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  1. Is there any Law for not joining a competitor company?
  2. Can I say no to transfers?
  3. Which is better to do monthly investment being a Government employee?
  4. What is the difference between EPF and PPF?
  5. Instructions to calculate the interest from PPF account?
  6. What is the relation between SSN and Provident fund?
  7. Which will be better Hourly salary or monthly salary?
  8. Is it possible to do partial payment of home loan by withdrawing the provident fund?
  9. Contact to raise the complaint against Provident fund and Gratuity?
  10. Is it possible to keep the provident fund account opened even after retirement?
  11. What is the job profile for Logistic Analyst?
  12. Is the tax deducted from a salary is different every month?
  13. Is it legal to get the salary in cash when working in company?
  14. Tips to write the provident fund relieving letter?
  15. What details should I fill in the retirement benefits for ITR1 form?
  16. Merging Provident Fund account with Salary account
  17. Do I have to file tax return even if my husband passed away?
  18. What does Pvt. Ltd means in the company?
  19. Is it good to invest our money in Mutual Fund when working in software company?
  20. Difference between Pension fund and Provident fund?
  21. Will my overtime salary also be taxed?
  22. Do I went to mention insurance refund also in tax return?
  23. How to resubmit the tax return form?
  24. Instructions to get the original copy of tax return?
  25. Will the Provident fund account gets terminated if the employee is terminated from the company?
  26. What does it mean by Social Security Number?
  27. How can being an employer check the background of an employee if his previous employer has shut down the company?
  28. My Company charged me for the consultancy I came from
  29. Shall I pay for the petrol of the vehicle provided by the company?
  30. How can I believe on rent deed as an address proof of an employee?
  31. How can I claim for the compensation if My Company lost my passport?
  32. Why the companies pay to full time employees for their training period and not the students for their trainings?
  33. Will I be compensated for the leaves if my leaves are pending and I served the notice period?
  34. Bank is making me work on both profile and I am stressed out
  35. What is a good option a service or a business concern?
  36. Provision to provide employees entertaining health services
  37. Can salary certificates work over salary slips?
  38. Are there any provision of providing jobs when the company gets closed?
  39. Company says first work then get offer letter
  40. Can a wife get job transferred in the city where his husband works after marriage?
  41. No conveyance to reach to the rural area
  42. Can I claim medical allowance for ex-wife after divorce?
  43. No incentives on achieving audit success
  44. Does checking exam copies come under the work of a teacher or extra pay is made for that?
  45. Company not providing internet facilities for home when needed
  46. Owner not paying the amount for being factory closed for 7 days due to licensing problem
  47. Why my salary is low in PB period when it was decided the increased amount?
  48. Hospital not as per standards for ESI claims
  49. What should be better continuity or retention in care?
  50. What if I ask company to give its amount of PF and not mine?
  51. Will I be getting any salary hike if the company wants to retain me and I have another job in my hand?
  52. Why there are different salary packages if the targets are same?
  53. Will my bonus be cancelled if I am not present at the time of Deepavali?
  54. Are salary packages also revised if the company is been taken over?
  55. What legal actions can employees take when gets fired by overtaking company?
  56. What is PR in foreign land? How can I apply for the same?
  57. Is it safe to share the PAN number to my tenant who is asking for getting me the HRA from company?
  58. Will Daily Allowance be taxed too?
  59. Temporary lodging facility for new joinee in company?
  60. What does PF Employer contribution mean?
  61. What should I do if knowledge transfer as not happened properly?
  62. Is it a good sign for a company to close several departments in a go thinking it will grow?
  63. Is it possible to do a job and complete B.Tech course at the same time?
  64. What does it mean by the post of Board of Directors in my company?
  65. Steps to change the salary account?
  66. Why I am getting cheque every time for salary?
  67. Instructions to calculate my CTC with the Gross salary?
  68. Do I have to submit rent receipt for House rent allowance in company?
  69. How to increase our competency in company?
  70. Format to follow for writing a resignation letter in a professional way?
  71. Do I have to file tax return if I work in a foreign country?
  72. How many tax returns are filed in a year if I work in one company?
  73. What does Business Intelligence means?
  74. Is it possible to join in a Software based company after completing Ph.D course?
  75. Details about the salary account when we resign the job?
  76. Difference between compensation and salary?
  77. Who should get the job of a deceased Muslim husband if he has 2 wives?
  78. Does a different date of birth create a problem officially?
  79. Is that right to appoint a terminated employee on rolls if his prior experiences are excellent?
  80. Am I liable to pay extra if I work for a candidate who is on leave?
  81. Am I liable to pay tax if I take my salary as cash?
  82. What should be written under the career objectives in resume?
  83. Are there any Indian Consultancies to work abroad?
  84. Being an employer shall I allow employees to entertain their relatives entering office premises?
  85. Are there any provision for allowances for discounts if an employee acquire service or product from the same company he is working?
