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  1. Strange looks from co-worker
  2. Answer to-"Why should we take you in our organizationĒ
  3. Difference between the resume for management and technical post
  4. Procedure to become a successful film critic?
  5. Benefits included in gratuity? Will it be deducted from monthly salary?
  6. Opportunity for internship in Abroad? Comparison between internship in India and Abroad?
  7. Expected salary after B.Tech from BITS or IIT and MBA from IIM?
  8. Important project related tour on cards, pregnancy is in advanced stage
  9. Biased attitude towards unmarried employees leaves and weekly offs
  10. Temporary night shift to fill in for absent colleague pose permanent problem
  11. Fertility related surgery required, disclosing medical diagnosis causes discomfort
  12. Inspite of performance, promotion put on hold due to age factor
  13. Leave not approved even after showing medical records of miscarriage
  14. Abusive HR manager on seeking any query
  15. Drunken assistants in office create safety issues during night shift
  16. Unprofessional behaviour while on official trip
  17. Discriminatory behaviour towards female colleague
  18. Inappropriate behaviour by higher ups with rookies
  19. Late night project celebration parties cause problem
  20. Demotivating the female co workers
  21. Female boss insist on getting personal errands done
  22. Lack of respect for female boss
  23. Reporting boss threatens to fire on asking for leave or advance
  24. Sanctioned advance cancelled, officiating boss is not cooperating
  25. Female colleague vents anger, brainwashes HR manager
  26. Tour expenses pending for the last 3 months
  27. Discriminatory attitude by boss
  28. Going for second attempt for IVF, leave balance exhausted
  29. Promotion round the corner in current organisation, offered lucrative pay package from a startup company
  30. Is it ok to prepare for an exam in office if I get time from work?
  31. Can we go out to eat in lunch timings?
  32. Past performances are not considered in target sales
  33. Pay slabs for each level of management if the organisation is private one
  34. Can a company give reference to another in other city for newlywed female employee of prior?
  35. Shall offices have a book zone to decrease the level of stress?
  36. Discrimination in national holidays is there if a specific religion person is not working
  37. Being an employer how could I stop employees talking on phones for personal talks?
  38. Company not paying for air fares
  39. Housekeeping staff not paying lended money
  40. Is this right to fire the employee if itís revealed that he/she appeared for an interview in competitor organisation?
