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  1. What do we mean by Talent Management? Is it related to employees or other resource of the company?
  2. What are the job opportunities available for M.Com candidates?
  3. What is the difference between managing and supervision?
  4. What are the different types of organization available in today’s world?
  5. Is NGO profitable or non-profitable organization? How do they source their investment?
  6. What do we mean by Job rotation? How does it happen in organizations?
  7. How to decide a range of rating scale in an appraisal form?
  8. On what basis does a company decides the training and development needs of the organization?
  9. Can anybody tell me best dress code for a marketing person especially women?
  10. What are benefits provided to sales manager? What are their highest salaries?
  11. How to write the welcome letter and annexure for newly joined employees in a company?
  12. What should be simple dress code and Id card policy for a software company?
  13. Can anybody tell me how to calculate Staff turnover ratio?
  14. Do we need to collect fine from the employees who have not renewed their ID card?
  15. What is the procedure to get loan from the office on my salary account?
  16. What is the course of action for the resignation letter from the employee who has left the organization 8 months before without any notice?
  17. What do if a company is not allowing me serve the notice period and asking me to pay instead of that?
  18. What do we mean by No objection certificate? Why and where all it is needed?
  19. Is bonus part of the salary or is it paid from the profit earned by the company?
  20. What do we mean by fringe benefits and what are the types?
  21. What type of competition or program can be arranged for employees to make their work more interesting?
  22. What is the difference between induction and orientation?
  23. Are we supposed to compare our salary with other colleagues in the office?
  24. Do fresher’s who are working on stipend also get PF deducted from it?
  25. Can HR demand for offer letter when an employee’s leave the organization on the ground that he has got good opportunities?
  26. What is the difference between Employee Relation and Employee engagement?
  27. What are the types of monetary and nonmonetary rewards available to encourage the employees?
  28. How to write circular letter in the organization for any special occasion?
  29. Can we increase the salary of employee in the middle of the year because of his good performance?
  30. What are the good email etiquettes? Details of etiquettes?
  31. How to avoid employees from sleeping during night shift?
  32. How to reduce the usage of mobile among the employees in their workplace?
  33. What is the difference between Bank guarantee and letter of credit?
  34. How to answer the interviewer when they ask about my experience in facing toughest challenge?
  35. What disciplinary action can be taken against unpunctual employees?
  36. I was sent show cause notice for long absences even after informing them about my health issue
  37. Is that possible that the employees can issue show cause notice to manager collectively because of his misconduct?
  38. What is the difference between show cause notice and memo?
  39. What do we mean by productivity benchmarking?
  40. How to get into Admin HR job after finishing my 12th Standard?
  41. Will the legal notice from previous company affect my education and future?
  42. What are the policy and procedure followed by the consultancy to start temporary staffing for corporate organization?
  43. Is it ok if I pay the amount instead of the serving the one month notice period?
  44. Can an employee withdraw his whole PF amount while working in the organization?
  45. Can increase in the welfare amenities to employees work as one of the motivations?
  46. How to deal with the team member as a senior to the same team?
  47. How to prepare appointment letter for both contract employees and permanent employees separately? What are the points to be considered while preparing this appointment letters?
