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  1. Career in Environment Science after getting 54% marks in M.Sc?
  2. How to rejoin oil analyst/pharmacy/chemical industry at Hyderabad?
  3. Difference between ‘job’ and ‘position’ and ‘job description’ and ‘job profile’?
  4. What does it mean by Limited company and general salary structure for MBA freshers?
  5. Best industries for an HR Senior person in domestic call center?
  6. What is the exact percentage of provident fund deduction? Can I go for more deduction of P.F. to increase my saving?
  7. Should I apply for Tech support after BCA to get counted the experience in IT industry?
  8. Do I have to serve one month notice if I was on contract?
  9. Can we take legal action if Cheque of a customer has bounced?
  10. Bonus for joining on certain date mentioned in soft copy and hard copy is different
  11. Can we take action against the employee who has rejected the offer letter of the company?
  12. What do we mean by secrecy agreement? Does all company get it sign from new employees?
  13. What do we mean by Pink slip? Is this term used at the time of terminating the employees?
  14. Will there be any challenge for further background clarification if previous Company has been closed?
  15. How to prepare new offer letter with designation letter showing that previous offer letter has become void?
  16. Can manager or senior executive recommend a particular employee from different team to work for their own team?
  17. What do you mean by trade union? Is it different from labor union?
  18. What do we mean by letter of undertaking? How is it different from offer letter?
  19. From 2 year my salary hike not been done for a single rupee
  20. Will bonus amount affect the performance of the company?
  21. What is the minimum salary for which PF will be deducted?
  22. Whether my sister can rejoin her Government Job which she had left for various reasons?
  23. Can I claim the medical reimbursement from my husband’s company as well as my company for my daughter?
  24. When will I be eligible for Employee Pension Scheme?
  25. How can I stop my transfer when my manager is not ready to stop the process?
  26. In my appointment letter the salary mentioned is wrong
  27. Got a Placement offer from my college to Hyderabad want to work in Bangalore
  28. Have pending 20 days leave for this year still my manager is not providing me the leave
  29. My PF amount is kept on hold for the reason that I have left the job without any notice
  30. Can we withdraw the PF amount from previous company where worked for less than 6 months?
  31. Not received my relieving and experience letter even after month of leaving the organization
  32. Company is forcing me pay amount even though I had left the organization after the said period as mentioned in the offer letter
  33. Do they consider the day of applying the resignation or is it counted from the day the resignation is accepted?
  34. HR is asking money to add up allowance in basic components of salary
  35. HR is not ready to take me back even after promising me the same
  36. Company is not paying me the incentives for the target I reached
  37. From which date my maternity leave will be counted from the day I have taken leave or from the date of delivery?
  38. How to collate the report of performance appraisal taken from different department?
  39. What are the criteria for providing employee attendance incentive scheme?
  40. I was given notice period without any prior intimation
  41. How safe is this data entry work from home job?
  42. How to improve written English? Is there any course avaialble for it?
  43. Will I get basic salary if I don’t achieve target in any one month?
  44. Can a terminated employee get a resignation letter from the company?
  45. When the company is taken over by another company, does the PF and ESI account also changes?
  46. Company is not paying LTA when same was promised while joining the company
  47. Company has sent me a charge sheet when I claim for F&F settlement
  48. Female employee took maternity leave without informing the management
  49. Sales officers are taking bribe from the firms to exempt them from paying sales tax
  50. MBBS intern doesn’t get stipends
  51. Government teachers posted in rural area are not punctual
  52. Travel allowance is not given on time
  53. Expenses are not reimbursed by company on time
  54. Is it mandatory to get an insurance policy after joining the company?
  55. Age discrimination at workplace
  56. Is it legal to get percentage on medicines prescribed by a physician?
  57. Will I get annual bonus in probation period?
  58. How can I get maternity leave as I am working in a private sector?
  59. How can I get permanent as I am working with National Rural Health Mission (NRHM)?
  60. Can I get relaxation in age with a recently made OBC certificate?
  61. Eligibility to apply for the post of teacher at West Bengal after doing M.A. in Environment?
  62. Eligibility to apply for the post of teacher at Madhya Pradesh SSC after B.A, M.A and B.Ed through distance learning mode?
