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  1. Effect over career when having case of domestic violence by wife?
  2. Which is better between Private Job and Government Job?
  3. Special benefits and reservations in Government jobs for widows and divorcees?
  4. How to get online assistance in making of a logo for my coaching centre?
  5. What if recruited on the basis of fake mark sheet?
  6. What does it mean of Competitive Intelligence? Does it really needed to get a job in a Software company?
  7. Where and how to find the HR contacts to get the job details?
  8. What is the major difference between a Panel interview and Telephonic interview? Will the questions differ completely?
  9. What all things to take care of while attending a Meal Interview? How to make sure I will get the job after completing it?
  10. What is the do’s and dont’s for attending a Telephone Interview? How should I perform in it to get selected in the job?
  11. Can I mail the HR if I didn’t get my Call letter? Is that right to do?
  12. Discrimination between contract employees and permanent employees
  13. Are we supposed to accept gifts from our vendors while working in MNC companies?
  14. What are the no of leaves available in the company?
  15. Are job seekers allowed to advertise themselves to get the job?
  16. How to write a simple and good Thank-You notes?
  17. How should I answer the interviewer if he/she asks the question “What are you really good at?”
  18. What does it mean by Overqualified for the job post? Why they have to reject me saying that as the reason?
  19. Will it be a threat to my future if I do frequent job changes? What all are the drawbacks to do frequent job shift?
  20. How to get the job in big MNC companies when I have 2-3 years experience in a small firm?
  21. Will it be a problem if I provide fake Date of Birth in my resume to get the job which has less age criteria?
  22. What should be minimum no of employees in the company to get the Provident fund facilities?
  23. How to get rid of Stage fear?
  24. Can I get transfer to other location office after 4 years of service?
  25. Got terminated during my maternity leaves without notice period
  26. How does sexual harassment handled in office?
  27. Is there any tax applicable for senior citizen?
  28. Can I start my career as Medical counsellor with specialization in HR in MSW?
  29. What are the opportunities for writers? Skills required to become a Novelist?
  30. What is the meaning of SEZ and how to find it?
  31. How medical allowance and medical insurance are different from each other?
  32. I haven't received any project from past 3 months in my company
  33. Which course is good after B.A in tourism and Psychology?
  34. How to refresh yourself during office hours?
  35. How to manage Study and work together?
  36. Are Correspondence MBA certificates valid like Regular MBA course?
  37. How to work in the professional environment?
  38. Should there be dress code in a MNC Company? How to go for it?
  39. How to deal with senior people in Team?
  40. Is it fine to change the team which is not much supportive? Will it effect in my experience?
  41. Team has decided to give surprise gift to our Manager on his Birthday
  42. Haven't got sanctioned for PhD from UGC even after completing the course? Can I get JRF again?
  43. Can HCL reject joining after giving call letter?
  44. I did not got joining letter till now for DFO Technical Aviation Research Centre?
  45. How will I complete my graduation if I am getting the joining letter in the middle of B.Sc?
  46. Not getting job anywhere due to lack of communication skills
  47. Important topic for MSW group discussion?
  48. Salary of an Actuary in India?
  49. Maximum salary of a M.R.? How much it will increase?
  50. How to distinguish between Creamy and Non-Creamy layers of OBC?
  51. What is the average salary for B.Tech (cse) graduate? What will be the salary after MBA?
  52. Salary of an Income Tax Officer?
  53. Better field for job among Maths and Commerce?
  54. Answers of following Infosys HR questions?
  55. Tips and technique for effective studies? How to motivate myself during times of low confidence?
  56. Leave for TI Project Staff?
  57. Alternate Profession with Engineering subjects for good pay?
  58. Where to take advantage of my Diploma after leaving L&T Infrastructure?
  59. Becoming power manager of a company again after leaving the job?
  60. Job after working in software company for 5 yrs
  61. Which option has greater job opportunity MPC or Polytechnic?
  62. Is it worthy to leave job and join B.Tech?
  63. What do you mean by HRA and how it is calculated from salary?
  64. Does school education really help us to lead real life?
  65. How to give advertisement for the new Beauty parlor shop?
  66. Tips to handle different type of customers for a person working as a Field Executive in Airtel?
  67. Is it good to have argument with the manager for salary hike?
  68. During official mail communication do we need to mention Sir/Madam to our higher ups?
  69. Is it necessary to have official meeting during lunch?
  70. 45 years old housewife wants to take up career in Interior designing
  71. Should unwanted gossips encouraged in office?
  72. B.com graduate with 4 years experience as process associate want to do CA
  73. What is the tax exemption on the payment of education fees of children?
