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  1. Can anybody provide me the tips to make my trainer work more attractive for the learners?
  2. Is the chairman also the employee of the company and also paid his salary?
  3. How many years of experience do we need to become a CEO of the company?
  4. Will my Post graduation diploma for HR get the same validity as any Post graduation course done in HR?
  5. Do we need to keep our original certificate as a security while joining the company?
  6. What do we mean by employability test? Does it is taken to check the efficiency or capability of the employee?
  7. What are the types of motivation is followed in the companies to encourage the employees?
  8. What is hierarchical structure in position is followed in most of the companies?
  9. What do we mean by Man power management? Is it similar to Human resource management?
  10. Do we have work from home policy as regular employees in big MNC companies?
  11. How to make presentation for Campus recruitment? What are the points that have to be noted and can be used in our practical life?
  12. What do we mean by Exit interview? Is it followed by all the companies?
  13. I was being terminated from the company without notice on invalid reason
  14. Is it possible to terminate the employee during his notice period if his mistake is found at that time?
  15. What are opportunities available for Hotel Management course other than working in Hotels?
  16. What is the next higher level to go in CA?
  17. Difference between termination and suspension? Does it have same impact on the career of the employees?
  18. Why employees are get terminated at the time of recession?
  19. What background verification has to be done while hiring the candidates newly?
  20. What are normal working hours in a company as per government rule? Is it same for company having 6 working days and 5 working days?
  21. What are the facilities available for laborers working in Mine factory?
  22. Are the rules amended for the employees and laborers different in Manufacturing and Service Company?
  23. Some consultancy ask resume with photograph so, is it safe to provide them this type of resume?
  24. I have recently joined for a project in Bangalore office but now I want a transfer to Pune office location and that project is not there
  25. Can I change my engineering subject in the middle of 3rd Semester? Will this affect my career?
  26. Can I rejoin same course in same college after 5 years from 3rd Semester?
  27. What do we mean by SPF count? How much it should be for normal human body?
  28. To become an IAS officer do I need to complete my degree or I can apply after 12th?
  29. How can I go to next level if I am working as Classroom facilitator in one of the MNC company?
  30. Does it depend on the experience or performance to go abroad from the company we work?
  31. I was removed from the team because of wrong information provided by my team member
  32. What can I do to improve working condition of my office?
  33. What is the difference between personnel management and Human resource management?
  34. How many years of practice has to be done by lawyer to become a judge?
  35. Since I am physically handicapped person, will I get special treatment in my new company?
  36. What amount of information should I disclose about my previous company at the time of interview when they ask for it?
  37. Can a certificates of training done in previous company can be considered as additional value while interviewing other company?
  38. Can we use office item for our personal use?
  39. What do you mean by franchising? Can it be started by individual or group of people?
  40. What is a case interview? Will it depend on my education or work background?
  41. How should we answer in an interview when asked for personal experience for the fresher?
  42. Will my experience of Call center will be taken into consideration while hiring for executive Job in Cisco?
  43. Are the questions asked by interviewer for fresher and experienced different?
  44. How to arrange the induction program for Freshers in our company?
  45. Will my bonus get deducted for the leaves that I have taken during Maternity?
  46. How many days of maternity leave I will get? When can I start to take up this leave?
  47. Is it good if my team gets change every two months in the company I work?
  48. Email that comes from famous company or government organization for attending the interview paying our to and fro charges are real or reel?
  49. Do we need to have reference to join in a company? Is our capability not taken into consideration?
  50. Can I claim medical allowance for my dependent parents in my company? Do I need to enroll their name for this?
  51. What are the reasons of terminations? Under what circumstances termination happens?
  52. When you fill the job application form, they ask you your high education finished, What do we put?
  53. Should I call the interviewer to follow up after giving 3rd Round of interview?
  54. Can I reject the job offer after getting the joining letter from the company?
  55. How to attend Aptitude test for call center? Is it different for BPO and call center or same?
  56. Is this possible in small company to give Medical insurance benefits and tax benefits to the employees?
  57. What is the difference between CA and ICWA? Are both same?
  58. Can I get government job in Karnataka with education in Maharashtra?
  59. Can I become a trainer after completing my degree?
  60. an an employee join to the same company after voluntary retirement?
