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  1. No decent parties organised for females in office
  2. Demotion letter issued due to negligence of employer
  3. Blackmail by senior employee after saving me from a case
  4. What action should I take if employees are not punctual?
  5. What is the work of Chief Analytics Officer?
  6. How to project myself as a scientist at national level?
  7. Additional benefits in Indian Railways apart from salary?
  8. Difference between the resume for Graduate Engineer Trainee and Management Trainee
  9. Job for 30 year old inexperienced woman with MSc(Textile) qualification?
  10. Promotion criteria and perks offered in Metro Railway Corporation?
  11. How to crack PSU’s interview being GATE qualified?
  12. Questions asked in the interview conducted by software companies to electronics students?
  13. Answer to-”What qualities would you look for in your senior?”
  14. Embedded Systems and its importance in professional world
  15. Which is a better option between HCL(Off-Campus), HP(On-Campus) and Dell(Off-Campus)?
  16. How to show cooperative skills in a GD?
  17. What is the need of judging body language?
  18. What is the proper body posture during GD?
  19. Tips required to achieve success in job
  20. How the presence of mind can be increased?
  21. Inspite of performance, promotion put on hold due to region factor
  22. Fertility related surgery occurred, HR manager forcing on submitting medical diagnosis report
  23. De-motivating the female co workers and providing maltreatment
  24. Sexually harassed at workplace by male boss
  25. HR department refuses to provide experience letter
  26. Mentally harassed at company for no reason
  27. Promotion cancelled due to correspondence MBA Course
  28. Possibility of salary hike for performance in the middle of the year?
  29. Action against cleaning staff for passing lewd comments on female workers?
  30. Details of Annual Increment Policy is never transparent, newbies facing boss’s ire
  31. My leave application never gets sanctioned
  32. Management turns deaf ears for changing shifts for female editors
  33. Office vehicle used for personal chores by boss and his family
  34. Applied for car loan, boss is refusing to sign documents
  35. Promotion is due but management refuses to pay attention
  36. Unaccounted work piles on without any appreciation
  37. Casual leaves are pending but boss refuses to sign leave application for marriage
  38. Colleague sneaks into cabin to check out work details
  39. Discriminatory attitude on basis of region by boss
  40. Promised travel expenses pending for the last 12 months
  41. Not being appointed even after giving all the answers correctly in the interview
  42. Joining date falling on a major holiday
  43. Working very hard for the interviews but without any surety of getting the job
  44. Our boss expects every employee to have a good sense of humour
  45. Our boss chatters nineteen to the dozen
  46. Poor judgement on the manager’s part led to my downfall
  47. Not able to persuade my customers for buying my goods
  48. Notice period is an extra burden on an employee
  49. Management asking for donation from every employee
  50. Employee forcing me to recommend his name to his boss
  51. Employee emotionally blackmailing me to stop his termination
  52. Repenting after leaving my government job
  53. No fixed date being kept for the interview
  54. Complete wastage of an interview
  55. Why to celebrate my success with my colleagues?
  56. How to thank my boss for the unexpected promotion?
  57. Management not ready to provide bonus to its employees
  58. Being given the responsibility of choosing laptops for the employees
  59. Getting threatening calls for promotion
  60. Improper provision of electricity in our hospital
  61. Provision for regular income if employee loses his life due to office reasons
  62. Same Travelling Allowances for metro cities
  63. Termination due to disagreement on doing personal works
  64. Half of the staff been given leaves at the time of Audit
  65. I have been asked to sit at the lower profile when concerned person is absent
  66. Will my performance appraisal be affected if I say no to Transfers?
  67. Can cases be sued on employees if they found guilty on company norms?
  68. Promotion got detained due to complaining about manager
  69. Are there any special norms for females during their travelling due to office reasons?
  70. To which extent we can discuss for packages?
  71. What if candidate has experience but with termination letter?
  72. Can a company ask to leave a job if employee found with no final degree of his last education?
  73. Company is keeping a security amount for belongings given
  74. My manager gives tracks emails of employees
  75. My boss cut my salary for going out for interview
  76. Legal notice to recover office debt
  77. What action should be taken against teacher who is taking bribe for admission?
  78. What to do if customer tries to give bribe to cut off his tax fine?
  79. What mistakes should be avoided for good career?
  80. Can I talk in hindi in a GD?
  81. How to improve body language?
  82. How to improve leadership skills?
  83. Ways to develop good planning skills
  84. How to motivate my newly formed team?
  85. What points should be kept in mind while allocating tasks to the team members?
  86. -How to do time management effectively?