  48. What happens if we disclose our salary to other employees?
  49. What do we mean by salary certificate? Is it necessary to fill up form 16 salary certificate?
  50. Can I take my earned leave which is pending during my notice period?
  51. Company is not ready to accept my resignation letter because of my good work
  52. My Company has taken hold of my residence visa and they are not returning
  53. How to prepare Business invitation letter?
  54. Is it necessary to mention both date of birth and age together in the resume or Bio-Data?
  55. What should be the number of employees to provide doctor facility in office location?
  56. Why is cost cutting done by downsizing the employees? Is there any other better option than this?
  57. What do we mean by Dearness allowance? Is it applicable to all the positions?
  58. What should I do if I get threat from the manager to leave the job?
  59. My designation was changed at the time of serving the notice period
  60. How to write the warning letter to non performers of the company before giving them show cause notice?
  61. Why do companies ask about previous pay slip while joining to their organization? What is the necessity of this?
  62. Is the company rules same for full time employees and part time employees?
  63. What should we do with the employee who is been absconding during the office hours?
  64. Am I not eligible to get experience letter if I leave the job during probationary period?
  65. How does a company select the resume of the employees? On what basis the resume gets rejected?
  66. How to improve our personality and communication skills? Is there any course for the same?
  67. What all documents we require to create factory license?
  68. How to outsource company projects to outside freelancer? Is it safe to outsource?
  69. What is the course available to become an Event Planner?
  70. How to create vendor management policy for the software company?
  71. What is the minimum degree considered to appoint a receptionist in a company of 1000 Employees?
  72. While calculating gratuity which salary is considered?
  73. What is the maximum working hour as per Indian labour law?
  74. How to claim Medical reimbursement for the employee who is on contract?
  75. How to identify a candidate who has fake certificates along with fake offer letter of any company?
  76. What do we mean by SWOT analysis? How does it effect in marketing environment?
  77. Will a takeover of the company affect the salary and PF account of the employees?
  78. Can I join as a professional yoga teacher being saleswoman in a private company?
  79. Whether use of social sites in offices will hamper the efficiency of my employees?
  80. Are deduction in salary is according to labour law for work on sunday?
  81. Is there any strict rule for safeguard of female employee?
  82. Criteria for Granting advance payments to employees?
  83. Is it fine to work as a HR Manager having MBA in Finance and Marketing?
  84. Legal action regarding threats in profession
  85. Norms for making transport Facilities for employees a compulsion?
  86. Being forced to work on Sunday also
  87. Payment of salary through cash and at irregular time
  88. Misuse of being female employees in a Consultancy Service Company
  89. How to speak against new recruitments without information?
  90. Break time reduced without any valid reason
  91. Deductions of PF and ESI on off roll basis
  92. Biasness in training Foreign students and in Indian students
  93. What to do if employer is not allowing to leave the present job?
  94. Standard criteria for calculation of employee's salary?
  95. Is it right to reveal the current salary package before any HR Employee?
  96. Got terminated by employer unnecessarily
  97. Information about salary hike for HR Personnel in Abroad?
  98. Rules of salary hike for HR Personnel in Abroad?
  99. What is the meaning of Balance Score Card? How it works?
  100. Being an underpaid professional it's spoiling my resume
  101. What to do if employer is not giving parking facilities in premises?
  102. Is socialising in professional place after office hours not allowed?
  103. Rules against fixed salary packages according to qualification and experience?
  104. I am getting less pay as compared to male counterparts
  105. Can I awail OBC NCL reservation for Gate exam?
  106. Can I awail OBC NCL reservation for Gate exam?
  107. Being charged a fix amount every month by company for facilities at office
  108. What do we mean by Employee involvement? How does it help in the growth of the company?
  109. What and which is the best way to start investing money in shares?
  110. How can I save tax from my salary? What all savings are available which has tax exemption?
  111. What salary should be paid to Italian translator as per the company policy?
  112. Can we take fresher on stipend basis in case if experienced are not available?
  113. How to encourage the customer to carry on the business without taking credit?
  114. How should I explain the interviewer about the gap taken by me for completing my education?
  115. Why employees are measured in the terms of assets and liability of the company?