  74. How can I create a good impression infront of my manager since this is my first presentation?
  75. I joined to new team on the basis of my good performance but within one month they removed me on bad feedback
  76. Do they deduct the loan amount taken from office from my bonus amount?
  77. How can I prepare for my very first interview for coordinator job profile?
  78. Too much job pressure in my current job
  79. Business Idea after 5 years of work experience in Marketing
  80. Is Medical checkup important for restaurant staff and Government notifications for the sme?
  81. How to be a TV Anchor/News reader?
  82. Should I speak in English or Hindi during interview when not so much fluent in English?
  83. Are Agents reliable in arranging jobs at Gulf countries?
  84. Should I give Advertisements in Newspapers, contact to any consultant or explore personal contacts to appoint best candidates of Sales and Marketing?
  85. MIS format for Aqua Guard Marketing professional?
  86. List of Rajasthan Holiday calendar which is accepted by companies here?
  87. Being a Collection Officer I face FIR of customers so can it create problem if I wish to do job in Gulf countries?
  88. Difference in Resume format of Marketing professional and an Engineer?
  89. Can I paste my previous organization’s logo on a plane paper to make experience letter? Is it illegal?
  90. Should I write thank you letter after completion of one year in company and content of the same?
  91. Should I pay the employee who left after a week without signing the Appointment letter?
  92. Eligibility for Family Planning Allowance after getting twins in second delivery?
  93. Government Agriculture Jobs after age of 30 years?
  94. Details of MAPC Scheme for Central Government Employees?
  95. How to calculate DA (Dearness Allowance)?
  96. Does a BPO experience gives opportunity for other better option for Post graduate candidate?
  97. Why are tax rates and slabs are changed every year?
  98. Can a B.E graduate with computer science specialization take MBA? How does it relate?
  99. How does appraisal works? Whether on Performance or Experience?
  100. Why does it happens that after complete background check up the profile seems to be fake?
  101. What is the difference between resume and bio data?
  102. Is it fair to do partiality among the employees by his team lead?
  103. What should I do if my organization does not relieve after serving 30 days of notice period?
  104. How can I check my student profile on MS University official site? How to get confirmation about my admission there?
  105. Reservation for handicapped persons in government jobs and policies for the same?
  106. What is home town and All India LTC?
  107. Salary dues but company wind up and directors procrastinating by request of pay
  108. How to ask the boss for salary hike in a MNC Bank?
  109. Tax slab for government employees? How avail benefits under the section 80C?
  110. Medical expenses to be carried forward paid by my organisation?
  111. Corporate games for Effective Communication? How to make task fruitful?
  112. Is the attendance matter play any role in Performance Appraisal?
  113. Whether Appraisal can be revised or not?
  114. How to run a call center and earn very good?
  115. Guidance for taking projects from Central and State Government for NGO
  116. Is this a wise decision to adopt a dead NGO?
  117. Innovative Management games for Soft Skills Session?
  118. Can I use my official phone for personal calls also?
  119. Suggestion for the name of a Vocational Training Institute?
  120. Am I eligible for NET having 50% in English Post Graduation? How to become Lecturer?
  121. CBI Contractual Stenographers are poorly paid
  122. Comparison of Perks offered in PSU and IAS? Perks in SAIL for MCA degree holder?
  123. Salary of a Heart Surgeon? Whether such Surgeons will be able to survive in this competitive era? Which field is better for earning more money among Medical, Engineering and Banking?
  124. Difference of salary of an Engineer and a MBA student?
  125. Salary after M.Sc in Maths from IIT?
  126. Courses and salary in NDA?
  127. Salary after B.Pharma and M.Pharma? Is Pharmacy better then Engineering?
  128. Which field to choose Marketing or International Business if I have got an offer of 4.5 CTC in Marketing field?
  129. Take home salary during training and after training at BEL?
  130. Guidance for handling OBC certificate issue of IITJEE?
  131. Scope of Company Secretary in Banks? Chances of promotion in Banking sector for CS?
  132. Salary and benefits of a Lecturer? Chances of promotion?
  133. Which one is better HSBC or TCS in terms of salary, promotion, facilities and work environment?
  134. Rule for promotion from TGT to PGT?
  135. Chances of promotion after completing Mechanical engineering form AMIE?
  136. Affect on person’s JBT seniority or promotion for TGT due to 1% transfer from one district to another?
  137. Promotion of track man in Railway?
  138. Is it true that Science background is necessary for promotion in Military?
  139. How to get promotion being Clerk of a Central Bank?
  140. Age criteria for direct recruitment at Grade B post in Central Autonomous body for OBC candidate?
  141. is eligible for appointment under Central Government if he has submitted the SEBC and OBC certificate after deadline?
