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  1. Company share my resignation letter to another company
  2. Late salary given by my owner
  3. Maths teacher in my college promotes rote learning amongst the students
  4. Bachelor employees stay back after office hours to surf the internet at the office and the manager feels that they put in extra hours of work as compared to other employees
  5. Long working hours give me just one hour with my family each day but my manager does not understand this
  6. Is it a polite thing to ask the Team leader the agenda for the meeting if he just randomly comes up to you and calls you into the conference room?
  7. Meetings with the manager end up eating all my working hours and compelling to work extra time
  8. Force me to work even after completion of notice period
  9. Asking money for left the organization
  10. Unnecessarily transferred me from my home district to sub district 100 km from my home
  11. Huge amount deducted from my salary
  12. My company terminate me from the job But, I didn't fulfill all mandatory formalities to exit
  13. Course better than MBA and CA for Accountancy student?
  14. Can we ask HR to assure that we will be called to join on postponded date?
  15. Can Trackman give any General departmental examination for higher promotion?
  16. University and fee structure of Diploma in Labour Law?
  17. My boss keeps on criticizing me even when I give my best to my work , which in turn is affecting my performance
  18. How to make sure that all the team members of your team do their best for the success of your project?
  19. Should I rejoin the same company that I left 2 years back as they are offering me a lucrative deal now?
  20. What is the best way to tell your boss that you want a salary hike now as it has already been 3 years since your last hike?
  21. How to prevent your boss from giving you a transfer to a very backward and underdeveloped area?
  22. What to do if your boss is very angry and is always scolding you without any genuine reason?
  23. I want the doctor, under whom I am working, to show me some respect but he never does that
  24. What should be done with an employee who is very hardworking but has been found guilty of giving a fake degree?
  25. How to make sure that you are preferred for getting the appraisal over the other colleagues?
  26. What to do when your Principal is not ready to allow you to teach in your own style?
  27. Does the offer letter requires approval from any official other than the HR?
  28. What are the procedure that I should follow to change the designation of an employee?
  29. Why does companies mention about the separation clause in the offer letter?
  30. Am I eligible get a Government jobs after working in the Public Exchange after my intermediate?
  31. Rules to transfer myself to another college
  32. What are the benefits of Bachelor Of Education course in Teaching career?
  33. Do any job posts require typewriting as their eligibility requirement?
  34. Will frequently changing of company create a bad impact on the company I am applying for recruitment?
  35. Back benchers are regularly breaking the discipline of the class
  36. Do company provides Conveyance facility for female employees who are leaving at a distant place?
  37. For how many days maternity leave can applied?
  38. How to prepare for the GD whose topic is " Experimenting on animals for scientific advancement should be legalised or not" ?
  39. Can I apply for Chemical Tankers after completing my B.Tech in Chemical Engineering?
  40. Will I be able to become a Medical Counseller with HR in MSW Specialization having completed BBA & LLB?
  41. Should I join -2.4 LPA if selected in Tech Mahindra through off-campus being a B.Tech(ECE) graduate?
  42. Does a candidate gets job in the same department of Indian Postal Service if his father died?
  43. Will I get job in non-IT field if completed MCA and having 1 year working experience?
  44. Which will be more preferable to opt for, Embedded Systems or VLSI being a 3rd year E.Tc student?
  45. Are there any vacancies available for post graduate student in Indian Railways?
  46. What should I do if my client is charging me of theft offences for the misconduct of good by his own employees?
  47. Sub contractor has filed a complaint for payment to the company without giving me a certified bill of the completion of work?
  48. How to make sure that my team leader gives weightage to my ideas over the other members?
  49. How to fulfill the expectations of my family members when I have so much of work burden?
  50. One of the teachers thinks me to be her enemy when I havenít done anything wrong with her
  51. What should be done when your performance is going down and you are unable to cope up with the pressure?
  52. What should be done when your boss suddenly falls sick and you are given the responsibility of heading the foreign trip?
  53. How to focus on my work when there are so many distractions at my workplace?
  54. Unable to face one of my colleagues now as I didnít help me in the time of need
  55. What to do when one of your colleagues snatches from you , your best chance of getting an increment?
  56. How should I make sure that my boss gives me due credit for my role in the project?
  57. What should when one of your colleagues is always glaring at you like you have committed some grave mistake?
  58. Which movie will be best to entertain as well as impress the other company representatives showing them our sense of choice?