  116. Any short term course for HR for candidate who has completed M.Sc in Psychology?
  117. What do we mean by ISO certification? Is it applicable for all types of companies?
  118. I have not received any salary for the maternity leaves I had taken for three months
  119. Is there any difference in providing maternity leave for normal delivery and surgical delivery?
  120. Company policy demands that their employee should at least complete degree?
  121. What do we mean by Retention bonus? Who all are eligible for this?
  122. Delay in acceptance of resignation letter by the company affects the joining date of the new company
  123. Company is denying giving me arrears of appraisal at the time of resignation
  124. More experience people are recruited by the company than required for the position
  125. What is the effect of change in company location along with their PF account change?
  126. How to stop the employees from leaving the organization within one year of their joining?
  127. Can I take up Medical science after doing my degree in Pharmacy?
  128. Is there any time limit for probation in a company? Does it differ from company to company?
  129. Is there any higher degree in Home science for a better career?
  130. Why BPO’s and call center don’t entertain B.E and MBA candidates for their company?
  131. What are the job opportunities for MSW graduate in Social work?
  132. Various rights of union during strike situations? Claiming salaries during period of strike?
  133. Terms and conditions of work from home for male and female employees of a MNC company?
  134. Normas and time period for bonuses in a company?
  135. Norms for being eligible for incentives?
  136. Eligibility and HR rules for overtime incentives?
  137. Requesting company to grant morning time flexibility?
  138. Am I eligible for medical claim if company haven't accepted the resignation yet?
  139. Timings for female candidates in Government Bank?
  140. Norms for deduction of P.F. amount from salary?
  141. What could be done in regards to improper infrastructure facilities?
  142. Uncomfortable work environment due to co colleagues
  143. Employee safety rights against irritative employee?
  144. Pressure in government sector bank
  145. Are there any posts in government organisations for retired employees?
  146. Unnecessary deductions for little damage caused while driving the car
  147. Which is best suitable area of work for me having 2 years accounts experience along with studies?
  148. Free sites where I can advertise about the vacancy in our company?
  149. Do I need to do Mass communication course to get Radio Jockey work?
  150. What are qualities required for the salesman to do good marketing?
  151. How to rebuild self confidence in the employee who has lost it because of his failure in his work?
  152. What should we do if we don’t get job in the field we are interested to work?
  153. Is entertainment also important for the employees as much as the work?
  154. I have been appointed as an HR coordinator and they are giving me Training coordinator work
  155. Is it good if I join the new company on contract basis leaving my permanent job?
  156. Can we take retired employee again to the organization on contract basis?
  157. What do we mean by change management and how does it help in the development of the organization?
  158. Are internal referral or reference really motivating for the fresher in the market?
  159. How can an employee apply for PF if he has left the organization without any intimation?
  160. Why do some of the companies ask for Mothers and fathers birth certificate?
  161. What do you mean by Job Fair? How are interviews taken over there?
  162. Provisions for holidays granted to employees of private company?
  163. HR norms for reducing stress at work?
  164. Eployer is denying to give my part of PF deduction
  165. Is it right to deduct the salary during leave for exams?
  166. Provision of replacement by spouse in a private advertising company?
  167. Affect on experience due to timing of work?
  168. Who will be eligible for lead ownership in my absence?
  169. Limit of salary in deduction of ESI?
  170. Is the deduction of uniform expenses in the name of employer's expenses legal?
  171. Legal actions for payment during summer vacation?
  172. Duration of being on roll? Guidelines for the same?
  173. Legal actions for working days in private organisations?
  174. Monthly sales target rules for female employees?
  175. Risks involved in excluding CCTV Cameras in office premises?
  176. Benefits for cashier in a Private Bank?
  177. How to get state public holiday list? Is it decided by the company or by the concerned state government?
  178. What is the HR role in handling recession impact?
  179. What is the difference between lock out lay off retrenchment? What are the effects of this?
  180. Pregnant employee is not given enough concession by her boss
  181. My resignation letter received on approval was changed by someone
  182. Can an employee working on contract basis get a maternity leave?
  183. What should we do with the employee who has applied for resignation but already has a loan of Rs.50000 from our company?
