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  1. Are there any job openings for a retired Government Senior Professor?
  2. Am I allowed to take a five year gap between our graduation course? Can I continue reading after such a long gap?
  3. Will it be a right choice to go for a Mini Ratna Company rather than opting for a private company?
  4. How to explain the difference between labour officer and welfare officer in interview?
  5. In what way should I talk while attending a Telephonic Interview?
  6. Details about the Income Tax charges for females in India
  7. How to prepare myself to be fit for the customer care executive jobs?
  8. What should I write in the thanking letter while leaving the job?
  9. Can I hope for promotion in my post with a post of Clerk in Central bank as my current designation?
  10. Is there any job opportunities in Government telecommunication sector for a an HR official of a private company?
  11. Which project should I take up from the Pre Clinical Research in my M.Pharm course?
  12. Will I be able to retrieve my TDS amount back?
  13. What are the eligibility criteria for the managerial post in IDBI bank?
  14. Can I apply for CAFAS scholarship being a 2nd year B.tech General student?
  15. After how many years of service an employee can be eligible to apply for gratuity?
  16. Mention the facilities are provided to the family of an employee who dies during the work hour in a PSU
  17. What does a MIS format of a Marketing professional comply of?
  18. Tips to collect data base of the employees and how to be impressive in doing the same?
  19. Significance of the competitive Intelligence in a Software company? How can it be cultivated to get a job in a Software Company?
  20. What actions should be taken with an engineer for misbehaving with our client and letting the project go from our hand?
  21. Do I need to change the bank statements to include this new name/status for my updated trust to buy a property to build a Cold storage Tank?
  22. Am I responsible if the contactor does not pay the subcontractor?
  23. The insurance of my factory has been cancelled without any prior notification
  24. Why does everywhere I need to be short and precise in words to explain anything?
  25. What will be the tax deduction from salary if you work abroad?
  26. Is being the Agency Manager profitable or not?
  27. Will it be good to accept gifts from the vendors with whom our company makes transactions?
  28. What will happen if a company does not register for ESIC?
  29. How to get registered in Shops and establishment act?
  30. Details about the reservation of seats in Judo MS course
  31. What is the next higher level to go in CA?
  32. What are the policy and procedure followed by the consultancy to start temporary staffing for corporate organization?
  33. Does the company fixes the MRP of a product or the intermediate through which it reaches the local shopkeeper?
  34. Is there any secured job opportunities available in Networking and Hardware field?
  35. Basic requirement to become a Software Operations Executive
  36. Based on what rules and regulation Grievance Redressal Committee functions?
  37. What are necessary preparation that I need to make to crack the MPSC exam for post of Deputy Director Industrial Health & Safety?
  38. List out the designation that comes under gazetted officer posts?
  39. Is their any diploma course to become a stenotypist?
  40. Do the legal advisor post requires a qualification in Law course?
  41. What do we mean by Balance score card? Is it one of the measures of performance appraisal?
  42. Company is not paying me with the salary that it has promised to pay
  43. I would have to take some time off in the midst of an important project due to my cousinís wedding
  44. I never wanted to go against my boss but his present behaviour is forcing me to do the same
  45. My boss shows no concern for his employees when it comes to their health or personal lives
  46. I am in no mood to leave my present job but one of my colleagues is pressurizing me to do the same
  47. What to do when your boss wants you to forget everything that happened at his party?
  48. How to please my family members who want me to buy expensive things for them?
  49. I got terminated from my previous job due to a fight with one of bossís favourite employees
  50. Should I leave my present government job for a private one as I think there are more opportunities there?
  51. Forgot to bring an important file to the office and thus got a lot of scolding from the boss
  52. Unable to solve some personal problem of one of my colleagues who is relying on me for the same
  53. Previous company is not paying back my salary and also not giving me the releiving letter
  54. How will I make the employees to work if the boss is not paying them in time?
  55. Are the relatives of a worker is exempted from joining Emirates Airline to work in the same field?
  56. What is the per annum salary of job posts in the Air Force under Group X entry?
  57. Should I wait for the authorities to promote me by themselves or they will not promote me till I do not insist them for promoting me?
  58. Name the job opportunities that I can vail being a Civil Graduate? How to excel my Career as a Civil Engineer?
  59. Is MBA course is compulsory to become a Manager in my company or just by experience we can get the Manager post?
  60. Do I have submit my birth certificate in my resume resume or it can be managed by the Matriculation passing certificate?
