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  1. How to make up career in Dancing? Is there any recognized course for this?
  2. Received a legal notice after 6 months from the previous company for joining their competitor even after informing
  3. Should an employee pay money to the organization to get the relieving or experience letter?
  4. My previous company manager is harassing me on grudge in this new company
  5. My manager is telling me to consider Overtime work as a comp off instead of making cash payment
  6. Management does not want me to serve the notice period and releasing me on an immediate effect
  7. Do I need to take license to use internet as my business?
  8. What do we mean by transfer to US on H1 visa? What are other types of visa available?
  9. Is it a good idea to become a consultant after 15 yearsí service in lecturing?
  10. How can I get into research and development as a scientist after finishing M.Sc in Chemistry?
  11. What is the career option available for PhD candidates?
  12. Which is the best garments company in Bangalore to take up internship after my MBA second semester?
  13. How to prepare Employee hand book for the employees working in manufacturing company?
  14. What is the tax rate for senior citizen who has opened his own grocery shop?
  15. What action should be taken against a vendor who has breached the companyís contract?
  16. How to create increment policy for a company? Is it same for the manufacturing and service company?
  17. Can we raise a request to change the Bank for the salary account?
  18. How to calculate bonus on the salary of the employee? Is it calculated on the basic salary or total salary?
  19. What action can be taken against the trainer who is taken on contract basis and he's not performing properly?
  20. Client is not ready to pay the charges for the training done by our consultancy employee
  21. What is a superannuation benefit? How many years of experience should an employee have to get this benefit?
  22. What is the retirement age as per Indian law? Is it same for both government and private employees?
  23. Is it worth to leave the company as an employee when it is at loss?
  24. Types of facilities are available for the employees working in Navy?
  25. Compensation for person who lost his hand while working in the factory?
  26. How does company keep the track of sales? Whether all product are sold or not?
  27. What type of questions is asked for marketing interviews?
  28. Is branding so important for the company? Why do consumer prefer brand first?
  29. Is it necessary to finish degree to get promotion in a BPO or Call Center Company?
  30. How to cover my taxes which I am getting for my Annual Salary? What are the best options to go for?
  31. What are the different job roles available in Film production? Will I get a job being a Graduate?
  32. What should we do if our job causes mental distress and pain?
  33. Is Photography a better option for my Career? What are the courses available for it?
  34. What are the job opportunities available in the filed of Geology? What should I study in the college to attain a job in the filed of Geology?
  35. What are the job opportunities available in UK? ? Is it easy to get the Visa and work there?
  36. How to become the HOD (Head of the Department) in my college? What is the qualification needed for it?
  37. What are the job opportunities available in Singapore? How to apply for the jobs there?
  38. Is the job postings for surveys and job opportunities online are fake?
  39. How to get a job in Google? What are the things I should take care of to attain my goal in future?
  40. How to manage the job being a Manager in the Trading Firm? How to excel in my field?
  41. Will I get a job after completing a 1 year course on Networking and Hardware? What are the possibilities?
  42. What is the job profile and qualification needed for Software Operations Executive?
  43. What are the jobs available which are based on Sound Engineering? What is the future for it?
  44. How to process the Visa for going to US as on site from my company? What are the steps I should follow?
  45. Is it a good choice to go for Bank PO job while being a Engineering Graduate? Which to choose software job or Bank Po job?
  46. Can I add the Tech Support job as my experience in my CV being a MBA Graduate? Will that help me to get some good jobs?
  47. Why HRs are not doing their work properly and suing the employees instead of motivating?
  48. What are the legal steps towards minor employees?
  49. Can employer hire the retired employee again?
  50. Are there any provision for leaves for marriage like paternity and maternity leaves?
  51. Can Coaching classes be certified through universities?
  52. Will my father is liable to get refund of PF when company is overtaken by another company?
  53. Am I eligible for medical allowances allowed for family if I am a divorcee?
  54. Can I ask for discontinuation of Bond signed?
  55. What will be the tax deduction from salary if you work abroad?
  56. Can I accept service offer while in my internship?
  57. Is this right to terminate the employees if an educational institute loses its certification in some streams?
  58. If an employee takes a leave without informing and does not come back till a week, can we terminate him without informing?
  59. What are the career opportunities available after completing the OCJP course?
  60. Will I not get a job if I scored 59% in Graduation? Why MNC companies having 60% as the eligibility criteria?
  61. How to get the job as EDP Programmer or Web Administrator after completing my Bachelor degree?
  62. What are the qualification needed to become a System Analyst? Is it a good job to start the Career with?
  63. Is it a better option to work in a Foreign company as on site when I have only 0 years experience as MBA Finance Post Graduate?
