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  1. Medical policies for treatment in private hospitals
  2. Trainee gets offers from other companies
  3. Group discussion should highlight company policy?
  4. Transfer advance not received
  5. Rejoining still pending after maternity leave
  6. Colleagues indulge in regionalism
  7. Colleague passes lewd remarks
  8. Can we manipulate the salary certificate if the company doesn’t ask for salary slips?
  9. Rejected as overqualified even when I was quite ok with salary offered
  10. Why the day lunch and brunch is not provided while whole day interview?
  11. Are consultancy firms providing interview technique classes too?
  12. What shall I do if I do my back end job perfectly but have hesitation while giving any presentation?
  13. Can I bring my daughter who is 12 years of age after her school time as I am a single mother?
  14. Are character certificated from schools and colleges needed for professional use too?
  15. Which will be more beneficial a Print Media Reporter or a Field Media Reporter?
  16. Will training expenses be deducted if I resign in three months?
  17. Provisions for heaters in office during winters
  18. Misuse of office items by the employees
  19. Is it legal to work in private apart from working in government hospital?
  20. Pension schemes which can be availed by the government employees
  21. Notice period being changed frequently
  22. Proper increments not being given
  23. My working hours are not child friendly
  24. Employer offering me a different post after maternity leave
  25. Is there maternity leave for fathers in India like UK?
  26. Legal requirements to be fulfilled before going for Maternity leave
  27. Is it ok for our HR department to track our facebook accounts?
  28. Is it ok to ask the interviewer about the kind of growth I will get in the company?
  29. Will a request for change in team make a bad impression?
  30. My salary from the notice period has still not come
  31. Under indirect pressure to quit the job
  32. Am I authorized for double holidays when working onsite on a foreign location?
  33. Actions against child labour in my working area
  34. Effective way of representing the view of co-workers
  35. How to buy showroom in a mall for Fashion and Accessories business?
  36. Disturbance from co-workers during working hours
  37. Not getting CL's despite of having many pending
  38. Frustration from mistakes by co-workers
  39. How to project a musical band in All-India Level?
  40. Is Aajtak a good news channel to start a professional career as Journalist?
  41. Tips for effective management of work pressure in private sector
  42. Medical norms of the PSU's like BHEL
  43. Steps to take against a position made vacant by sudden resignation of an employee?
  44. How I could get job after B.E. Mechanical?
  45. Being terminated due to colleague’s fault
  46. Joining letter has been misplaced
  47. Am I eligible for availing the maternity leave?
  48. Appraisals not being given to the deserving candidates
  49. Is it true that a career in Army offers the best post retirement benefits?
  50. IAS or IFS which job has a better perks?
  51. Overtime not being paid on time
  52. Can I request for more paid leaves?
  53. Which job is better Software Tester or Software Developer?
  54. How to get over interview fear?
  55. Office divided on the basis of gender for work
  56. . Given option of working at home in lieu of full maternity leave
  57. Reimbursement of online ticket for government employee
  58. No government run airlines to vacation destination
  59. How to ask boos for pending Maternity leave?
  60. Cold shouldered by boss regarding night shifts
  61. Anarchical attitude of HR department
  62. Low grading can ruin my tenure in the present company
  63. Salary negotiation during interview left a bad impression
  64. Procedure to talk with new guard at managerial level for salary hike?
  65. Malpractices are being reported inside office
  66. Pending unpaid overtime dues still not paid
  67. Company House accommodation woes
  68. Salary negotiation is good or bad?