  61. I am unable to get a job even after 2 years of completion Engineering in Electrical stream
  62. Is it really necessary to be well versed in general knowledge before going to an interview for a technical job?
  63. Company is not taking precaution regarding the health of the employees
  64. What should I do if I get threat from the manager to leave the job?
  65. Will it be fruitful to opt for Railway Services after completing B.Tech in Computer Science?
  66. To whom does the credit go if a customer of mine bought the product on the day of my absence?
  67. What is meant by Fixed Benefit Plan in company? What is the advantage in applying for it?
  68. Can Company secretary uplift my career growth in terms of income and job posts?
  69. In what a Soft Skills Trainer can earn lucrative amount of money?
  70. What are the sources on which a lower staff like peon, drivers and office boys rely on other than the monthly salary?
  71. How can I enquire about my job status in the recruiting company?
  72. Suggest some paid or free internship programme for 3rd year EEE students
  73. Should I believe the mail send my the companies which says that transportation charges of the interviewee will be beared by the company?
  74. Based on which criteria company distinguishes candidate be a Contract Employee, Off Role Employee, On Role Employee and Permanent Employee?
  75. Qualification required to become a System Analyst
  76. Will it be a wise decision to work in a non reputed foreign company?
  77. I want to get transferred to the office located at Pune but the project I on which I am working is not available there?
  78. What career course should I opt for If I am interested in Phone and gadets and in repairing them?
  79. Can a minor be recruited into a company if he solely accept the circumstances in which he will working?
  80. What to do when one of the best teachers of this college is dissatisfied with some rules and regulations?
  81. Rude comments regarding my family made me slap one of the employees
  82. My boss wants me to lead my team for a few days as he wants to try me as a team leader
  83. Highly impressed with one of the employeeís determination and hard work but canít promote him due to some financial reasons
  84. Our employer is not ready to listen to the female employees who are against the western dress code
  85. Not getting any good job due to my ill reputation of being fired from my previous company
  86. None of my team members are working hard enough for our project to become a success
  87. Highly dissatisfied with the amount of increment I have got this time as compared with my previous one
  88. None of my team members are giving me any importance being their team leader
  89. Boss does not want me to interact and discuss my project with one of my team members
  90. What to do when your boss has given you the responsibility of selecting the best gift for his sonís birthday and you are not getting any good ideas?
  91. One of my colleagues has got me into trouble by misplacing some of my important documents
  92. My new boss is not satisfied with my method of maintaining the accounts while my previous boss was very happy with the same
  93. One of the nurses in our hospital is very sly and takes advantage of the innocent nurses
  94. How to come back into my bossís good books after we met with an accident due to my mistake?
  95. My boss wants me to take a typing course as he doesnít think that I am good at it
  96. Will one month of my sickness affect my career in a negative way?
  97. My family is pressurizing me to go on a vacation but I already have taken many leaves in the last few weeks
  98. My boss does not want to listen to me as he thinks that I am surely in the wrong
  99. One of my team members never takes me seriously as he thinks that I have no experience
  100. Will the criticism of my recent work, from my boss, lead to a delay in my promotion?
  101. One of my colleagues is annoyed with me as I spoke badly with his siblings
  102. My boss wants to take all the credit for a particular project and so wants me to support him
  103. Should I leave my new job, which I got after a lot of failures, just because I am not able to get along well with anyone here?
  104. Could not even make eye contact with one of my colleagues, who got punished due to my mistake
  105. Lost all my impression on my boss when I could not attend one of his personal parties
  106. My boss is very angry with me as I could not persuade one of the clients to finalize a deal with us
  107. My first meeting with my boss was a very bad and bitter experience for me
  108. Can I get job of my father who was a government empoyee?
  109. One of the nurses in our hospital is asking for too much increase in salary due to her being highly experienced
  110. What should be done when one of your colleagues would do anything to ruin your concentration?
  111. One of the employees is making false excuses of being sick and thus taking leaves everytime
  112. It has been 2 years since I joined this company and I havenít got any increment yet
  113. The Vice Principal of our college always uses foul language without any control on it
  114. Could not complete my task on time due to bossís constants complaints and criticism
  115. One of my colleagues is not entirely focussed and thus gets so much scolding from the boss
  116. What to do when only half the salary has been credited to my account this time?
  117. How to tell my boss that I want to be the team leader this time as I am quite confident now?
  118. One of the nurses comes 2 hours late everyday even after several warnings from my side
  119. Unable to digest the horrid truth about bossís personal life and his relations with his wife
  120. Unable to concentrate on my work as there is no unity between the team members
  121. One of my colleagues does not seem to be happy even after getting a promotion
  122. How to help our boss who is going through a very bad time in his personal life?
  123. How to get rid of a colleague who keeps on sticking with me all the time inspite of me not liking him?
  124. Which birth proof is valid for IAS exams that which is mentioned in 10th certificate or in other documents?
  125. No proper food facilities being provided to the employees in our company
  126. Shocked at the sudden termination of five hard working employees in our company
  127. One of the deserving employees wants a promotion otherwise he may leave the company
  128. What to do with an employee who does not want to improve himself and is always taking the shelter of his powerful father?
