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  1. Can I get promotions if I am going to have 3rd child from second wife?
  2. Is there any provision of temporary posting of a retired RAS officer in place of an IAS officer?
  3. How to get the training period in accounting field to have just some work experience?
  4. What will be the RAF payment during training period if we are joining as Officer?
  5. How does the promotion of job grade takes place in Air Force?
  6. Is it possible for me to get the promotion in male dominated work force? What should I do for that?
  7. Company is not reimbursing my expanses as I left the company without giving any notice
  8. Leave Policy for a service based company?
  9. How many PLs can a employee avail at a time and government policy for the same?
  10. Eligibility for the compensation for a permanent employee at an MNC after retrench by the company?
  11. Is it true that training period is considered to probation period in software companies?
  12. Do we have to come in between to office during Maternity leave or we can take the leave for 6 months straight?
  13. Does maternity leave applicable for teachers who are working in school too?
  14. Aircraft controllers get paid at the 3 months training period?
  15. Wether the CA training period of 30 months considered to be working experience or just as training period?
  16. What does the probation period in the company? Do they really terminate us from the job if we doesn’t perform well?
  17. What should I do if my notice period is 4 weeks and the joining date for the new company is just 2 weeks?
  18. Company has changed my base location within a month of joining
  19. Appointment letter is not given to me even after one month of working
  20. Government hikes the excise duty on gold & non branded jewellery
  21. Government school teacher is posted in a village where basic needs like electricity, water are not available at all
  22. Facing trouble in handling online VAT returns as the government made it mandatory
  23. Can I lodge a complaint against a TV producer who edited my role in a TV serial?
  24. Government is not giving permanent posting to doctors who are working through NRHM
  25. What does bonus incentive means in company? Will it get added every year end?
  26. Renovation of railway quarters is not done even after many reminders
  27. Why the leave is not get sanctioned for crime reporter even for genuine reasons?
  28. Is it advisable to take 36 weeks of maternity leave? Will the company allow for that?
  29. Does small scale industries also provide Maternity leave or not?
  30. What does it mean by “Work at home” concept? Is it only for the seniors working in companies?
  31. Is it possible to get Work at home if I am unable to make it to office? What should I do for that?
  32. Is it possible to get 2-3 hours permission in my office during the initial phase of pregnancy?
  33. Is Maternity Leave paid only if we cross certain level of experience or it is applicable at any point of time?
  34. What is the use of writing employability exams?
  35. Topics to be prepared for E-Litmus (PH test) which is conducted for joining the professional job?
  36. What are the job opportunities available in Commerce and E-Commerce?
  37. Is there any policy of special bonus in a charitable trust?
  38. Not getting increment on time in a Private Limited Company
  39. How many medical leaves can be availed by me in one session?
  40. On what basis, the government can cancel the license of a pathology lab providing Ultrasonography facility?
  41. Are government employees eligible to get the bonus like corporate sector through Result Framework document?
  42. Got fired due to Inability to do overtime in closing month as my mother is admitted in hospital
  43. Collector of village is taking bribe for a road contract
  44. Suspended because of the mistake of senior gynecologist
  45. Government doctors who are posted through National Rural Health Mission have not got salary from 5 months
  46. Sexologist is selling steroids at the name of ayurvedic medicine
  47. Doctor Colleague is taking commission from a pathology lab
  48. Being Videocon service manager is getting threatening calls from the customer
  49. Compounders, who are working in a charitable hospital, are not degree holders
  50. Quarantine leave for government employee who is suffering from Swine flu?
  51. Is there any policy in state government about transferring of an IAS officer during three months?
  52. What are the various jobs available for a PHP Developer?
  53. Different sections to be included to make a professional resume? Is it needed to add personal details in the resume?
  54. Is it hard for a women to get a job in foreign countries as like in US and UK? Does on-site preference in software companies given only for men?