  41. Can I appoint a non educational qualified but experienced employee?
  42. Rules regarding addressing someone in office
  43. What should I do when office people interfere in personal matters?
  44. Demotivated by my employer being an excellent performer
  45. Is it right to take a cash payment as salary?
  46. Canít company give reference for kidís admissions when get transferred?
  47. Company is denying giving promised salary
  48. My Husband wants me to leave the job
  49. As a Lawyer should I save my guilty client?
  50. Should a nurse be punished for the mistake committed by the Doctor?
  51. What to do to have a stable job?
  52. Being overburdened due to good performance
  53. How to become a successful film director?
  54. Should I always follow my bossís order?
  55. How to overcome failure?
  56. Is it fair to reject people on the basis of looks?
  57. Action to be taken for extension of leave period
  58. How to prevent employees from leaving the job?
  59. Action to be taken against an employee who has a case filed against him
  60. Latest benefits for a government employee
  61. Should we employ a person with a mental disorder?
  62. Employee not ready to serve the notice period
  63. How to ask for extra sick leaves?
  64. Government Hospital Doctor is making sexual gestures
  65. Cheap substances being used to make more profits
  66. Not comfortable with wearing formal shirt and pants
  67. Companyís mediclaim policies covering contagious diseases
  68. Maternity leave put on hold by employers for projects
  69. Notice period terms and conditions during internship tenure
  70. Company promised desired pay package after a month of performance
  71. Less experienced candidates seeking job after a long gap of unemployment
  72. National media house experiments with self evaluate performance management again
  73. First annual performance review for start up company, not clear about current level of employee competencies
  74. Pay hikes and contract renewal for non-performing rookies/freshers
  75. Lack of clarity in companyís method for writing annual appraisal for employees
  76. Companyís sudden change of policy for annual appraisal report with no prior information
  77. After taking how many leaves we can be terminated if taken leaves by not informing?
  78. Mobile chargers not allowed in office
  79. How to be on rolls in MNC?
  80. Employer not arranging trainings needed for job performance
  81. No standard lunch time for employees
  82. Company taking more money in spite paying the consultancy too
  83. Company not providing stationery on their own
  84. Why savings account not current account?
  85. Special Preferences to female candidate who is taking undue advantages over other females
  86. Restrictions to perform rituals at professional area by employer
  87. Fed up of Medical stream, options other than MD?
  88. Too much work stress on teachers due to introduction of CCE
  89. Feeling Homesick so, want a Transfer
  90. Haven't got my salary for the past 8 months
  91. What other course to do if unable to complete CA?
  92. How to develop interest and manage stress in my studies?
  93. Is getting placed in Infosys company good for engineering students?
  94. Very less staff and thus more work pressure
  95. What to do in case of chaos in my workplace?
  96. Action against an employee who hasnít come to office for the past 15 days?
  97. Boss has a very poor memory and pins the blame on us
  98. How to answer Ď Do you have any questions for us?í in an interview
  99. Employee using company telephone to make lengthy personal calls
  100. My manager sends the work my way just when I am about to go on leave
  101. Our lunch hour is used for presentations which messes up with my diabetic meal schedule
  102. Pregnant co worker is taking undue advantage of her condition
  103. Not given due leave and now boss is not signing on leave encashment documents
  104. Junior co-worker not taking orders because of previous relationship
  105. Boss is favoring his relative over us and passing on the work to us
  106. My wife got promoted over me and became my boss which is creating problem in our personal life
  107. Is SAP course useful from the professional point of view?
  108. Maximum amount of leave that can be granted to a 2 month pregnant woman?
  109. What to do if problem arises with colleague?
  110. Can anyone be sacked from job on account of recession?
  111. What to do if a company does not give the money for internship?
  112. What is the promotion criteria in private sector companies?
  113. Where should I do training course during engineering course of ECE branch?
  114. Is it possible to get promoted to a higher rank in the same company after distance or correspondence MBA?
  115. How to deal with the extreme irregularity of a staff?
  116. What to do in a party if want to avoid the hard drinks?
  117. Procedure to get education loan?
  118. What are the ways to increase the security of jobs in IT sector?
  119. Which is a better organization to join-TCS or Wipro?
  120. What should be done to get a higher salary job during campus placement in college?
  121. Computer Architecture or Data Structure-Which will be a better course?
  122. Tips for cracking personal interview
  123. Questions asked in technical interviews of software companies?
  124. Companies to do internship for an ECE engineering student?
  125. What to do if accommodation is not provided by the company?
  126. BC certificate or reservation in government jobs for candidate whose father's income is above 5 lacs
  127. How much investment proof to be shown for 2.5 Lakhs as CTC?
  128. Is it really needed to get the house owner signed receipt for climbing HRA in company?
  129. What does it mean by federal tax return?
  130. Why in company they follow Rajiv Gandhi Equity Savings Scheme?
  131. What is the difference between Unit Linked Insurance plan and Mutual Funds?
  132. Details about Infrastructure bonds in Section 80C for tax exemption?
  133. Steps to claim the medical insurance premium from company?
  134. Which form is used for certifying the Physically challenged employee?
  135. How will a person be weigh when attending the telephonic interview?
  136. Can we speak in our own language during Group Discussion?
  137. Will I be entertained if I shift to private sector from public sector?
  138. To what extent a government employee is not fired or terminated?
  139. Will my animation degree not be considered eligible for other private jobs if I have experience?
  140. Are there any relaxation for admissions to get professional degree for foreign students?
  141. Are there any agencies hiring professional detectives?
  142. Company not considering my pre placement experience
  143. What is balance score card and how it is evaluated? Who are the members to share the benefits?
  144. Opportunities available for production team of a film if no project is running?
  145. Are there regular payments for models in modelling or according to their contract?
  146. Are actors been paid if the shooting is cancelled for some time due uncertainties?
  147. Can I abide the rule of getting dressed in a professional western outfit if I am overweight?
  148. Is it true that people with blood relation canít work together in same government concerns?
  149. Are researchers paid on projects only or there are regular incomes?
  150. Why Employer not inviting employees for office parties?
  151. Is it necessary to recruit if scope of work is not there but designations are mentioned in organisational chart?
  152. Why company hire when they have to fire early?
  153. Am I liable for losses to company property while working?
  154. Can I open personal counselling company while working as a professional consultant in an MNC?
  155. Are profits too a part of a part of taxable salary for an employer of private concern?
  156. Are there any norms in Australia that if we donít get a job we will be paid some amount from government every month?
