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  1. What is criteria for expiration of leaves?
  2. Are maternity leaves same as always whenever a female employee is expecting?
  3. Will it be a crime if I use company data for my personal business?
  4. Salary not credited due to travel allowance woes
  5. Unprofessional attitude by intern
  6. Boss cancels my sanctioned leave
  7. Colleague tried to sneak into my project report from office system
  8. Office bully abuses during lunch hours
  9. Salary deducted for late arrival
  10. Cab hassles during night shifts
  11. Ever changing HR department policies
  12. Office politics ruin my grading during appraisal
  13. Salary negotiation post confirmation letter
  14. Salary hike put on hold due to project failure
  15. Leave without pay added in maternity leave
  16. When L & T I ES will issue appointment letter for selected candidates?
  17. How to prepare for IFS right from 11th standard? Coaching institute in Mumbai?
  18. List of government organisations for Marketing related jobs?
  19. Money in place of PF form 10C benefit certificate?
  20. How to create thought and manage speaking style in interview?
  21. Suitable job for 32 years old well qualified House Wife? Rules and regulations to start a company?
  22. Can I change my company from Modular Kitchen to Automobile in Sales domain? Pros and cons of the same?
  23. Summer training in MNCs like HP, HCL, WIPRO, INFOSYS
  24. Administration intentionally cause inordinate delay to convey approval of causal leave
  25. Is it possible to do two job at a time with different shifts?
  26. How and when to register the company under shops and establishment in Uttar Pradesh?
  27. Writing job application as fresher?
  28. How to get your juniors to see you as teacher?
  29. How to write a cover letter in email?
  30. Why do companies need the details of parents when joining?
  31. Do nursing staff in private hospitals have better opportunities than nurses in government hospital?
  32. Guidelines for sexual harassment against men in Government offices
  33. Can my children benefit from the company medical insurance if I am seperated from my wife?
  34. If I hire a maid through an agency do I have to pay her leave and medical expenses?
  35. What kind of qualifications does one need to have to become a teacher in Australia?
  36. What are the promotion criterias for locomotive pilots?
  37. What is the average salary increment in Air Force?
  38. Coordinator unnecessarily trying to pull me down
  39. College principal asking me to give invalid grace marks to a student
  40. Can I be terminated from my services because of the fault of some other employees under me?
  41. Manager asking me to sell products which are not of good quality
  42. Receiving threatening calls from a colleague against whom I complained to my manager
  43. Is good to join a new company for better prospects?
  44. How to work effectively as a representative?
  45. What all should I do when appointed as a Deputy Bank Manager?
  46. What actions can I take as a vice-principal but holding the status of principal for few days?
  47. Promotion criteria and perks offered in Indian Railways
  48. Unfairly treated and not given the promotion
  49. What should be my behavior during group discussions when everybody is shouting?
  50. Can I take a one year sabbatical before I join a actual job
  51. What to write in a pen picture of yourself when applying for a job?
  52. What is better joining a one year computer networking course or joining a polytechnic college?
  53. School will only pay holiday leave when we serve for at least a month after the holiday
  54. What are workplace safety rules?
  55. Does microsoft offer relocation claim?
  56. Should I do graduation first to join Navy?
  57. Pending travel allowances not cleared even after 4 months
  58. What kind of jobs should I apply for which involve reading?
  59. How can I get a job doing story writing for children?
  60. Why is IGNOU MBA of 3 years but other institutes have only 2 year courses?
  61. Are there any companies who offer internship to first year engineering students?
  62. How do I keep track of the number of hours billed to me by an offshore contractor?
  63. How do I prepare for an Army interview group discussion?
  64. Is income from a UK based NGO taxable?
  65. Can I ask the company management of raise after doing a recommended course?
  66. What types of jobs can I apply for if I join a one year multimedia course along with graduation in arts?
  67. Company not giving me the experience letter if I don’t serve the notice period
  68. Sour temperament towards married workers
  69. Abusive language by Editor for interns
  70. How should I convey my female colleagues?
  71. No action against misbehave of a colleague
  72. Late night working woes
  73. Salary advance for treatment refused by HR Manager
  74. Company is not taking responsibility of money borrowed by colleague
  75. Dues not clear after resignation
  76. Freelancers got hike but not me
  77. Maternity leave issues during IVF
  78. Casual leaves pending but application refused
  79. Confirmation letter not received yet
  80. Working from home during prolonged maternity leave
  81. Pharmaceutical company refuses to pay for personal loss
  82. Show cause notice issued against money laundering
  83. Client’s unethical practise lead to malpractices
  84. Company vehicle misused by co-workers
  85. Salary negotiation during confirmation
  86. House allowance yet to be reimbursed
  87. Am I eligible for OBC NCL certification as per my parents income?
  88. How to write mail to office colleagues and managers?
