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  1. Difference between a CV and a Resume
  2. Tell me how it is possible to get appraisals at the right time? How much hard work should I do for it? Do I have to spend more than 8 hrs in office to get the proper appraisals?
  3. What all should I mention in a resignation letter?
  4. Compromising the interviewer while answering the question “Describe a project or accomplishment for which you are particularly proud of?”
  5. Waht should be my answer for the question which is always asked in the last as part of every interview “Why should we hire you”?
  6. Group discussion topics and tips to go through it
  7. How is a salary hike calculated?
  8. What is notice period? Is it true that we can not go on leave in notice period?
  9. What should be my answer if the interviewer throws the question “What would you do in your first ninety days of work” in front of me? Do I have to promise him all the things which I wanted to do as part of the new job?
  10. What to answer if the interviewer asks the question “ What is your greatest strength?” How should I be ready to answer this type of question? What all should I add and what I shouldn’t?
  11. How to maintain a good Body Language while in interview? What are the things to check before attending the interview as part of body language? How to present our self to the panel effectively?
  12. Model of resume for final year ECE student?
  13. When will I receive my joining letter having cleared SSC CPO examination?
  14. Appointment letter for the post of Accountant/Auditor in IA & AD?
  15. Wehn will I get the appointment letter for SSC CGL exam?
  16. Rule of casual and other leaves facility MPSC Medical Officer?
  17. Can ve take consecutive leave in Defence services for pursuing MBA?
  18. Right process to prepare for Group Discussion and Personal Interview of any Bank? Which language to use English or Hindi?
  19. According to offer letter what will be my exact salary in Wipro BPO? Should I take up this job?
  20. What will be my salary after B.Tech in Chemical Engineering? Salary package in Pharma companies
  21. How is the post of Assistant Director post in Development and Supply Commercial Department of Government of India? Salary and Administrative powers?
  22. Why should one join IT sector and not Bank or Financial Institutions?
  23. Salary Hike in TCS for laterals? Will there be immediate hike after first appraisal cycle or after next cycle?
  24. Privileges and Perks of a Custom Officer in India?
  25. Pays and perks after joining as a Probationary Officer in ICICI Bank?
  26. Till when the increment will stop for a Teacher having 4 years of service period?
  27. Will there be any increment in my pension in future?
  28. Is Degree increment available for stenotypist?
  29. How does company recruits candidates based on PH Test, Qualifying Test and MNC Tests?
  30. What all things we have to bring to the interview? How to make sure that we are having all the appropriate things for the interview?
  31. Which one to choose among job offers and CAT?
  32. How to be open and move along with strangers in other words new people who are around? What are the ways to start a conversation with new people?
  33. Topics to clear Wipro Screening Test?
  34. Number of people in a Panel of Interview? How to interact with them?
  35. How to develop our Personality by being a Good listener? What are the steps to take to be a good listener?
  36. Is it good to work in a BPO as a Support Engineer? What are the advantages and drawbacks working in a BPO?
  37. Dressing during the interview
  38. How to be prepared for Campus Placement while doing the B.Tech course? How to get a job in hand while coming out of college with B.Tech degree?
  39. What documents should be submitted before joining an IT company?
  40. What to answer if someone ask the question about “Tell me about yourself?” in the interview?