  64. What is the major difference between MBA HR and MBA Finance course? Which is the better one to opt for?
  65. After serving 3 monthsí notice period company is still asking me to pay the extra amount
  66. What are the things I should look for when reporting in the company for the first day?
  67. What should I do if I donít anyone to put in the references list in my CV for applying in the company?
  68. What is this form 19 in provident fund? Do we need to submit that also with other documents while applying for the withdrawal?
  69. What do we mean by separation clause in the offer letter?
  70. Do we need to take the consent of employees while changing any law or policy of the company by the management?
  71. How to write change of designation letter to an employee?
  72. What is the difference between skilled, semiskilled and unskilled worker?
  73. What would be the best way to change my job location from my native Kollar to Bangalore?
  74. What are the roles responsibilities and challenges of HR Manager in a company?
  75. What should be the age of employment as per law?
  76. How to take career in phone and mobile repair? Is there any specific course available in this field?
  77. Can we do inter departmental changes within the company? Is it necessary to follow same procedure as we follow to change the company?
  78. Is it ok to give warning letter to an employee who is in probationary period and not following any of the disciplines?
  79. What should I do if I got a reply for my mail which I sent to the organization asking for the job?
  80. Details about job which starts by morning 3-4 and ends up by noon 12?
  81. How does Freelancing job works out for Diploma in IT holder?
  82. What should I do if I didnít receive the notification for Cognizant interview yet?
  83. Will I get the full month payment if I joined the job from the mid of the month?
  84. What are the jobs available for me if I have completed CCNA and CCNP course?
  85. Is it possible to get the job in a MNC Company with the referral by a employee who is working in a Senior position in the company?
  86. Will I get a Government job if I have applied in Employment Exchange after completing my 12th with 80%?
  87. How will I receive my Salary after joining as a Fresher in a MNC company?
  88. How to write a mail for asking job in a Entertainment company? What are the doís and dontís I should carry out while framing the mail?
  89. Will registering in various online job portal websites helps me to get a better job? Have anyone got the job through online job portal?
  90. Is there any job which needs only the know how of MS Excel?
  91. Is it a good choice to switch to other company with only 2 years experience? How to apply for jobs?
  92. Is true that we cannot work in Emirates Airline if someone else related to us working in the same field?
  93. What are the job opportunities available for a Civil Graduate? How to excel my Career as a Civil Engineer?
  94. Difference between working style of an Airline and a Courier company?
  95. What should we do if we find a staff stealing money from the reception counter?
  96. After an employee gets terminated from the company, can they take any legal action against him for the offence he has done during his stay in company?
  97. Can hawkers who sell dress materials or household items be allowed inside the company to sell their products?
  98. How much time it takes for approval of TCS Offer Letter?
  99. When will I get the SSB call letter of NDA?
  100. When will I get the appointment letter and joining in MPPSC for Taxation Assistant?
  101. How enquire MRF company for the job status? Format of status request letter?
  102. Where to download Indian Air Force Airman call up letter?
  103. Idea for project in Pharmacology?
  104. Enquiry regarding Wipro WASE program
  105. How to terminate my job after getting the termination letter?
  106. Software development jobs having Diploma with 4 years of experience in International Call Centre?
  107. Guidance for changing the field without affect on CTC?
  108. Am I eligible for promotion after B.Ed from IGNOU?
  109. Promotion opportunities for Statistical Investigator Grade-II?
  110. Short term course from CDAC for Computer Science graduate? Fee and procedure for admission?
  111. Last 10 years Infosys placement papers?
  112. When will I get the offer letter having selected in WAS?
  113. Institutes offering technical training and placement for Electronics and Communication?
  114. Received joining letter from Indian Navy but want to join IAF
  115. Project topics suggestion on HR basis?
  116. Impact of doing main project in Java after mini project in .Net?
  117. Salary given to trainees of Air Force under Group X entry?
  118. Salary Package of Compny Secretary in Kolkata as compared to Delhi? Where will I get good exposure and salary package?
  119. Starting salary after CS course? Courses other than MBA which can give 10 lakhs per annum as starting salary?
  120. Should I pursue M.Sc in Acturial Science through correspondence? Best coaching, eligibility, fee and salary?
  121. Is t good to join Wipro as a Senior Manager Operation?
  122. Possible actions if there is no salary hike after qualifying NET and JRF?
  123. Starting salary after hike at State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur?
  124. Recent areas on development for project in M.Tech Control and Instrumentation?
  125. How to join HAL Internship?
  126. How to register for CS Foundation programme? Fee structure, tution centre near bangalore and timing for Foundation course? Details of Executive and Professional courses?
