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  1. Boss is not ready to increase my bonus amount
  2. Company providing me with a second-hand laptop
  3. Company not reimbursing me for the expenses on the foreign work trip
  4. Difference of opinion between my manager and HR
  5. Worried about the future because of not getting any pension
  6. Not able to please my boss due as a result promotion has been pending for long
  7. Is it good to look for a new job after 3 years gap?
  8. Letter to HR regarding salary deduction issue
  9. Procedure for summer training in BHEL?
  10. How to get out of leadership politics and partiality?
  11. Salary after B.Com and MBA from IIM? Campus selection and eligibility?
  12. How to find and apply for job in Singapore?
  13. Company informed 6 months prior to search for another job
  14. Am I eligible for OBC-NCL if father's income exceeded 4.5 lacs once in 3 years?
  15. Can I work as Psychological Consultant without licence?
  16. Company not ready to issue Relieving letter after 6 years
  17. Can I break a bond in company if I didn't joined there?
  18. How to tell my boss about my inability to go for foreign tour?
  19. Coworker gets disturbed when I take help from my relative in the office
  20. Two employees do not want to go for office tour together
  21. What should be done on farewell of our boss?
  22. Rules for setting up a company in India
  23. How to get promotion in Defense sector?
  24. Co-worker always makes the office toilets dirty
  25. Tips for effective tender notice
  26. How to remove the shyness while working with female employees?
  27. How is Army interview different from others?
  28. Who will be responsible if cashier does a mistake?
  29. What should be done for welcoming of new boss?
  30. How to make an effective undertaking letter?
  31. What are the physical activities carried out in Army?
  32. Steps against disturbance from smoking by coworker?
  33. Action against teacher provoking students against a party?
  34. Steps against students involved in enraging political activities?
  35. How to get job after a gap in employment career due to pregnancy?
  36. Is it possible to get jobs at the age of 50?
  37. Action against sports teacher taking bribe?
  38. Is it a good decision to leave my job due to lot of corruption being practiced there?
  39. My phone got damaged due to my bossís mistake
  40. Travel cost and other problems as the residence is very far away from office
  41. Having some premonitions about the interview on Skype
  42. Not able to communicate properly just before group discussion
  43. Are salary hikes better than change of jobs?
  44. Lot of pollution around our workplace at Delhi
  45. Not able to save adequate amount of money for a better future
  46. My family wants me to join the Army but I don't
  47. Not getting the increment amount as promised
  48. Lot of work stress without any adequate growth
  49. Interns not performing their duties properly
  50. Not able to to prepare properly for my interview
  51. Not as confident as my friends about the group discussion stage
  52. My boss is using my personal life to get back at me
  53. Not getting job even after putting the best effort for interview
  54. My boss is going to demote me unnecessarily
  55. Notice period being extended due to bad performance
  56. What are the Disadvantages of getting a transfer?
  57. Not able to communicate effectively with my colleagues
  58. Not able to serve the complete notice period due to health problems
  59. Being terminated on medical grounds
  60. Fake medical certificate issued for leave
  61. Prolonged sick leave, management keen on firing new recruit
  62. Lucrative offer from sister concern company during internship
  63. Salary approved but not in papers during interview selection
  64. Low salary offers to chartered accountant due to medical leave gaps
  65. Newcomers asked to quit within second month during annual appraisal
  66. Conditions for leave approval in bank?
  67. Non-performing sub editor gets promotion
  68. Low performing account manager gets high grades
  69. Biased appraisal for female journalists using critical incident method of performance appraisal
  70. Sufficient sales but manager still portraying poor image about sales graph
  71. End of day reports manipulated by sales representatives
  72. House allowance reduced by 30 per cent company management
  73. Female co-workers refused to claim free medical facilities
  74. Lewd remarks by collegues during brainstorming session
  75. Sexist discrimination in salary hike and promotion
  76. Major promotion put on hold post due to TB detection
  77. Office politics during notice period in the company
  78. Will I get full salary without PAN card or anything will be deducted?
