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  1. Do we have to sign some papers if terminated from the job?
  2. Is it easy to take the job as English teacher in China?
  3. What type of questions are asked in the interview of Retail job?
  4. Will internships helps us to get the job in future?
  5. Is there any career placement tests available?
  6. What does it mean by private placement offer?
  7. Can I join the company a little later being a fresher?
  8. Is it true that we get pension based on the local State rules?
  9. How to apply for Summer training in HAL? When the next batch is starting? duration, cost and criteria for project?
  10. Idea for Hotel Management Project based on VB 6.0?
  11. Procedure to be followed for preparing a project in Water Treatment Plant?
  12. How to make project if I don't have much idea about it? Minor topic for Mechanical based field?
  13. BCA project title? How to proceed for making project?
  14. Where am I eligible for training? Course fee for D.Ed training?
  15. How to apply for training and what will be the cost for it?
  16. Companies in Chandigarh or Mohali for HR training? How to apply in these companies?
  17. Suggested company for summer training of Mechanical engineering student? Procedure for joining the training?
  18. Application of performance appraisal methods in various organisations?
  19. Meaning of 360 degree appraisal?
  20. How to make CV/Resume look attractive? Ideas and details for the same?
  21. Standard format of a resume for freshers?
  22. Type of resume for Civil engineering student?
  23. How to prepare for IBPS interview and group discussion? Further process after that?
  24. Clearing Group Discussion Round of ICICI Bank PO ?
  25. How to answer group discussion questions? Examples?
  26. How much salary is offered in Nepal?
  27. Average salary of CBI Officer? In which form salary is offered?
  28. Monthly salary after BAF course?
  29. Salary package after Company Secretary course? Will there be increase in my salary after LLB?
  30. Salary and training period of CA in Government Service?
  31. Pay scale for an IAS Officer?
  32. Pay scale and qualification for JTO in BSNL?
  33. Pay pattern of IDA? Salary and grade pay for AG in FCI?
  34. Pay scale and grade pay of Block Veterinary Officer in Bihar?
  35. Why central government like pay scale is not for Pharmacists of Maharashtra?
  36. Basic pay, Grade pay, TPT allowances, HRA and total pay of Hindi Teacher in Haryana?
  37. Procedure to follow to get back the money which are deducted under TDS?
  38. How to give the last salary to the person who passed away?
  39. Is it possible to get bank loan with my work annual salary?
  40. Is it good to join in a company where there is lot of on-site or in the company with good pay?
  41. How much time will it take to get the offer letter once I get selected from campus?
  42. Can I start looking up for job during notice period?
  43. Can you please tell me what format I should follow for writing the job transfer letter?
  44. Is it good to apply for Job transfer after every 2 years of experience?
  45. Is it possible for me to get the petrol reimbursement in my company?
  46. What should I do if I need to pay the loan payment and I am terminated from the job?
  47. Where can I complain about the unfair job termination?
  48. Do I have to pay something if I get terminated from my job?
  49. Will it be good if I refuse to work on Saturday’s in my company?
  50. What is the major difference between net income and compensation?
  51. What should I answer if a recruiter asks for current salary package?
  52. Is it possible to apply for job transfer with 1 year experience?
  53. Can I add salary requirements in the resume itself?
  54. What are the best part time jobs to do in US?
  55. Can I staple the resume if it goes to 2-3 pages?
  56. Is it possible to get performance appraisal in work?
  57. What does earned leave means? Details about it?
  58. What procedure to follow for claiming the ex-spouse pension from Navy?
  59. Who can apply for Veterans Pension? Details about the VA pension process?
  60. Will it be a problem if my name is printed wrong in my companies ID card?
  61. Details about getting job in Marine? What is the career growth in it?
  62. Can I mention in my resignation letter that I will rejoin the company after some years?
  63. Is it possible to negotiate salary increase after signing the letter of intent?
  64. Average salary of technical architect with 8yrs experience? Promotion after architect?
  65. What might be the starting salary of company Secretary? Qualification for it?
  66. Asking for salary hike to my relative who is in the higher authority?
  67. Checking job appointment letter if it’s original or not?
  68. Phone call for job interview/appointment do's and don'ts?