  63. Can I apply for Sub Inspector and constable posts in Kolkata Police at the same time?
  64. Eligibility to become a Primary School Teacher for 1st year English Honours student but without passing TET?
  65. Probability of rejection of Application for the post of III grade clerk in Burdwan Co-Operative bank, when forgot to mention branch name?
  66. Meaning of undergraduate teachers in Madrasah Service commission and required subjects to appear in recruitment test?
  67. Syllabus of TET (Teacher Eligibility Test) for hindi teacher in higher secondary schools in Rajasthan?
  68. Position for which I was selected at the time of interview is not available now
  69. Company is planning to give employee retention award to the old employees
  70. How to prepare bonus policy?
  71. What will I do if my team member’s idea for a project is good but a long procedure and I know that there is shortcut for the same?
  72. I haven’t received offer letter even after 8 days of interview got over
  73. How to prepare offer letter being HR Coordinator?
  74. Employee found guilty should be terminated or his contract should not be extended
  75. On whose name experience letter will be provided, company which has been taken or company who has taken the company?
  76. This year appraisal is provided on the basis of tenure and not on performance
  77. Client has accepted the resignation but the principal employer not yet accepted
  78. HR promised me to shift the HR department after training but didn't done that
  79. Can I ask my interviewer in the interview regarding the opportunities in the team in the Future?
  80. Loan amount was settled with my PF amount, which I had never taken
  81. How should I answer the interviewer if they ask question like “What potential of yours will help the company to grow”?
  82. What should I tell Interviewer when they ask about my Strength and weakness?
  83. Overtime work payment not done along with the salary
  84. Can we hold PF amount of the employee who is absconding without informing the company?
  85. Previous Company is not providing the experience letter even after 8 months of leaving the company
  86. Senior manager has filed a case against the company for payment of work done here
  87. Can an employee consider the termination mail that has come from seniors Personal email id?
  88. Can an employee be eligible for gratuity if he has resigned before 5 years and gets complete after his resignation?
  89. After how many months gap normally an employee can join the same company from which he has reigned before?
  90. What is the procedure to get into bank jobs? How to prepare for it?
  91. Do the company has right to decrease my bonus if company is running in loss?
  92. Whether Leave Travel Concession is allowed for the family members also?
  93. What do you mean my professional Tax?
  94. Company is not ready to transfer me to Mumbai city
  95. After my appraisals also my CTC has been increased on Rs.5000
  96. Feedback and reviews for Sapient and scope of professional growth for a fresher while working with the same?
  97. EXEVO offers Research Associate profile or not? Work culture and growth prospects while working with the same?
  98. Eligibility for Non Official Marriage Officer in Amta-I and Amta II ( Howrah) and procedure of selection for the same?
  99. Why Federal Bank is not giving any relaxation in age to Ex Serviceman?
  100. Eligibility for School Service Commission job after graduation from EIILM University?
  101. Application form for Central Ordnance Depot Dehu Road Pune for LDC and other posts?
  102. When the post of ‘Process Server’ is going to fill in Jugership at South 24 Paras Nagar?
  103. Eligibility for the post of ‘Inspector of Legal Metrology’ after B.Sc. in computer Science and MCA?
  104. I am getting harassed by my senior colleague
  105. Will I get my Pension scheme under PF if I leave one company?
  106. Is Government paying any interest on the PF amount?
  107. Can I get a Medical reimbursement for my brother being Software Engineer in IBM?
  108. Can I take Loan from PF amount of my company?
  109. Company terminated entire team without prior intimation
  110. Why are employees sexually harassed in professional environment?
  111. Job transfer issue within countries
  112. Submitted all the PF documents, still did not receive any update on this
  113. Company named YL e-services is offering fraud jobs
  114. PF clerical staff is not responding to our claims correctly
  115. Double amount is deducted from my salary for the loan I have taken
  116. My salary has increased from 2 months but it has not been credited to my account since then
  117. Will I be removed from the company if I sit ideal without any project from past 3 months?
  118. Can I do BMS after doing my nursing course and 3 years job in same field?
  119. What should I do if my manager threatens me with my increment, if I don’t do his personal work?
  120. Campaign project designed by me was projected from other media advertiser without my knowledge
  121. My joining date has been postponed by the company thrice
  122. I have PF and ESI deduction elements in my salary slip, but same is not deducted from my salary
  123. What all components are there in the salary of a MNC company? Is bonus element there in all company’s salary?
  124. What all topics can be given to the candidates who have come for Call center job interview?
  125. What should I do if the company informs me to search another job after giving the appointment letter during campus recruitment?
