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  1. Whether agricultural and salary income of parents will be taken together for issuing OBC certificate?
  2. Can a job holder start its own business? Tax implication on income?
  3. Is TDS deduction valid from monthly stipend of MBBS intern?
  4. Am I eligible for gratuity after 5 years in a Government firm?
  5. Recovery Letter and Experience certificate issue on leaving the firm without serving notice period
  6. Permissible sick and medical leave for UP Intermediate Teacher?
  7. IES Engineers get house and car from the company? Is computer engineer eligible for IES?
  8. Being asked to serve a notice period of a longer duration
  9. Selected by the same company which I left 2 years ago
  10. University is forbidding me from attending any on-campus placements
  11. My termination has been delayed by a few months
  12. Manager taking the decision in favour of the wrong person
  13. Being teacher of CBSE school principal asking me to make a powerpoint presentation
  14. Personal issues coming in the way of my professional life
  15. How not to get fired by my manager?
  16. Shortcuts to get appraisal from my manager?
  17. Basic deducted even after serving notice period
  18. Glass ceiling politics in NGO while making strategies for action plans
  19. House allowance reduced from my salary this month
  20. Female co-workers mum over anti attitude of boss
  21. Should I complain for lewd remarks by colleagues post meeting?
  22. Discrimination during appraisal in pharmaceutical company with female sales executive
  23. Action against adulterated food in office canteen
  24. Steps against misusing of power by deputy principal
  25. How to gain respect as lab assistant?
  26. Which type of details should be checked before sponsorship?
  27. Action against smoking inspite of ban in office premises?
  28. What are the table manners while eating in corporate parties?
  29. Is it legal to issue the demand drafts of my family member on my account if I work in a bank as it will be then non-chargeable?