  69. Can a Central Govt.employee joins politics? Does joining railway union party come under politics?
  70. How many times a railway employee can use travel pass in a year?
  71. Will Travel allowance is operated with next month salary for a trainee in railways?
  72. Paperwork of getting back my Provident fund amount from previous company is very difficult
  73. Talking to boss about Salary hike
  74. Why less salary hike when experience is more?
  75. Resignation letter with complaint about the company
  76. Company stamp on resignation acceptance letter
  77. Format of Job promotion request letter?
  78. Tips to prepare for internal job promotion
  79. Tips ro write resume for Medical Assistant post?
  80. Pension for Physically challenged people
  81. Writing resume to be eligible for the internships
  82. Time taken for the pension process to complete in UK?
  83. Details about VRS? How to retire under VRS?
  84. Difference between Faxed resume and E-Mailed resume?
  85. Is it right taking voluntary retirement from Bank job?
  86. Qualification required for applying job in United Nations?
  87. Rejoining in Government job after voluntary retirement
  88. Filing Tax returns for all PAN Card holders, is it mandatory?
  89. Qualification for Business Analyst Job?
  90. How to ask for Salary hike when getting the new job?
  91. Is it good to change jobs for Salary hike?
  92. How to write Application letter for Casual leave in professional way?
  93. Extending Casual leave with Medical leave in company
  94. How to get rid of pressure after getting job promotion?
  95. Thank you letter for job promotion, does it really needed for me to write it?
  96. What is HRA in Salary Component? Details about it?
  97. WBP Salary component in Wipro salary package
  98. Calculation of basic salary from gross salary?
  99. Group discussion in common service companies
  100. Filling job appraisal form with strength and skills
  101. Appraisal in Bank job after working for 2 years
  102. Job openings for Graphic Designer? Where to apply for the job?
  103. Do all the jobs required training period or is there any job which we can do without any prior training?
  104. Resigning job without giving more than 10 days of notice period
  105. Salary during notice period will be provided or not?
  106. PAN Card for getting into the new job
  107. Does it comes under the official responsibilities of an R.T.O. & D.T.O. to arrange the buses for a political party rally?
  108. What is the meaning of reviewing DPC for lecturers by education department?
  109. Facing trouble by posting in border area due to BADP (Border area development program) by government
  110. No holidays for head chefs in famous hotels as it is very inconvenient to work 24x 7
  111. How can my fellow pharmacist do his job as he doesn’t have any degree of pharmacy?
  112. Can a government lawyer does some private work?
  113. Is there any rule of probation period for professors and associates in a university?
  114. How can an RAS (Rajasthan administrative services) promote to an IAS (Indian administrative services) cadre?
  115. Pay Protection is not approved to me while my fellow professor who have joined with me, got the facility
  116. Procedure for promotion from civil judges to senior civil judges in judiciary services
  117. What is Retired employees liberalized health scheme?
  118. Will it be a problem if I add the experience of working in a small local private school in my Resume?
  119. Is it good to avail the casual leave without getting the permission from the Manager?
  120. Minimum salary given for HR in a MNC company? Do I need to have atleast 2 years experience to apply for HR post in big MNC companies?
  121. What should I do if my company pays Rs.2000 less for 6 months?
  122. How much investment proof should be shown in a year if I receive 2.5 Lakhs as my CTC?
  123. Do I have to write a request letter to my Manager in case I want to do a team change internally?
  124. Is the L1-B Visa still valid after rejoining in the same company who filled it before?
  125. Is ex-prisoner eligible for government jobs?
  126. Special allowance which is provided to gazette patwari is very low
  127. What is the procedure to become a member of PSC (Public service commission) panel?
  128. Will the Leave allowance be given for PhD just before one year of retirement?
  129. Government teachers need karwa chauth holiday.
  130. Recruitment of third grade teacher is not done on the basis of TET (teacher eligibility test) marks
  131. Block elementary education officer is misbehaving with the teachers
  132. Food material is not properly available in government schools
  133. Do I have to write a request letter for rejoining the company or I can just join by informing my Manager?
  134. Is it possible for me to get the job as DBA (Database Administrator) after completing B.Tech course in Computer Science?
