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  1. What is the rule of TDS deduction in government sector?
  2. What is the W-C act? How can I avoid such financial burden on me?
  3. What are the maternity benefits under Shop & Commercial establishment act?
  4. What is the procedure of encashment of earned leave?
  5. What is gratuity eligibility in case of death?
  6. What is the interest rate on pension fund?
  7. What is the calculation of EDLI in case of death?
  8. Do Nepal citizens need visa to work in India?
  9. Is car maintenance an approved tax saving reimbursement component of pay structure?
  10. What is the payment of gratuity as per last drawn salary?
  11. Is it mandatory for a charitable trust to provide medical allowance?
  12. What is the salary break up in metros and HRA amount in metros?
  13. What is industrial D.A.? What is the actual value of it?
  14. What is master circular issued by RBI on housing finance?
  15. Details about apprentice act? Salary to be paid to employees during apprentice period?
  16. What is employer pension withdrawal scheme?
  17. Is there any rule about Medical reimbursement in private limited companies?
  18. Procedure of leave for an employee after miscarriage of child?
  19. Can I claim medical reimbursements from two companies?
  20. Preparations leave for exams in government examination?
  21. Can variations be made if amalgamation or overtaking is done?
  22. Are there separate interview sessions for appraisals?
  23. What legal actions are there for speech violence?
  24. Corrupted work culture, what to do?
  25. Effects of being terminated from last job?
  26. Current organisation is not accepting resignation
  27. Are there two appointment letters if P.B period is over?
  28. Can we do a private part time job along with a government regular job?
  29. Usage of companyís contact number for personal use
  30. Does experience counts more or educational qualification?
  31. Can we rejoin to resignated job?
  32. Is it mandatory to write a resume for getting the internship?
  33. Proper way to send the resume through E-Mail?
  34. Steps to calculate the current CTC?
  35. Will the Medical Leave be paid in company?
  36. Steps to get good job overseas?
  37. Is there salary bonus available for jobs in Army & Navy?
  38. Is it possible for me to get a good job with just 1 year experience?
  39. What does it mean by Daily Allowance which we get in company?
  40. Is there any way to extend the notice period?
  41. Is it possible to get a dual intent H1B visa without a US employment offer?
  42. What are the relieving docs needed to be collected while leaving the current employer?
  43. Is it possible for the company to terminate the employee without any notice period?
  44. Will I be paid during the training period in Bank?
  45. Are there any strict penalties when an employee is caught as under age?
  46. My boss never entertain on salary topics
  47. Can we get appointment letter separately when salary is increased?
  48. Why am I charged for broken laptop if CTC amount is deducted?
  49. Why bonuses are reduced when there is a loss?
  50. Will I be refunded of amount for the period I have not been appointed by the employer?
  51. Benefits of retirement if job is dismissed just before?
  52. Is it possible to get the same project if I rejoin the company?
  53. Will it be good to ask for change of interview date?
  54. Is it true that we donít have to prepare for call centre jobs interview?
  55. What jobs to apply if I have break in study for 3 years?
  56. What is the job profile of being Software Operations Executive?
  57. Can I submit the copy of employment appraisal at the interview time?
  58. What to discuss in the performance appraisal?
  59. What job I can apply for with 5 years of Air Traffic Controller job experience?
  60. Steps to follow to write a letter to reinstate a terminated employee?
  61. Key factors which contributes for having effective Group Discussion?
  62. Which job profile they will conduct the telephone interview?
  63. Is it good to join in Co-curricular activities which happens in the company?
  64. Types of pre-employment tests conducted by Pharmaceutical companies?
  65. Is it true that each interviewer in the panel will ask different questions?
  66. What does the Operational Manager job profile means in Bank?
  67. Is Deloitte a software company or Business Management based company?
  68. Is it possible to avail earned leave with in the notice period?
  69. Is it true that getting a software job in Canada is tough being an Indian?
  70. What is the difference between a Testing job and Development job?
  71. Steps to write a resume to get into the law school?
  72. Steps to get the hard copy of salary slip from company?
  73. What is the notice period time for the employees who work in USA?
  74. Why software companies ask us to sign the bond?
  75. Is the notice period same for all the employees in the company?
  76. What jobs are the best to take after retirement?
  77. Is it good to send an E-Mail when trying to apply for a job?
  78. What is the salary given to Graphic Artist/Designer?
  79. What is the procedure of Income tax reimbursement?
  80. Classification of factory act & shop and establishment act
  81. What is the meaning of set-on & set-off in Bonus act?
  82. Can Washing allowance be shown in salary slip even though the uniform is not provided?
  83. What are the required documents for a legal audit in a steel manufacturing company?
  84. What are the personal accident policy benefits?
  85. Is it mandatory for a private company to be registered under shop & commercial establishment act?
  86. What are the formalities of shop & establishment act?
  87. Can a charitable trust terminates an employee without any notification?
  88. What is the incentive policy in corporate sector?
  89. Can I get my pension fund before retirement as I am leaving the company?