  69. What to do if my resignation is not accepted?
  70. Threats by students on account of banned smoking and drinking in college hostel?
  71. Time required to get my pension
  72. Procedure to stop transfer of Teacher in BSF?
  73. Action against mass bunks in private engineering college?
  74. Promotion criteria in the PSUs?
  75. Non-cooperation from co-workers on account of my promotion
  76. Which is better for Probationary Officer Allahabad Bank or Bank of Baroda?
  77. Tips and preparation for group discussion
  78. Do private teaching at home come under Income tax department?
  79. Does Indian Army working abroad works under policy of abroad countries government or Indian government?
  80. Are telephone interviews only for BPO’S or for other profile jobs too?
  81. Are there any effect of delay after completion of studies on searching jobs?
  82. Employee lies on having more than 1 test drives at a time
  83. How will I be appointed in morning hours when getting married?
  84. Will I be terminated if I disqualify in a specific training?
  85. Will I be paid if I have taken no leave in the whole year?
  86. Why the recruitment process in banks is so slow?
  87. Opportunities for working as Manager in McDonalds?
  88. Can targets be reduced during off seasons?
  89. Manager not coming to the office on time
  90. Career as a Professional Photographer
  91. Being less experienced the manager is not implementing my ideas
  92. Just half an hour of lunch time in our firm
  93. Rift between the employees affecting the company’s smooth functioning
  94. Manager not qualified for the post
  95. Boss is not listening to my complaints
  96. Turmoil between friendship and professional life
  97. Not liking the work atmosphere in our company
  98. Not being paid for the fuel expenditure
  99. Not being able to concentrate on my work
  100. My boss is always trying to discourage me
  101. Manager is forcing me to resign
  102. Hotel manager insisting on the use of adulterated food items
  103. Work pressure increasing due to co-workers
  104. Personal comments made by colleague
  105. Backbiting attitude of colleague
  106. Marketing Idea stolen by partner
  107. Swinging behavior of female boss
  108. Way to stop free mongers at office?
  109. Boss is asking me to charge people extra in Cinema Snack stand
  110. My team member disappears without informing anybody for a length of time
  111. Team member conducts personal business at office times
  112. Company not providing accommodation when we go on tours
  113. Notice period waiver agreement
  114. Co-worker making harassing remarks about short people
  115. Borrowed office supplies never come back
  116. How should I negotiate for a good salary?
  117. Is it fair to negotiate for a raise after my appraisal?
  118. Paid leave claims not coming through
  119. A temporary duty has turned into permanent one
  120. Social corporate responsibility being forced upon
  121. Should I take a salary hike to join a small company?
  122. Bonus money comes after six months
  123. Office staff not including front office staff in office celebrations
  124. Can I fire somebody for reckless behavior?
  125. How to get my boss to let me bring my child to office on the days the daycare is closed?
  126. Employee not taking maternity leave
  127. Found that one of my tailors was copying my designs in my boutique
  128. Not getting promised partnership in the law firm
  129. Validity period of CSIR NET
  130. Project/Internship in Bangalore after MCA 5th semester?
  131. Transfer to another city for Government Veterinary Doctor?
  132. Which to choose among HCL and CTD if both are offering more than 3 Lacs of package?
  133. Which is better government job or private job for a B.Tech IT fresher?
  134. Job oppurtunity for btech in it fresher
  135. Can I take fake experience certificate to reduce my study gap if not getting job?
  136. What to do with the employee who is just doing absolutely fantastic job but everyday he comes late?
  137. Being an employer shall I entertain planning and plotting by one employee on other if I get some interesting facts but not related to work?
