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  1. Boss taking advantage of juniors for phone bills
  2. Want my wife to quit her job and start my family and settle
  3. Wife and husband working at the same company, no time for each other
  4. Boss not allowing me to take extra hours after work
  5. Boss trying to create a fear in the mind of the trainees regarding their termination
  6. Manager is asking me to find out the relationship details of one of the young female employees in the office
  7. Manager trying to make a fool out of me by telling me false norms related to the leaves that can be taken by the employees
  8. Colleague organizing annual meet of the company filling his pockets with the money that the other employees are paying
  9. Boss trying to let me down because he has found out that my sister eloped with a truck driver
  10. Colleague leaks secrets regarding my work to one of my relatives who is not on good talking terms with my family
  11. Colleague who was going back home with me met with a serious accident and my boss is blaming me for it
  12. Fear of losing my job because of family emergencies but want to continue this job
  13. Want to leave my job as a Business Analyst and become a writer
  14. Rumours of firing a considerable number of people have made me think about considering another job
  15. Have become a laughing stock for my colleagues and boss and want to revolt against the same
  16. Confused as to what college I should join after my engineering keeping in mind the placements after post graduation
  17. Want to become a private detective after having completed my graduation
  18. Going against the project proposal of a senior colleague in my team is a wise decision or not
  19. An awkward college picture of mine has led to change in behaviour of my colleagues towards me
  20. Confused whether I should go for higher education or continue working for the next year
  21. Want to shift my department from accounts to brainstorming for an ad agency
  22. Stale food being served to the employees at cheaper rates than usual
  23. Team leader giving us time management lessons when he himself is the worst manager of time
  24. Manager asking me to spy on another colleague and give him the details about his personal life
  25. Unnecessary wastage of the office resources by the employees because of careless attitude
  26. Very less modes of transport to the office premises from the main city
  27. The stationery of the company is being used by the employees for their personal purposes
  28. Medical officer asking me to take bribe and make a false report so that his image is not tarnished
  29. Manager wants everything to be done within a day’s time and never informs the team members about an approaching report submission well in advance
  30. Owner of the private school wants an increase in the number of students without employing well educated staff
  31. Team leader forces his point of view on the team members without even discussing it during the team meetings
  32. One of the employees has the habit of getting into unnecessary arguments with me during team meetings
  33. How to crack the interview round for the job post of Audit Officer ?
  34. Which is a better option between Mozilla(Off-Campus) and Adobe(On-Campus)?
  35. What is the work of Android Developer?
  36. How to project myself as a fashion designer at national level?
  37. How to answer the question,”Why have you been out of work so long?”
  38. What is importance of Python in professional world?
  39. Difference between the resume for Business and Brand Officer job
  40. Job for 30 year old inexperienced woman with qualification of Masters in Home science
  41. What is the work of trainees during the training period?
  42. What are the topics asked in GD of engineering students?
  43. Client setting date of appointments on holidays
  44. Boss not ready to talk to the management regarding my promotion
  45. Salary got reduced suddenly without intimating me
  46. How should a joining letter be replied?
  47. Suddenly sacked from job due to recession without any notice
  48. How to stop my frequent transfers?
  49. What should be the attitude on the first day of rejoining the company which I left six month ago?
  50. What are the formalities to be accomplished to get pension after retirement?
  51. Not got the bonus which was allotted before Durga Puja of last year
  52. Employees asking for leaves frequently
  53. Owner of the catering agency asks me to use stale vegetables from the previous day’s function the next day
  54. Employee does everything at the last moment although he is very good at his work
  55. The best possible way to make the team members follow their deadlines without the team leader constantly reminding them
  56. The team leader should or should not step in at the last moment to take control of the project if the team member does a pathetic job
  57. Team leader is very pessimistic and this leads to an increase in tension amongst the members of the team
  58. Salesman talks nine to the dozen with the customers and in the process whiles away his time
  59. Owner of the coffee shop asking me to minimize the use of electricity and this is causing dissatisfaction among the customers
  60. Private College paying the teachers very less and asking them to work for extra hours
  61. Owner of the private school that I am working with ill treats the teachers and it is against my ethics
  62. The best possible answer to the question, “How does an education in a Convent school enhance your personality?”
  63. The answer to the question, “How can you justify one gap year in your education?”
  64. The best possible reason to ask for a leave when actually you just want to go out for a vacation and relax
  65. Store manager asking me to over dress and come to the store so that the customers are tempted to come to the store
  66. Students asking me to remove a lecturer from her post because she rarely comes to college to teach them
  67. Coordinator unnecessarily asks the staff members to come to school even on holidays
  68. Store manager asking me to sell books of foreign authors to the medical and engineering students who come to purchase them
