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  1. Does medical bill covers endoscopy? What if HR is not sanctioning the bill?
  2. PF and other documents pending due to tiff with HR manager
  3. Sanctioned 10 days paid leave but still salary deducted by HR department
  4. Salary slashed in NGO after resuming post maternity leave
  5. Basic deducted from salary due to allowance woes
  6. Being questioned on my command and control policies due to unprofessional attitude of subordinate
  7. Boss shortens sanctioned leave without prior notice
  8. Colleagues bungled company funds, boss from UK expects resignation
  9. Sales manager refuses to accept my resignation with notice period
  10. Lot of colleagues making fun of my wife on her visit to office
  11. Office timings being extended by 2 hours for a month without any extra pay
  12. Deeply affected by my boss’s personal remarks on my weight
  13. Family problems acting as an obstacle during my training period
  14. Making comparisons with my best friend irritates me
  15. Unable to deal with the fickle-mindedness of my boss
  16. Well dressed employees getting preference for promotions
  17. Will I have to prove myself all over again after coming back from the maternity leave?
  18. Transfer not being granted inspite of high approach
  19. How to crack bank interview?
  20. Having a lot of pressure being the secretary of a reputed personality
  21. No fixed notice period specified in our company’s policy
  22. Very depressed due to my best friend’s termination
  23. Boss recommending the name of my colleague over me for an official trip to USA
  24. Our Airlines is undergoing a very bad time financially
  25. Job options for a M.Sc in Physics?
  26. Getting nervous about my first meeting with the foreign delegates
  27. Best companies for company secretary job in Delhi
  28. Colleagues can go to any extent to get the appraisal
  29. Are Mock Group Discussions worthy to attend?
  30. Sudden amendment in the increment policy of employees
  31. My office cabin being searched for stolen goods
  32. Colleague advising me to follow corrupt practices for success
  33. Problems due to interview being postponed to evening
  34. Unable to follow the doctor’s instructions who always speaks English
  35. Teacher forcing the students to follow her religious practices
  36. Being made redundant due to my teammate’s mistakes
  37. Manager wants to file a lawsuit against me on account of a very grave mistake committed
  38. Lot of terminations happening in my company
  39. Husband forcing me not to join the job
  40. Am I eligible for Gratuity in my 6th year in the company?
  41. Medical certificate and relieving order without paying any amount?
  42. Fund from government sector or provider for starting up own business
  43. When will I receive SI BSF joining letter?
  44. Clarification for Casual Leave not Inclusive of Holidays
  45. Will there be any problem with the PAN Card after joining new company?
  46. What can be done for increasing the profit of the company?
  47. Difference between permanent and short service commission?
  48. How to get promotion in the government sector?
  49. What is the use of cover letter? Is it necessary?
  50. How to maintain equilibrium in price through quantity and supply?
  51. What is the importance of demand forecasting?
  52. Action to be taken against bribe for recruitment?
  53. What is the need of GD during recruitment?
  54. Computer Networking and its importance in professional world
  55. Answer to-”Your expected salary”? Will I get appropriate salary?
  56. Can we increase PF amount which employee has to deposit?
  57. What to do if instructions are not followed by the team members?
  58. -How to do publicity of a new product effectively?
