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  1. My company is not paying me the referral bonus even after six months
  2. What is the process of induction of porters at the airport?
  3. How to behave with my divorced wife who has been recruited in my branch office?
  4. How to project myself as a model at national level?
  5. Answer to-"Have you ever made a mistake at work? How did you rectify it?"
  6. .NET and its importance in professional world
  7. How to get sponsors for a new product launch event?
  8. What should be written in tender notices?
  9. Is it possible to get good jobs after studying in open schools?
  10. Is it possible to be a RJ after graduation?
  11. Can a 40 year old woman get good job with MBA qualification?
  12. How to be a successful entrepreneur?
  13. What steps can be taken against a co-worker who brings family background at workplace?
  14. What all qualities should be assessed in Group Discussion?
  15. Manager never appreciates any good quality work done by me
  16. Jack of all trades master of none
  17. Colleagues behave badly with me because I am my bossís favourite
  18. No proper parking facilities for the hospital staff
  19. No provision of increment for the nurses
  20. Feel shy in communicating with my seniors
  21. Manager not paying attention to my complaints against a colleague
  22. Employer insisting me to take maternity leave
  23. Employee smoking at the workplace
  24. Boss not allowing me to park my car inside the office building
  25. Being scared of the telephonic interview
  26. Not getting any interview call having applied to many companies
  27. No company stamp on the joining letter
  28. Boss encouraging use of liquor at workplace
  29. Not getting off during festivals
  30. Half days without proper leave application
  31. Account Executive sacked without concrete reason
  32. General manager brainwashes owners regarding pay hike
  33. PF deduction for intern working from past 2 months
  34. Malpractices by HR Team in calculating travel allowances
  35. Fake reasons given by colleagues for sick leave
  36. Sacked of eve teasing with female worker
  37. Promised pay hike but never received
  38. Annual leave claim in single cluster rejected by HR Manager
  39. Managers adding illegal bills during office trips
  40. Sick leave without medical certificate
  41. Executive continuing half day off post lunch hours
  42. Colleagues sneak into washroom for smoking
  43. Boss extends my casual leave even tough I don't want
  44. Unprofessional attitude by HR department over PF deduction
  45. How to write a leave letter for casual leave to go to a tourist place?
  46. Eligibility of OBC Non Creamy Layer for son of Lawyer?
  47. Increasing practice of Fake Experience Letter ruining life of talented freshers
  48. Eligibility for Medical Shop licence?
  49. Maximum working hours for companies as per Labour Law?
  50. Which course I have to join which really helps to get a job in IT sector as a fresher?
  51. Bonus was promised to me on Diwali which I did not receive
  52. Unprofessional atmosphere being created by one of the colleagues at the workplace
  53. Full salary with perks was promised as a part of compensation on being terminated
  54. Can part time job be mentioned in the resume as work experience?
  55. Changing too many jobs creates a bad impression on the current employer
  56. Physical Tasks to be done during recruitment in Army
  57. What should I tell a girl who disturbs a lot?
  58. Overall effect of lowering price and quality
  59. How to do team management effectively?
  60. Which is better Indian Army or Indian Navy?
  61. How is the amount of loan calculated on the basis of salary?
  62. What is the career growth in BPO sector?
  63. What kind of jobs are available in telecom sector for a 12th class pass?
  64. How to start your own photo studio?
  65. What does a social media manager profile include?
  66. Is it possible to get Maharashtra domicile on the basis of my birth place?
  67. What should be done for the publicity of new product?
  68. No response to pension plan from organization
  69. How to appeal for money for music society?
  70. -Is it possible to get job at the age of 35?