  59. How can I search for a Private and Government jobs?
  60. How will I save my client if he is not willing to set up a friend for the crime he has been convicted for?
  61. Colleague asking me to prepare his report because of some serious problems at home
  62. HR department is not working efficiently and this has led to a huge number of employees resigning from their jobs
  63. Colleagues mock me because I have a strong aversion for hard drinks and refuse to drink at all office parties
  64. Joining of a reputed company delayed by six months and I have a job offer from another not so well known company
  65. I was expecting a job in renowned convent school but have landed up with a job in a local private school and am confused about joining the same
  66. Team leader tries to let me down in front of the team members by drawing a comparison between his previous team members
  67. Colleague uses my laptop without my permission to get the finer details of making a report and presenting it to the client
  68. Boss trying to get details about about another colleague from me and threatening me that he will stop my promotion from happening if I do not provide him the details
  69. Secretary taking advantage of her good looks to get her work done from other employees which is unfair
  70. Manager expects me to stay back after office hours till he completes his work so that I can drive him back home
  71. How to persuade one of my colleagues to participate in a singing reality show as he has such excellent voice?
  72. I donít want to talk with one of my colleagues as he disrespected my parents when he met them
  73. My family members are very angry with me due to the sudden decrement in my salary
  74. What should I say to my boss in order to get a transfer to my wifeís working place?
  75. Qualification required to get license for open the Medical Store?
  76. I am feeling very jealous of one of my colleagues who always wears such expensive clothes
  77. One of my colleagues is showing no gratitude when I helped him at a time when he needed it the most
  78. What to do when you havenít copied anything from your colleague but he is blaming you for the same?
  79. What is the best way to persuade your boss for giving you a half day leave?
  80. The senior resident is making me work for extra hours without any compensation for the same
  81. What should be done when your boss wants to fire you within one week but you donít want to lose your job?
  82. What should I do if I have to do multiple trips while staying in UK?
  83. How long does it take to received an approved credit card?
  84. Is tenth qualification sufficient to apply for any decent kind of jobs?
  85. What action can I take against a company for accessing my private account and making changes in it?
  86. Will it be good to recruit a candidate whom I have seen saving a child but is a undergraduate failure?
  87. My boss is not providing the house allowances those are my rights to be claimed
  88. I am worried about losing my job as I got into an ugly fight with my boss during the first month of my new job itself
  89. Our boss gives undue attention to some of the employees which is not fair
  90. Our boss is strictly against the male employees styling their hair with gel
  91. How can I apply for an Internship in any MNC company being a 3rd year B.Tech(CSE) student of WBUT?
  92. How to tackle a high range of sick leave as employee gets benefits from ESIC?
  93. Our boss does not allow any employee to eat at a nearby restaurant due to some personal issues with its manager
  94. No one at my workplace wants to help me in my project, in which I am facing a lot of difficulties.
  95. One of the senior residents in our hospital smokes in front of his patients
  96. My manager wants me to show improvement in my work within a week but I am not sure about the same
  97. Our manager is a very nice person but is biased towards his nephew
  98. One of my female colleagues is always irritating me by talking about my ex-girlfriend
  99. How to deal with an employer who thinks that he can never do anything wrong?
  100. How should I ask my boss for a 7-day leave for a foreign tour with my wife?
  101. How should I convince my boss that I have not copied my project material from anywhere?
  102. I am not able to work in peace as my boss has threatened me that I will lose my job if I donít show an improvement in my performance
  103. How to ask my boss for a salary hike as I need it desperately, otherwise I will be forced to leave this job?
  104. My boss is not ready to give me any increment after promising me the same for the past 2 years
  105. What should be done when one of your colleagues is always acting against you?
  106. What should be done when your boss wants you to leave the company within 2 days without giving any reason?
  107. Our boss wants every male employee to take interest in cricket but I have no interest in it
  108. What should be done when one of the teachers never co-operates with the others?
  109. What should be done when an employee is adamant in doing the things his own way?
  110. Colleague always wants to use my phone for making phone calls saying that he is low on balance
  111. Boss after my life to get him tax free goods from the army canteen of which my dad is a member
  112. Coordinator unnecessarily burdening the teachers with assignments by falsely telling them that they are according to the new regulations of CBSE
