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  1. What salary is given by Mini Ratna Companies to Engineers?
  2. How to prepare resume according to qualification achieved and for future walkins?
  3. What salary will I get after Diploma in mechanical engineering?
  4. Salary for mechanical engineer fresher in Ashok Leyland and other companies in Chennai?
  5. When is the off campus interviews of TCS in NCR regions?
  6. Which branch gets the highest salary package after completion of Engineering degree?
  7. How to prepare for Best resume in Best way? Preparations for technical part of Infosys?
  8. What are the courses which gives 100% placement guarantee with good CTC after Masters in Commerce with 6 years of experience in marketing field?
  9. Being an Advocate I got an offer to make duplicate domicile certificate, Should I do that or not?
  10. Companyís LCD Projector got stolen and Management is asking me to pay for that
  11. College furniture got damaged by students and college Management is asking me to pay for that as I am the Admin Officer of the college
  12. Rajasthan Cricket Association doesnít pay the crickets on time
  13. How to publish my book? Good publishing houses in Delhi and Marketing procedure for the same?
  14. Did not get the payment for advertisements as informed about their rejection but itís not actually
  15. Jet Airways air hostesses donít get good over time amount
  16. My boss calls me after office hours and being a junior employee canít avoid his calls
  17. Unachievable targets for employees
  18. Should I sign a bond for one year before joining a Media group or not?
  19. How to avail leave for my sisterís marriage in probation period?
  20. Should I make my CV from Naukri.com CV maker professionals or not?
  21. Being a fresher am I eligible for salary in probation period or not?
  22. How to get a good job in India after returning from gulf country?
  23. Which production house to approach for getting a chance in films? Having hands of a Godfather on my head is important?
  24. I Got fed up by sitting job being an IT professional
  25. Job options available for retail sales executive?
  26. How can I get the family status while working with a firm at Saudi Arabia?
  27. How to get working Visa for Australia? Should I trust on agents?
  28. What to do when got a good job opportunity at abroad and parents are not allowing to go there?
  29. Difference between on roll and off roll job? Which to give preference for job?
  30. What to do if not getting a respectable salary being a fresher?
  31. Difference among Branch, DSA and Franchisee? Which should prefer for job?
  32. Can I take franchisee of a school while being an employee at SBI Life Insurance?
  33. Can I apply to get a job at Maruti Suzuki while working at Maruti showroom as a sales executive?
  34. How to be a dealer of Onida Ac?
  35. What does it mean by FMCG company and procedure for its joining?
  36. Details and procedure to join Mc.Donalds?
  37. Dressing for interview for the post of Pharma Manager?
  38. What does it mean by panel interview and tips to go through with it?
  39. Merits and demerits of Health Insurance Policy for parents from company?
  40. HCL is delaying in giving joining letter after giving offer letter for last year selected fresher
  41. Is it true that Techmahindra generally dispatch the joining letter in November? Why they are delaying so much?
  42. Whether TCS Acedamic verification will affect my joining or not?
  43. When will I get the appointment letter after getting selected in CAG through SSC CGL? What is the reason for delay?
  44. What should I do if I haven't received the appointment letter after getting selected in Wipro Infotech?
  45. What should I do if I haven't received any appointment letter even tough date of commencement of training is near?
  46. Whether my decision to leave the company before 18 months is good or not?
  47. How many days of Casual leaves are there for Teacher in Uttar Pradesh?
  48. Maximum level of Promotion of SI in income tax department?
  49. In how many years will I get promoted to PO from Clerk based on my MCA qualification?
  50. Basis of promotion in IAS? Is it true that person having more educational qualification is promoted earlier?
  51. When my NGO can get the whole project amount from State Government?
  52. How can I get the details of NGO projects released by State and Central Government?
  53. Can I apply NGO projects in Hindi also to take grant from State and Central Government?
  54. How can I get projects for NGO from State and Central Government?
  55. Procedure of NGO registration? How to approach for this?
  56. How can I get sitting Marketing job after MBA in Marketing?
  57. Can I get special permission to smoke at my workplace?
  58. Can I pay my services to the company after retiring from a Government organization?
  59. Do I get any leave while being transferred to another location?
  60. What is the procedure for taking sick leave?
  61. Can I get study leave while working?
  62. How could I withdraw the EPS?
  63. Do the Privilege Leaves get encashed on leaving the organization?
  64. What should I do if I am facing any dowry case against me?
  65. Am I liable to face the legal proceedings after leaving the job?
  66. Benefits for SC category students in Company Secretary of India?
  67. Benefits of ICWA? Can I go for interview directly?
  68. Provident Fund benefits for Physically Challenged person in Private sector?
  69. Whether branches can be transfer in the same college under CUSAT?
  70. Transfer Policy of Handicapped person in Public sector?
  71. Rules of transfer from one university to another?
  72. Salary, promotion and job reputation for Auditor post in General Defence Account?
  73. Whether a Chemistry Post Graduate from distance education eligible for promotion and incentive in Tamil Nadu Government?