  61. What is the financial year for the company? Does it differ in different companies?
  62. What is the salary package for a trainer? Does it depend on the no of trainings done by trainer?
  63. Can I ask my direct manager to take me back during my notice period?
  64. Does foreign companies established in India follow Indian labour law or foreign labour law?
  65. Should I declare my Insurance policy to other Insurance company while taking their insurance policy
  66. How to write a letter to bank manager to deactivate the auto payment of mobile bills from my account?
  67. Does company do background checks employee again when he is promoted to new position in the same company?
  68. How to attend telephonic round of interview? What type of questions they ask during this interview?
  69. How to write a letter to my senior manager asking for advance payment of my 2 months salary?
  70. What is the difference between earned leave and paid leave?
  71. Will I get promotion on the basis of my correspondence MBA Course?
  72. Who will pay my salary if I am working on the basis of third party contract through consultancy in Wipro?
  73. After how many months of contract work in a company an employee becomes permanent if the contract is not renewed?
  74. How many breaks can be taken in a company? Is that also described in law?
  75. What do you mean Public relation officer? Is HR relation officer and Public relation officer same?
  76. Is notice period different for MNC and small firms? Does it depend on the no of employees?
  77. What is the difference between Supreme court and High Court?
  78. What is the minimum salary that should be paid to fresher as per government rule?
  79. Can I apply for PF if I have worked in a company for 6 months?
  80. After how many years of work in a company I can apply for the gratuity?
  81. Will I get maternity leave in my new company?
  82. Can I transfer my salary account of Corporation Bank from one state to another state?
  83. Is height compulsory to get in Air hostess job?
  84. To apply for the post of police do we need to have sports certificate or Marks card with the sports as subject is enough?
  85. Will I get salary hike or extra bonus for my good performance in the middle of the year?
  86. What do you mean by stress level test during interview? Will it be written or verbal test?
  87. Company is not leaving even after serving 30 days notice period
  88. Are salary also cut down at the time of demotion or increment is not done for demoted employees?
  89. What is the best insurance plan available for Children education?
  90. Can I work as an insurance agent while working in MNC?
  91. Can I change my course after 12th and take another course in degree other than what I have studied in 12th?
  92. Which are the best companies for Work-Life balance? Will Software jobs be good for having Work-Life balance?
  93. How to set my Career in Computer Hardware field? What all things I should look for being in my 12th grade now?
  94. What are the career choices which are available in Architecture field with less Maths and more of design?
  95. Is it worth to do MA in professional development? Will it provide me a better future and good professional Career?
  96. What does Stocks and Shares mean? How to make my future in that field?
  97. Whether itís good to work in a private company or in Railways? What are the benefits to work in Railways and in a private company?
  98. How to rectify the name in Passport? Do I need to go passport office or Can I do it online?
  99. How is tax calculated for salary income? Is it calculated on Basic salary or total salary?
  100. Should I ask written reason for demotion by company or not?
  101. How to be customer care executive of BSNL?
  102. How to become a successful professor in College? What should I study in my higher secondary and college?
  103. Is it advisable to write the part time job experience in my Resume when trying to apply for job in a major MNC company?
  104. How to get a job in Research and Development in the filed of Software as a fresher? How should I make myself to be prepare for it?
  105. What are the qualification and qualities needed to become a Senior Manager for Technical Support team in a company?
  106. Which is the best software company with perfect work environment?
  107. What all the common interview mistakes one can make? How to make sure that I wonít commit any mistake in my interview?
  108. Am I taking right decision to work in a Software Company being a Mechanical Engineer?
  109. How to prepare for Aptitude round for Campus placements? Do I have to study according to the company pattern?
  110. Is it needed to be well versed in General Knowledge for attending interview in a Software company? Will it help to get the job?
  111. Will I get a good job if I am a dropout from college? How can I have a successful future just having higher secondary studies?