  135. How many special casual leave can a physically challenged employee avail in Central Government job?
  136. Is it possible for us to loose the job if we don’t have a proper resume?
  137. What is the meaning of planned and unplanned leave in a professional MNC company?
  138. Whether the Mainframe jobs are good or not? Will it enable to have a better career in future?
  139. What is the legal notice period a school teacher has to give for the Management before quitting the job?
  140. Do I have to pay money if my office laptop got broke by mistake?
  141. What should I do if I lost my job appointment letter?
  142. Will it be OK to start the new job while I am in 60 days notice period?
  143. Will it be fine to add Volunteer section in my Resume to apply for Software jobs?
  144. Should the amount to contribute for Labour Welfare fund must be included in salary structure of employees or not?
  145. Current trend of salaries for Admin Head, Accounts, HR, Sales and Marketing in FMCG company?
  146. Can a lawyer does practice without having a registration from bar council of India?
  147. People are illegally living in the government quarters which are made for IGNP employees
  148. Rajasthan technical university employees have not got any promotion since last 34 years
  149. What is RTE (Right to education) act? Does it affect the earning of private schools?
  150. Madarasa (Muslim teaching school) teachers have not got their salary from last two months
  151. Women of hockey team are facing ignorance by women hockey federation
  152. Vacant seats of lab assistants are not filled in government colleges
  153. Diwali bonus is not given to the employees of IGNP (Indira Gandhi nehar pariyojana)
  154. Government has cancelled the license of fireworks sellers
  155. What is the eligibility criterion to become chairman of UIT (Urban improvement trust)?
  156. Constable in traffic police is suspended due to taking money illegally from civilians
  157. Woman employee is facing inconvenience in pregnancy as the office is on 3rd floor
  158. What is the procedure to be a member of a government NGO? How can I work for it?
  159. Leave to go with train running staff is not sanctioned as it is the festival time
  160. Can a RTO officer issue the driving license without clearing driving license test?
  161. Tourists are facing trouble as the guides of sanctuary are on strike
  162. How Employees on ‘palaces on wheels’-a luxury train are working on contract basis can get permanent job?
  163. Patients in a village are facing trouble because of hiked price of blood test for dengue
  164. Food facilities should be available in trains for running staff
  165. Some BSNL employees are getting affected badly as all BSNL employees are going on hunger strike
  166. Physical punishment for students in schools is banned by the government
  167. A worker died during working in a pharmacy company, compensation demanding by his family is very high.
  168. Is factory law applicable for hospitals?
  169. Herbal medicines manufactured in a herbal pharmacy company, are not pure
  170. Are unani doctors eligible for doing surgery in Rajasthan?
  171. Is labor law applicable for technicians working with a film production house?
  172. Will it be OK to leave a professional job after working there only for 6 months?
  173. Widow Mother, who is dependent on his only son, can get the job in place of his expired son?
  174. Unable to get the lecturer job in a government ayurvedic college because other candidates offer bribe
  175. Can a RMP (Registered medical practitioner) prescribe ayurvedic medicines?
  176. Can an LDC of commercial taxation department go with the collection team?
  177. Restriction on wearing burka (hijab) for a Muslim teacher working in a private school
  178. Who is liable to get charge of a middle school in the absence of headmaster?
  179. Should I pay money for joining in merchant navy?
  180. Should I take some stuff like laptop, projector etc. sicne no proper settlement has done after resigning from company
  181. Can I apply for a government job in India as my parents were Indian but I live in Pakistan?
  182. Can a chairman of private university be appointed for more than one time?
  183. What is the procedure to get a patent certificate for a pharmacy company?
  184. Facility of communication network is not available for the employees working in oil sector
  185. Government banned my cartoons, published in a daily newspaper
  186. Copying of a novel’s story without taking writer’s permission is illegal
  187. Permission to make a film on a famous personality is not granted by his family
  188. How should I overcome the problem with my Boss who takes all things personally and doesn’t give proper proper appraisal?
  189. How can I market my appraisal business more? What strategies I can follow?
  190. Difference between the perks which is given for the Government employee and a normal employee who works in the MNC companies?