  74. How to get promoted from Airmen to Officer in Air Force?
  75. What to do when seniors ask for liquor and outing during official tour at my place and donít pay for it?
  76. How can I take any action against a student who misbehaved during exam while warned for not copying?
  77. I signed an agreement of job for one year but canít resume for my services due to pregnancy but company is not ready to relieve me
  78. Can I take extension for joining at IDBI bank as my marriage got fixed?
  79. Am I eligible for transportation allowance if I take transfer for my home town?
  80. Can I get rebate in income tax if I donate some amount to NGO?
  81. Information in details about Faculty Development Program?
  82. Can I be transferred without prior information by the company?
  83. Scope in Soft skills training and paying sectors for the same?
  84. What to do to improve English speaking skills?
  85. What should I write about my weaknesses in Application form for Marketing post?
  86. Should I take a follow up for the results after interview?
  87. Why I am not getting selected after appearing for a number of interviews?
  88. How can I get my TDS amount back?
  89. How to file Income Tax Returns online?
  90. Frequently asked Questions on Java, C, C in Interviews of Software companies?
  91. Topics need to be brushed up for LCMNT Interviews?
  92. How to prepare for interviews and books to be studied for attending the interviews?
  93. How to prepare for written papers of various companies before interview? What type of questions will be asked in interviews?
  94. Role of Insurance Assistant or Insurance Coordinator in an Insurance Company?
  95. How to proceed further for Marketing or Sales job when I am not getting opportunity?
  96. Commercial law for a person charging extra on MRP?
  97. Did I get monthly pay during training period?
  98. Salary structure in both private in government sector after B.Tech Agriculture and B.Sc Agriculture?
  99. Information about salary increment in TCS this year? What can be expected from HR in terms of Salary/Hike?
  100. Basic starting salary after MS Biotechnology or Environmental Biotechnology in India?
  101. Companies offering internship as well as job to students?
  102. Whether Company Secretary course is suitable in terms of career and income?
  103. Higher education support By IT Companies like TCS and Infosys for their employees? Whether these companies have tie up with reputed colleges for the same?
  104. Do I need to fill ITR every year even if I donít come under Tax slab?
  105. How can I save my income Tax by investing smartly?
  106. How to file an ITR? What is form 16 and 16A and how to get them?
  107. What is the Income Tax slab for females in India?
  108. How can I submit the document which I have lost while travelling at the time of joining?
  109. City classification according to A,B,C and D category?
  110. Qualities required to be a Call Center Executive?
  111. How to remove hesitation while addressing a big crowd?
  112. Tips to improve Telecalling skills as a Telecaller?
  113. Best Business attire at workplace for men?
  114. Tips to improve students counselling?
  115. Should I request for transfer in my first job due to bad health?
  116. HR laws and rights for working women in India?
  117. How to claim money for data entry work when it is found inappropriate by the company?
  118. Can a person having criminal background apply for any job in Private and Government sector?
  119. Facing communication problem at work place due to non English background
  120. Where can I start earning online?
  121. Will there be any affect of backlog in placement?
  122. Core companies doing off campus placement for Final year EEE students?
  123. Scope of Information Technology as per job market?
  124. Scope of fresher, Experience, Training duration with package for Syntel?
  125. Got backlog in last year during Training in Syntel
  126. In which court case for Termination of Service of an employee other then workmen will go Labour Court or any other Court?
