employee work on Public Holidays whether it has to be treated as OT Hour or Not?
  27. Nepali citizen having all the qualification can join University Entry Scheme?
  28. What demerits should I search for eliminating a candidate?
  29. What are the eligibility criteria for a loco pilot?
  30. Does a shopkeeper has to take responsibility if the manufacturer does not fixes the problem of a product within the warranty period?
  31. Can my son apply for non creamy layer certificate based on my annual income?
  32. How to reissue Civil Service exam admit card?
  33. Does Income tax officer examination comes under SSC or DSC?
  34. What is the procedure to extend my Visa?
  35. Is their any kind of allowance for my children education?
  36. How to avoid an unwanted building insurance while taking a business loan?
  37. My boss call me at night unnecessarily
  38. How can I leave the job without losing my benefit allowance money?
  39. What are steps to become a dietician after completing graduation in Food Technology?
  40. How to deal with the extra burden loaded on to me without any salary hike?
  41. Is it a problem if I get less rank than my previous attempt in NET?
  42. Which should be given more importance, Company's interest or a healthy society?
  43. When to join ICWAI Practical Training?
  44. Can I introduce a certificate of participation in a discussion forum in my resume?
  45. Will clearing doubts regarding the salary package question my professionalism?
  46. What necessary step should I take to stop spreading rumours about me?
  47. How to get back my money after the deal is canceled?
  48. Which company has released recruitment notification for Web designer post?
  49. How to get back my position that is taken from me in my absence?
  50. Which course should I pursue to increase my programming skills in order to hope for promotion?
  51. I want my wife to be transferred along with me to the same place
  52. My salary has not increased after the completion of one year in MESCO
  53. Why PAN card is essential while receiving the salary?
  54. To whom shall I ask for my payment after our company was sold to another company?
  55. Is it inappropriate on ground of complaints if my boss insults me using sexually explicit comments?
  56. Is it legal to fire me for being seen in a bar after taking a medical leave?
  57. What to do if I am being charged of disciplinary actions for exceeding the limits of medical leave?
  58. My employer has been delaying my payment over a year?
  59. Companies in Bangalore for ECE Internship
  60. How to plan availing saturated Earned Leaves?
  61. Variation in Chemical Engineering salary depending upon job
  62. Can Bank Management increase working hours by 1 hour? If management can not do it as per law than what is the way for protest in the court of law?