  129. Our manager, who is a very nice person, will lose his job due to the dirty politics going on in our company
  130. Some of the employees still wear casual clothes to the office inspite of the bossís constant criticism
  131. Unable to understand one of my colleagues who never gives importance to his work
  132. All the employees want to get the boss changed as he is a drunkard and is spoiling the atmosphere of our workplace
  133. One of the teachers in my college is very good at her work but very dishonest
  134. Boss not coming to the office for the past 4 days and no one is giving any reason for the same
  135. Met with a minor accident but my boss is not ready to give me any leave for the same
  136. Some of the employees have been coming late to the office after the break for the past 1 week
  137. What to do when your cousin, who is a senior employee in the same company, is not ready to help you in your work?
  138. What to do with a colleague who is forcibly getting his work done from the juniors on the basis of his body strength?
  139. Not able to digest the truth that my boss didnít give any promotion to me even after discussing about my new salary
  140. How to convey wish if there are more than one HR present in HR Interview?
  141. GD topics discussed in IAF interviews
  142. All the employees want to be friends with me just because of my good connections
  143. Very strong reaction from the boss on my helping one of my colleagues
  144. One of the employees in my office takes a lot of leaves stating that his father is suffering from cancer and regular check ups are required
  145. Principal asks me to stay back after the working hours of school and then ask me to go back home by arranging my own conveyance
  146. Manager always comes late to office and then works till late hours and then he asks me to give him company
  147. Colleague completes his work at the 11th hour and is motivating the freshers also to do the same
  148. Coordinator comes and sits in my lecture at the back of the class and this makes me conscious while teaching
  149. Principal asking me weird questions of a subject regarding which she doesnít have any knowledge
  150. Manager indulging in smoking in the waiting area when it is vacant and spoiling the atmosphere of the office
  151. Colleague taking a leave for a very minor reason because of which I have to replace her and it will cost me my precious holiday
  152. Boss makes fun of me because my girlfriend dumped me recently for another guy in the company
  153. Colleague is trying to create differences amongst the team members very shrewdly
  154. Did not get the best performer award this year after winning it continuously for the past 3 years
  155. One of my employees has got involved in some kind of a criminal case which is not good for the companyís reputation
  156. Our boss never allows the employees to go out somewhere during the lunch time
  157. Starting salary of CS and CS with MBA in a big company located in Mumbai or Bangalore?
  158. Can I do Law after completing graduation in Electrical and Computer Engineering?
  159. Is it correct if Trainee period is not considered for Bonus calculation?
  160. One of the teachers in our school is forcing her students to join her tuitions
  161. One of my colleagues want me to challenge our boss to a game of chess
  162. Not being able to keep up with the other employees due to being less experienced
  163. Our hospital management never listens to the nursesí demands and always fulfill the doctorís demands
  164. Fickle minded manager is not accepting our demands now after promising us 2 days back
  165. The teachers of our school are pressing upon me to keep Saturdays off
  166. Constant interference of my boss in my work is leading to decrease in my performance
  167. Boss asking me to come even on saturdays when it was decided that it will be a holiday
  168. Boss deducting my salary on the grounds of taking leaves during the funeral of mother in law and forgetting the compensation made by me by working for extra hours
  169. Receptionist falsely accusing me of coming late to the office premises which is leading to a deduction in my salary
  170. A fellow gym instructor talks in an ill mannered way with the members because of which the members are dissatisfied and the workload on me is increasing
  171. Confused whether I should tell the truth about a student found using a mobile phone for answering the questions in the exam or not
  172. Boss asking me to attend a very important meeting out of the city when I have to take an important exam for higher studies
  173. Boss keeps asking me to attend late night calls from clients from different time zones
  174. Colleague shows off her branded watch, bags and shoes during the lunch break creating an air of dissatisfaction amongst the employees