  157. How would you hire a person for a job?
  158. My boss uses abusive language when talking
  159. How to deal with a backstabbing co-worker?
  160. My ex- boss is spreading bad words about me in my new office
  161. How do I stop teasing of colleagues after work everyday?
  162. My boss believes that a person who works overtime is doing the real work
  163. Bosses husband is asking me to keep her updated of office activities
  164. My boss is asking me to sign forged bills
  165. My boss has received an Anonymous letter against me
  166. A co-worker is leaking office secrets to all those who care to hear
  167. Team leader going on too many false leaves
  168. Colleague goes on leave before an important meeting or presentation
  169. Rude behaviour of boss with 6 months pregnant employee
  170. Boss keeps asking me for a party every time I do something right
  171. My team leader changes his mind at the last moment
  172. Flirty co-worker interfering with everybody's work
  173. Senior co-worker expects us to call him for all our parties
  174. My friend never pays her share in office contributions
  175. Too much of groupism in office is leading to unhealthy competition
  176. Boss comes late to office and then makes us stay well past office timing
  177. Can I climb home loan with base as my provident fund account?
  178. Can I re-submit the tax return to change the ITIN number with SSN number?
  179. EPF and VPF percentage going to be increased in 2013?
  180. Is mandatory provident fund from company followed by Indian law?
  181. What is the procedure of the nominee get the Provident fund?
  182. Is it legal to run a business and work in the private firm?
  183. Can you climb the broadband money from company?
  184. Can we become US citizen by just getting a permanent job there?
  185. Steps to prepare for the software job?
  186. What is the difference between Housing Loan - Self and Let Out?
  187. Can I submit educational loan for tax return?
  188. Is it good to Add photo in Resume?
  189. Tips to add self-employment in resume?
  190. How can I stay calm in the interview?
  191. Is it good to tell that I already have a job offer in the interview?
  192. What are the best jobs to take after retirement?
  193. Is it possible to pick specific job in Air Force?
  194. Will my part time job salary also get taxed?
  195. What skill sets are common for all the jobs in the world?
  196. Will high blood pressure cause risk for getting the job?
  197. Is it good to work in the small software firm where I did my internship?
  198. What steps to take if Manager treats employee badly?
  199. Is it really needed to have good English being a Marketing personnel?
  200. What does it mean by Apprentice?
  201. What does it mean by ITIN number while paying tax?
  202. Provident fund account transfer from private company to Central Government?
  203. What does it mean by payroll?
  204. Can I use the Provident fund account money for higher studies?
  205. How does stock prices matter to the running of company?
  206. Is it good to have National Saving Certificate?
  207. Steps to establish a BPO centre in India?
  208. Difference between probation period and training period?
  209. What will be discussed in the layoff meeting?
  210. Gratuity rule in India for private sectors?
  211. What does it mean by tax return under review?
  212. What does it mean writing a letter of intent?
  213. Mistakes which you made on the very first job interview
  214. What should I do to get my degree certificate attested for getting the job?
  215. Is UAE a better place to start the job?
  216. What is procedure to apply for work visa in Qatar?
  217. What type of behavior among colleagues annoys you the most?
  218. What is your dream office environment?
  219. How to handle breakups in office?
  220. How to tell my boss that he is interfering with the teams work too much?
  221. I am being falsely accused of cheating on work
  222. Does salary packages affected by stability?
  223. Are there any competitive exam for professionals to enter in MNCís?
  224. Why performance appraisals depend upon time of work?
  225. Can two profiles be merged for one designation on higher salary packages?
  226. Are induction days counted in starting of a job?
  227. Can we work in two organisations if they are situated in two different states?
  228. Which is a better option if the salary package is same: a private job or a government job?
  229. Does job rotation brings salary changes too?
  230. Does bond period starts from the PB period or actual employee ship period?
  231. My office timings are not changing for winters
  232. Not getting recognition for work as I am unable to project my work to seniors
  233. How to deal with cousins at work place?
  234. Feeling awkward to work with young colleagues
  235. Offered promotion over my husband
  236. My husband does not want me to work long hours
  237. Is holding hands at work place sexual harassment?
  238. Co-workers sharing too many family problems with me
  239. How to say no for extra work from boss or colleagues?
  240. No given the promised promotion after appraisal
  241. How to handle a cry baby in office?
  242. Refusing to follow directions from new boss
  243. Too many personal leaves by an old employee
  244. I am very bored at official parties
  245. How to tell your coworker that you donít want to be friends?
  246. How to answer: Have you thought about self employment?
  247. What are the most important workforce issues for an organization?
  248. How can I register a dot com company?
  249. What is rule of Pay time off plan?
  250. What are the Details about Severance package?