  63. Age criteria to apply in UPSC exam for J & K domicile?
  64. What to do after B.Tech from IIT-Delhi?
  65. What are the qualification required to join ISRO?
  66. Can a 35 year old Government official can apply for Bank PO job?
  67. Will I risk my present job for getting a high salary job?
  68. In what way I can persuade my colleague to not leave the company?
  69. Is it wise to to give increment in salary to experienced employees or recruit new employees?
  70. What should I opt for, give Bribe or be transferred?
  71. How to prepare myself for a stakeholder job recruitment process?
  72. My seniors blame me for their own faults
  73. Mathematics teacher giving very harsh punishment to the students
  74. My colleagues are jealous of my progress
  75. What to do after completing my B.Tech course in Computer science stream?
  76. Female doctors are not cooperative with pregnant women.
  77. How to fill up the ESIC form through online?
  78. What should I do to get rid of illegal Land Acquisitions?
  79. Qualification required to apply for TET?
  80. Not allowed to smoke in the lunch hours
  81. Will be my OBC quota valid after marrying a General quota husband?
  82. Do I need to pay for workers fatal injuries for his own carelessness?
  83. Recruitment letter not received even after qualifying all the rounds of selection in TATA Motors
  84. Whether applying for a leave lowers my impression against the HR?
  85. Director ignoring my plea of removing an item song from the movie
  86. What is the significance of TIN number?
  87. Action against bribe taken by the union leader to give the tender to the engineers?
  88. Details regarding the applying procedure for Builder Licens
  89. What is EPFO and what is its significance?
  90. Should I leave my job this time if I don’t get an increment as it has already been a year?
  91. One of my teammates has lost his file and now he is blaming me for it as I borrowed it a few days ago
  92. Our team leader does not believe in working hard and as a result our project is suffering
  93. One of our colleagues, who never completes his work on time, got an increment
  94. What to do when one of the teachers in your college is very talented but takes a lot of leaves?
  95. Principal was being unjust to the student in front of me but I have to take the principal’s side although I want to help the student
  96. Member of my Gym complained to me against another instructor but I cannot report it to higher authorities because he might lose his job
  97. How to demand from my Vice Principal an extra 5 % extra increment for the senior teachers like me?
  98. Should I switch my current school where I am working from the past 10 years for another school where I will get more salary?
  99. Should I quit my job at Samsung where I am working for the past one year but am not satisfied with the environment?
  100. What is a better option for an engineer from an excellent college: a start up or a handsome salaried job?
  101. Should I take up a job at Rs. 15,000 per month after completing my MBA from a three star college in the country?
  102. My relative compelling me to take up a job at very low salary in his training laboratory while I do not want to work
  103. An employee deliberately works till late hours in the evening and is now demanding an extra salary
  104. Complaints against one of the salesman by the customers that he is flirting with the girls who come to visit the gift shop
  105. How to convey to your boss that you want to leave this job as you are not satisfied with the behaviour of the management with the employees?
  106. What should be done if your boss wants you to resign but you haven’t done anything wrong?
  107. My company driver drives very fast and does not listen to me when I object to it
  108. What should be done with an employee who doesn’t listen to his team leader and thinks himself to be the boss?
  109. What should be done with a teacher who is not ready to change his method of teaching as many students are not satisfied with the same?
  110. How to tell my boss to change my working place as one the colleagues, who sits nearby is always disturbing me?
  111. What should be done when the nurses want an increment in their salaries at the same time as the doctors?
  112. How to make sure that your team leader takes notice of your opinions on the project?
  113. Should I leave my job as I don’t want to get transferred to a faraway location?
  114. What to do if one of the employees has lost an important file and is not even accepting his mistake?
  115. My boss wants me to improve my communication skills but I am afraid of failing here
  116. Boss himself does not want you to get a promotion due to some grudge he holds against me
  117. Should I go to every party that my boss invites me to as I don’t have much interest in parties?
  118. What should be done with a teacher who is constantly bothering me regarding her salary hike?
  119. One of the doctors in our hospital is very arrogant and never answers the queries of other doctors inspite of having so much knowledge
  120. What to do with an employee who is threatening to defame the company if we fire him from his job?
  121. How to thank my boss as he saved me from losing my job when my manager was against me?
  122. Not getting any relief from the extra working hours we have been putting in for the past few weeks
  123. Lot of employees of my call centre are leaving their job at the same time as they are not satisfied with their salaries
  124. Most of the teachers in my school are miffed with the Maths teacher as he never speaks properly with anyone
  125. How to deal with a team leader who just keeps on giving orders and never asks for the opinion of his team members?
  126. How to answer the question “ Will you ever go against your boss or your manager if someone forces you to?” in the interview?