  175. Problem for government employee to have 3rd child?
  176. Can a Chartered Accountant having less than, 85% marks in Maths opt for Acturial Paper?
  177. Manager blaming me for the recruitment of an incapable employee when I have got nothing to do with it
  178. Director of the coaching institute burdening me with extra work load without the mention of any increase in salary
  179. One of the teachers never takes her job seriously and the other teachers donít like her at all
  180. Missed two very important meetings due to some personal problems going on
  181. Cannot go to one of my bossís party as I am feeling very sick right now
  182. Many employees of our company concentrate more on their mobiles than their work
  183. The accountant of our company never gives correct information to anyone
  184. One of the nurses has a bad habit of not helping the interns whenever they want her help
  185. One of our colleagues came to the office drunk and slapped one of the staff members
  186. My boss always insists that I should wear dark coloured ties while I like wearing light ones
  187. The manager of our company is very depressed due to the loss of his child
  188. One of my colleagues is always teasing me regarding my small height
  189. One of my colleagues wants me to stop his transfer by giving my name for the same
  190. How to deal with a colleague who is highly unpredictable in his reactions?
  191. I do so many personal chores for my boss but he never gives me any credit for that
  192. Job after BCA or MCA? How much can I earn per month?
  193. I have tried many times to be good friends with the manager of our company but failed
  194. Should I ask one of my colleagues to help me as he has very good connections?
  195. What to do with one of my team members who keeps asking me foolish questions all the time?
  196. My boss left the company at a time when I was going to get a promotion after a long time
  197. How to teach a good lesson to one of my colleagues who thinks he is the most intelligent person in our company?
  198. Our boss has a very bad habit of exploiting the freshers and overburdening them with work
  199. My boss is taking out his frustration on me as I didnít do his work properly
  200. My boss wants me to help one of my colleagues in his work but I donít have good relations with him
  201. Lot of air hostesses, who work for my airlines, are very high headed
  202. Our Principal is doing nothing to get a picnic organized for the school children
  203. How to thank my boss who went out of his way to help me when I got into a big trouble?
  204. Unable to decide whether to take my friendís opinion on my project or not as I donít trust him anymore
  205. Politics played against me by the manager
  206. Is it possible to claim two months compensation to leave the company
  207. Supervisor wrongly marked my leave, Which the company termediate me for the mistake done by supervisor
  208. How to handle the pressure and what to say on failure to complete the project on time?
  209. Can I get Core Company job having 10 Arrears?
  210. What to say in interview , when question is asked explain yourself ?
  211. Lot of Problems come after relieved from the company
  212. Boss hold a lady employee after the working time is over
  213. PF amount deducted by old company
  214. My boss harassed me mentally
  215. How to get My Boss and Colleagues punished who harassed me mentally?
  216. Can I get ESIC benefit, my husband ESIC insured card holder
  217. Promotion given to another person, while I was on maternity leave
  218. Very low salary hike given by the company
  219. Company refuse to take holidays even after completion of contract
  220. 10th certificate not returned by company even after completion of one year
  221. How can I get gratuity and compensation amount after relieve from the job
  222. My father not received retirement amount after retirement from the service
  223. Company terminated me during medical leave
  224. No producer is ready to give me a film to direct due to some negative stories about my personal life, floating around
  225. One of the teachers in my college has no emotional connect with her students
  226. Unable to get over the incidence when my best friend shouted at me in front of the other colleagues
  227. Resignation accepted but on conditional base
  228. How to write Official Letter for 15 days emergency leave?
  229. I am quite serious about one of my female colleagues but afraid that this might affect my career badly
  230. I know that my colleague is not guilty but still am unable to defend him
  231. Our boss is a very hard hearted person as he refused to give leave to a sick employee
  232. Will it be a right decision to go against the views of my boss regarding a certain project as I donít think that he is right?
  233. No salary hike from the past 2 years is leading to dissatisfaction and anger among all the doctors
  234. One of the nurses working under me does not even know how to inject a patient properly
  235. What to do when my parentís advice regarding my career is not matching with my views?
  236. Fed up of my boss as he is always enquiring about my elder brother , who was involved in some legal matters
  237. Not able to dedicate as much time to my work as the other employees due to some personal issues
  238. What should be done when my parents are not supporting my decision of getting a transfer?
  239. My boss is very angry as my sisterís wedding is coming at a time when he needs me the most
  240. Although my boss is very helpful but still he takes me very lightly as compared to others
  241. Experience and relieving letter not provided by the company
  242. Team leader force me to resign and move immediately from the company
  243. Company forced me to work in same branch after getting transferred
  244. Being MBA passout not getting job from past 3 years?
  245. How to write the Letter to Boss to release the salary after achieving target?
  246. Should I join a company or go for M.Tech?
  247. Whether my wife will be eligible for OBC NCL?
  248. Pension not yet received after retired from the service
  249. Pending salary and P.F amount not received after resigned from the company
  250. Because of fraud customer my salary stopped and threatening by employer