  71. How to control the students of college who are diverting towards politics?
  72. What qualities should be checked before choosing Team Leader?
  73. Action against smoking inspite of prohibiting it
  74. What to do against gang threat in a train?
  75. Is driving licence necessary for good jobs?
  76. Additional benefits apart from salary in Indian Army
  77. Action against sleeping in office?
  78. Action against a Senior Officer for taking bribe?
  79. Reservation policies in PSUs
  80. Is it legal to do private coaching by a government teacher?
  81. Steps to be taken when company is undergoing loss?
  82. What are the steps of starting a foreign aid NGO in India?
  83. As a school teacher which kind of extra duties will I have to undertake?
  84. What exactly is the job profile of a Regional center coordinator?
  85. What is better doing full time MBA or working part time alongside MBA?
  86. What is PG in liability engineering?
  87. What are the qualifications needed to become a hostel warden?
  88. What is the correct dress code for outdoor company activities?
  89. How much does the knowledge of multiple languages help when working as a company secretary?
  90. Are there any private companies that give consideration to NCC certificates?
  91. Can we run a personal business from a government provided residence?
  92. What exactly does evaluating a job offer mean?
  93. What are the benefits of doing Dual MBA?
  94. What are the preparations required for police recruitment drive?
  95. Do I have to file income tax when I am only earning a stipend?
  96. CCNA and Red Hat Certifications are for software or hardware engineers?
  97. Received 2 joining letters mentioning different joining dates
  98. Being given a warning just for correcting the mistake of my colleague
  99. The security personnel is behaving rudely with me
  100. Biased being practiced in giving salary to the employees
  101. Finding it very hard to get a job with good security
  102. My boss is very closely monitoring my work
  103. Lot of transfers going on at my new workplace
  104. Availing the pension after retirement
  105. Options for opening a good thriving business in todayís times
  106. My daughter wants to join the same company and work in my wifeís position
  107. Company providing me with an option of transfer after making me redundant
  108. My job is being terminated because of false feedback given by one of the customers
  109. Stale food being served in the hospital canteen
  110. Sale of eatables above the MRP by one of the shopkeepers in the university market
  111. Colleague keeps gossiping about me with the manager
  112. Benefits after serving for 15 years as State Government Teacher?
  113. Low percentage in academic records can get good job and salary?
  114. Should I show fake experience certificate while applying for Government job or not?
  115. UGC pay rule are not as per sixth pay commission
  116. Chances of good salary and promotion in CS field? Scope of CS field after 3 years?
  117. When CISF training is going to commence?
  118. PF withdrawal is showing two different status
  119. Is PhD necessary to apply for LS in CSIR?
  120. Safety measures for women employees who work late and their drop back facility
  121. Which birth date is valid for IAS exams?
  122. Does a gap in academics reflect badly on resume
  123. Which countries support Indian Nursing Degree?
  124. Can we chose our own branch when we join the Army
  125. Colleague is working on incomplete degree for the last two years
  126. Company trying to make me redundant after promising me promotion
  127. Unable to speak spontaneously in the group discussion stage
  128. Employer not ready to provide maternity leave
  129. Have 2 interviews scheduled at he same time
  130. The company accountant is manipulating the accounts
  131. Company trying to make me redundant after promising me promotion
  132. Which countries support Indian Nursing Degree?
  133. Colleague is working on incomplete degree for the last two years
  134. Can we chose our own branch when we join the Army
  135. Does a gap in academics reflect badly on resume
  136. Which birth date is valid for IAS exams?
  137. What are my future options if I join merchant navy after high school?
  138. What all things are ok to hide when writing a resume?
  139. How to get a job working in a cruise as an entertainer?
  140. What is the difference between a helicopter pilot and a airplane pilot's job?
  141. What kinds of freelance jobs can i get as a photographer?
  142. Guidelines for making your first day at work successful
  143. What sort of visa questions will I be asked when applying for work visa to norway?
  144. What to do if I am not getting the LTC claim as promised?
  145. What are the LTC authorizations for a class I bank officer?
  146. What permission do I need to start an online business?
  147. Is it ok to work freelance when employed by a company?
  148. What kind of references can I give if I have been self employed?
  149. How does one prove sexual harassment at workplace?
  150. Can I claim night allowance if my work hour starts at 2:30 AM
  151. Qualification necessary to open a Pharmacy
  152. One of our ex-employee wants to rejoin the company again
  153. Employee asking for extra leaves
  154. Being made redundant just after the completion of my maternity leave
  155. HR department has delayed my joining for the 3rd time
  156. Employer asking me to do the work of another employee
  157. What are the bonus criteria in Abroad?
  158. Are there any Indian BPOíS established in Abroad?
  159. Can an employer retain our PF amount if resigned without intimation?
  160. What is the scale of increment in government banks after completing training of 1 year?