  79. How 2nd B.Tech Mechanical student can apply for summer training in an organisation?
  80. When will I get the joining letter of CRPF Head Constable?
  81. How to become a NEWS Reader having 20 years of experience in AIR with VANI certificate?
  82. Basic qualification required to become a boys hostel warden?
  83. Can I claim HRA exemption when it doesn't appear in Form 16?
  84. Working from last 5 years without appointment letter
  85. TDS deduction for royalty upon college fees?
  86. Latest circular for promotion in Central Government Office?
  87. Is an environmental related career possible after B.Tech EEE? Which course to study?
  88. Promotion criteria and perks offered in Border Security Force?
  89. Answer to- ĒWhy havenít you got job till now?Ē
  90. Computer Architecture and its importance in professional world
  91. Which is a better option between Siemens, Accenture and Wipro?
  92. How to deal with co-worker who get angry at every little cause?
  93. Lot of interference around my working area
  94. Professional guidance for group discussion
  95. Unable to perform well in my company
  96. Very bad experience during the interview
  97. Our manager is not authoritative at all
  98. Boss is very angry with me due to some misunderstanding
  99. What legal action can be taken against employee who violated the undertaking norms?
  100. What kind of work is done in back office?
  101. What type of work is given during internship?
  102. How to make more contacts in professional world?
  103. What is the need of extra curricular activities?
  104. Steps against sexual harassment in office?
  105. What is the attitude the interviewer searches for?
  106. What should be the dress code during official parties?
  107. Steps against inequality of work pressure?
  108. Havenít got any appraisal for the past 5 years
  109. Being demoted due to false accusations by my colleague
  110. Have been transferred 5 times during the past 6 years
  111. Being called back from my maternity leave in software company
  112. The company driver drinks and drives
  113. An employee coming back to work just 1 Ĺ months after her delivery
  114. Being absent on the day of appraisal will affect my appraisal?
  115. Failing continuously in the last 5 interviews
  116. Part time job in the same firm that hasnít paid me before
  117. Not getting a salary increment even after working for 10 years
  118. My co-ordinator is putting a lot of pressure on me without any increase in pay
  119. No appreciation inspite of a lot of hard work
  120. Maternity leave being put on hold
  121. Getting in a serious relationship with the employerís daughter
  122. Notice period has been changed recently
  123. No one ready to listen to my plan for the companyís better future
  124. Lot of chaos and confusion in office meetings
  125. No tea offered to the employees during lunch break
  126. Interview being held after the completion of training period
  127. Unable to attend my managerís daughter marriage
  128. Casual leave approved and later rejected due to assistantís managerís sudden official trip
  129. HR department cuts down casual leaves for sub editors on its own
  130. Boss asked to quit without salary
  131. HR department demands for proof for medical bills
  132. PF and other documents not returned after quitting
  133. PF deposits not mentioned in the salary sheet
  134. Asked to quit over 3 months of maternity leave
  135. Salary not credited due to confusion created by HR department
  136. Unpaid bills from company as part of tour expenses
  137. Regional manager cancels my company paid overseas tour
  138. Executive stole my project report from office system
  139. Sales manager abuses executives during lunch hours
  140. Company vehicle petrol log misused by co-workers
  141. Boss getting into personal matters especially married life
  142. Clientís trying to crack deal with under the table malpractices
  143. Show cause notice issued against absent without leave
  144. Office computer accessories stolen for personal usage
  145. Company refuses to pay for vehicle theft from office premises
  146. Working from home on half salary during maternity leave
  147. Confirmation letter yet not received after 6 months of working
  148. Will I receive the joining letter for Indian Air Force Group Y or not?
  149. Meaning of deployment index in TCS? Will there be hike in salary for 100% deployment?
  150. Asking for location change just after getting appointment letter will affect performance?
  151. Expected time to get joining an offer letter having selected in Wipro Wase?
  152. Is there any time period to withdraw provident fund?
  153. How valid it is if any undergraduate teaches post graduate students? Rules for such situation in Institute of National repute governed by MHRD?