  142. Haven't received the Appointment Letter for Sub Inspector in CISF eve after declaration of result?
  143. Eligibility for Judge in a District Court?
  144. Qualification required for TGT in Delhi Government schools? When the applications are invited for the same?
  145. When the exam will be held and final appointment will be done for ACIO?
  146. When will I receive the appointment letter for SSC CGL exam?
  147. What is Technical Writing? Details and traits of Technical Writing?
  148. How good is it to do project in DRDO? What advantage will it add in my resume?
  149. Can International student get 100% scholarship at good university in chemical engineering stream?
  150. Is this type of email regarding internship is okay?
  151. Suggestion regarding updating resume after having 2 years of experience in Oracle DBA?
  152. Format of such resume which doesn't show gap of 6 years in BE Chemical Engineering?
  153. How can I get my resume written by professional writer?
  154. Model of resume according to current trend for fresher B.Tech IT graduate?
  155. Latest CTC patterns and last 5 years placement papers?
  156. Information about placement in Symbiosis?
  157. How is the placement at IET and STEP HBTI? Average packages allotted to their students?
  158. How the placement in PSUs take place for engineering student? Is good GATE scores are considered?
  159. Name of good institutes offering Fashion Designing course? Last date for submission of their application form?
  160. How to get the offer letter from the company during Summer internship?
  161. Tips for the interview through Skype?
  162. Survival tips in office for a fresher?
  163. Procedure to take House building Advance? Maximum amount and interest rate over amount?
  164. Is it OK to change the job frequently? Will it be a bad remark if we continue jumping in various companies?
  165. Is it bad to work in a small company where there will be 20-30 employees? How to excel in life and career even working in a small company?
  166. How to make our profession as a Web Developer? What all skill sets needed to make our Career in Web Technology?
  167. What all technical questions will be asked in the interview? Will it be from the core or just the basics for freshers?
  168. Top 5 steps to have a effective problem solving skills in our workplace? What all the major things to be carried out?
  169. What all type of share a company can issue? What is difference between equity and preference shares?
  170. What does prospectus mean? How to prepare a prospectus related to my official work?
  171. Can you give me some insight about different type of companies? What are the procedures to follow to start a company?
  172. Does University Project plays a important role in getting a job in company as a fresher? How much importance do we have to give for the Project which we don in the Final year?
  173. What to choose in MBA course to have a better future? Can I go for HR as my specialization or Finance?
  174. What are the negative effects to work in a Call Centre? Is it good to work overnight in Call Centre?
  175. Is there any special concession given for Physically Challenged candidates to get the job in Company?
  176. What is the difference between a Resume and Curriculum Vitae? Which one we should follow when applying for the Job as fresher?
  177. Will the company pay us extra if we do over time work? How to find these details?
  178. Which job to select between Software Tester and Software Developer? Which one will give us a better future?
  179. What to do if I didn’t get the job in Campus Placement during my College? Can I go ahead doing Post Graduation and try Campus in the second year of PG?
  180. Is it true that person having more than two children can not get Government job in Rajasthan?
  181. Can I go for PhD while working with a private firm? Any provision for salary and leaves here?
  182. Work from home options available for house wives?
  183. Best Job options for a computer operator having 3 years of experience? What to do for upgrading the creer prospects?
  184. Company is not ready to bear the travel expenses when missed the flight from Jaipur to Mumbai
  185. Housewife seeking for a job having 5 years of gap due to marriage
  186. Job in BSNL for experience person? Is there any entrance exam for the same?
  187. What is the need of pursuing six months Advance HR Development & Training course?
  188. How can a fresher SAP HR get job experience if he/she is not getting any chance in any company?
  189. Vacancies In Railway for MCA degree holder having two years experience?
  190. How and where to apply for a job opportunity in Abroad having 2 years experience in manufacturing field after Mechanical Engineering?