  55. Is it possible to get a job in Finance after completing the MBA course in Human Resource?
  56. How should I give a professional handshake? Etiquette to follow while giving handshake?
  57. Is it possible for me to get a job as a professional Photoshop Designer?
  58. What does face to face interview means? What type of questions will be asked in that?
  59. How to get a job in Post Office? What exams we should take for it?
  60. Is it possible to get a good job after completing the diploma course in Professional Therapeutic Counselor?
  61. What should I do if I am Laid-off from the company?
  62. How to become a Charted Accountant? What are the qualities and qualification needed for it?
  63. Is it not possible to get the job as a professional Genealogist?
  64. Details about job opportunities available for a person who have degree in Literature or Professional Writing?
  65. Government jobs available for experienced IT Professional?
  66. How to get a job as professional Writer? Where can I apply for those jobs?
  67. What jobs are available if I like drawing and planning out houses?
  68. What jobs can I get which involves Geography major and also deals with the Environment?
  69. Jobs which I can get with associates degree in Interior design?
  70. What job I can find with the Bachelors degree in Economics?
  71. What are the job openings which are available for Bachelors in Psychology?
  72. What does the variable pay means in the total CTC of the annual pay given in the company?
  73. Will I get a job if I applied it in the Government Employment Exchange?
  74. Best part-time job to do while studying in college? Will it enable me to build a good career in future?
  75. How to get a job in CBI? What are the basic qualification needed?
  76. Is it good to go Dubai and do a Civil based job? How is the present market situation?
  77. Job opportunities available for the student who have completed B.Sc Computer Science course?
  78. Is there any way to find some professional jobs with Music?
  79. How to get the job as Bank Specialist Officer?
  80. Different jobs I can apply for after doing the Majors in Chemistry?
  81. Can a son of freedom fighter avail the quota in government jobs?
  82. How much tax rebate will be provided on home loans?
  83. Whether a government employee who is suffering from cancer can get flight fare deduction?
  84. What is maximum amount of medical bill passed by central government?
  85. Is it illegal when a lady government employee to have more than two childs?
  86. What should I do as I lost the service book before three years of retirement?
  87. Pension, gratuity & all other facilities are restricted as my husband died in an accident without taking permission to leave the head quarter
  88. Can I give my job to my illiterate son through voluntary retirement scheme in railway department?
  89. Transfer from Barmer, Rajasthan as it is a marked area of low essential facilities for living
  90. Can my under aged son get government job in place of my expired husband?
  91. No compensation after getting injured on duty
  92. Is it alright to work with an HIV POSITIVE at the same work place?
  93. Nursing staff is working more than their work in private hospitals without any compensation
  94. Is there any relaxation for women loco pilot in travelling in night shift?
  95. Is there any Sports quota in Central government jobs?
  96. Transfer in same zone as the husband & wife are working in different zones in Railways
  97. Is there any law against sexual harassment for men at workplace?
  98. Railway’s Medical card is not issued after two months of joining
  99. Legal action against a Doctor who is taking percentage on medicines?
  100. Changing of work for a postman who is not physically fit
  101. Difference between the job application letter and job cover letter?
  102. Can I add the volunteer work which I did as the job experience?
  103. Jobs available for Economic Finance and Management student?
  104. How much years of experience is needed in order to get the border patrol job?
  105. Is it good to talk about Sports in the interview when the interviewer asks me what you like most to do?
  106. Job rotation helps to get more possibilities of hike and promotion? Is it good to go for job rotation after working in the same field and mastering it for 5 years?
  107. Which job will enable to travel around the world? How to apply for it?
  108. Job description to apply for being a Human Resource Business Management student?
  109. How to write an application letter to apply for the job? What is the format to follow?
  110. Is it really good for health to work in an environment where it is always air conditioned?
  111. What it is mean by internship? Is it a job in a company for certain period of time or something else?
  112. Does Java Knowledge be enough to get a future software job?
  113. What are the jobs available in Networking sector? Which company to apply for?
  114. Whether every IITian placed in big companies like Google, Yahoo etc? Things to carry out to get a good job in the top companies even not being a IITian?
  115. Where should I start to become a Crew Chief in Air Force?
  116. What does Agile methodology mean in our working which we do in our company?
  117. Jobs available in Android and Cloud Computing sector?
  118. Future prospect if I am working in the Manufacturing field?
  119. Can we get some job after doing Military service for 10 years?
  120. How many causal and medical leave will be given in a normal Software company?
  121. How to get a job in Facebook? Qualification needed for it and how to apply for job?
  122. Difference between a Aeronautical Engineer and Aircraft Maintenance Engineer? Which job promises more salary and better future?
  123. Is it good to do MBA course outside India? Will that guarantee me a good job?
  124. Is that true if I have high blood pressure and sugar I won’t get the software job?
  125. Is Graphics Arts industry a good place to pursue a future job?
  126. Language I can learn except English which will suite for future job as a Business Management Student?
  127. What all jobs are available for me if I know only type writing and Excel work?
  128. Is it possible for me to get the job in Apple as Hardware Engineer?
  129. Job opportunities available in Bio Chemistry and Cell Biology?
  130. s there lot of opportunities available to get a good professional job in Mechanical Engineering stream?