  112. What does Hard Skills mean? How to be good in that?
  113. What should I answer if the interviewer ask ďHow do you handle success and failure?Ē
  114. Which is best and safe for my future joining in private company or a Public based companies?
  115. Is it fine to talk about the negative things which happened in my previous company during the interview?
  116. What are the steps to follow to release the Provident Fund account from my previous company?
  117. Is it required to learn Type Writing in these days where technology has developed like anything?
  118. Can I attend some coaching to prepare for the company interviews? Will it be helpful for me?
  119. Can I wear Jeans outfit for attending Call centre interviews? Do I have to be formal in Call centre interview too?
  120. How to give an effective vote of thanks speech in my Office official meeting?
  121. What do you mean by UGC exam? What are the benefits of this?
  122. Can an individual freelancer apply for government tender? What is the procedure to do that?
  123. Can I apply to another company when I have got placement in one of the company?
  124. Do I need to give any guarantee of government employee while taking education loan from bank?
  125. What should I do to complain against my boss who orally abuses me?
  126. How to write appreciation letter to our employee being Manager of a small BPO?
  127. Why there is discrimination while giving notice period to employees?
  128. Company is not paying the salary correctly and I have been paid salary only for 2 months
  129. How to buy shares of a company being a housewife? From where to get these shares?
  130. Explain the types of appraisal measurement used in the company?
  131. How to write an increment letter and what all points to be mentioned?
  132. What is the meaning of Earned Leave? Way to use such leave?
  133. How to frame leave policy for company with 10 employees? What are the points that should be considered while framing this?
  134. What are different types of leaves available in the company? Is it same for contract and permanent employee or different.
  135. Employee appointed to our company need to serve his notice period to the previous company to get his experience certificate?
  136. Do I need to serve the notice period for one month of job?
  137. How many types of customer satisfactions are there and what are they?
  138. How to write a best Objective in the Resume? What should I mention in it?
  139. What all the qualities to cultivate in me to stand out from the crowd in my Firm? How to come up and get promotion in a software company which is very competitive?
  140. Is it necessary to change company in private sector to get growth?
  141. Common Interview questions with their best answers and link for the same?
  142. How to improve English communication and speaking skills?
  143. Slow typing speed can be the reason of any employee's termination or not?
  144. Is getting rude at the time of interview good or not for an HR Manager?
  145. How to maintain past audit record of dead NGO? Should I appoint any CA for the same?
  146. Can I attach my offer letter instead of experience letter to apply for Government sector?
  147. Special benefits to HDFC employee on House loan from the same?
  148. What are the questions that should be asked in interview to LLB candidate?
  149. What is the maximum time required to complete PhD?
  150. Do I need a license to practice psychology?
  151. What is the difference between computer science and electrical and computer engineering?
  152. What are the scholarship available for engineering course?
  153. What do we mean by Right to Information act? Where all it is applied in corporate world?
  154. What is Leave Travel Concession and what are it's uses?
  155. Can I take leave in probationary period?
  156. How to check the PF status from the office?
  157. Can I get into job without completing my degree?
  158. What are the opportunities available for ICWA passed candidate as per latest market situation?
  159. A mistake done by an employee during the probationary period will be considered while doing his entry to company on permanent basis?
  160. What are the facilities available for the employee who dies in the office during the working hours?
  161. Can a student passed from Maharashtra board take up engineering course in Karnataka?
  162. Are AIME and Engineering considered equivalent? Is AIME given validity as Engineering degree?
  163. Can I do my engineering course after completing my Diploma for the same?
  164. Do we need to do internship of one year after MSW to get into company job?
  165. What are the various ways of searching and applying for the job?
  166. What do you mean by induction program? Is it some sort of training or a round of interview?
  167. Can I join the company leaving my education in middle?
  168. Can I complete my M.A without completing my B.A through correspondence?
  169. What do we me mean by OBC creamy and non creamy layer?
  170. What do you mean NSC certificate? Will I get any exemption on this amount?
  171. What is the termination time for the employee who does report to office for more than 3 days without any notifications?
  172. What is the percentage of PF that the company deducts from the employees monthly income?
  173. What are the basic disciplinary actions that are taken in a company?
  174. What do we mean by TDS (tax deduction at source)? Does it changes every year?
  175. What are the content to be written in thanking mail while leaving the company?
  176. What are the colleges available in India to get into acting?
  177. Do we need to have a medical degree to open a medical shop?
  178. Can I take a 3 months break from my job? Will I get salary for that?
  179. What are the different types of income as per Income Tax Act?
  180. How to do marine engineering course after completing M.Sc?
  181. How labour officer is different from welfare officer?
  182. Is rejoining possible after 5 years gap in the same company?
  183. Can I work in 2 companies together?
  184. What is the difference between gross salary and net salary of a government employee?
  185. What do you mean by 10C form in Provident fund? Is it important to fill up this form?
  186. Procedure to take interview as an HR recruiter in a small software company?
  187. How should I apply for pension from my company?
  188. What are the opportunities for LLB MSW graduate?
  189. Can a housewife with minimum education of 10th can become an insurance agent?
  190. How can I give presentation by using Powerpoint?
  191. What is the procedure to open a small grocery shop by an individual?
  192. Is profit earned by the farmer from his farm products are also taxable?
  193. Can I quit my job before the expiry of contract period?
  194. What is the difference between shares and debentures and what are different ways of collecting money from the public?