  89. How do I write a explanation letter to my manager after taking leave without informing him?
  90. Domicile Certificate for MBA admission
  91. Examination to be cleared after Probation Period?
  92. Procedure to withdraw EPF amount without leaving the job?
  93. Will my performance be affected if my team is not performing?
  94. Can a termination be cancelled when performance goes up in notification period?
  95. Being an employee means he/she has to work for employer’s personal works too?
  96. Are there any management jobs in Army?
  97. Will a home science bachelors degree helpful for being a chef in hotels?
  98. How to become a share investment consultant?
  99. Are engineers liable to get higher salaries after doing MBA and had a gap of 2 years too?
  100. Will an engineer’s experience be counted in software line when he has worked in automobile industry in sales?
  101. Does our resume need change when our job changes or it need to be change to a definite period of time?
  102. Will my training period be countable as my experience?
  103. If I am doing a job without a training period, will I be considered as permanent?
  104. Is there any fix period for employer when he can’t terminate an employee as per his/her wish?
  105. Why do some companies have written interviews?
  106. Are transfers too depending upon special payments?
  107. Are personal posts or parcels not allowed in office?
  108. Are there any action if I leave the job without notice period?
  109. In what circumstances can an employer terminate when signed a bond?
  110. Will the charges on salary account be beared by the employer?
  111. Will the employer give me double salary hike if no promotion is possible to my profile?
  112. Are experiences of part time jobs be countable?
  113. How to deal with an employee who is doing some freelancing work on side?
  114. When two people have the same work review then what becomes the criteria for promotion?
  115. What difficulties will I face when shifting from public sector to private sector?
  116. Do I have to give some paid sick leave to the cleaner?
  117. Can I ask my office to pay me compensation for an unjust complaint?
  118. Is it ok to join a company without receiving an official joining letter
  119. Is it ok to speak in your native language during government job interviews?
  120. Is it good to have a video resume?
  121. How much percentage of salary increase can i negotiate during interviews?
  122. Is it legal for company management to pay the salary in part cash and part cheque?
  123. What are conditions of physical disability for appearing for IAS exams?
  124. Do I have to pay a fees to become a railway booking agent?
  125. MBA through distance education or regular classes which is better?
  126. Are there any french refresher courses available in Bhopal?
  127. Is it correct for schools to impose a dress code for teachers?
  128. As a fresher what can i add to my resume to make it stand out
  129. Do married couples have a right to ask to be stationed at the same place
  130. Is it ok to resign over phone?
  131. Can I claim overtime if I accompany my boss to overseas meetings?
  132. Can I refuse election duty as a teacher?
  133. Information about unclear appraisal policies
  134. Drunk executive gets high score
  135. Non-performing fresher pose confusion
  136. Conditions for hike in new company
  137. Interns gets bashed in appraisal
  138. Whether short span at first workplace will close all doors?
  139. Salary approved by Editor but not granted
  140. Lucrative offer during internship
  141. Maternity leave issues with colleagues and management
  142. HR department’s irrelevant policies
  143. Casual leave rejected during trainee period
  144. Office politics during appraisal turning into controversies
  145. Major promotion put on hold after joining
  146. Discrimination with colleague during appraisal
  147. Lewd remarks during office party
  148. Female co-workers mum over abusive language
  149. House allowance deducted from salary
  150. End of day reports not emailed
  151. Glass ceiling politics in Magazine office
  152. Colleague chides female colleagues
  153. Last year BCA graduate is eligible for this year Wipro WASE?
  154. How to deduct ESI?
  155. How to deal with a bullying queen bee?
  156. Is it discrimination that our boss wants an all female team for a particular project?
  157. Co- worker taking advantage of her gender
  158. How to handle increased workload at office
  159. My best friend in office did not tell me about her marriage and I am the recipient of comments from colleagues
  160. What can i do to get a better coordination between my team?
  161. How to get good references from previous employers?
  162. Is it helpful to join an Army interview coaching center to join the Armed Forces?
  163. Maternity leave without prior information
  164. Bonus conditions during maternity leave
  165. Maternity leave in the first month of joining
  166. Extended leave by colleague without information
  167. Maternity leave for contract workers
  168. Private hospital comes under government policies for maternity leave
  169. Late hours in office is appraised by boss
  170. Bonus policy of the company is not stable
  171. My transfer plea being rejected after being accepted earlier on
  172. Being punished due to lack of communication by my colleague
  173. Mentioning of a very short span job in the resume
  174. Colleagues forcing me to allow corrupt practices to prevail
  175. Does a gap in professional career destroy the past experience too?
  176. Will it be permissible if I do a research work for some company and work regularly as in administration department of another company?