  191. Is it possible to get appraisal in my salary if I do extraordinary work in the training period?
  192. Will there be bonus given when working in the BPO?
  193. Wat will I do if my company have terminated me from the job?
  194. Is it good to say that I was terminated from the previous company in the job application?
  195. Will it be a problem if I draw salary from two organization at the same time?
  196. What are the legal actions to take if a company doesn't provide the salary on time?
  197. Which will be better to withdraw the PF account from the bank or to leave the the amount in the same account till I join in the next company?
  198. What kind of job perks will a software professional have?
  199. How to write a letter to the HR regarding the extension of my joining date?
  200. Benefits after becoming a Medical Assistant? Will my future be secured and prosperous after this?
  201. What does the HLTC and DLTC means which comes under the Leave Travel Concession of Government of India?
  202. Is it possible to avail for the LTC if I have gone to a one place to another in two different flights?
  203. Headmaster is not taking the responsibility of a theft in our school
  204. Government has seized the factory by saying that the license is not renewed
  205. Can I do private practice of LAW as I am a government employee?
  206. Collection officer in a private bank is getting threatening calls but, Management is not taking any action
  207. What is the best pension scheme for the employees working in private banks?
  208. How to attend the Annual job appraisal interview in my company?
  209. Does provident fund is also calculated in the CTC or it comes in a separate manner?
  210. What would be the best saving scheme for me if my CTC is around 3 lakhs per annum?
  211. Is it possible that joining in a company can be denied after they have given the Appointment letter?
  212. Is it possible for me refuse the appraisal letter given by my company? What will be the outcome of it?
  213. What is provision of promotion in government jobs as by seniority?
  214. Can a woman candidate get preference in jobs for private and government sector?
  215. What to do if I got suspended just before a day of my retirement?
  216. Leave procedure for a government lecturer during P.H.D.? Is maternity leave during P.H.D. course included in this leave?
  217. Recruitment in government sector restricted because of character certificate?
  218. Is poor eyesight a barrier in employment in railway department?
  219. Provision of special selection in government jobs and eligibility criteria for the same?
  220. Is probation period counted in work experience in private and government sectors separately?
  221. Possibility in government job when belong to general category to get promoted for the vacancy which is reserved for scheduled tribe & scheduled cast?
  222. Can I do a private work along with government job?
  223. Facing problem in my recruitment in railway department due to spelling mistake of my name
  224. Is a Tibetan refugee eligible to be recruited in government jobs in India?
  225. What is the eligibility for doing practice in India by an M.B.B.S. from China?
  226. My documents are declared fabricated as my MBA university is not approved by any government authority
  227. Is it compulsory to cancel the bar council registration as I am working in a government department?
  228. What can I do if I am not getting the salary increment which I deserve? How to make sure that my Manager knows this?
  229. Average salary increment given for a fresher in TCS?
  230. What can I do to refuse the placement offer from the company? Which is the better way to handle this situation?
  231. Is it good to join in an institution which offers summer training on job placement?
  232. Is the SAP jobs are good? What qualification is needed for those jobs?
  233. Is it needed to give the GATE exam to get better placement in future with the best companies?
  234. What is the process of rejoining the Army? Does it take long time or only a short period of time?
  235. Is it good to rejoin the company which I have worked for 2 years already?
  236. Amount of time will be taken for getting the pension amount? How to make sure it will reach soon?
  237. How much pension will I get in the future if I am working in a software company?
  238. Is the bonus considered to be the part of the salary or it is considered to be separate?
  239. Can I get promotion in probation period in government job?
  240. Whether the government can terminate my appointment after probation period?
  241. Am I eligible for civil services job if My age is 40 years and I am a widow
  242. Roster rule to get promotion in government job?
  243. Staff is misbehaving with the doctor but management is not taking any action
  244. A private cement company is not giving any compensation on my husband’s death
  245. Railway quarter is not allotted to me as I have working for railways for one year
  246. File or website having complete details with calculations of salary components?
  247. Excel format for CTC salary break up?
  248. Salary structure to increase the inhand salary after ESI and PF deductions?
  249. Provision to draw lump sum amount after long service or retirement?
  250. Government teacher has not transferred even after 22 years of service at the same place