  127. Need solution for BCA final year project
  128. Information about project based on VB.net and C#?
  129. Why do we use a project? What is a project and where to buy it?
  130. Information regarding Group discussion, Seminars, Computer hands etc while doing ICWAI in postal basis?
  131. How to initiate and proceed further in a Group Discussion?
  132. Is is true that post of Probationary Officer in Karrur Vysya Bank is a 5 years bond costing 1 Lakh?
  133. What are the terms and condition for the post of Manager and Dy Manager in HDFC Bank?
  134. Does the increment takes place on total salary amount or on basic salary only?
  135. Language problem in attending customers
  136. Preparations required for Annual Review meet and important things to carry for the same?
  137. Does Volkswagen Group provide Medical or insurance benefits to the employee and his family members?
  138. Can husband and wife work at a same place?
  139. Collection profile job in ICICI Bank after MBA in Agriculture
  140. Job profile of Development Officer in LIC?
  141. Should I claim compensation if I got an accident during official visit and my car got damaged badly?
  142. Job profile for Student Advisor in ICFAI National College?
  143. What is Induction program and its activities?
  144. Company laptop was stolen and have to pay for this
  145. Can I do job when a bribe case is under process in court?
  146. I was terminated in my last job, should I hide this thing to the recruiter or not?
  147. What is the difference between Offer letter and Appointment letter?
  148. How to obtain NOC from Dr MGR university for studying medicine in Tamil Nadu?
  149. College registrar id not giving NOC certificate
  150. Can I NCL certificate if my parents earning is 5.6 Lacs?
  151. Whether pension scheme is there for Bank Clerk Employees?
  152. Am I eligible for OBC Non creamy layer if my father's annual income is 344000?
  153. Pension after working for 20 years in Rajasthan?
  154. Process of rejoining college having completed 1 year of degree?
  155. Criteria of rejoining MCA course at NIT Raipur? Am I eligible to continue my course from 5th semester?
  156. Duration of course and stay fund for integrated PhD in IISC?
  157. Content of resignation letter?
  158. Procedure of rejoining at ICICI Bank?
  159. How to get back original documents when company is forcing to continue for one year?
  160. Why teachers donít get salary during summer vacations in private schools?
  161. Is there any referral program conducted by IT companies for friends and relatives?
  162. Is getting Bonus on diwali right of the employee or it depends upon nature of the company?
  163. Is there any provision of rejoining Government teaching job which was left three years back?
  164. Not getting salary hike and promotions as I couldnít achieve unrealistic targets
  165. Is this important to have appointment letter and experience letter of previous jobs? How to get them when the job is on contract basis?
  166. Can an Ayurvedic doctor prescribe allopathic medicines or if not what action can be taken against him by the Government?
  167. Is it mandatory for doctors to spend some time at rural places at the initial phase of their career?
  168. Can I take early retirement from my services and would my son be eligible to get posted on my position?
  169. Should I give bribe for my transfer or not?
  170. Procedure to cancel transfer orders when retirement is so close?
  171. Why Government teachers are responsible for other works also which doesnít come under their job profile?
  172. Is there any rule for taking PF and ESIC benefits if company is not providing?
  173. Should I try for Central Government job if not satisfied with low salary of State Government job?
  174. What if I donít avail my leaves? Can I get any cash in lieu of it?
  175. Application procedure for pension when getting retired from Government service after an year?
  176. DSA owner closed the office without paying the employees
  177. Procedure of leaves, salary and other benefits for PhD along with lectureship in Government college?
  178. My boss abuses me always and says itís corporate culture and I have to bear it for my survival
  179. Authorised conveyance facility to females when get late at office?
  180. Is this a crime to make fake experience letter to get a job? What can I do if I am not getting any job without experience?
  181. What does it mean by Basic Salary, Dearness Allowance, House rent allowance and City compensatory amount means? What are their significance?
  182. I was terminated without having proof against me
  183. Can my boss mark full day leave if I am 5-10 minutes late in office?
  184. Company is not bearing any lodging and boarding expenses for Induction program at hyderabad and appointment is still due
  185. My joining date was postponed for a month but management didnít inform me and Company is not ready to bear my lodging and boarding expenses
  186. My company mobile bill exceeded its limit and amount deducted from my salary
  187. Can't I take a month leave for my wedding? What is director is forcing to give resignation?
  188. How to take leave by producing Medical Certificate?
  189. Information about skill test of data entry speed for SSC Tax Assistant exam? What type of paragraph will be given for test on computer?
  190. Information about EKT test? Is EKT a type of professional test?
  191. Apptitude test questionare with answers and GD topics? Tips for interview for person who is appearing for a job interview after 5 years?