  184. Can an employee join another company while working in the present company?
  185. My Company is telling me to leave the company during probationary period without any reason
  186. How to calculate the salary of the employee who is leaving the organization after 15 days?
  187. What action should be taken when junior employees cannot adjust with the seniors?
  188. Can we refuse to deduct the PF from the salary by the company? Is there any policy like that?
  189. Do shopping malls also have HR for their company?
  190. What is employer’s contribution to Gratuity and PF of employees?
  191. How should I do salary negotiation at the time of taking interview?
  192. What should we tell interviewer when they ask the reason for changing the job?
  193. What do we mean by Minimum wages? What is the difference between salary and wages?
  194. How to apply for Pancard? What is its use to a person who is not eligible to pay tax?
  195. What should we do with employees who are doing scam profit with outside vendor on the basis of company business?
  196. What do we mean by Balance score card? Is it one of the measures of performance appraisal?
  197. Do we need to serve the notice period during the time of probation?
  198. Got new job opportunity but they have given me only 15 days to join the company
  199. What are the policy and procedure that are followed in a company for ESI?
  200. What should be the minimum no of employees to get ESI benefits to our company?
  201. Does the extension of notice period because of company’s new policy also bind on the employees who have already applied for that before the implementation?
  202. Is there any option of continuing my PF account to my new organization after relieving from the old company?
  203. Is my relieving letter still valid when my old company is closed and sold out in the market?
  204. What type of incentives is available in BPO or call center?
  205. How is a salary measured by the company? Does it depend on the no of experience or qualification?
  206. Can we join a small consultancy without the offer or appointment letter? What is the guarantee I will get relieving letter from this consultancy?
  207. What do we mean by variable salary? Is it different from Basic salary?
  208. Do we need to appoint a counselor for an organization? Will it impact on the employee’s sustainability in the company?
  209. What do we mean by overtime? Are we getting paid extra for overtime?
  210. How to prepare Employee satisfaction questionnaire? What are the various points to be considered to prepare this?
  211. What action should be taken against the employee who has left the organization without any notice?
  212. How to do monthly performance review in a company?
  213. A person working on contract at client’s place, Which benefits and holiday’s should they follow?
  214. What do we mean by show cause notice? Is it equal to termination?
  215. How to reduce absenteeism of employees in small company?
  216. Can we take leave during probation? What will be the effect on the salary?
  217. Which is better between Army and Navy? Which is more challenging and give a bright future career?
  218. Does Visual Communication field have a better future? Will I be a successful professional if I take this course in my college studies?
  219. How to become a successful Lawyer? What are the ethics and responsibilities to follow?
  220. What are the types of Career which doesn’t need the need or qualification to be a College Graduate?
  221. Provision for appointment letter and offer letter
  222. Facilities for females during pregnancy in an Automobile Company
  223. Rules for increment when switching to new job?
  224. Getting salary after 7th of every month, would I get salary for these 7 days after submitting resignation?
  225. Payment against working from home while on leave?
  226. Is it possible that my Tax deduction to be made at the end of the financial yeay?
  227. Tracking of money laundering through transactions done by account holder on account to account transfer?
  228. Job opportunities in FMCG for girls?
  229. Are government employees liable to sell insurance?
  230. Will my HRA and T.A.D.A amount be reduced if i have transferred to a small town?
  231. In private organisations, are there any norms for widow employees?
  232. Do lower level of employee eligible for stock fund which company grants for free?
  233. Mental harassment due to behaviour
  234. Amount slabs and years for eligibility for Gratuity
  235. Payment of amount as salary when not working
  236. Problem regarding our infrastructure facilities in my Office
  237. Can previous Boss’s bad feed back effect my appointment in new company after selection?
  238. Should I become the paid member of ruralnaukri.com?
  239. I got fed up working for 16 years in private sector
  240. Job/work options after retirement from Government teaching job?
  241. Which is better between PPF and FD? Complete details of PPF?
  242. Should I switch to Educational sector after work experience in Automobile sector?
  243. Difference between LTC and LTA? Can I get the payment if not availed and frequency to take?
  244. Best Job options for a Psychologist?
  245. Is there any provision of leaves for marriage and can I take them later if not availed at that time?
  246. How to measure the efficiency of employees? Is there any standard procedure for this?
  247. How many days does it take to get PF cash in our hand?
  248. What are ways to retain the employees in BPO companies?
  249. What do we mean by discharge and dismissal? Is it same or different?
  250. Will I get stipend while working on internship in the company?