  69. What can be the best possible answer to the question what do you expect from the working conditions of the company?
  70. Support staff doesn’t lend a helping hand to handle the primary students in the school
  71. Boss has a habit of passing personal comments at the employees during team meetings which is very annoying
  72. Nursing staff ill treating the patients out of the stress of handling a number of patients at a time
  73. Heated discussion with my boss related a certain political matter of the country has created differences between us
  74. Rejoined office after maternity leave and feel that the employee in my place did a better job than me
  75. Boss threatening me to ruin my career if I disclose his secret to the higher authorities
  76. One of the team members remains aloof from the team and doesn’t interact much with the others
  77. One of the members in my team is a big boaster and spoils the atmosphere at the workplace
  78. My secretary although very polite by nature always tries to escape from the workload that I give her
  79. A new joinee in the organization as a translator always uses computer softwares for translation
  80. One of my colleagues forcing me to do a car pool with him for office everyday
  81. Food served in my office is extremely unhygienic but have to eat that forcibly everyday
  82. One of the best employees in my organization is always shabbily dressed up for a presentation
  83. One of the female employees is over dressed for office and hence distracts the other employees
  84. Teachers at my coaching institute found using mobile phone during lectures when they know that it is strictly prohibited
  85. Female employees leave during the lunch break for completing their household chores and return an hour after the completion of the break
  86. An employee studies for competitive exams during the office hours
  87. The best possible answer to the question, ‘How will you cope up with the lifestyle of the corporate world?’
  88. Trainee at my organization was supposed to contact with a certain report but she never turned up
  89. A lot of stress at the workplace is leading to decrease in efficiency of my team members
  90. Very low spirit amongst my team members because of a recent negative feedback by a client
  91. No appreciation for art amongst the faculty at the art gallery that I own
  92. Feel under confident because I am not very fluent in English working as a sales person at a leading lifestyle store
  93. Being asked to pay the stationery bills myself at the coaching institute that I work with
  94. Wood being used in a leading furniture house is of cheap quality and the owner asking me to work using that only
  95. Too many employees in my team found using facebook on their laptops most of the time during office hours
  96. Principal’s son escaped scot free in a cheating case during the exam. Instead an innocent student is being held responsible for it
  97. A young unmarried couple in my office spoils the atmosphere because of their interest in each other more than their work
  98. Getting a job that is paying me Rs. 20k per month after 20 years of experience
  99. A staff member of my coaching institute is taking private tuitions also at home
  100. Principal’s son is a student of my class and has produced a fake certificate as a part of the compulsory industrial training
  101. One of the employees who is a single mother is unable to concentrate on her work because her kid accompanies her to the office
  102. Dance instructor in my academy tries to get personal with the female students in the class
  103. Attrition in the organization has led to an increase in the workload on the existing employees
  104. How to crack the interview round for the job post of Finance Officer ?
  105. Which is a better option between Micromax(Off-Campus) and Samsung(On-Campus)?
  106. What is the work of Web Developer?
  107. How to project myself as a swimmer at national level?
  108. How to answer the question,”How do you feel at working during nights and weekends?”
  109. What is importance of Ruby in professional world?
  110. Difference between the resume for Analytics and Placement Officer job
  111. Job for 33 year old inexperienced woman with qualification of Masters in Economics
  112. How much importance does marks in the college hold to succeed in an interview?
  113. How to get rid of boredom from my first job which is part time?
  114. How to convey thanks to my boss for supporting me in my bad times?
  115. What should we do as employees if the company is running at a loss?
  116. How to convey boss regarding removing his selfish nature?
  117. Construction company ceased off the contract in between thereby incurring losses for the investments made by our cement company
  118. Employee asking for holidays due to heavy rain
  119. How to combat the jealousness of colleagues?
  120. How to convey my senior to improve his dressing sense?
  121. Uncomfortable by the useless joke cracking habit of my colleague
  122. How to maintain balance between studies and part time job?
  123. Not getting enough respect from the juniors
  124. Will my company pay the charges of the medical fee?
  125. What does induction program mean and why it is conducted by any company?
  126. How can I become an Occupational therapist after completing my Diploma course in physiotherapy?
  127. Do I really need to be thorough upon my B.tech subjects to have a successful job career?
  128. Is it really important to provide a good infrastructure rather than providing good faculty members?
  129. Company charges for the extra facilities it provides
  130. What sort of question and selection criteria is taken into account in case interview?
  131. Is dearness allowance applied to all job positions in every job sector?
  132. What qualities do I need to nurture if I want to become an Building Architect?
  133. Does government provides any service facility for a state level sportsman?
  134. What are the privileges available for me while applying for BSNL JTO officer post being a physically disabled candidate?