  30. Can a divorced wife get a government job in place of her husband if her husband dies after divorce?
  31. Are there any rules in government jobs regarding increment of pays of single mother?
  32. What is the fixed percentage for increment in basic pay?
  33. How is exit interview helpful to employees?
  34. Non-Participation of employees in role plays
  35. Steps to ban smoking in office premises?
  36. Will my application be cancelled on late delivery by Indian Postal Service?
  37. Procedure to get back the extra amount of income tax paid in advance tax?
  38. What to do if salary as decided on the job offer is not given?
  39. How will I be accepted on rejoining the same firm from where I had resigned?
  40. What type of topics are asked to be discussed during group discussions?
  41. What are the rules and regulations for starting a hotel business?
  42. Action against employee who takes frequent leaves?
  43. Can we mail resignation by keeping cc to all employees?
  44. Are there many sub head profiles in HR too?
  45. Can a HR be a CEO after having a good experience?
  46. Does companies provide trainings to trainers also?
  47. Strict rules on attending office on New Year
  48. Are medical claims in factories depending upon the percentage of damage or a decided policy?
  49. Are company’s law in headquarters also affects a franchisee in other city?
  50. Employer at the time of medical check up rejects the appointment of female employee due to her pregnancy
  51. Should I argue with my manager or not?
  52. Senior lawyer asking me to fight his case on his behalf
  53. Manager not allowing me take leave even when I am very sick
  54. Not satisfied with my own resume
  55. Nurses prescribing medicines to the patients
  56. No one at our workplace shares their food with me
  57. Haven’t received any bonus for the past 9 months
  58. Can I get a job without giving any interview?
  59. Being promised that my post will be available again after 3 months
  60. Employer not giving any reimbursement for calls made related to office work
  61. Company not allowing us to bring our own lunch
  62. Not having any friend at my workplace
  63. Employee not ready to accept his termination
  64. Can I extend my maternity leave by a week more?
  65. Senior doctor not behaving properly with the patient’s relatives
  66. Employer not allowing any conversation during working hours
  67. Getting a part-time job offer online
  68. Office politics during promotion time turning out to be a big controversy
  69. Casual leave rejected during first year of confirmation
  70. HR department’s irrelevant policies about clothings
  71. Salary deducted for casual leave without notice
  72. Extra hours in night shifts for female employee during insecure times
  73. Showcause notice for smoking in office premises
  74. Office politics in appraisal report by boss ruins my image
  75. Salary negotiation refused after joining
  76. Salary hike put on hold due to resignation of two executives
  77. HR handed over 3 months salary and asked to quit after maternity leave
  78. Pending house allowances is yet to be received
  79. Petrol allowance yet to be reimbursed
  80. Salary not for first month post confirmation
  81. HR department is creating fuss in issuing casual leave for treatment
  82. Boss keen on disclosing reason behind sick leave to team
  83. Does NTcaste somewhat related to OBC caste
  84. Will TCS sponsor the fresher after two years of experience to study MBA?
  85. Can a retired Army officer with full service in Army join civil services or Indian foreign service?
  86. OBC creamy layer clarification whose parents are in private company job
  87. TamilNadu TRB Rejects Post Graduates from Correspondence Mode for Assistant Professor Positions?
  88. Non-cooperation from team members
  89. Steps against jealousy in professional work?
  90. Should present/past performance be judged for promotion?
  91. Where are doctors posted after completion of AFMC?
  92. On what grounds can an employee be sacked from job?
  93. What to do if senior lawyer takes the case of juniors?
  94. Can freelancers work for two competitors simultaneously?
  95. Will my Pension be stucked if I have no Aadhar Card and I have left the job?
  96. Why Aadhaar Cards are important for employment?
  97. Refund of employee’s contribution in medical ESI’S
  98. Shall I give part of revenue to my partner when he has only invested but profit made by me?
  99. Are performance bonuses based on individual performances or a time based procedure?
  100. Are VISA’S regenerated by employers themselves or not?
  101. Are sponsorships refundable?
  102. Is filing a case in labour court chargeable?
  103. How to proceed for book writing as profession?
  104. Can I file against a company who is using my brand’s name but with change spelling?
  105. Can a telephonic interview judge candidates correctly?
  106. Can a female candidate ask for maternity leaves just after joining?
  107. Can a female employee take maternity leaves during probationary period?
  108. Giving interview for the second time in the same company
  109. Company not following its own rules and regulations
  110. Being asked to pay fine for the mistake of someone else
  111. Taking up a job providing medical insurance
  112. Being terminated due to lack of punctuality
  113. Scared of not getting my maternity leave
  114. Having been made redundant twice in the past 2 years
  115. Really confused about the salary components
  116. No canteen present at our workplace
  117. Are group discussions very difficult for freshers?
  118. Not sure about the perks my company is offering to its employees
  119. What to do for changing partner for foreign tour?
  120. Is it desirable to sustain recession thinking the interest of the employees?
  121. Answer to- "What is your greatest achievement?”
  122. Oracle and its importance in professional world?
  123. What should be done if employee asked to change her partner for a foreign tour?
  124. Action against doctors going out for personal cause during office hours
  125. What are the reservation policies in public and private sector?
  126. What to do if production asks to be biased in a reality show?
  127. Steps against shortening of lunch hour?
  128. Haven’t got even a single appraisal till now
  129. Mobile charging facility not available at our workplace
  130. Lot of employees being made redundant in our company
  131. Unjust reduction in the salary of the employees
  132. My boss is not hiring personnel needed as a result burden is all upon me
  133. Unable to get desired package in public relations agency
  134. Sub editors gets bashed in appraisal due inaccurate evaluation report by Editors
  135. Conditions for promotion in a new company?
  136. Non-performing graphic designer bags foreign tour
  137. Executives misuses out of station duty allowance
  138. What to do in case of unclear policies for promotion?
  139. Way for Medical issues to be kept secret?
  140. What should I do if Boss feels that I am running away from financial year ending audits?