  177. My employer takes all the monetary benefit when an employee qualifies some benchmark
  178. Company not providing certificates for online training
  179. Does companies allow choosing hospitals according to one’s wish when asking for a pre medical check up of an employee?
  180. Are there any employment schemes like hiring entrepreneurs?
  181. Will the income from my home PG facility be taxable?
  182. Are contract based employee also bound to attend offices daily or their project has to be completed for mentioned period?
  183. How to show individual performance when working in teams?
  184. What is the difference between HR Manager and HR Executive?
  185. Reservation policies of women in working sector
  186. Promotion and perks in software companies
  187. How to voice against the decision of management of involving astrology in recruitment process?
  188. What should be done when bribe is asked for selection?
  189. What to do if the owner asks to be biased towards a political party?
  190. Should I go for true story or true story mingled with some fake facts?
  191. How to express my views effectively in order to take away the rule of ban on mobiles?
  192. Senior colleague has been allotted a project under me
  193. Manager tries to eavesdrop when I am conversing with my colleagues during the free time
  194. Female colleague trying to blackmail me
  195. My undeserving colleague getting more increment than me
  196. Manager not allowing me to rejoin the company
  197. The Head nurse is ordering the other nurses not to follow the doctor’s orders
  198. Two of my employees are indulging in courtship
  199. Head Pilot is indulging in favouritism
  200. What is DA and what are its benefits? Is it compulsory to pay tax on this DA?
  201. Complaint against Indian Postal Service
  202. How to handle quarrels between employees?
  203. Pay structure in software companies
  204. Problem of co-workers regarding helping of my wife
  205. Measures to take for transfer to a desired location
  206. Tips for effective presentation during placement
  207. Decrease amount in pension
  208. Is it better to leave teaching and get into IT industry
  209. Money allocated for sports not utilized properly
  210. Whose permission is required for copying music?
  211. Steps against employee who stings
  212. What steps can be taken against late comers?
  213. What to do if team member stings?
  214. How to apply for change of job location for certain time?
  215. Strain in the relations between my friend and myself because of my promotion
  216. Fearing a transfer from my current city to a village
  217. Manager asks to stay back till late night and later asks to go out for dinner with him
  218. Placement agency’s help in getting a job
  219. Boss forcing me to do MBA when I do not want to do it
  220. Company asking me to purchase my own laptop for office purpose
  221. Unable to find the soft copy of my Resume
  222. One of my colleague is constantly interfering in my work
  223. Not getting the desired salary hike as promised earlier
  224. Being removed from my job during the maternity leave period
  225. Hospital staff not adequately qualified
  226. Manager speaking rudely with his employees
  227. Manager not allowing me to serve the complete notice period
  228. Getting very less income as a professional photographer
  229. Company taking a lot of work but not giving any increment
  230. Not being transferred even on medical grounds
  231. Do not receive my salary on the date that was fixed
  232. Employability tests of any help while looking for a job
  233. Another employee has taken up my nature of job after I have returned from maternity leave
  234. Female employees the spoil the work environment by chatting amongst themselves every other hour
  235. No proper teacher in training programme
  236. No mode of transport provided
  237. No vehicles provided after overtime work
  238. Whose permission is required to organize a circus?
  239. What should be done for recreation of the employees?
  240. What to do if one interferes in the work of an external examiner?
  241. How to become a wholesaler being a Trader?
  242. Can we give reference of an employee of previous company while applying for new one?
  243. Answer to-What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  244. What to do just 5 minutes before the interview?
  245. Negotiating of salary during off campus interview
  246. What to write in cover letter of a CV?
  247. Cloud Computing and its importance in professional world
  248. What is the difference between job description and job specification?
  249. What are the analysis to be done for recruitment by the recruitment board?
  250. Responsibilities of brand manager