  131. How to prepare resume? Details to write?
  132. Neither resume shortlisted nor selected even tough it was well formatted?
  133. Can I join the remaining course from B.Com 2nd year having few years gap?
  134. Regarding Pension Not Credtied in Bank A/C
  135. Whether I should go for MBA or not to be an Entrepreneur?
  136. Entrepreneur can opt for Civil Services or not?
  137. Competencies of an Entrepreneur?
  138. What is better for me to be an Entrepreneur?
  139. Career growth and opportunities available for an HR?
  140. PhD in Forex from Mumbai University? Whether I have to give PET? Syllabus and research guide?
  141. Course available for better career in Forex? Foreign Exchange Management related course?
  142. Problem in certificate verification for Teacher post?
  143. Can I register for my PG degree online? Website to register?
  144. Personal Interview questions for NSSO Field Investigator?
  145. Robert Bosch interview question for Catia v5?
  146. DMRC Technical and General interview questions?
  147. Common questions asked in Bank PO interview?
  148. Attending NDA answers in Hindi? Type of questions asked in NDA interview?
  149. Mock answers to the question "Tell me about yourself" asked in interview?
  150. Is it worth attending the TCS and Syntel placement drive?
  151. Only 18 students are shortlisted for WASE? When the offer letters are sent?
  152. Placement record for Environmental Science and Engineering at ISM Dhanbad?
  153. Previous year ONGC Mechanical placement papers?
  154. How to prepare for placement in a better way?
  155. Last 3 years placement papers for L&T Infotech?
  156. Direct admission in BCA? Colleges offering direct admission?
  157. Guidance for Aptitude test and Placement in CSE?
  158. Which is better for Construction Management NICMAR or IIT's? Fee structure and placement record?
  159. Placement papers and test pattern for Oracle?
  160. Recent placement paper of Capegemini?
  161. Off campus placement for Civil Engineer?
  162. Placement papers of Tech Mahindra for upcoming placement?
  163. Best institute for IFS preparation? Is it good to leave placement offer for preparation?
  164. Details of Wipro Wase Offer Letter and Confirmation?
  165. Certificate courses after Diploma for good placement?
  166. Whether company will pay salary for 16 days work?
  167. Can I get promotions in sales tax department on caste basis? Is there any reservation for O.B.C.?
  168. Is there any rule for BPL persons to get more facilities in government jobs?
  169. Can I get government job in place of my expired wife?
  170. How can a government employee change his department?
  171. Can I get some financial help from my organization for kidney transplantation?
  172. What is the rule of VRS (voluntary retirement scheme) in state government?
  173. Details about Factory act, 1956? Will it help me in getting maternity leave?
  174. Is it possible to do a job rotation in the company which I am working in?
  175. What is the difference between the Expertise people and the professional people in a job filed?
  176. How much percentage should a student should get in the school and college studies to get a good job while coming out from college?
  177. Why Arts group students are treated low when comparing with the Engineering students?
  178. Career opportunities available for Web Designing? Qualification needed to apply for those jobs?
  179. How to get a jobs as a Fire Fighter? What are the needed steps to take for it?
  180. Is it good to take up as the Sales and Marketing representative? Is it true we have to do lot of field work in this job?
  181. How to become a Pilot? What are the needed steps to follow for it?
  182. Only a post graduate can teach in Degree College?
  183. Technical staff of railway’s electric department is doing non-technical work
  184. Is it safe to invest government employees’ money in share market by government as per NPS?
  185. Maharaja Ganga Singh University gives recruitment on various posts without any interview & notification
  186. RAMO (Rural ayurvedic medical officer) 2011 has not got any posting yet
  187. What is the legal action for fraud Panchkarma centre?
  188. Rejoining in railways department on contract basis after retirement
  189. Can a widow daughter-in-law get the job in place of his father-in-law after his death?
  190. What is the new pension scheme for government employee?
  191. Is it possible to give job to my widow daughter in place of my expired husband?
  192. Procedure to get a house loan? Maximum amount, I can get through House loan?
  193. My wife is not able to join as nurse after 5 years gap
  194. Do I have to mention reference details in my resume?
  195. Can I take my PL along with the Maternity leave?
  196. Present Company is asking me to serve 60 days notice period
  197. Can I submit income certificate after completion of Certificate Verification?
  198. How to write a Business letter? What is the format to follow?
  199. How to write a Acceptance letter? What are the things to add while framing the Acceptance letter?
  200. Is it good to write the Leave letters in paper or send it in mail to my Manager? Which is advisable?
  201. What is difference between a termination letter and Resignation letter?
  202. Will my job be in risk if I get a Warning letter from my Manager? What are the problems faced if I get the Warning letter?