  90. What is group insurance scheme?
  91. Details about ESI act (Employee state insurance act)?
  92. How can the attrition rate calculation is done? Is it different for government employees?
  93. What is the City compensatory allowance? Calculation of this allowance?
  94. Details about deferred salary? How to calculate it?
  95. How the travel allowance is calculated for a railway employee?
  96. Why some companies calculate salary without classifying Basic, TA, HRA etc.?
  97. How many travel passes can be availed by new recruiters in railway?
  98. Can a Railway doctor prescribes the medicines which are not available in hospital?
  99. Are the employee benefits optional or mandatory by LAW?
  100. What is pay minus pension scheme?
  101. Is there any payment rule for overtime duty in private sector?
  102. What should I do if I salary hike after submitting the resignation letter?
  103. Steps to write a mail to HR for probation period completion for salary hike?
  104. Is it good to lie about the current salary to future employer?
  105. Is it good to tell about the job interview to my current Manager?
  106. What can I do if I was denied for the job promotion because of discrimination?
  107. What are the steps to follow to fit into the new Work culture?
  108. What does conflict of interest means in company?
  109. Is it possible for a vegetarian to survive in on-site from company?
  110. Why they have not mentioned the reason for my termination in the termination letter?
  111. What does it mean by Voluntary Termination?
  112. Whom to contact for cancelling the telephonic interview?
  113. Does ethical behaviour be apparent in corporate world?
  114. What should be the length of the cover letter when applying for the job?
  115. Main difference between the letter of reference and letter of recommendation?
  116. Is it true that there will be more tax given for the salary in foreign countries?
  117. Provisions for employee turnover?
  118. What is the maximum time limit for paying the educational loan and with what conditions?
  119. Does promotion always comes with transfers?
  120. Age restrictions in online jobs?
  121. Are there any Job opportunities for criminal background persons?
  122. Does an old employee get salary benefit after death?
  123. Are there any penalties for non-payment of Bond Money?
  124. Why there are rigid rules for females regarding dress code?
  125. Are there any provisions for refund of CTC deductions?
  126. Can we get jobs without any educational qualifications?
  127. Steps to write a sponsorship agreement between two companies?
  128. Instruction's to follow for getting job rotation in different countries?
  129. What is the difference between Trademark license and Copyright license for a company?
  130. What will be the average salary of a Vice President in a company?
  131. Is it possible to select the project as a Fresher in the software company?
  132. Is backend entry IT jobs trustable?
  133. Online Data entry jobs is trustable or not?
  134. Is there mandatory technical tests conducted in IT firms every year?
  135. Does medical allowances is given for employee family?
  136. What are the rating factors for an employee annual appraisal
  137. Is it possible for to get promotion but not salary hike?
  138. Will it be a problem if I have lost my Appraisal letter?
  139. Scope and career growth working in remote infrastructure management?
  140. Tips to frame Goodbye mail to Senior Managers?
  141. How to get the promised salary hike from my Manager?
  142. Is it true that we will get more salary if we complete MCA course?
  143. Tips to write Apology letter for missing the meeting appointment?
  144. What are the job availability for Flex programmer?
  145. Steps to patent the idea inside company?
  146. What steps I should take if I didnít get the joining letter still?
  147. What is mean by Interim Appraisal? Does the same includes salary hike?
  148. Period of experience required to switch over to another company?
  149. Which is good MBA in correspondence or regular for good career growth and Job opportunity?
  150. Which area has more scope among Development, Testing and Support?
  151. Can I use the phone available at my office desk for personal purpose?
  152. What are all the Job guaranteed courses after 12th?
  153. Can I take up the Admin support job offered in a company?
  154. How to avail the work from home permission?
  155. Procedure to apply for BHEL job openings?
  156. Technology to use for Final year project?
  157. Is bringing personal laptops to company is not allowed?
  158. What is the pay scale for a 2 year experienced IT professional?
  159. Is there special recruitment drive for Physically challenged persons?
  160. Is eatables allowed inside the Workplace?
  161. What are the factors and experience required to become a Project Manager?
  162. Can I join Merchant Navy or Indian Navy if working in AMW Ltd. after studies?
  163. Which company to choose from INFOSYS and L & T INFOTECH as a fresher?
  164. Complete details and CTC bandwidth of Income Tax Officer exam?
  165. Summer internship in MNCs for 3rd years B.Tech Computer Science student?
  166. How to grow career in terms of Money and knowledge?
  167. Where does Rural Electrification Corporation Ltd. places their engineers? Whether to join this company or not?
  168. Which designation I can expect after becoming Income Tax Officer?
  169. Eligibility for Non-Creamy layer to avail OBC reservation?
  170. Good career objective for candidate having interest in Finance? Designations and their work?
  171. Eligibility for registration in D.Sc Public Health as per my CV?
  172. How to apply for summer training in BHEL? Procedure for the same?
  173. Joining letter, freedom to choose subject, selection of programming language, study leave, drawbacks, designation and tips for Wipro WASE?