  127. Aeronautics or Aviation related project and opportunities in HAL for CDAC students?
  128. Actual matters of BCA Projects? How to improve the Project?
  129. Whether any reputed IT company will allow me for project?
  130. Will it be possible to do internship in December? Which company to select?
  131. Companies providing free or paid internship? Procedure to apply?
  132. Is it good idea to change the field from Pharmaceutical to Bank? Eligibility and age criteria for writing the Bank PO exam?
  133. Whether having Ceramic Crowns in place of tooth will create problem for Army Medical Test?
  134. Competitive tests or integrated process for summer internship from prestigious institutes?
  135. Which filed to select Software Industry or Bank?
  136. Is RST Forum a good institute for CCNA? Expected increment after CCNA certification?
  137. Can I get through Animation field being B.Tech graduate? Time period for short term course?
  138. Date and notice number of Employment News in which details of CSP was given?
  139. Is Degree increment available for stenotypist?
  140. Is there any increment after qualifying the 100 W.P.M. test for Junior Stenographer?
  141. What is Employability? Why Employability Skills Required?
  142. Does Cognizant has any formula of calling student for interview?
  143. Can i opt for Interior Designing as a career? Duration of the course?
  144. Grace /Extention Period for Section A in AMIE?
  145. How to get admission having a gap in academics?
  146. Information about examination notice number for Engineering student? CRF stamp details for female?
  147. Employment notice number for Group D post South Western Railway?
  148. Validity of UGC NET certificate?
  149. Is B.Tech with 4 years Industrial experience eligible for teaching in Engineering college?
  150. Date of next ESIC examination? Number of posts available for ST caste?
  151. Maternity courses in Tamil Nadu?
  152. Can I request the employer to resend the Offer Letter if I have lost the email containing Offer Letter?
  153. Writing an email to avoid my salary deduction on leaves?
  154. Is it possible to shift from Testing to another stream?
  155. Which coaching should I take for CAT and MAT among IMS, TIME and Career Launcher? Best institutes in Delhi and score required for admission?
  156. From where to start preparation for CAT being MBA student?
  157. Which course should I study after BBM to become CFO in future?
  158. Sample papers of CFO in movement and accounts?
  159. Top 50 CEOs of companies?
  160. Number of CEO's in Software companies across the world?
  161. Eligibility for CEO DEO and DEEO exams?
  162. How to become CEO of a Company?
  163. Designation and class of Gazzeted Officers?
  164. What will be my designation after MCA?
  165. To whom does the President of India address his resignation letter?
  166. How to become Story Writer without any course?
  167. How to get success in MPSC for post of Deputy Director Industrial Heath & Safety?
  168. How to proceed to be a Film Director?
  169. For a music director in bollywood what have to do?
  170. How to do Time Management?
  171. What career to choose to become MD of a company?
  172. Which stream is better for MA Mass Communication or Journalism for Marketing Executive?
  173. How customer retention is challenge for Marketing Manager? Challenges of Rural Marketing?
  174. What are the role of Sales Executive in LIC?
  175. Future growth prospects in Sales field? Can I change my field from Sales to Quality Control?
  176. Whose responsibility is it to extend the residency visa, parent or subsidiary company?
  177. What do we mean by Grievance Redressal Committee? What should be the no of employees to allocate this committee in an organization?
  178. How many days before workers should provide the notice to management to announce strike in industry?
  179. Is it necessary to have a labor union in a company or factory?
  180. What is the difference between worker and workmen?
  181. I have not received the complete settlement of payment when I resigned from the company
  182. What are the actual differences between company with limited and unlimited liability?
  183. Can we take an action against the employees who has given a bad opinion about one of the manager and put in the grievance box?
  184. Can we layoff the employees because of the shortage of work? Do we need to pay them for the duration of layoff?
  185. Can an employee take a legal action or complain about the manager for forcing him to go on leave?
  186. Are employees paid any commission if they refer the candidate for their organization? Is it legal?
  187. What do we mean by behavioral interview? Is it done to evaluate our behavior?
  188. My PF account is not transferred still after 3 years of my service to new company
  189. Can a son of deceased government employee get a job in the same office where his father was working or for higher post?