  126. Can we take action against the employee without getting any complaint against harassment?
  127. Can a company terminate an employee who is working from client side or from third party?
  128. Should we give the warning or terminate if an employee is found stealing for the first time?
  129. How can a company take care of hospital that provides medical benefits on its behalf?
  130. As an HR what are the ways to retain employees, when they are leaving the company on the rumor that it’s under loss?
  131. How should I answer an interviewer who is asking me to join immediately without informing present company?
  132. How fast can a company relieve his employees?
  133. If employee’s wife is on delivery stage will he get leave for that?
  134. Which is the best institution that provides courses on computer hardware in Mumbai?
  135. Where are French Translator courses are available in Bangalore?
  136. What are career opportunities available for marine engineers?
  137. What are the role, duty and responsibility of speaker in Indian Parliament?
  138. How can we control a Manager who is using his employees for his personal work and takes lots of advantage of him/her?
  139. How can I take up my career in painting and art? What are the courses available?
  140. How should we answer this question if they ask “Between Management and employees who are the most important element for the growth of the company”?
  141. How many days of maternity leave is given to the woman who is working in navy force?
  142. How many days’ time is given to chief minister to give his resignation once his crime is proved?
  143. If the company is registered with unlimited liability, does that mean personal property are also taken into consideration?
  144. If the company comes under losses that have to bear it Owner or board of Directors?
  145. What type of consequence president or prime minister has to face if they are held under investigation?
  146. Do we need to have higher education or number of experience as a lawyer to become a judge of Supreme Court?
  147. To get in consumer court which specialization should I take during final year of law?
  148. To become a judge how many years practice should we have as a lawyer?
  149. Which course is better SAP HR or CCNA/ITIL for master degree holder in HR?
  150. Is it true that Navy people work only for 6 months in a year? Do they get salary for these 6 months holidays?
  151. Possibility of continuing job simultaneously with Government sector and private sector?
  152. Legal compliances and rules/law for assigning employee numbers in IT firm?
  153. Job profiles and salary by Genpact to B.Com freshers and details about F&A, Operations- Process Associate?
  154. TCS (IT) or Nuclear Software for a fresher to join?
  155. What to do when MNCs are not conducting campus placements?
  156. What are the training periods for army officers?
  157. Types of leadership training available for corporate employees?
  158. What type of courses and experiences are available for CBI and CID positions?
  159. What is the difference between CID and CBI? How to get into such positions?
  160. What do we mean by escalation? How does it have effect in different positions?
  161. Can an employee take leave during his notice period despite of no leaves pending in his account?
  162. What do we mean by privilege leave? How many times can an employee take this leave in a year?
  163. Can a company allocate security on contract basis? Which are the agencies available and how to get into contract with them?
  164. I have been selected in campus interview in my college but not received the call letter
  165. Not getting appraisals even though I have completed the project successfully
  166. I did not get maternity leave because of which I had quit the job
  167. Company is asking me to pay the amount inspite of serving the notice period
  168. Salary has not increase even after 3 years of service in the same company
  169. Took one day leave and salary got deducted for 2 days
  170. There is no salary hike for hard smarter work done by me
  171. How to negotiate salary with the manager when I have 8 years of corporate experience?
  172. Bonus is not paid to the employees even though it was there in the offer letter
  173. Amount has been paid to the company after interview but still not received the joining letter
  174. Group discussion points given by me is not considered by my company and lost promotions
  175. What should I do to bring equality at my workplace?
  176. Does MBA in correspondence mode of education will be considered in IT sector?
  177. Is Language proficiency must in professional sector?
  178. No knowledge sharing at my workplace
  179. Being harassed to do extra time of work
  180. Guidance for recovery of Joining Bonus
  181. Which course to choose after B.Tech in Computer Science M.Tech or MBA?
  182. Is it right for an employer to pay the salary on any date, pay the salary in three installments and not informing the delay in salary?
  183. Am I eligible for job in IT or Telecom company being a Colour blind?
  184. Are Paralysed employees treated harassed?
  185. Are employers free from the botheration of employees safety?
  186. How can I claim for error amount?
  187. What shall I do if my previous company is not paying me my pending salary and neither issuing me my relieving letter?