  59. How to motivate my co-workers?
  60. Company persuading to not resign
  61. Complaint against inequality of work pressure
  62. Teacher leaving for home during the free periods
  63. What should be my attitude when I am shifted to the new team where my ex-husband is a member?
  64. Can I claim for medical reimbursement if I get sick in the office?
  65. How to write a good undertaking letter to provide assurance to the higher authority?
  66. Can company relieve early before notice period?
  67. Why there are deductions on incentives?
  68. Are days for salary are counted on monthly basis?
  69. How can we claim to consultancy if done fraudulent?
  70. Are back entries legal in some organisations?
  71. Can work profile be different to that of designation provided?
  72. Difference in benefits of contractual recruitments
  73. Why overtime for labours not for managerial employees?
  74. Working on two contracts simultaneously for different organisations
  75. How to control my temper at the workplace?
  76. Not able to find a deserving job after 2 years of gap
  77. Fed up of working on a meagre salary for the past 10 years
  78. My boss is taking the credit for my success
  79. Unfair comparisons being made by the manager
  80. Unable to handle the hardships of professional life
  81. Advantages and disadvantages of starting my own business
  82. New employees showing no respect to the security guard
  83. My boss is forcing me to wear shirts of selective colours only
  84. Long official tours affecting my health
  85. No provision of water purifier in our company
  86. Finding it hard to deal with my boss’s demands
  87. Salary being credited in parts from past 4 months
  88. Unable to think of a good strategy for my project
  89. Lots of chaos and confusion in our office
  90. Special diet being prescribed for all the employees
  91. Taking money for attending the off-campus recruitment interview
  92. Being given a lot of extra work during the notice period
  93. Not being given the maternity leave for my second child
  94. Being called back just after 1 month of transfer
  95. Being terminated just for contradicting my boss
  96. How to answer the question “ To what extent can you go for the sake of the company? “ in the interview?
  97. Employees indulging themselves in the constant flattery of boss
  98. Festival bonus not being given from the past 2 years
  99. Manager of my software company asking for bribe for being promoted
  100. Not able to answer properly due to speech problem
  101. Refusal to pay the shopping expenses by the manager
  102. The salary increment not being implemented on time
  103. Constant argument between the manager and the HR
  104. Teachers showing resentment against the new pattern
  105. Drunk colleagues during night shifts in printing devision
  106. Sales manager gets abusive during meets
  107. Boss rejects leave applications, wife has miscarriage
  108. Junior gets promoted, company cornered me
  109. Infertility issues need immediate attention but declaring the reason for leave application is bothering
  110. Pregnant colleague back to office but refuses to get back to original shift
  111. Leaves rejected on grounds of being bachelor
  112. Difficult pregnancy but official trip abroad on cards
  113. Promotion due but getting lucrative overseas offer
  114. Opting for another round of IVF, leave bank exhausted
  115. Unable to compete with my colleagues
  116. Summer internship in MNCs for 3rd years B.Tech Computer Science student?
  117. Appoinment letter is not given by company
  118. How thanks Wipro on being selected through campus recruitment?
  119. Transferring PF Account from one company to another
  120. Is there any tax or charges on received amount through RTGS
  121. Bonus being deducted from our accounts after being given
  122. Male colleagues forcing the female colleagues to get their photos clicked
  123. Boss wants me to be the performer of the month
  124. Went for joining today but the office was closed
  125. How to ask for a longer maternity leave as I have been diagnosed with twins?
  126. Lot of competition among my colleagues making it difficult to get a promotion or an increment
  127. Interview with a panel of 5 interviewers
  128. Increments only being given to 3 employees
  129. Forced by company to change my e-mail account
  130. My boss is asking about my facebook account
  131. Teachers helping the students during their exams in a government school
  132. Software Testing and its importance in professional world
  133. Answer to-”You have stayed for a long time with your last company-Why?”
  134. Higher authority asked to do project under junior
  135. Effect of increasing the quality and price on company?
  136. Attitude to be adopted by boss on farewell day?
  137. Is there any reservation policy in Indian Army?
  138. Anger of other things showered on me by boss
  139. Is there any extra facility if loan is taken from the bank where I work?
  140. What type of dress code should be followed in office being Manager?
  141. Action against theft in the office?
  142. Theft of office items while going to deliver
  143. Late timing for lunch because of seniors
  144. Complaint against adulterated food by students of hostel
  145. How to get rid of negative attitude?
  146. How to reply to a show cause notice?
  147. Which is a better option between TCS, Infosys and Aricent?
  148. What are the medical tests carried out in Army?
  149. Norms for setting bank in India
  150. Promotion criteria and perks offered in nationalized Banks
  151. Can a 40 year old woman get good job with M.Sc qualification?
  152. The labour union leader trying to blackmail the management
  153. No proper transport facilities available from my home to my workplace
  154. Teachers behaving rudely with the Vice-Principal
  155. Boss is threatening to terminate my services if I don’t marry her daughter
  156. Company is not appointing me due to some religious prejudice