  203. Is it good to do a professional job and study in law school by side? Will it be helpful for my career growth?
  204. What all things should I include in the CV when looking for a professional job in Finance?
  205. Is it OK to wear normal jeans and T-shirt to my company which is a professional job?
  206. How to get the job in the field of Pyrotechnics? Is it possible to get? What are the qualification needed for it?
  207. What can be done if my company doesn’t allow me to leave even after I have given the resignation letter?
  208. Is it possible to get a good job again if I am terminated from the company which I worked before?
  209. How to become a Hotel Manager in a 5 star hotel? Is there any qualification needed for it?
  210. What are the job opportunities available in Gaming Development? What are the qualification needed?
  211. What should I include in covering letter which I am writing for my job?
  212. Do men should always wear a tie for attending the job interview? Will it be a black mark if we don’t wear the tie?
  213. What kind of questions will be asked when we are interviewed for the post in Medical Office?
  214. Will it be a problem to put up the unprofessional E-Mail id in our resume? Will that cost our job?
  215. What are the best job opportunities available for physically challenged people?
  216. Is it okay for me to start the business in the age of 18 years? Will it help to build my career in future?
  217. Is it possible to reject an offer after I have got the job? Will that be possible?
  218. What is the format followed for Resignation letter? How to write it in a professional way?
  219. Whom should I contact in my company if I want to resign the job? Is it good to leave the company without informing them?
  220. Is it good to sound our voice in Group Discussion when other are talking? How to approach the Group Discussion if someone else keep on talking?
  221. What is the group interview? How this will work? What all preparation to be done?
  222. Teechnical interview questions that will be asked for a Electronics and Communication Engineer?
  223. ) Is it possible for me to get the job in ISRO after completing my B.E Computer Science Engineering? Selection procedure?
  224. How to join the Indian Army? Where to apply for it?
  225. Is it worth to work as a Bank Clerk? Will my Career growth will be good if I work as Bank Clerk?
  226. Is it needed to list my 1 year experience in a very small firm in my Resume while applying for a MNC company?
  227. Is it hard to get our first professional job right after the college? Why it is like that?
  228. How to answer the question “Tell me a story that best describes you” in a professional interview?
  229. What to wear when going for a professional job being a woman? Dress etiquette to follow being a woman?
  230. How to apply for Medical emergency leave in my company? Whom to approach and how to get it done?
  231. Does doing my MS in United States guarantees me a professional job?
  232. Is it good to do MS course in Australia? How is the job opening there in Australia for Engineering Graduates?
  233. What does Professional reference letter means? Where to get it?
  234. How to get a jobs which are based on Shipping? What are the qualification needed for those jobs?
  235. What all jobs available for a Mechanical Engineer? Is it true that Mechanical Engineer will not get a job at all after completing the Graduation?
  236. I won’t get a professional job if I have cleared my subjects with arrears?
  237. Will I get a professional job after completing the Infosys campus connect course? Will I get a job in Infosys itself?
  238. What is the calculation of gratuity?
  239. Transfer procedure at same place as husband & wife are posted in different cities?
  240. Senior doctors are not punctual & leave the outdoor on resident doctors
  241. What is the process to get the government job in place of my father after his death?
  242. How much service period is needed to avail all the benefits like gratuity, pension & provident fund after retirement?
  243. Who is more eligible between me & my step brother to get the government job in place of my father after his death?
  244. How to check answer paper of Constable in West Bengal?
  245. Recruitment procedure for Voluntary services of home guard at Coochbehar district of West Bengal?
  246. What does it mean by Ordinary post and why its mandatory to send the Application in Railway Protection Force through ordinary post and not through Speed post?
  247. Wheather an another state’s candidate apply for the post of Stenographer in District court at West Bengal?
  248. Eligibility to work for Siemens after graduation from INELEC as a control Engineer?
  249. Join HR sector or remain in Sales and Business Development having 3 years of work experience in Sales co-ordination and Business Development?
  250. Job opportunities in USA after MBA HR from India?