  154. Career profile from Marketing to Marketing Research
  155. Is it required to pay back the amount to the company if I haven't served the notice period?
  156. Different types of leaves in a Software company?
  157. How to give CTC break along side TDS deductions?
  158. Salary as per the grade of Income Tax Officer?
  159. Can we ask for an interview in Hindi in MNCs?
  160. Is college politics important for a political career?
  161. How to verify if my company is undergoing loss?
  162. Is the post of a society secretary considered a full time job?
  163. How does one should answer job changes?
  164. Short term course for joining Infosys after 2 years gap?
  165. How to learn how to work with difficult people?
  166. How to reward employee loyalty even with budget cuts?
  167. Boss altered review comments about me
  168. Opinions are contradictory to those of the professional resume maker
  169. My company driver is always arguing with me
  170. Two sessions of group discussions being kept secret by the recruiting company
  171. Colleague not being punished for not serving the notice period
  172. Studying for the interview at the last moment
  173. Employer forcing me to get my health checkup done from the company hospital
  174. Employer not allowing me to take up a part time job
  175. Boss forcing every employee to do overtime
  176. Reprimanded for reaching office late due to traffic problems
  177. How to encourage the employee during failure?
  178. Format of undertaking letter
  179. How to stay motivated to enhance my performance?
  180. What is backoffice? What does shifing to backoffice of the company means?
  181. How to crack an IT interview?
  182. How to perform a good handshake?
  183. Is it compulsory to pay the medical bills if any employee becomes sick in office?
  184. How to improve the skills of presentation?
  185. How to prepare for presentation during conferences?
  186. Action against Indian Postal Service for losing consignments?
  187. Getting increment after every 5 years only
  188. Boss persuading me to stay in the company
  189. Very less stipend given to interns in government hospital
  190. No maternity leave being given as I am amidst a very important project
  191. None of my team members are talking with me
  192. Not being paid for the accommodation provided by the company
  193. Confused about the appraisal policies of my company
  194. Not getting any bonus during notice period
  195. Not able to fulfill the demands of my family members due to inadequate salary
  196. Not able to get adequate support from my team members
  197. Steps against disturbance of students while teaching?
  198. How to reply to boss if task not completed on time?
  199. SQL server and its importance in professional world?
  200. What should be my attitude on the first day of my office?
  201. Salary package not being discussed with me
  202. Not able to get adequate support from my team members
  203. What should be my attitude on the first day of my office?
  204. Steps against disturbance of students while teaching?
  205. How to reply to boss if task not completed on time?
  206. Answer to-ĒHow do you feel about doing repetitive work?Ē
  207. SQL server and its importance in professional world?
  208. How to start a company having a small business?
  209. Undue advantage of relationship with boss
  210. How to enter into the business world being a mechanical engineer?
  211. Action against teachers doing private tutions
  212. Steps to take against the delay in getting pension?
  213. Not confident about working on a particular project
  214. Friend telling me not to attend the interview as there is a lot of bias being practiced
  215. Manager prohibiting me from performing workouts in free time
  216. My colleague is trying to misguide me in a project
  217. My manager asking me to take a break from work
  218. Unemployed even after clearing the intermediate stage of CA course
  219. Manager trying to take my promotion back
  220. Not able to make friends with my colleagues
  221. Employees asking for two breaks of shorter duration
  222. Company putting the burden of working overtime on the male employees only
  223. Wearing jeans has been banned by our management
  224. What should be done to claim both casual and annual leaves together?
  225. Full maternity leave not being sanctioned for surrogate pregnancy
  226. Boss takes calls on signing travel allowance brochures
  227. Drunk drivers for dropping night shift female sub editors
  228. Cab not available for employees at late night shifts
  229. Judgmental editor causing problem in signing official identification papers
  230. Promotion due but getting lucrative offers from other companies
  231. False reason stated to get advance salary
  232. Company trying to transfer me against my wishes
  233. HR manager refuses down casual leave application
  234. Colleague read confidential employees details documents
  235. Boss insists on attending out of town workshops on own expense
  236. What should be done to claim both casual and annual leaves together?
  237. Drunk drivers for dropping night shift female sub editors
  238. Salary deduction for company development fund
  239. Causal leave confiscated because the sick leave has been exhausted
  240. Lucrative offer but not received in hand
  241. Does the matter come under managementís jurisdiction if a colleague is having debts at office canteen?
  242. Colleagues uses personal guests at office expense
  243. Late comerís 5 days salary deductedin the name of late coming
  244. Office decorum disturbed due to brawl
  245. Backfired by boss on loss of document during notice period
  246. PF deduction of more than 10 percent
  247. Does Relieving Letter necessary from previous private company while joining in central government job?
  248. Is it mandatory to work 300 days a year in a private job?
  249. Arrear LWF while payrolling arrear salary?
  250. Can I take maternity leave during my probation period?