  174. Future in Operations Department with MBA HR Degree? Which department to choose as per my job profile?
  175. Despina Oil & Gas Company UK is fake or genuine?
  176. Qualification for the post of Secretary in Co-Op Housing Society? Whether the designation of Secretary suites my profile?
  177. When the file will be cleared and when the designation for Reader will be held?
  178. Designation after completing MS in WASE?
  179. Course fee, coaching fee ans study material for admission in CWA?
  180. Designation and salary of a clerk after passing all the departmental examination?
  181. What should I do M.Sc or specialized studies in Biotechnology?
  182. How to be prepare and face boldly and successfully IAS exam?
  183. In which field of Air Force commerce student is eligible to apply? Requirements for Physical Test?
  184. Can a M.Sc.in Electronics & Communication apply for TTA designation in BSNL?
  185. Designation after studying PG in ACM?
  186. Suitable time to resign for preparation of CAT? Can I prepare without resigning?
  187. Which board is better CBSE or SEBA and why?
  188. Syllabus for Account department in IAF?
  189. Am I eligible to be an Assistant Professor in Mechanical department? Possibility in Mechanical or ECE department?
  190. How can I join CID department? Where to contact for joining?
  191. Posting, procedure and qualifications required to join Cyber Crime department?
  192. Can I get my seniority of HPPWD for promotion in revenue department?
  193. Can I quit the job if my company is going to sell my department to other vendor?
  194. Steps to frame the Administrative service agreement between the service provider and company?
  195. What does it mean by Certificate of Amendment?
  196. Steps to follow for writing a Delivery Rejection Notice?
  197. What are the best Human Resource Management Strategies?
  198. Is it true that the software companies will eliminate the freshers during training period?
  199. Is it mandatory to join every meeting which happens in company?
  200. What is the difference between service company and product company?
  201. Steps to write a good Maternity Leave letter?
  202. What should I do if I lost my company ID card?
  203. Steps to write a good reference letter?
  204. What should I do if the employer hold the salary of notice period?
  205. What is the duration of software companies training period?
  206. What is the job profile followed for a Social worker? Steps to get the job?
  207. What should I do if the joining letter doesnít have any date?
  208. Instructions to follow for getting the international work certificate?
  209. Is it mandatory to submit the school certificates when joining the company as fresher?
  210. Will it be a problem to take 10 days continuous casual leave?
  211. What does Absence policy mean in a company?
  212. Can a company terminates an employee from service for being irresponsible?
  213. Recovery of CTC is not done in notice period
  214. Can a company withhold the salary of an employee because of their irresponsible behavior?
  215. Details about all legal issues like TDS, EPF etc.?
  216. How can I breach of a Contract?
  217. How can I improve the internship program & how can I get some materials for it?
  218. Legal issues about leaving an organization as I am dissatisfied with my work
  219. What is industrial dispute act? What are the provisions under this act?
  220. Legal issues about joining the new company before leaving old company
  221. How many compensatory offs can be availed legally by an employee?
  222. What is the criteria of basic pay structure in private sector?
  223. What is the procedure to get loan from the charitable trust?
  224. What is the procedure of withdrawal of pension fund?
  225. Guidance needed for salary break-up
  226. What are the leave benefits can be availed by an employer of Media Company?
  227. Can I get the unavailable drugs in Railway hospital from outside the hospital?
  228. What are the Legal obligations in appointing Casual Labor?
  229. What is the criteria of Bonus during maternity leave?
  230. Can a company reduces the salary of employees in recession?
  231. Company is charging me for not handing over the material
  232. How to write a professional appeal letter to get the job back?
  233. Why job applications ask if we are terminated or not from the previous job?
  234. Time limit given for H1B Visa? Is it possible for me to find another job by that time?
  235. How much tax will be there in Bonus?
  236. What might be the average bonus given for Air National Guard?
  237. What is the qualification needed for Finance Manager?
  238. Positive way of dealing unfair job appraisal?
  239. Jobs I can get with experience as Insurance Field Manager?
  240. Number of calls to be dealt by call center operator in a day for 8 hrs?
  241. How important is the work culture in any company?
  242. Job profile for Information Technology Manager in Human resource division?
  243. What is the difference between job interview and appraisal interview?
  244. Is it possible for me to get the H1B Visa to US for my job? What questions will be asked in the interview?
  245. Is it necessary to update the resume every months or so?
  246. Do we have to submit the job appointment letter again in the company?
  247. What are the things to check to find if the appointment mail is true or not?
  248. Can I reject the appointment when the current employer promised to pay better?
  249. Do we have to spend notice period in company if we are terminated?
  250. How to make sure that the new employer will understand about the job termination?