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  1. Questions asked in interviews in BPO and call centres
  2. How failure should be communicated to a client?
  3. How grievances should be communicated to the boss?
  4. What should be the uniform of girls in a interview?
  5. Is marketing job related to animation too?
  6. Can I resubmit the PF amount if withdrawn in between?
  7. Are companies providing with experience letter when employee gets terminated by the employer?
  8. Will my company consider my morning 2 hours if I go for guest lectures in some college?
  9. Will my college compensate if I donít get campus placement?
  10. Will my boss pay if I work for double profile for him?
  11. Will I need a license if i work as part time nutritionist?
  12. Will I be permissible to work for sitting profile if I am pregnant?
  13. Is a female pregnant employee eligible for regular salary along with maternity benefits too?
  14. Why consultancies first ask about current ctc?
  15. Are there any penalties to my employer if I donít go for my trainings and I have been nominated for the same?
  16. Why is a fresher always paid less?
  17. What are the criteria for providing holidays on regional festivities?
  18. My employer is not sanctioning me marketing budget being provided by headquarters
  19. Boss bothers me for my wifeís non performance if we work in same company
  20. Will my maternity benefits be asked to refund if I resign just after my recovery?
  21. Why am I fired when the old employee rejoined?
  22. Are pay packages differ according to diploma and a degree course?
  23. Are holiday structures different for physically challenged candidates?
  24. Are PhD candidates too been appointed according to experience?
  25. Job after B.Pharma/D.Pharma?
  26. Can I claim Job on dead of my Father if my step mother will not give NOC?
  27. What to study further in US after MBA HR to get a good job?
  28. Career in HR other than recruitment?
  29. Can I apply for OBC certificate non creamy layer if my fathers income is greater than 4.5 lakh per annum?
  30. Will Dell conduct on boarding or online for freshers?
  31. Is careers_bangalore@dell.com original mail ID of Dell? Whether the last year freshers got selected or not?
  32. Can my Office Gym use my pictures on social networking site?
  33. Will it be a problem if I am not good at giving spontaneous common sense answers in interviews but good at learning?
  34. Holiday pay during maternity leave when leaves got extended for 2 months
  35. Railways department is exploiting by not giving me official holidays to TC
  36. Working hours after maternity leave? When my colleague is not following it then should I say something or not and best way to say this without getting harsh?
  37. Not getting monthly salary on time, what to do?
  38. Sales team not supportive
  39. Will the employer pay if he/she terminate someone and donít get job for some time?
  40. Are sales people liable to come on Sundays with no compensations?
  41. Will my presence be marked if I am pregnant but not performing in sales due to it?
  42. Employee using official information with others
  43. Unfair harassment complaint by a female co-worker
  44. How to get rid of an employee who has an excuse for everything?
  45. Facing pregnancy discrimination at workplace
  46. Complaint against bullying has made it worse for me
  47. Can I appear for job interviews during pregnancy?
  48. How can I prevent bullying at my new workplace?
  49. Do I get leave pay If I chose to go on leave instead of serving the notice period?
  50. Where to draw a line with female bosses?
  51. How to get rid of an employee who has an excuse for everything?
  52. Is it necessary to inform my sexual orientation at work?
  53. Future after doing PhD in Sanskrit
  54. How CS can help in building a good future for MNC employee?
  55. Future in Chemistry line? Which has bright future Chemistry or computer Science?
  56. What should I do to make my future?
  57. Best saving plan for regular income after retirement
  58. Can I get OBC certificate if my father is getting pension of 20k per month?
  59. Is contributory pension applicable to IAS Officers?
  60. From where to start minim project for Civil Engineering? Selection of topic and matter of report?
  61. HR related project topic suggestion
  62. Which will be more useful project in a Software Company or Project in center? Improvements and programming Knowles required?
  63. In which company to apply for internship IBM or FMS-Delhi? Other companies for Computer Science branch?
  64. MBBS internship criteria at Vellore CMC? Procedure of selection?
  65. Institutes in Kolkata for winter training in ECE
  66. Type of training given to IT student by Wipro? Should I learn any programming language before training?
  67. Companies for 6 months industrial training along with other benefits? Procedure for the same?
  68. M.SC(Maths) or M.Tech(maths) after B.tech(ece)?
  69. Is it right to drop Maths and take up Physical Education? Courses after 12th commerce without Maths?
  70. Career in Space Science after 12th? Which branch of engineering to choose?
  71. Best career option for girls among Banking and Engineering? Which have more secure future and pay?
  72. Career options in science stream other than engineering and medical?
  73. Career after B.Tech in Civil Engineering
  74. What engineering stream to chose in IITs for career in Astrophysics Research? It is advisable to join IIT or pursue Bachelor degree from Delhi University?