  192. Syllabus and prescribed books for HR aptitude test?
  193. What is off campus recruitment?
  194. Steps for preparation of Satyam campus recruitment?
  195. What should I opt for M.Tech or TCS job offer of 3.2 L per annum?
  196. Whether Google offers open placement? Details of placement for computer engineers?
  197. What is Additional Pension? Can everyone buy it? How to apply for it?
  198. What if the company is delaying in giving Joining Letter?
  199. What to do if my company is not reimbursing the travel claim?
  200. Can I take any legal action against the employer due to uninformed changes in HR policies?
  201. What legal action can be taken by an organization for loss of educational certificate?
  202. What should I do if my organization does not pay the bonus component mentioned in offer letter?
  203. How could I transfer my PF into my new organization?
  204. What should I do if my organization is paying me lesser amount that is maintained in accounts?
  205. What if I donít serve the relieving notice period in an organization?
  206. Is there any law which could prevent unlawful termination of services in corporates?
  207. How could I get transfer to desired location?
  208. Can I bring my child along with me to office? Is there any rule or facility for women?
  209. HR policies for claiming overtime? Is it harassment if company doesn't pay for overtime?
  210. Rules for PF deduction?
  211. How to withdraw the PF after leaving the job from an Insurance comoany?
  212. Best way to make a resume better?
  213. Better course after B.Tech ECE among VLSI, Embedded Systems and Nanotechnology?
  214. What happens if we break the bond imposed by the company? Whether I should leave the job or not?
  215. How to reduce the Income Tax being charged from my salary?
  216. Possibility of getting tansfer after posting to location other then preferred one?
  217. Which technology to learn in order to get a job with experience as per market situation?
  218. Prerequisite for technical knowledge before joining an IT firm?
  219. Working hours in an IT company? Will there be any fixed hours like government jobs?
  220. Is it advisable to discuss about my employer in public forums?
  221. Which type of job to opt being B.Tech EEE graduate Software or Core?
  222. Way to join internship after completing BE?
  223. What is Joining Bonus? Is it given by all the companies?
  224. Advisable exam for B.Tech in IT graduate? Will M.Tech fetch salary equivalent to MBA from a reputed institute?
  225. Skills required to get a good job in IT companies?
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  227. Is it advisable to talk about family matters in work place? Will it be professional to do it? How we should be in our workplace?
  228. What is Agile Methodology which is followed in most of the Software companies? What is the difference between Agile and Waterfall Methodology?
  229. Why basic pay of the salary is very low when compared with the total CTC? What is the reason behind it?
  230. How much of home work is needed while going for a interview in MNC as a fresher? Do we have to be fully prepared or less knowledge will be inform?
  231. How to prepare well for Group Discussion? How to stand unique in Group discussions where 10-15 people will be present in the entire group?
  232. Need Maternity leave along with annual leave
  233. What is NSR and how to register for the same?
  234. What is meant by Income Tax Return e-filing? Why we have to do that at the end of financial year? Will it create a problem if we donít get the Income Tax Return certificate?
  235. What is meant by Fixed Benefit Plan in company? What is the advantage in applying for it? Is it really helpful if we apply some amount in Fixed Benefit Plans?
  236. What is the difference between CTC and TTC? Is both meant to be the same or there is some difference between them?
  237. When will be bonus given in a company? For what all reasons bonus will be given in the company? Is the bonus amount applicable even for the fresher?
  238. How much leave we can take without getting loss of pay? Do we have to really say the reason to our Manager when we take leaves on immediate basis?
  239. Why is that we have to take a basic medical test when we get into any software companies? Whatís the use going for full medical check-up when joining a company where we are just going to work mentally?
  240. What are the ways of negotiating salaries in company so that we can get good amount of hike in the company? Is there are any possible ways where our Manager will give the salary hike which we expect?
  241. What is the difference between salary hike (increment) and appraisal? Is both are same or it as two different meanings?
  242. After how many months company will approve the salary hike? Is it depends upon the performance where we can get it anytime or based on financial year start or certain limit of time?
  243. What is the leave breakup available when working in a Software company? How much leave I can take? Will it be loss of pay if I take a continuous one week leave or so?
  244. What are the steps to be taken right from the 1st year of Engineering to make the Aptitude skills strong as it is the path way to get the job in Campus placement?
  245. What are the prerequisites to be checked when going for interview in the software company? How should I present myself well to get the job from the company in my first attempt itself?
  246. Do all the Managers wants extra time from the employee to give the appraisals? How much time should I spend in Office?
  247. Will I be paid on those months when I take the Maternity Leave or itís like some amount will be deducted for the months I am going to take as Maternity leave?
  248. How to apply for Maternity Leave in Software companies? How many months will be given as part of taking the Maternity Leave?
  249. How do I present myself to the interviewer when he/she fires the question ďWhy did you leave your last position?Ē
  250. How should I prepare for my first job interview?