  86. Are there any resting hours for management employees in the mid of the day?
  87. Why my targets are affected if delay in providing the best deal by the employer?
  88. Are we eligible to get a job on rolls through reference?
  89. Do our extra benefits other than salary get started along with PB period?
  90. Is it necessary to give the references in resume if one does not wish to do so?
  91. Will my appraisal be taken back if I fail to perform?
  92. What is the majority ratio needed to remove an annoying employee for his misbehave?
  93. Are the employees bound to pay the orientation programme travel expenses themselves?
  94. Can I claim for monetary benefit instead of a winning a holiday from company's side?
  95. Does demotion means salary is also being decreased?
  96. Being a teacher will I be bound to invigilate the competitive exams?
  97. Are there any maternity leaves for male candidate to take care of their wives during their delivery time?
  98. A normal employee who is not a part of labour gets all medical claims if he/she met with an accident within office premises?
  99. How can an employer take a legal action against a sales person if he inter sale the product of other brands too?
  100. Can we use the PF amount if needed while continuing working in particular organisation?
  101. Can my PF amount from previous company be continued in the new organisation without withdrawing it?
  102. Difference between small scale and large scale industries? Effect on career if working in either of them?
  103. What does technical writing mean when applying for the job?
  104. What does it mean by Freelancing job?
  105. Is it necessary to file the tax return if we have small business?
  106. Is it a tough job being a Journalist? What are the skill set required?
  107. Is birth certificate needed for applying the job in MNC companies?
  108. What all certificates to keep in the file for the interview?
  109. Will I get double salary if I go for onsite work?
  110. MBA course after 2 years of experience in Software company?
  111. What should I do if the tax return is not processed?
  112. Why they provide Arrear house rent allowance along with the salary?
  113. Steps to write meeting minutes in office?
  114. Will I be able to get internship in top MNC companies?
  115. Is Provident Fund included in CTC too?
  116. What does it mean by Gross pay in the salary pay slip?
  117. What does it mean by the interest which is mentioned in the tax return processed form?
  118. Which file format I should send the Resume in Mail?
  119. Difference between Short Term bonus and Short term incentive in company?
  120. What does Success4U portal means in company?
  121. Do I have to prepare Resume for Call Center interview?
  122. Am I eligible for a government job if my parents are Indian but my birth is in abroad?
  123. Whether the loss will be borne by me if being a cashier there comes a mistake in transactions?
  124. Can a Lawyer only become a Judge?
  125. Can I reject the retirement if my performance is still up to the mark?
  126. Does writers only write and the content is corrected by someone else?
  127. Can anyone get regular salary from govt bank if her husband is no more and she is also not eligible for the post?
  128. As an employer what legal actions I can take if employee behaves unprofessionally after being relieved?
  129. Does Indian employees don’t get holiday on their biggest festival if requested?
  130. Shall I refund the salary when my previous company credited the amount by mistake?
  131. Can an employer block salary when an employee leaves the job in between PB period?
  132. Will I be fired if refused to get extra pressure of targets?
  133. I am not paid for being a contract base employee
  134. Company not allowing me to do the trainings
  135. Employee is using the quarter for lending and earning rent
  136. Labour union should be formed in an automobile dealerships?
  137. Can we claim all the benefits of a regular employee being a contract base employee?
  138. Can a farmer become an agricultural advisor?
  139. What are the process to carry out for setting up own business?
  140. What are the key skills required to get stable in Software job?
  141. Is it true that we get job calls just by updating our resume in Linkedin portal?
  142. High school information should be added in resume?
  143. Do I have to take Manager's approval in the resigning letter?
  144. Are there any written assurity of employees safety?
  145. Are teacher been paid for summer vacation, if not then why the fees are charged from students?
  146. Is pan card necessary if I have my voter ID Card?
  147. Paying tax compulsion if someone works but salary is low as per slab and have pan card?
  148. Does work environment really plays an important role in the place where we work?
  149. What is the job profile for working in Product verification department?
  150. Is it good to approach HR every time whenever I have some problem in company?
  151. What are the benefits of taking the Medical insurance in company?
  152. When will be the incentive payout done usually in companies?
  153. What does digital signature validation mean for getting the tax return documents done?
  154. Income tax computation statement is so confusing which they give in the company
  155. What does company TAN number means?
  156. What is the difference between the assessment year and financial year in company?
  157. Do I have to get a confirmation letter from my company for applying the Car insurance?
  158. Am I eligible for a hiked package if my salary hike in previous company just happened a month ago?
  159. Will my salary be deducted due to incompletion of work allotted while pregnancy?
  160. Is there any compensation if salary is not paid?
  161. How to pay loan amount when job has been left?
  162. Are national holidays not counted with regular holidays?
  163. What should an employee do if he/she is not been paid after serving notice period?