  75. Career after 12 by math except Engineering?
  76. Draw backs of Fashion Designing? Best Fashion Designer?
  77. Future scope and job opportunity in Fashion Designing?
  78. Should astrology be brought in during recruitment?
  79. Is distance/correspondence learning equally fruitful like regular learning from professional point of view?
  80. Mentioning extra curricular activities during schooling in my resume
  81. No mention of salary in the joining letter
  82. Feeling scared at the thought of rejoining my work place after resigning earlier
  83. Wanted to join the same project on which my husband is working
  84. Maintaining good relations with the boss
  85. Tips to succeed in salary negotiations during the interview
  86. Maternity leave being sanctioned only 2 months before the delivery date
  87. Company forcing me to learn French so as to be able to interact with foreign clients
  88. Not getting the job that I was promised prior to the start of my training
  89. Promotion criteria and perks offered in Siemens?
  90. Which job should be chosen Travelling with less salary or higher salary with no travel?
  91. Which one should be given more importance Friendship or Professionalism?
  92. What to do if employee is absent without notice for 7 days?
  93. No payment of tour money by company
  94. Is switching of companies good from professional point of view?
  95. Haven't received the call letter for SCRA yet
  96. Risks involved in mutual funds
  97. Work pressure due to lack of employees
  98. How to reject a job offer since I got a better offer?
  99. What words should I avoid when writing my self-appraisal?
  100. How to perk up a boring resume?
  101. Received a call for the interview but later they cancelled
  102. Performance or discipline, which takes a preference?
  103. Company not entertaining my accident claim
  104. Are business networking functions really important?
  105. Can the increment offer be cancelled before it is implemented?
  106. Should I hire the professional services to write salary increase letter to my boss
  107. Can I use eCigarettes in my office to help me get rid of smoking habit?
  108. Way to resign on good terms?
  109. Boss hostile towards my resignation notice
  110. Watched during notice period and backfired by boss on informing
  111. Office decorum disturbed in bossís absence
  112. Latecomer snaps at for wrong message
  113. Personal calls during office hours
  114. Causal leave is cancelled on which ground?
  115. Colleague try to sabotage reputation
  116. Lucrative offer versus regular appraisal
  117. Lack of clarity on rollback for permanent staff
  118. Refusing Government job offer
  119. Steps to get Salary Hike with promotion?
  120. What does it mean by Form 1040?
  121. What does the code 1201 mean for IRS delay process of income tax return?
  122. How to file the income tax return if I donate money to charity?
  123. Getting job in TV Production field
  124. What is the procedure to create a salary account?
  125. Skills to learn for becoming future technical lead?
  126. How to deal with an employee who always asks for hike?
  127. What is a freelancer job?
  128. Is it legal to track employees destination through their professional numbers?
  129. No hygiene environment in our office
  130. What legal actions should be taken if an employee comes drunk in office?
  131. Drivers using office facilities for their own entertainment
  132. Company doesnít allow offs during national strikes
  133. Boss using abusive language in office
  134. Misbehaviour with female candidate but no strict action
  135. Delay in assessment of profile
  136. No separate accommodations for staff in hotel industry
  137. Why there are deductions in salary while going for official trainings?
  138. Salary pending due to salary account problem
  139. Salary hike still pending from past 14 months
  140. Demeaning links ups with boss
  141. PF pending for last 3 years
  142. Boss hints at late stay back
  143. Boss sidelines and gets away with reports
  144. What if the references give negative feedback when the applicant is genuine?
  145. Misbehave of a junior female employee to senior female employee and no action taken yet
  146. Are there any provisions and guidelines for sales personnel against their fear of being in sales?
  147. Are allowances being compensated if no services taken?
  148. If I opt for a nursing shall I be asked to do practical too?
  149. What if I use goodwill power but it goes wrong?
  150. Will I be getting my balance score card amount if the target is achieved but I leave the company a month prior?
  151. What jobs are there for me if I had done B.Pharma and MBA?
  152. I was been asked to resign after my maternity leaves
  153. No sales motivation when performing extremely well
  154. No proper sitting place provided for me in office
  155. Have been provided account of an employee who has left out
  156. Are facilities at central and state level differnt?
  157. Like maternity leave do we also get leaves and benefits if any female has suffered miscarriage?
  158. Employer is not paying extra for working simultaneously two sister concerns of the same employer
  159. Steps against a careless employee?
  160. Questions asked in telephonic interviews
  161. Tips for effective telephonic interview