  157. Getting various placement offers but only from small companies
  158. Company not giving the adequate increment according to the performance
  159. No bonus policy mentioned in the company’s brochure
  160. Details about the salary package of an Income Tax officer
  161. Company delaying the approval of my resignation letter
  162. Manager forcing me to resign for not listening to him
  163. Very tough questions asked in my previous interview
  164. Salary package not being disclosed by the interviewer
  165. How to become the team leader in one of the projects?
  166. No disciplinary action being taken against the culprit
  167. My presentation being criticized by the senior officials
  168. Continuous maternity leave not being given
  169. Height of negligence on the part of the accounts department
  170. Client revealing the truth at the last moment
  171. Tasting lot of success in short span of time in a MNC
  172. Boss making fun of me in front of other senior officials
  173. The students not able to get used to my accent
  174. Assistant manager misbehaving with the employees
  175. Is it possible to join my new job 2 days later due to some urgent piece of work?
  176. Is it good to complete my pending work during my maternity leave?
  177. Previous employer not ready to pay my 3 months salary after delaying it for a year
  178. Lot of relaxation being given to one of the employees
  179. Not getting the new job due to some bad blood with the previous company
  180. Not able to understand the plan of my team leader
  181. Management forcing me to increase the bonus of one of the employees
  182. Prolonged smoking breaks during peak of office hours
  183. Personal chores of managers done by peons during office hours
  184. Office secretary uses office car and phones for personal use
  185. Promised hike on relocation but never received
  186. Higher ups pulling away hands from investigating into spat which involved police
  187. Fake reasons by medical representatives to skip annual meetings
  188. Extreme abusive behavior by female boss on asking for salary hike
  189. Co-workers maligning my image on competitor’s instigation
  190. Being transferred due to unknown reasons
  191. Acknowledgement number issue with NSR Registration
  192. Extension of contractual CBI Stenographers
  193. Do private students face any problem at the time of Job?
  194. Terms and conditions for JBT TRS to promote as a TGT according to fresh notification?
  195. Are mark sheets and certificates required for gratuity benefits in limited firm?
  196. All India LTC from home town for vocational staff
  197. Which types of employees should be sent for foreign tour?
  198. Action against nurse for misbehaving with patient's family?
  199. Steps to give advertisement of a product on television?
  200. Rules for setting up dental clinic
  201. Is it possible to enter the professional medical world without MD after MBBS?
  202. How to prepare for bank exams and interviews?
  203. How to build concentration in work?
  204. Possibility of teaching and doing research simultaneously
  205. How to make my guitar playing as my profession?
  206. Promotion criteria and perks offered in Indian Police Force
  207. Answer to-”How would you compensate for the lack of experience you have for this position?”
  208. Data Structure and its importance in professional world
  209. Uncomfortable of being the only female member in the team of males
  210. Why email etiquettes are necessary?
  211. How to develop leadership skills?
  212. How to choose the right employer?
  213. How to gain self confidence in professional life?
  214. How to do stress management?
  215. What should be the body language in a group discussion?
  216. Will it be right to force a person to go for a tour against his will?
  217. Free monger editor from another city office refuses pay party share
  218. Female boss misuses her power to sign leave sanctions
  219. Drunk drivers for dropping female sub editors after night shifts
  220. Office vehicle misused and petrol log goes missing
  221. Applied for home loan, boss refuses to sign documents
  222. Promotion is due for last 5 years in semi government organisation
  223. Co-worker got sanctioned advance payment on false grounds
  224. Colleague sneaks into office computer without permission
  225. Discriminatory attitude by divorcee manager
  226. Tour expenses pending for the last one year, boss refuse to sign
  227. Boss maligns female journalists and kills growth opportunity
  228. Sidelined in appraisals but loaded with field work
  229. HR manager refuses to sign annual leave note on grounds of years of service
  230. Interns indulge in free coupons from PR agencies
  231. Disrespect to female colleague on grounds of ethnicity
  232. Misuse of office conveyance for personal chores
  233. Eligibility of OBC-NCL for candidates whose parents are Doctor with less than 4.5 lacs of annual income?
  234. Boss changes decision for official tour without formal information
  235. Working in graveyard shift but BPO management not particular about security arrangements
  236. Management cancels offer letter without prior information
  237. Information about recruitment policies of advertising agencies
  238. One of my employees does not deserve redundancy
  239. Recession has affected both personal and professional life badly
  240. Female employee trying to divert my attention from work
  241. Employee not bothering to pay any respect to his seniors
  242. Lot of absentees during the office meetings
  243. The interviewer being too harsh on me
  244. Not getting any job due to some previous issues
  245. How to avail the maternity leave for the second time?
  246. Company asking me to pay a hefty amount for getting the job
  247. Manager interfering a lot in the project of my team
  248. Medical testing of new employees not being done in our company
  249. Placement offers being given only to selected students
  250. Being terminated during the training period