  191. Which field to go for a fresher with 2 yrs gap after doing MCA?
  192. Work experience required to get into top MBA colleges like IIMs?
  193. Pharmaceutical Job and studies after a sabbatical? Am I eligible for a Lecturer job in Pharmacy college?
  194. Career options for B.A, M.B.A degrees holder having experience in Insurance and Banking?
  195. Exemption from Eligibility Test for Ph.D in Social Sciences/Social Work having 23 years of experience?
  196. Can I work in Chemical Tankers being B.tech Chemical Engineer?
  197. Whether the family business work experience will be counted for CAT?
  198. Graduation along with work having Diploma with 6 years experience?
  199. Career option in MSc psychology after engineering and work experience?
  200. Is it worthy to do M.Tech after work experience? Is work experience matters for good job?
  201. Is field experience in Intelligence work for Security Assistance IB compulsory?
  202. Will my work experience be counted in lieu of arrear in Math paper for job in TCS BPO?
  203. Whether having 2 years experience as a Lecturer will be counted for CAT? Getting 98 percentile will help in getting a seat in IIMs
  204. Job oppurtunies in Hospital and IT field after B.Sc Nursing? Designation and salary after PGDHM?
  205. Designations whose salary are exempted from Income Tax?
  206. Benefit of B.Ed degree for a teaching career? Will it help in faster promotion?
  207. How to update myself as I did M.Com and MCA? For which other short term course can I go for?
  208. Procedure and steps to get job in BSNL having completed B.Tech IT? Details of designation and exam to compete?
  209. Designation for Group I, II and IV of TNPSC exams?
  210. Scope of Company Secretary after B.E. Mechanical? Will it help in further designations or should I opt for MBA?
  211. Will I have same designation in IT field after B.Tech as that of M.Sc Electronics?
  212. Am I eligible for M.Sc IT or MCA having 3 years work experience as a Programmer after Diploma?
  213. Salary and designation after doing BMS and MBA?
  214. DNB Qualification for Teaching Designation? Is there any rule for the same?
  215. What all things I should carry out in my work to become a future CEO? Qualities and practices to cultivate to become a successful CEO in future?
  216. What all problems you think professional services firms are facing today? Is it a good decision to start a independent company in our present scenario?
  217. Current market performance right now? Will I get any hike in my salary this year or the company will say the market is not good so no hike?
  218. How to be updated in knowledge to the latest market, being in a Software field?
  219. Can I quit the job if I am in bench or I can wait some more time to get the project?
  220. What does Form 16 means? Why it is needed while working in a private company and not for a government company?
  221. How to shift vertically from Branch Banking to Sales Department?
  222. How to make a request to German boss for making Indian Holiday calendar for Indian Employees?
  223. How to get PF amount balance update through SMS?
  224. Topics for Softskills workshop for Maruti Sales professionals?
  225. Is it necessary to create a separate Bank account for Salary deposit from company or we can give the details of the bank account which we already have?
  226. What does it mean by IPSF (Invesment Proof Submission Form)? Why to submit this form in company?
  227. What does it mean by Job Security in companies? Does it mean that lay-off of jobs won't happen at all in the company which claims they have strong Job Security?
  228. Will all the employee eligible to do Work from home or it's only for experienced employees of the company?
  229. Is it necessary to prepare for Group Discussion while attending campus placements? Do we have to spend some time on preparation?
  230. Different types of interviews which are conducted while going for the job placement? How to be prepare for the various different types of interviews?
  231. How to balance the Appreciation at the same time criticism? Things to take care of to attain such type of balanced understanding?
  232. How to release the PF account when moving from one company to another? Will the HR concern take care of it ?
  233. Difference between IT Computation Sheet and PaySlip? Why they have to give both while getting the salary?
  234. What does the Supplementary allowance and the Leave Travel Allowance mentioned for me in my salary in company?
  235. Why PAN card is needed prior to joining the company? Will it be a problem if I am going without a PAN card?
  236. Is it OK to ask about the reimbursements to my Manager? Will it create a bad impression of me to the Manager?
  237. What does “Investment Declaration” mean in company? Why we have to do that?
  238. What does Provident Fund means? Why some amount of money gets deducted automatically for Provident Fund every month?
  239. Is it possible to climb the Education loan to cover the income tax money in company? What all process I should take care of?
  240. Do I have to do MBA course to become a Manager in my company or just by experience we can get the Manager post?
  241. How to be an effective Manager? What are the qualities to have for being a effective Manager?
  242. Is it a best practice to interrupt someone in the middle of their conversation when we know they are wrong in what they speak?
  243. Recommended number of sliders to have in a official PowerPoint presentation? Is there any negative affect of having lengthy presentation?
  244. How to have a short and effective speech in our Office daily meeting? What all things to keep in mind while standing in front of the dais and facing 10-15 members?
  245. Top 5 ways to improve our conversation? What all things to remember when we have a long conversation?
  246. What does Bottom-up processing and Top-down processing means in terms of understanding?
  247. Information about the Shannon-Weaver transmission model of communication? What does it mean and how it helps in effective communication?
  248. Do’s and Dont’s to carry out in our formal Business presentation which we do? Tips to have a effective presentation?
  249. Details of Annual Increment Policy and importance of Appraisal form?
  250. Is PF deduction important from a small salary amount?