  188. What is direct procedure to apply for on roll jobs?
  189. Are Paralysed employees treated harassed?
  190. Are employers free from the botheration of employees safety?
  191. How can I claim for error amount?
  192. What shall I do if my previous company is not paying me my pending salary and neither issuing me my relieving letter?
  193. What is direct procedure to apply for on roll jobs?
  194. Is it legal to work for two companies simultaneously?
  195. Are there any remuneration for giving references?
  196. What legal actions against misbehaviour in office?
  197. Can I get 2 months of relieving period and then again joining the job?
  198. What are the norms for duration for retention of an employee?
  199. Documents that can be produced for local or temporary address, if person does not belong to that state and he stays there?
  200. Under what category does agarbetti and candle factory comes, Single proprietor ownership or small scale industry?
  201. Are these Miss world or Miss universe monthly paid?
  202. What are the roles and responsibilities of the models like miss universe or miss world after they become that?
  203. To open a travel agency what all types of license a person require?
  204. To become legal advisor of a company do I need to have a law degree?
  205. Will I get my money back for whatever I have spent for MCA from a fake university?
  206. Can a family claim compensation for a person who died after leaving the office but before reaching home?
  207. What type of health check up is done for the employees who are working in mines or chemical factory?
  208. How to calculate the conveyance allowance to the employee who has been given car for both personal and official purpose?
  209. What do we mean by back door entry in the companies? Are they really reliable?
  210. Which course is good after 12th standard for doctor profession, BHMS and BMS doctor?
  211. Do I need to have PhD to become the head of the particular department in a college after 10 years experience in the same college as a lecturer?
  212. Do we need to take the signature of authorized person before putting into newspaper?
  213. Which is the best way to fill the vacancy of senior article analyst in the advertising company?
  214. What action can a company take against an employee whose entry to the company seems to be illegal?
  215. What are the job opportunities available for diploma in civil engineering candidates?
  216. From which date will be my PF and ESI amount considered, from the date of joining or from the date of promotion?
  217. How to arrange for campus recruitment from various MNC Company in a college?
  218. What action can be taken against the employee who takes many sick leaves in a month?
  219. How are MRP prices are fixed on any products? Who fix it Company or is it decided by the government?
  220. What is the best way of advertisement of getting business for soft skills training?
  221. What should be basic criteria considered while selecting profile for a particular position or job?
  222. What is the difference between Roles and responsibilities and job description?
  223. How to prepare Road safety campaign presentation for academic and public purpose?
  224. What is the difference between Roles and responsibilities and job description?
  225. Personal driver of company MD claims to be employee of the organization and creating problems for the same
  226. What do we mean by employment agreement?
  227. My salary was deducted by HR on the reason that I have taken more leave in a year
  228. How to prepare leave policy for the employees of educational institution?
  229. How to analyses the marketing situation of the company?
  230. How to handle with indiscipline employees who are very good at their performance?
  231. What is the final procedure involved after an employee’s giving resignation to a company?
  232. How should we prepare vendor evaluation form?
  233. Do we need to take license to breed animal and birds of different species on the large scale in our place?
  234. What are the ways to breach a contract in a company of employment in an IT company?
  235. Is it necessary for a company to get register with ESIC? What happens if we don’t register employees with this ESIC?
  236. How can IT Company register itself to PF? What are the procedures involved for the same?
  237. How to encourage the women of the rural areas to start self employment in rural areas?
  238. How should I resolve this problem as HR of the company when the employees are not paid the salary correctly?
  239. How to handle managers who are racist?
  240. Not getting relieving letter and last month salary from the previous company
  241. What should we do with the employee whose performance suddenly decreases after the appraisal and increment?
  242. How to motivate the regional sales executive to reach their target and improve their performance?
  243. What do we mean by Employees Deposit Linked Insurance? How much is existing limit of amount for employees?
  244. How to create a code of conduct for using mobile camera in the office premises?
  245. What do we mean by Business Analyst job? Can any graduate take up this job?
  246. Which is the best institution to do sap course in Bangalore?
  247. Answer in interview when they ask questions “what will you do if you get opportunity from our competitor and they are paying better than us”?
  248. What type of legal action can be taken on employee who is working as freelancer for one of our client after leaving our organization?
  249. What does this mean if the client is ready to take our service but not ready to sign any agreement? Is it safe to have business with such type of people?
  250. Is there any difference between vendors and clients?