  162. Can I ask for onsite salary be calculated on the basis of the cost of living of the city I am in?
  163. Will my increment be affected by the currency exchange rate?
  164. Is there something called short time redundancy?
  165. Redundancy period has become a burden because the employee is not showing interest in work
  166. Can I ask for time off for interviews during redundancy notice period?
  167. Received a letter which states that they are eliminating my position
  168. Redundancy after 2 months of promotion
  169. Redundancy or alternate position which one should I choose?
  170. Got another job before the redundancy period ended. Do I have to work the whole notice period?
  171. Redundancy day is during holiday period, will I get full pay or the holiday pay?
  172. Can I ask to be made redundant because of pregnancy
  173. I was made redundant on sick leave
  174. Can I advertise for a redundant position after a week?
  175. Can the redundancy offer be cancelled at the last minute?
  176. Can I ask to made redundant when my post no longer exists?
  177. Company cutting our work hours to save money
  178. How to get permissions for starting my own tutoring center online?
  179. Less bonus being given by the company
  180. Not being given the job even after having the appointment letter
  181. My manager is insulting me in front of my colleagues
  182. Our head Doctor is very high-headed
  183. Unnecessary questioning by boss if I ask for leave
  184. No mention of a stipend by the company during training
  185. Colleague takes undue credit for the work that I do
  186. Colleagues taking undue advantage of my friendship
  187. Unable to express myself in front of my manager
  188. My colleague who has recently joined is getting more salary than me
  189. Making a good Resume in the shortest possible time
  190. Boss is inviting me to unofficial parties
  191. Growth opportunities much less than expected
  192. How to get my transfer cancelled?
  193. Common questions to be asked to the candidate during interview
  194. I am scared of appraisals
  195. Interview procedure for a consultancy based company?
  196. Increment not given to me as was promised
  197. Change of my bossís behaviour towards me
  198. Mentioning the reason for leaving the last job in the resume
  199. Change in the duration of training period
  200. How to ask my manager for salary increment?
  201. Conducting interviews for the first time
  202. Not getting my transfer sanctioned from the past 2 years
  203. Is it good to rejoin my previous employers again?
  204. Group discussions scare me
  205. One page resume is ideal and good?
  206. Medical insurance was assured to me during placement offer but now the HR is not keen on providing it
  207. Salary negotiation should be done while campus placement interview or not?
  208. Written tests during interviews are troublesome for me
  209. Better option for final year engineering students On campus or Off campus placements?
  210. Can I apply for a job in my old company?
  211. Can I apply for the same post from which I was made redundant?
  212. Boss abuses during official gatherings
  213. Unprofessional attitude of Secretary
  214. Are educational scholarships tax free?
  215. What is meant by In House Marketing/Sales?
  216. What to do to make a good resume?
  217. Which is a better option Fresher or Old employees with higher salary?
  218. What are the on roll jobs in Jaipur?
  219. Is there no handsome jobs for CA now?
  220. Everytime I go with some ideas my boss rejects. What to do?
  221. Can I replace a representative candidate who is my relative at my place if I am on my maternity leave?
  222. hould office parties be attended by females?
  223. Legal actions against burglary in office
  224. To which extent we can react physically if someone mentally harassing an employee?
  225. Paid advances but accountant is denying
  226. Employer charged me security money at the time of recruitment
  227. Are any registration formalities made if a beauty parlour has been opened in home premises?
  228. Which newspaper firm is best to enter into the professional world?
  229. How to save my career as well as an innocent person?
  230. What to answer "Why left your previous job?"
  231. Which one should be chosen Private Nursing Home or a Government Hospital?
  232. Tips for effective presentation in front of board of directors
  233. Action against an employee who went to jail
  234. Tips for effective event management like big corporate parties
  235. Which is a better option Mainland China or ITC?
  236. Courses along with engineering for better professional career?
  237. Is it advisable to go against the management?
  238. Can I ask for maternity leave when I am working from home?
  239. Am I entitled to maternity leave during training period?
  240. How to answer Ď what kind of work you donít want to doí?
  241. How to tell my new bosses about my pregnancy?
  242. Can I quit after joining back from maternity leave?
  243. Employee replacement doing a brilliant job what should I do?
  244. Company going back on redundancy agreement
  245. How much of the redundancy pay is tax free?
  246. Can I claim redundancy pay when I am working freelance?
  247. Will my past work reviews affect my redundancy pay?
  248. Provident Fund not handed over
  249. PF documents not provided by HR department
  250. Salary not cleared after being fired