  161. Are there any in bank trainings in government banks for increment every month?
  162. What to do if students request for private tuitions?
  163. Time taken for pension to get sanctioned?
  164. What to do if one has no idea about the GD topic?
  165. C++/JAVA and its importance in professional world
  166. Answer to "Tell me something about yourself"?
  167. Is it safe to invest in online jobs for data entry as advertised by various websites?
  168. What are the terms and how Income Tax are calculated?
  169. Questions asked in Bank's interview
  170. Company not providing promised salary
  171. How to deal professionalism and relationship simultaneously in a professional world?
  172. What are the email etiquettes?
  173. Tips to select the right employee
  174. Tips to stay motivated having received lot of success within two years of joining?
  175. How to build a positive attitude?
  176. What preparation should be done for an interview?
  177. Will this create a problem if I lie that I have completed my graduation while working?
  178. Why only I am asked to stay in office after office hours?
  179. Can working overtime reduce my excess absenteeism in office?
  180. Being an employer am I liable to ask employees to get back to their work if they complete their lunch before the finish time which is allotted?
  181. Boss is asking to continue for extra one month to notice period but I have accepted the new offer letter
  182. Personal chores during office trips
  183. Annual leave goes waste without reimbursement
  184. Promised pay hike but company declared bankrupt
  185. Drunken brawl between two colleagues outside office premises
  186. Are internships in Abroad paid?
  187. Fake reasons by advertisement executives for casual leave
  188. Undue usage of office cabs by call center team
  189. PF deduction policy of my office is unclear
  190. Co-worker brainwashes senior manager
  191. Promotion due for the last 3 years
  192. Colleague gets sidelined during annual appraisal
  193. Does medical bill covers IVF procedures
  194. PF and other documents pending with last office
  195. 10 days paid leave gone without claiming
  196. Salary hike still pending after resuming post maternity leave
  197. Haven't got joining date from Wipro Infotech yet
  198. Should I resign the present PSU job having appointment letter from another company?
  199. From which caste I belong to OBC or SC?
  200. Can I claim for deduction from salary due to stolen product from the store?
  201. Is Kingfisher Training Academy fraud?
  202. Designation for MBA (HRM) in college management?
  203. How to apply for OBC Non Creamy Layer belonging to RBA category?
  204. What is EE and ER amount in PF?
  205. Which is more earning field Core Telecom or Core Electronics?
  206. Does recession affect government jobs too?
  207. Is using for family connections to get a work done for my boss is a form of bribe?
  208. Can I apply for two distance education degrees simultaneously?
  209. Is being made fun of in the office classified under harassment?
  210. What is the procedure for an army personnel to move to administrative services?
  211. How to prepare for interview over Skype?
  212. What is the line between flirting and harassment?
  213. Is it ok to tell my boss that his idea is going to backfire?
  214. HR Department not giving me an assurance whether I would be recruited as an employee after my six months training
  215. Perks like free membership of a club were mentioned at the time of my recruitment but the HR is backing out now
  216. Principal trying to imitate the culture of western schools at my current school
  217. Manager trying to put his blame on my shoulders
  218. Getting a job for which I am overqualified
  219. My friend is always finding some fault or the other with my resume
  220. How to ask my manager for promotion?
  221. Donít want to get transferred to a remote area
  222. Falsely being accused of misusing the company car
  223. Good starting salary but inadequate professional growth
  224. Previous employers offering me a job again
  225. How to ask the manager for 2 month leave for a major surgery?
  226. Are there any HR norms and regulations for target specifications for males and females separately?
  227. Why companies ask for references if all the documents are submitted?
  228. Morning meetings but no staff hearing by boss
  229. HR takes advantage over employees
  230. Action against an employee found sharing tender details
  231. Action against teachers leaking questions
  232. How to improve communication skills?
  233. Which is better to bear the losses or sack employees?
  234. What is the work of a company secretary?
  235. Is it true that doing MBA ensures job?
  236. Action against ragging in colleges
  237. How to appeal against the decision of the management?
  238. How to make my relative understand not to bring relationship in professional world?
  239. Getting threat by criminals after recent transfer to Bihar
  240. Which field of business comprises of less risk?
  241. Promise of travel allowance is not fulfilled till now
  242. What are the ways to earn money by blogging?
  243. What is criminal background verification?
  244. Are the media courses run by TV channels career worthy?
  245. Do homeopathic doctors come under criminal negligence act?
  246. To what extent office calls are avoided after office hours?
  247. What are the other part time courses available if I have done my MBA and M.COM and persuing PhD?
  248. Does personal secretory profile still exists?
  249. BDS medical line causing me huge expenses which are unnecessary
  250. What percent of salary is allowed if work done from home while being on leave?