  135. Why do I need to pay to the workers before getting my payment?
  136. What is appraisal form and how do I need to fill it?
  137. Company is not allowing two wheeler owners to enter into the site
  138. Will I be able to get my pension after getting fired from the company?
  139. What procedure should I follow while negotiating about salary amount during interview?
  140. How can I increase the efficiency of the employees?
  141. Which should I opt for, summer course or an internship project in my summer vacation?
  142. Is there any chance of getting a promotion to general manager if the current general manager is of same age as mine?
  143. What are the scopes of Hotel Management?
  144. Am I eligible for a correspondence M.tech course after completing my Bachelor of Science in Physics honors?
  145. Want to encourage my customers without selling the products in credits
  146. What should I keep in mind while investing in shares?
  147. How can i retain my post under this prevailing IT recession period?
  148. In what way I can decrease my income tax money?
  149. What should be done with the employees who are selling company's product illegally?
  150. Will it be a good choice to opt for a company providing an average salary package of 6 lacs for 3 years?
  151. What can I do to solve the conflict between senior and junior officers?
  152. Is sexual exposure is compulsory for a girl to build up her career in Film Industry?
  153. What is importance of HTML in professional world?
  154. How to crack the interview round for the job post of Placement Officer ?
  155. Which is a better option between Micromax(Off-Campus) and Nokia(On-Campus)?
  156. What is the work of Web Designer?
  157. How to project myself as an athlete at national level?
  158. How to answer the question,”What makes you angry?”
  159. Difference between the resume for Analytics and Recruiting Officer job
  160. Job for 25 year old inexperienced woman with qualification of Masters in Fitness Training
  161. How can the demand be affected if the price is increased of a highly demanded product?
  162. How to raise voice against company’s policy of mixing lower quality chemicals to maximize the profit margin?
  163. Employees urging for leave after successful completion of a heavy project
  164. How to choose employees for the official tour?
  165. Company not giving allowance promised for washing the company’s uniform
  166. Will it be a wise decision to provide uniform to the employees and make it compulsory for them to wear it during the working hours?
  167. How to get rid of negativism at the workplace?
  168. No cooperation from boss even after serving the company in the holidays
  169. What should I do if the political party is taking decision against my wishes?
  170. How should I deal with a strict and short tempered boss being a fresher?
  171. What action should be taken against employees involved in smuggling of company’s goods?
  172. How to convey boss to initiate health services in the company?
  173. Customers visit the restaurant late at night, break the cutlery and threaten me that I will lose my job if I report it to the owner
  174. Newspaper vendors employed by my agency do not deliver the newspaper in good condition to the customers
  175. Being a salesperson I have come to know that another salesperson cleverly pockets some goods and takes them home everyday
  176. Tailors in my boutique used inferior quality embroidery patches so as to harm my reputation
  177. Government employee working in my office has the citizenship of US which is punishable under the law
  178. Any problem in applying to another company if getting salary in cash?
  179. How to get resignation acceptance? How to write to provide resignation acceptance?
  180. Can I claim PF if left the previous company 14 months back?
  181. What should I do to get NOC for admission in M.Sc?
  182. Salary of Clerk after promotion to Officer in Central Bank?
  183. Can someone else be promoted to same level at which I got promoted?
  184. Senior bank official travelled in the third class in the airplane and pocketed the difference amount that was issued to him as travelling allowance
  185. Manager not capable of handling the team under him but not removed from the post because of personal contact with the owner
  186. Extremely nervous because date of joining the consulting organization that I was recruited by is round the corner
  187. Sales person found guilty of the repeated decrease in the number of products in the cosmetic store
  188. College students creating ruckus over the resignation of a famous teacher of the college
  189. Careless attitude of the nurse in my hospital has led to serious medical complications for a patient
  190. Designs created by the jewellery designer hired by me are identical to the ones on a particular site on the internet
  191. Employee asking for reimbursement of travel expenditure one year after leaving the job
  192. Employees giving me gifts in some form or the other because their chances of getting promoted depend a lot on me
  193. Token of gratitude for the principal and staff members who helped me a lot during my prolonged illness
  194. Employees passing personal remarks to another employee who was caught stealing a certain amount in the office
  195. Candidate who used unfair means during the written test of the placement drive of the company got selected over another candidate who was honest
  196. Allegations of unfair selection as the Project Manger in my company because my sister is in the HR department of the same company
  197. A previous employee of the company forcing me to give him an inflated salary statement
  198. Want to remove one of the freshly recruited candidates from the job but I am under obligation of one of the senior officials