  190. What action can be taken against a person whose negligence resulted in excess payment to the vendor?
  191. What happens if the HR selects below standard candidate and his performance is very good in the company?
  192. What action can be taken against the employee who has not completed her notice period and stole money from the company?
  193. One of the staff badly got beaten by a group of staff member
  194. After giving third warning letter how much time should be given to an employee before giving him the termination letter?
  195. Can I grant advances to my employees?
  196. What legal actions can I take regarding threats in profession?
  197. Can I take pending leaves during my leaving notification period?
  198. Can I sanction more paid leaves if an employee uses his all permitted leaves?
  199. Can I claim for cash payments against granted yearly leaves?
  200. Why there is only one day holiday on deepavali?
  201. Do employer pay more if office relocate to another location?
  202. What should I do when I receive warning for the position which I am not hired?
  203. My promotion has been kept on hold by my manager from past one year
  204. Do we need to create new ESI or PF code for new branch opened in different location?
  205. Optimized planning schedule for human resource staff locations?
  206. I was being appointed as an HR executive and doing the work of receptionist
  207. Are the trainees and apprentices are eligible to get bonus from the company?
  208. For people working in third party contract which bonus they are eligible to get, Clients or principal company?
  209. What action will be taken against the employee who has gone for long leave without any notice?
  210. What is this form 23 in Provident fund? Is it necessary to get the PF slip in form 23?
  211. What should we do with the employee who was absconding for almost 1 month and then came back and applied for the resignation?
  212. Is there any policy of paying employees fees for higher education and encouraging them to grow in their career?
  213. What is IRDA? Do all the insurance company need to register themselves in this IRDA Act?
  214. What should an employee do if he has more than one manager to allocate the work?
  215. Not getting enough interviews in Bangalore
  216. I could not serve the notice period for one month due to personal resion, but i have pay slips, conformation latter and promotion letter. will it help me to get new jobs with out having experience letter
  217. How to write a good cover letter for Recruitment agencies?
  218. What is the demand for Veterinary profession in the present days? Is it better option to have career as Veterinarian?
  219. How to become a stock broker? What are the qualities and educational qualification needed for it?
  220. How to become a Building Architect? What are the courses and qualities I have to nurture on?
  221. What are the career opportunities available in Nano Technology? What all courses to take to get a job in Nano Technology?
  222. Which is the best place to carry out our career in medical field? Is it better to be in India or in foreign countries like US/UK?
  223. How to become a Occupational Therapist? What are the steps I should take?
  224. What are the career opportunities which are available in the Advertisement field? Is it a good option to take Media stream in Arts and Science?
  225. How to become a HR Manager? What all should I take care of to become a successful HR Manager?
  226. How to evaluate a job offer? What are the first things to check before accepting the offer?
  227. Is it a wise decision to go for Railway job when I completed B.Tech in Computer Science?
  228. How to make the right decision as a Professional working in a Software industry? What are the doís and doníts we should follow while taking a decision?
  229. How to become a famous writer in my Future? What all things I should do to set my career as Writer?
  230. Is it a good choice to have my future career in Nursing? What are the benefits out of it when compared with the other career opportunities?
  231. What are the job opportunities given for a National Sportsman in India? Will a good Sportsman get the Government job?
  232. Does HR policies and labour laws in India and abroad vary?
  233. Can I claim for both disability and replacement by relative?
  234. Do foreign companies pay more for a HR?
  235. Can I work legally if I am 16 years old?
  236. Can I change my hospital and doctor under medical facilities by company?
  237. Why my employer can't take guarantee to secure me?
  238. Why is my salary deducted for Sundays if I am not coming on sundays?
  239. What do you mean by Contract Employee, Off Role Employee, On Role Employee and Permanent Employee?
  240. What do we mean by Employee value addition? How to improve the value addition of staff?
  241. What do we mean by Job analysis? How do we conduct it on employees?
  242. What should we do if an employee is told to resign at the time of renewal contract instead of renewing it?
  243. What are source available for lower staff like peon, drivers and office boys?
  244. Can we consider casual leave as paid leave of an employee if he has exceeded it in a month?
  245. How to help a woman employee who is harassed orally at her client place?
  246. How to register in Shops and establishment act and where all it is applicable?
  247. Can we transfer the staff from one location to another location to adjust the vacancy of the same?
  248. Is there any provision to select physically handicapped /challenged people in IT company?
  249. What type of wages is followed in canteens or hotels? Is it monthly wages or daily wages? How are they calculated?
  250. How to prepare training feedback form? What types of question should be provided in that?