  113. Employees lack the inspiration to work on the new project because of the unsuccessful previous project
  114. I sense jealousy amongst the members of my team because one of the new recruits has got a performance bonus
  115. Should I leave my job and start my own business as I am not satisfied with this job?
  116. How to deal with a nurse who is trying to be oversmart and not doing her work sincerely?
  117. What should be done with a teacher who has got the job because of her relations with the Principal?
  118. What should be done when your boss wants you to discredit one of your colleagues in front of the higher officials?
  119. How to refuse my colleague who is asking me to complete his work?
  120. One of my female colleagues wants me to go out with her but I am feeling very nervous
  121. How to regain my confidence after performing very dismally in the last project?
  122. One of my colleagues has stolen my expensive new mobile but is not accepting his mistake
  123. How to behave with my colleagues on the first day of my new job as I want to make a good impression?
  124. Many of my friends are advising me not to start my own business right now as it is very risky
  125. Very depressed right now as my last work met with negative reviews
  126. One of the nurses in our hospital does not have a good character and is lacking in basic morals
  127. What should be done when my boss wants me to take leave for a week as I am not performing well?
  128. Some of the employees in our company are making unusual demands inspite of not performing well
  129. Not being able to tell my boss regarding the rude behaviour of my colleagues
  130. Is it good to interrupt someone if he is giving wrong assumptions?
  131. Am I eligible to apply for Railway Locomotive officer being a 10+2 fail student?
  132. Recently recruited hospitals staffs are under qualified
  133. Best institutes for training in Chennai during winter vacation
  134. Can I claim for monetary or job compensation if I am unable to get a campus placement?
  135. Coordinator asking the teachers to spend money form their own pocket for seminars that the school wants the teachers to attend.
  136. Manager suddenly asks me to submit the reports within a notice of one day
  137. Which Phone plan will suit me the best being a business owner who has just expanded his business?
  138. Best steps to take for a B.Sc graduate who is unable to find a job and cannot continue his education
  139. Do I take up online courses to improve enhance my chances of growth in the company?
  140. Co-Workers taking advantage of me because I am shy person and do not like to confront others
  141. Colleague uses my cell phone and Ipad without my permission which is very annoying
  142. Manager asks for unnecessary explanations if I refuse to so any particular thing that he asks me to do
  143. Students complaining against a teacher and asking me to remove her because she has a language barrier being from another state
  144. Manager doesnít believe that I took a leave because I was suffering from typhoid and says that the reports that I am producing are fake ones