  195. Will my promotion be affected because of my Qualifications?
  196. Can I go into software field after completing my B.Com?
  197. Can I claim tax exemption from the loan taken to build our new house?
  198. Do we really need to serve the notice period before leaving the job?
  199. Will I get the interest on shares after selling to other party
  200. Gratuity received by retired government employees are chargeable under income tax
  201. Are rewards and discounts provided by credit cards are considered as taxable income?
  202. What is the age of retirement in companies? Are the same in Private and government jobs?
  203. Do I need to give resignation letter to my previous contract job to get into permanent job in the same company?
  204. Do we really need to serve the notice period before leaving the job?
  205. What is the difference between appointment letter and Joining letter?
  206. What is the better way to follow when negotiating with salary? How to approach with it?
  207. What are the doís and dontís of writing a Official E-Mail? Do we have to write in the same way as a formal letter writing?
  208. Is it true that we get better jobs when we do PG course in foreign countries? Does it apply only for Engineering courses or for all the courses?
  209. Procedure to collect the M.A. degree certificate after 17 years?
  210. Scenario to get ITI duplicate provisional certificate?
  211. Percentage of reservation available for Judo MS course?
  212. Can I submit Income Certificate after Certificate Verification process in ICET? Detailed procedure for the same?
  213. Necessary domicile certificate for verification at ARC for MHCET?
  214. Whether the NCC C Certificate with B grade will help for better career prospects?
  215. How to deduct TDS against the goods purchased?
  216. How can I get siksha visharath degree certificate?
  217. Whether my daughter needs Maharashtra Domicile certificate for admission into engineering college?
  218. Will I be allowed for interview without NOC?
  219. Eligibility for OBC Non Creamy Layer certificate for Tution Fee Waiver Scheme?
  220. Eligibility for study certificate from PU college?
  221. What is better to study in masters after BA in International Tourism and Hospitality Management?
  222. Is DBB course facilitates appointment letter in ICICI Bank? Possibility to join the course in Salem?
  223. How much time it takes to deliver the articleship registration letter?
  224. Unable to download CWE Call Letter due to login failed error?
  225. When will I receive the joining letter of CRPF?
  226. How to get permission letter of Civil Services Pre?
  227. Haven't received any letter after campus placement in Wipro Infotech
  228. Website to download Call letter for LDC and DEO?
  229. What is the process to cancel IRDA license?
  230. What does it mean by Business Writing? How to excel in Business Writing to get a better job?
  231. Why there is different notice period for contract and permanent employees?
  232. Group discussion in our office on Time Management
  233. Maternity leaves to women employees for their second child?
  234. Suggested best soft skill training institute for freshers to become a trainer?
  235. I got to Wipro through campus recruitment but did not get the appointment letter
  236. Not getting job even after 2 years of completion of Mechanical Engineering
  237. Want to learn Microsoft excel for my work
  238. What exactly happens in a stress interview? What are the doís and dontís in a stress interview?
  239. Doing extra course adds value to our resume as fresher or it is not needed to do extra course and waste time?
  240. Whatís the use of adding references in our Resume during the interview? Does the HR concern really check all this?
  241. Is it necessary to know the complete details of the company before attending the interview in it?
  242. Which is better to work in a big MNC company or to become a Entrepreneur?
  243. How to become Entrepreneur? What are the steps to take for it?
  244. How to verify the criminal background on an employee?
  245. Can Indian HR authorities interfere for the working person at Saudi Arabia?
  246. Who can be the nominee for PF after separation from husband and having minor son?
  247. Can anyone get demotion in Government job and reason for the same?
  248. PF withdrawal before retirement and its impact over pension? Calculation for the interest on PF?
  249. Can I take loan against my PF after 16 years of service? Required documents and maximum amount withdrawal limit for the same?
  250. Can I terminate any employee without notice period?