  138. Will my job be in danger if I am extra socializing with people at work but my performance is up to the mark?
  139. As an employer is it right to deduct the PF amount if I am a dealer and employee is off roll?
  140. What are the opportunities abroad through a BPO?
  141. Can we take advance leaves altogether?
  142. Can we violate some HR rules if the employer is OK with it?
  143. Are there any big jewellery house organisations who recruit on rolls?
  144. Our boss is humiliating us in front of other employees
  145. Manager being a Sikh is giving preference to Sikhs in everything
  146. Bonus being given only to a selected number of employees
  147. Falsely being accused by my colleague
  148. Not getting promotion due to lack of computer skills
  149. Bias towards the female employees
  150. Manager not allowing me to play music during lunch time
  151. Want to take leave amidst an important project
  152. Employer asking for unnecessary corrections
  153. Some of my valuable possessions have been stolen
  154. Being fined for coming late to office
  155. Bored by the strict dress code
  156. My gay boss is constantly touching me
  157. Facing discrimination in office because of my sexual orientation
  158. My boss expects me to reserve seat for him in the office bus
  159. Day care facility in our office does not have the qualified help
  160. Boss does not understand the problems arising due to work shift of my wife
  161. How to answer ‘ What is the most fun thing you have ever done?’
  162. How to choose my own project team?
  163. No Gym timings for women and female trainer in our office Gym
  164. Colleague always asks me to bring things for her when I go on leave but never pays for them
  165. Co-worker is terribly rude to office staff
  166. Salary increase about six months back on paper but I have still not got the amount in my bank
  167. Day Care center in office closes early and children are left unattended
  168. Boss is biased towards people from his own state
  169. My female co-worker is too criticizing nature
  170. Last company is not transferring my EPF account to the new company
  171. Which words should I use to write a neutral review of my boss?
  172. I am due for a foreign tenure but boss wants to go himself
  173. New colleague inquires about caste and race from us
  174. Colleague wears very loud and barely decent clothes to office
  175. We get assignments from our boss for sunday
  176. Office gossips by colleague creating problems
  177. Colleagues indulge in workplace romance
  178. Communication gap by team leader in BPO
  179. Office bully create unhealthy work atmosphere
  180. Anger management needs to be control
  181. How to make my boss agree for off?
  182. Extreme nature of boss disturbs team
  183. Boss creates misunderstanding before appraisal
  184. Boss non cooperative during Annual General Meeting
  185. Undue favours to working couple by HR Manager
  186. Free monger boss refuses pay party share
  187. Co-worker maligning my image in office
  188. Extreme abusive behavior of boss in MNC
  189. Drinks laced with alcohol served in party inside office premises
  190. Fake reasons to skip meetings
  191. Higher ups need detailed report of spat
  192. Promised hike but pay cut on the cards
  193. Aggressive assistant refuse to mend ways
  194. Personal chores done by peons
  195. Gossip during working hours in school
  196. Will I be eligible for OBC Non Creamy layer if my father income exceeds 450000?
  197. Boss getting into personal details
  198. Client’s unethical practices lead to malpractices
  199. Show cause notice issued for arguments
  200. Office computer misused after office hours
  201. Company refuses to pay for on duty mishap
  202. Boss passing work during maternity leave
  203. Verbal confirmation for job, company backs out later
  204. Casual leaves pending, getting lapsed in year end
  205. Maternity leave issues during second child
  206. Manager is not letting me apply for company scholarship program
  207. I am more popular in office than my husband and he is jealous
  208. Boss misuses his power to sign leave sanctions
  209. Drunk drivers for dropping night shift sub editors
  210. Office cab facilities are misused by boss
  211. Applied for home loan, boss is acting nosey
  212. Promotion is due for last couple of years
  213. Fixing the problem of piling work
  214. Casual leaves are pending but HR manager refuses to sanction
  215. Colleague sneaks into work station
  216. Company vehicle misused by roommate
  217. Employee not completing the work on time
  218. Not able to manage my team being the Team Leader
  219. What to do as an HR in case of female employee facing trouble?
  220. Nurses not obeying the orders of the Doctor in charge
  221. Not being able to manage pressure in a large MNC
  222. Not getting my salary on time for the past 1 year
  223. Should I go for a Diploma course after 12th?
  224. How to do business through stock exchange?
  225. Nurse is behaving carelessly
  226. Airport staff showing no respect for women
  227. Prejudice in the provision of staff
  228. Confused about which job to choose among government and private
  229. Being treated unfairly by my employer
  230. My wife is getting more salary than me
  231. Lot of corruption going at my workplace
  232. Want to write a fictional story based on a famous movie
  233. Procedure to take maternity leave being 2 months pregnant?
  234. Team leader not giving weightage to my ideas
  235. Employees not showing any respect to the manager
  236. No provision of travel allowance
  237. Questions asked in interviews to experienced one
  238. Consequence of different spelling of names in qualifying exam and birth certificate
  239. Possibility of working in private sector and studying at the same time
  240. Extracurricular activities that should be pursued for better impression in interviews?
  241. What all points should I mention in my resignation letter?
  242. Qualifications needed and procedure for applying in the top banks of the world?
  243. Is it possible to join the corporate world after a gap in employment?
  244. Is it possible to cancel the resignation already given to higher authority?
  245. Attitude during the first day of teaching profession
  246. No money for the overtime work done
  247. Attitude towards extreme notorious student
  248. Which is better lecturer in private college or private sector job?
  249. Recruitment through sports quota
  250. What to do for publishing a book?