  199. What to do for registration under PCI Maharashtra?
  200. Haven't got any confirmation yet even after selection in Tech Mahindra
  201. Procedure to become a Sales Tax Officer in Kerala? Eligibility criteria for the same?
  202. Civil Engineer at a semi-government institute being harassed under the pretext of overseeing the personal accommodation of the senior officials
  203. New Principal asking the teachers to come to schools even during summer vacations for no reason
  204. Syllabus of the written test conducted as a part of the placement drive by the various companies visiting the colleges
  205. My boss asks to unnecessary stay back in the office even when there is no pending work
  206. Director of the coaching institute creating unnecessary issues over cancellation of a class
  207. Company not returning the security that was initially promised to be given at the time of leaving the job
  208. Boss indulging in unnecessary politics in the company by being under the influence of the female employees
  209. Colleague trying to create differences between my wife and me who are working with the same organization
  210. Got through an interview as an English Teacher at a coaching institute for MBA aspirants in the city but am not well versed with the language
  211. Rivalry between my boss and me because I was previously the director of the company
  212. Boss not encouraging the new initiatives being suggested by the women employees in the organization
  213. Coaching institute not paying me the appropriate salary on the pretext of not having received the tuition fee from the students
  214. Human Resource Department of the company saying that they will conduct my interview only after the completion of my degree
  215. Job of a translator is too monotonous and hence want to shift to a teaching profession
  216. Advantages of Family business over a job in a leading multinational company in the country
  217. Employees asking to allow them to work from home because of the lack of space in the office premises
  218. Joined a company 3 months ago and the exploitation by my boss is getting unbearable by the day
  219. Not received the performance bonus that I was supposed to receive when I left the company
  220. Boss asking me to use inferior quality clothing material and mention it as a superior quality material on the label of the garment
  221. Principal asking me to deliberately fail one of the students in second year of engineering because of personal reasons
  222. My boss wants to construct a hotel by destructing an orphanage that is in its place for the past 10 years
  223. Dilemma whether to leave the job of salesman because the store is going into losses for another job or not
  224. Boss angry with me because I forgot his birthday owing to my long absence of one week from work
  225. Propose methods that can be help in the publicity of the kind of work that our company is doing
  226. Director of the coaching institute where I am working is minting money by teaching the students unnecessary concepts
  227. Got letter of Intent from Tech Mahindra but have a backlog in final year
  228. One of the employees spoiling the atmosphere at the workplace by practising superstitious beliefs
  229. An ideal resume should contain the header ‘Skill set’ or is it not a necessary one
  230. One should disclose in the interview whether he plans to be a long term part of the organization or plans to leave in the next two years
  231. Extracurricular activities or short term courses that can be pursued to increase one’s chances of placement
  232. Tradition of gifting birthday gifts to team members is burning a hole in my pocket
  233. Manager never appreciates the hard work that I put in any project because of personal grudges
  234. Store Manager asks me to come early in the morning to open the store which is not a part of the duties assigned to me
  235. Getting a job of only Rs. 15k per month after completing my MBA from a three star B school
  236. Class 1 employees in my office ill treat the class 4 employees which bothers me a lot
  237. Principal asking me to disclose the question paper to one of the students who is his relative
  238. Senior teachers at the coaching institute that I teach tend to belittle me in some way or the other
  239. Coordinator withholds the staff members after working hours to answer any queries that they have
  240. Manager always gives priority to his personal work and then finds faults with the reports submitted by me
  241. Employees working in the night shift expect a separate night canteen to be functional for them
  242. My experiment has gone down the drain because of the irresponsible behaviour of the lab technologist
  243. Manager asking me to attend client calls even on the weekend and not even acknowledging my efforts
  244. Store manager asking me to sell cheap quality products by packing them in cartons with labels of well known brands
  245. Owner of the bakery not letting me dispose off the previous day food items in an attempt to save the money
  246. Paints being given to the workers to use in the manufacture of bedsheets are of inferior quality
  247. Being falsely accused of providing the client with false data and causing a lot of trouble for the client
  248. Confused as to what kind of shoes and shirt should be worn by me to the company’s annual meet
  249. My boss is biased towards of another colleague who generally wears western formal clothes to office over me
  250. Employees tend to elongate the lunch break by at least half an hour every day because of gossiping