  141. Lucrative offer during trainee period
  142. Low salary offers due to gap in professional career
  143. What if newcomers didn’t get appraisal?
  144. Who is responsible for pay hike and promotion in Bank?
  145. Non-performing sub editor claims bonus
  146. Low performing executive gets high remarks following BARS system to judge employee’s behaviour
  147. Biased appraisal woes following critical incident method of performance
  148. Clarification with regard to eligibility under OBC- non-creamy layer
  149. What kind of person's reference should be given in resume?
  150. What to do if boss does partiality with some employees?
  151. Our manager is falsely accusing some of the employees
  152. Should I react to the negative and untrue comments about me in the performance review?
  153. How do I handle irate patient relations on the front desk?
  154. How does one measure the effectiveness of LinkedIn the professional world?
  155. What is the best way to shut down office gossip to improve office environment?
  156. How do I tell my boss in a nice way that he is a hoarder?
  157. How important is a college degree in order to secure promotions in a job?
  158. I have reached the salary cap of my profession, now what do I do?
  159. How do I explain the harassment charges against me at a job interview?
  160. What step should be taken against a teacher for doing politics ?
  161. What should be done for setting up a company?
  162. Action against other coaching centres for spoiling the goodwill of my centre?
  163. Employees demanding perks in salary but company is not in a position to do so
  164. Action against employees who give work to other and go out during office hours?
  165. Lack in Communication skills, others taking advantage of this
  166. Should copies be checked leniently keeping in mind the interest of the students?
  167. Steps against employee for not giving attendance and later arguing that he was present?
  168. Action against employee for misusing internet facility?
  169. Which kind of jobs provide medical insurance?
  170. What should be written in a resignation letter?
  171. What needs to be done for promotion?
  172. Action against employees for improper use of toilets
  173. What is the kind of work in IT companies for engineers of other branches?
  174. Company not giving leave even on National holidays
  175. Unnecessary demands by the employees
  176. Job which doesn't involves transfer?
  177. Procedure to rejoin my previous company?
  178. Lot of worry regarding my future
  179. Very difficult to get our leaves sanctioned
  180. Proper health facilities not available for the staff
  181. How to deal with bad luck in life?
  182. How to deal with stress of getting a transfer?
  183. Manager having some psychiatric problem
  184. Bias being practiced in the payment of salary
  185. Senior Doctor not taking proper care of the patient
  186. Not happy with my joining date
  187. Shall I ask for transfer from my boss or will it affect my job in a bad way?
  188. Boss not ready to pay me during my 3-day leave
  189. What are the resume pitch falls that should be avoided at any costs?
  190. Being criticized for not mingling with my coworkers in office
  191. Icebreakers to start a meeting as the new manager
  192. Finding it very hard to get over demotion
  193. How to deal with a stressful boss and me situation?
  194. Causal leave cancelled on grounds of previous sick leave
  195. Lack of clarity on rollback for contract bound staff
  196. Lucrative offer with accommodation versus regular 10 percent hike
  197. Personal visitors during office hours
  198. Forced to complete work of colleague who comes late in office
  199. Office decorum disturbed in manager’s absence
  200. Sidelined by team during notice period even after putting my 100 percent
  201. Management rejected my resignation letter
  202. Wish to switch over companies in good terms
  203. Loss of important documents before annual appraisal
  204. Does medical bill covers ICSI procedures?
  205. PF and other documents unclear
  206. Entire annual leave gone without claiming
  207. Salary hike meager after resuming post maternity leave
  208. Salary not credited due to sick leave
  209. Don't want relieving letter,is it necessary to pay the bond money?
  210. Scope for Unix and C environment in Abroad? How to approach?
  211. MCA after BCA is compulsory for a good job?
  212. My ex-husband bought me out my share of the house?
  213. If I want to join CID crime branch or any relative investigation agency?
  214. Information about Lectureship Profession? Required study material for NET?
  215. Is it good to join as Bank clerk as Am already doing a job in software organisation?
  216. Good communication institute like RamaKrishna Matam in Chennai?
  217. Scope of Interior Designing in future? What would be the salary?
  218. Can I chance from M.Com to MBA? What would be the expense?
  219. Is the boss always right?
  220. Will I get OBC NCL reservation for GATE exam?
  221. What to do against an employee who is leaking the tender norms?
  222. What does assertiveness training teaches you?
  223. How can I boost the company morale after some layoffs without spending too much?
  224. I don’t know much about computers and the IT guys look down on me
  225. How do I evaluate my effectiveness as a trainer in the company?
  226. Should former employees be kept involved in company activities?
  227. Should I tell my boss about the grammar mistakes he makes while talking?
  228. What is the correct way of sending a thank you later after an interview?
  229. Laws against discrimination at work place because of AIDS?
  230. Is it legal for doctors to go on strike?
  231. How much does a public prosecutor earn in India?
  232. Career prospects in adventure sports in India?
  233. What exactly is the glass ceiling for women in marketing world?
  234. Things to keep in mind when organising a conference with foreign delegates?
  235. What kind of qualification you need to become a guide with ASI?
  236. Are NCFM exams helpful in pay increment?
  237. Are CA’s required in government banks?
  238. Husband’s company is not sponsoring his visit to India
  239. Will my passport expenses be charged by my company?
  240. Over advantage of being polite at professional life
  241. Are salaries deducted during strikes?
  242. Can I deny giving any monetary benefits on taking any leaves in year?
  243. How can I terminate the rules made long ago?
  244. How can I recover my salary from employee if he was on medical leave but resigned when came back?
  245. Does the ownership of changes lies in HR hands or the employer’s hands?
  246. Are the joining and resigning formalities differs from that of a contract based employee and a regular employee?
  247. Being HR personnel why the staffs harass abusively?
  248. What is market correction salary?
  249. No healthy food in office canteen
  250. Does HR plays role in maintaining company’s balance sheet too?