  127. My best friend is making secret plans which will lead to the downfall of one our colleagues
  128. My best friend is making secret plans which will lead to the downfall of one our colleagues
  129. Not being given any bonus on major festivals even after many promises being made by the employer
  130. What can be done to get a job having 6 years of gap?
  131. Details of Rest entitle in a week for daily wage labour
  132. Jobs available after M.Sc Math from IIT?
  133. Which is more better M.Sc Biochemistry or Biotechnology?
  134. How to crack the interview round for the job post of Analytics Officer ?
  135. Which is a better option between Samsung(Off-Campus) and Nokia(On-Campus)?
  136. What is the work of Communication Officer?
  137. How to project myself as a cricketer at national level?
  138. How to answer the question,”Why do you want to work at our company?”
  139. What is importance of Web Designing in professional world?
  140. Difference between the resume for Communication and Recruiting Officer job
  141. Job for 25 year old inexperienced woman with qualification of Masters in Fashion Design
  142. What should I do to remove the bad impression created because of a misunderstanding in the mind of my boss?
  143. Boss not making any arrangements for recruitment even though vacancy is present
  144. Is it advisable to take study break in TCS after 2 years?
  145. Procedure to get permission from DRDO for final year project?
  146. Eligibility for internship in Wipro?
  147. How can I earn by opening a website?
  148. Should I trust my co-workers completely while working in the same project?
  149. How to decide if two companies have filled the same clause in the tender?
  150. Employees using the internet facilities of the office for their personal cause
  151. Female workers disturbing a lot by talking loudly in the workplace
  152. How to convey boss to initiate some recreational facilities?
  153. How to increase the network in the business world?
  154. Get frustrated with the silly and careless mistakes of the workers
  155. Boss not allowing me to sit in a separate cabin after being promoted
  156. What should be done if there is no initiative from the management to keep the office premises clean?
  157. Is it mandatory to pay the amount in breaking the 2 years of bond?
  158. Am I eligible for 1 month internship in HAL?
  159. Job descriptions of top level management and desginations
  160. What is more beneficial in order to secure job whether JRF & Lecturership or only Lecturership?
  161. Eligibility for Gratuity Entitlement in a private firm?
  162. Why my Form 10C has been rejected?
  163. Should I have to do HVAC Engineering having done Dipolma in Mechanical?
  164. Eligibility for placement in Core companies?
  165. Opportunities after Engineer Trainee post? Requirements for promotion in BHEL?
  166. Will there be immediate hike after first appraisal cycle or after next cycle?
  167. Is Family Planning Allowance available in every Central Government Institute?
  168. Lot of my seniors are making me complete their work as I am quite efficient and fast
  169. My boss wants me to give evidence against an employee for stealing his laptop when I haven’t been an eyewitness to that
  170. One of our boss’s favourite employees is always troubling me for fun and too have my hands tied due to the boss’s support for him
  171. I am very tensed as some of my colleagues have recently informed me that our boss is planning to remove me from the company
  172. Feeling very hurt as some of my colleagues call me ugly as I am not good looking
  173. What should be done when one of your best teachers want to leave the school as she feels that her pay is inadequate?
  174. The company canteen has been providing stale food from the past few days
  175. There is no provision of comfortable chairs at our workplace leading to health problems
  176. My boss wants me to become friends with his nephew, who also works in our company
  177. The company accountant misbehaved with me when I told him to correct his mistake
  178. Should I gift something special to my boss so that he gives me a promotion this year?
  179. How to make sure that my boss sends me to the foreign trip this time, unlike the last time
  180. Am I eligible for UGC NET certificate or not?
  181. My boss is asking me to work overtime for a few days due to my inability to complete my work on time
  182. No Best Performer award being given this year, which has lowered the morale of all the employees
  183. One of the male teachers in our college has been accused of harassing the female students
  184. Our manager has changed a lot lately and has now become very arrogant and haughty
  185. What should be done when your boss is insisting that you take some time off from your job as he is not satisfied with your work?
  186. How to make the boring and monotonous work atmosphere of our office more lively?
  187. Our manager is not at all cooperative and never offers to help us whenever we require his opinion on any project related issues
  188. What should be done with a colleague who is unnecessarily creating trouble for others by misplacing their important files?