  164. Leaves taken in PB period increases the PB period?
  165. Scope for contract base employees?
  166. Are politicians free to do a job or have other source of income?
  167. Can I claim medical expenses for my second wife?
  168. Consideration of General Caste if SC candidate do not apply for a job?
  169. If the amount from salary is paid for education fee then tax exemption is there or not?
  170. Does scholarship effects salary package?
  171. Is there any relaxation in leaves taken for PhD programmes?
  172. Are employees liable to pay if they leave the job after being trained?
  173. Will the joining bonus be recovered if I leave the job after my Probationary Period?
  174. What are the benefits and losses of being on roll or off roll?
  175. Time extension eligible for overtime?
  176. Am I eligible for medical insurance if I work in an automobile company?
  177. Are husbands also eligible for a job if wife dies?
  178. Instructions to frame a good Adieu letter for my colleagues in company?
  179. Is it true that 60 years is the age of retirement in Software companies?
  180. What does Operation Support Solutions job profile is about?
  181. Will we get paid if we find some person for internal job opening?
  182. Information about net taxable salary?
  183. Can I jump into Management job after working in Technical side for 4 years?
  184. Is it true that our career won’t be good if we get into testing job?
  185. What does BRM component means in the salary calculation?
  186. What are the steps to follow for applying the company leased accommodation?
  187. Is it really necessary to fill the provident fund nomination form while joining the company?
  188. What all should I mention in the Work experience letter?
  189. Is it really needed for a Mechanical Engineer to do internships for getting the job?
  190. Details about SuperAnnuation Fund scheme in company?
  191. Which is the web portal for checking Provident Fund (PF) account status?
  192. What does Gratuity Fund nomination form means?
  193. What does the nominee mean in the Gratuity Form?
  194. Why two different amount is getting detected for Provident Fund every month?
  195. What does FHPL form mean in company?
  196. What are the best insurance policies to take up for tax coverage?
  197. What is the meaning of Voluntary Employee conflict of interest disclosure form?
  198. MCQ for HRD Personnel Management topic?
  199. HRD question paper of PNB Bank?
  200. College providing PhD in Human Resource? Admission procedure?
  201. Details of Diploma in Labour Law through distance education?
  202. Study material for UGC NET Labour Law and Human Resource?
  203. Previous question paper for Labour Relations N6?
  204. Appointment and duties of Labour Officer?
  205. What is Sarfasi Act?
  206. Year of passing Regulating Act? What are it's components?
  207. Eligibility for job in Administrative Reforms & Public Grievances, Pension & Pensioners Welfare and Personnel and Training departments?
  208. Procedure to claim deducted pension amount from university?
  209. Am I eligible for Tech Mahindra campus placement having gap in academics?
  210. How is campus placement at VIT Vellore? Average package offered last year?
  211. Chances of placement If college doesn't provides?
  212. Kind of job available after BCA?
  213. How to move to another Software MNC after losing the job?
  214. In which areas TDS is charged? Rates of deduction?
  215. Expected salary after ME in Mechanical from IIT Kanpur? Why salary for BE is higher than ME?
  216. How to overcome the problem of English vocabulary?
  217. Suggested Oracle DBA course?
  218. IS BCA good for weak Maths student? Salary after BCA and MCA or MBA?
  219. Unable to remember after studying
  220. Some companies asking to work for three months without salary
  221. How to be a Game Programmer? Is it true that salary structure is not good? Scholarship to study in US or Canada?
  222. What should I do if not getting job as fresher? Minimum salary package of CCNA job profile?
  223. Is Ningbo Wencheng International Student Internship Inc. good for Indian students?
  224. How to get internships for IT in second year?
  225. Procedure to apply for internship in DRDL Hyderabad?
  226. How can I approach for internship in Wipro?
  227. How to apply for internship in IIT Hyderabad?
  228. 8th sem internship for 6th months? Company offering post internship recruitment?
  229. Project synopsis for Education Counselor topic?
  230. Best project to do in M.Pharma?
  231. Suggestion for 3rd semester student project?
  232. Companies in Ernamkulam allowing projects without referral employee? Private institutes helping in project?
  233. Telecom related project for MCA?
  234. How many days leave we can take when we are in probation period?
  235. Why we have to fill the Family Health plan while joining a company?
  236. How many recommendation letter is required to join in a top MNC company?
  237. Is it bad going straight to work than studying in an University?
  238. Steps to apply for Company Leased Vehicle as part of Flexible Benefit plan?
  239. What does Form 11 means in the company?
  240. What does Conveyance allowance mean in the salary?
  241. Difference between sick leave and medical leave in company?
  242. How to write a official letter to take emergency leave from company?
  243. Is it possible to take emergency leave when my leave balance is already counting negative?
  244. Which date should be considered as last working day in case of absconds & resignation?
  245. What is moonlighting term used in working sector? Is it illegal?
  246. Is the employer bound to give compensation for accident of employee while coming on duty?
  247. What is the process of apprentice in retail industry?
  248. Is it mandatory to submit the original documents for medical claim?
  249. Is it mandatory for private companies to provide crèche facility to the lady employees?
  250. Liabilities of principal employer under the EPF & MP act in particular condition?