  145. How to crack the interview round for the job post of Innovation Officer ?
  146. Which is a better option between Deloitte(Off-Campus) and Siemens(On-Campus)?
  147. What is the work of Software Developer?
  148. How to project myself as an anchor at national level?
  149. How to answer the question,ĒTell me about a situation when your work was criticized.Ē
  150. What is importance of Multimedia and Animation in professional world?
  151. Difference between the resume for Business and Audit Officer job
  152. Job for 30 year old inexperienced woman with qualification of Masters in Sanskrit
  153. Overtime money pending and boss asking to overtime more
  154. What should be the criteria for deciding employees for transfer?
  155. Will it be a wise decision to trust on employee who had left the company and want to rejoin again?
  156. How to behave in an interview to get higher package?
  157. How much is GD important in a recruitment process?
  158. Not received the joining letter even after job promise six months ago
  159. What are the details that should be furnished in the joining letter?
  160. Not getting leave because some employees are on leave
  161. What to do if boss made it clear of no further growth opportunity?
  162. How should I react on getting a promotion which was quite unexpected?
  163. What to do if not have good reasons to answer the showcause notice?
  164. How should I react if I am getting scolding from the manager on account of the mistake committed by my Senior?
  165. Colleague tries to impress my husband in whatever possible because she has just got divorced
  166. Manager asking me to work from home during the maternity leave that I have seeked
  167. Want to seek two weeks leave for teaching my kids before their school final examinations but manager not allowing
  168. Manager always points out my handwriting and lets me down in front of my colleagues
  169. Manager asking me to supply whisky to him free of cost from the tavern that my brother owns.
  170. School caretaker found helping the students of senior classes in getting access to the question papers of exams
  171. One of the teachers in a pre primary school has a bad habit of abusing every now and then
  172. Owner asking me to use indian sauces in mediterranean food and faking it as mediterranean
  173. Students in my class are always finding out ways and means to impress me and are not interested in studying
  174. Unable to decide what action should I take against a student who has illegally procured a seat in the NRI Quota
  175. Principal forcing me to ask the students to fill the form of re evaluation for the subjects in which they have a re appear so as to make money
  176. Colleague is always interested in knowing about what project I am doing and then using the information to find solutions for his problems
  177. Feel under confident when my colleagues talk about their children because my son is unable to speak
  178. Manager interferes in the matters related to married life because he knows that I am having differences with my wife
  179. Manager tries to let me down in whatever way possible because his sister and I were rivals during college days
  180. Boss interferes in the way I dress up and keeps giving personal remarks which are very annoying
  181. Boss forces all the employees to celebrate their project successes only in a particular restaurant because it is owned by his brother
  182. Manager asking me to just take a monthís leave before my pregnancy but my health doesnít allow me for the same
  183. Colleague tries to find out the progress of everyone elseís project and then find a way to hamper the progress
  184. Salary after Chemical Engineering in Oil & Gas Industry
  185. Colleague is spoiling the atmosphere of the office by asking all the employees to follow christianity
  186. Security guard sleeps during the day time outside the office premises because studies for his exams at night
  187. New employee doesnít know even the basics of programming and has been recruited in the company
  188. Colleague eats my entire food during lunch time and I find it difficult to refuse to him
  189. Colleague tries to find out about my late husband who died under mysterious circumstances two months ago
  190. Colleague offering to drop me home after office hours but I know that he likes me so donít want to go with him
  191. Misinformed by the placement agency regarding an interview being conducted for a certain low paying post
  192. Editor of the newspaper refuses to publish my articles which are way better than another colleague who is his favourite
  193. Boss taking advantage of the fact that the time of the year when the transfers of the class 2 employees takes place is done is approaching
  194. Manager asking me to pick and drop his child from the school which is not something that I like to do
  195. Boss asking me to shift to another department in the organization because one of his relatives is seeking a job in my position
  196. The best possible answer to the question, ďWhat made you learn a foreign language?Ē
  197. Shallow knowledge of the french language can hamper my interview or the interviewers will not be able to find out
  198. Boss expecting me to give him an expensive gift on the occassion of Diwali which is not possible for me
  199. An employee is habitual of excessive drinking because of which he has a terrible hangover during the first part of the day
  200. Boss seems to be the most difficult person to please as he is never satisfied with anything
  201. Team leader asking me to come and sign the attendance even though I am on bench since the completion of my previous project
  202. Manager refusing to give me leave inspite of a fractured right hand which is very callous on his behalf
  203. Manager asking me to compulsorily donate one dayís salary to Uttarakhandís relief fund
  204. Restaurant owner asking me to work at lesser salary than usual because he is unable to make any profit
  205. Cameraman working with me never arrives on time because of which very important news coverage is missed
  206. Salesman always occupied with his cellphone during working hours which decreases his efficiency
  207. Inadequate staff in my bank premises and I have to do the entire work myself which is very stressful
  208. Manager asking me to do his personal household shopping from a nearby supermarket during lunch break
  209. Based on what reason government can cancel my license of running a nursing home?
  210. My boss is bad mouthing me without any reasons
  211. My boss fired me for not having my work schedule
  212. The secretary is not paying me the money that I invested on behalf of our company
  213. Eligibility requirements to apply for International Driving Permit?
  214. MBBS Degree holder are eligible for Medical store License?
  215. How our condolences should be communicated to our boss?
  216. What attire I shall wear for an interview being a girl student?
  217. What should I do to produce a better resume?
  218. When does the profile assessment test is held after being appointed for a job?
  219. Is there any procedure to rectify my name in the passport through online or I have to visit the passport office?
  220. No separate accommodations for staff in hotel industry
  221. Do the short term animation course with a 3 year experience be considered eligible for applying in private in Companies?
  222. How should I manage a officer's working hour, if she has joined the company after her maternity leave and is irregular with the working hours?
  223. I am being deprived from the official Holidays after taking a leave granted by the higher ups?
  224. Does distance/correspondence learning is valued equally like regular learning from professional point of view?
  225. What is the recruitment procedure in Cognizant?
  226. Job openings for Network Designer? Where to apply for the job?
  227. What should I do inorder to get rid of pressure building upon me after getting a job promotion?
  228. Why Arts students are not given a equivalent standard against the Engineering students?
  229. Which is the best way to fill the vacancy of senior article analyst in the advertising company?
  230. Company asking some amount of money as security deposit, is it safe?
  231. Possibility of working in government job and private job (private job with no PF and Gratuity)
  232. How to write a letter on Attention to disappear?
  233. How can I join back to my Government job after taking a voluntary retirement?
  234. Railway Quarters are not renovated even after complaining for it several times
  235. Are the regular payments for models in modelling is done on the basis of the projects available or according to their contract?
  236. What are the opportunities that I can avail after joining a non reputed Film Production Team?
  237. Can I ask for maternity leave even if I am performing my job while living in my home?
  238. My transfer application is not being granted for past 2 years
  239. How can I make a contact with my AGM to show him the ideas and design of a project?
  240. Are we really bound to serve a company for the notice period they have asked for during the joining time?
  241. Does my profession comes first when compared to the life of an innocent people?
  242. Can the company cancel the redundant job offering assigned to me for 2 days delay in starting the project?
  243. What is the significance of franchising? Can it be done by any individual?
  244. Is it good to work in any company without getting a joining letter?
  245. How will I attend the aptitude test for a call center?
  246. What are steps to do advertisement for my new Beauty parlor shop?
  247. How to upload media files into my website?
  248. Whether double deduction of salary is allowed during the notice period for the days not served?
  249. Powers of supervisors serving probationary status
  250. I have lost the trust of my boss and wish to regain it but donít know how