  189. Our boss is not taking any action against the employees who are setting bad example for others with their ruthless and irresponsible behaviour
  190. My boss has not given me my salary for the past 2 months, citing financial reasons, and still he wants me to work overtime
  191. During the night shifts, some of the employees come drunk and this disturbs the working atmosphere
  192. The rumours of my alleged affair with my colleague have even reached my boss
  193. Internship around Tamil Nadu and Bangalore for ECE Engineer?
  194. One of the doctors in our hospital is very talented but doesn’t know how to control his staff
  195. One of our college teachers is promoting wrong practices like smoking among the students
  196. Unforeseen circumstances forcing me to quit my present job, which I am afraid, will be very bad for my future
  197. My boss scolded me in front of everyone just because I helped one of my colleagues complete his work
  198. Some of my colleagues are jealous of me just because I belong to a very rich family
  199. What to do when one of your team members is never completing his work on time?
  200. My boss is ill treating one of my colleagues even when he hasn’t done anything wrong
  201. Our manager is not ready to listen to us regarding the misbehaviour of a senior employee, who is related to him
  202. What should be done with a female employee who wants to avail her maternity leave just after 3 weeks of joining?
  203. What should be done when one of the nurses is not happy with your work, as an intern?
  204. One of the teachers in our schools is practicing discrimination between the boys and girls
  205. Unable to make a proper choice as my boss wants me to select my partner to accompany me to a very important work trip
  206. How to become Sales Tax and Income Tax Officer? Exams to pass?
  207. Not getting offer letter from IndiaBulls though all the rounds are cleared through campus placement
  208. Am I eligible for OBC Non Creamy Layer certificate if father's salary exceeds 6 lacs?
  209. Which course is best M.Com or P.G. Diploma in Taxation?
  210. Which is best M.Com or P.G. Diploma?
  211. What is best option after BMS, HR or Business Law?
  212. My previous company has not given me my experience letter yet even after 6 months of my leaving them
  213. My boss wants me to head the recent foreign tour but I am not at all confident about it
  214. Working overtime is leading to many personal problems as my family members are happy with this
  215. My company driver is speaking very rudely with me and behaving very weirdly for the past few days
  216. How to crack the interview round for the job post of Communication Officer ?
  217. Which is a better option between Cognizant(Off-Campus) and Infosys(On-Campus)?
  218. What is the work of Analytics Officer?
  219. How to project myself as a choreographer at national level?
  220. How to answer the question,”Why should I hire you?”
  221. What is importance of Javascript in professional world?
  222. Difference between the resume for Communication and Clients Manager job
  223. Job for 25 year old inexperienced woman with qualification of Masters in Journalism
  224. Which MBA branch will give more money in India HR or Business Law?
  225. What to do B.Tech in CS or CA having no interest in Physics and Chemistry?
  226. Precedure of Registration under UP shop and establishment act?
  227. Best course to enter in Software field after being Assistant Professor?
  228. Job Prospect after Applied Geophysics from ISM Dhanbad or Geophysical Technology from IIT Roorkee
  229. Switching Job without getting Experience Letter will create any problem?
  230. Employees getting into physical violence on playing just a prank
  231. Co-worker coming every now and then for help thereby disturbing me
  232. How to remove the cold war between two employees?
  233. How to boost up employee’s confidence before his interaction with an important client?
  234. Getting scolding due to late repairing of the machines by the mechanics
  235. No repairing of the office done even on requesting the boss
  236. What changes should I bring in my attitude on being appointed as the boss?
  237. No proper break timing in the office
  238. Boss not giving job according to the designation
  239. Action against female employees who are making the office premises as their dressing room
  240. Will it better to go for a low salaried job or prepare for the GATE exam?
  241. Not getting the regular service of company’s vehicle even though promised
  242. Experience holder also need more then 50% in 10th + 12th for TCS recruitment?
  243. If an employee gets terminated on disciplinary action, what will happen to his PF?
  244. If employee get terminated on disciplinary action, what will happen to his PF? How to check what PF still exist or not?
  245. Can I get a placement in campus selection if I had backlogs and I have cleared them?
  246. Having 3 backlogs in 2nd semester will crate problem at the time of interview?
  247. In trading business how many minimum employee required for PF facility?
  248. Does frequent change of jobs may harm the career?
  249. How to be a Professor in Amity University after completing studies from Amity University itself?
  250. Should I continue my job or go for M.Tech preparation?