  87. What is the good attitude for professional world?
  88. How can good attitude contribute to success?
  89. How to improve my common sense?
  90. How should I increase my self esteem?
  91. Am I eligible for Civil Services exam at the age of 33 years?
  92. Unable to cope up with the changing technology
  93. Not being paid the travel allowance according to the latest petrol rates
  94. Manager threatening to take away my perks if I don’t improve my performance
  95. Very sad for my friend who didn’t get any salary hike
  96. Boss asking me to help a junior employee when I myself is overburdened with work
  97. No trees around our workplace for fresh air to breath
  98. Boss suggesting me to cheat my friend for achieving success
  99. Lucrative offer post confirmation only on papers
  100. Promised hiked salary not granted to me
  101. Promised package not given by management
  102. Sub editors gets no appraisal
  103. Conditions for promotion in new advertising agency
  104. Non-performing assistant manager bags foreign tour
  105. Unclear policies for promotion during another city transfer
  106. Air hostess misuses out-of-station stay allowance
  107. What to do if the manager is showing no interest in your work?
  108. Unable to work with full conviction
  109. Salary not being given as promised in the newspaper
  110. Boss does not care about the safety of the employees
  111. Will arguing with the manager cost me my job?
  112. Inevitable circumstances forced me to slap my colleague
  113. Lost the money given by my boss for office work
  114. Nervous about my first presentation as a manager
  115. Getting double the bonus due to some mistake of the accounts department
  116. My recent termination was a bolt out of the blue
  117. Not able to finish my tasks on time
  118. Not getting maternity leave due to financial crisis
  119. Employee begging me to stop his transfer
  120. Company asking me to be the part of recruitment team
  121. Not received any letter regarding the postponement of joining date
  122. Eligibility to get the OBC NCL certificate? Which one will be considered in Anna University OBC Creamy or OBC Non Creamy?
  123. When will HCL gives me offer letter? HCL don't conducts Pre-Assessment Test anymore? Will it be okay if I join in BPO which is not my core?
  124. Not recieving salary and experience certificate and relieving letter
  125. Can I join Government firm after voluntary retirement from Private firm?
  126. Can I get job having backlog in 3rd and 5th semester? How to find out the backlog rule of the company?
  127. Explain the deduction of Labour Welfare Fund Salary
  128. Can I start my own Biotechnology Industry?
  129. Which is better M.Tech from NIT or job in TCS?
  130. Working hours for women in private company in Gurgaon
  131. Starting pay after Diploma in Electrical with more than 70%?
  132. Status of present NET LS rank and its validity in future?
  133. Is it possible to apply for PF after being relieved 2 years past?
  134. How to rejoin ICICI Bank Ltd?
  135. Wether having a blacklog paper affect me while getting jobs in PSU or IES?
  136. Orientation Course in Probation Period for Central University Asst Professor and Others
  137. Will it be problem if I get less than my previous NET rank after reappearing?
  138. Fee and last date to apply for 45 days summer training in a Company?
  139. It is mandatory to intimate current employer before applying for higher post in another PSU?
  140. Asked to quit all of sudden due to out of town tours
  141. PF cuts not deposited by company management
  142. Mark sheet and other documents not returned after resignation
  143. HR department demands for proof for travelling bills
  144. Asked to quit without prior notice and 3 months salary
  145. Sidelined during international tour by boss
  146. Sexist approach towards female colleagues on basis of work
  147. Boss threatens to ruin internship if sidelined from after office hours party
  148. Forced to attend late night drinks parties
  149. Boss demotivate freshers for layman approach
  150. Boss forces to do personal chores
  151. Colleagues refuse to accept young boss
  152. Boss threatens about small city transfers
  153. Officiating boss throws personal questions for salary advance
  154. Biased attitude of female colleague ruining my image
  155. Boss giving me unusual looks from the past few days
  156. Company asking me to resume my job in the middle of the notice period
  157. Can I be terminated just for lack of confidence?
  158. My uncle is going to be one of my interviewers
  159. Unable to find an important CD given to me by my boss
  160. How to make full use of online marketing?
  161. What to do if I am not comfortable with my team?
  162. Action against teacher for improper teaching?
  163. How to deal with the corruption in the workplace?
  164. Can two jobs be done simultaneously?
  165. How to express grief on the death of boss’ father?
  166. What should be done to maintain cleanliness in the office?
  167. Internet and Web technologies and its importance in professional world
  168. Answer to-”What motivates you at work?”
  169. How to crack core company interview?
  170. Promotion criteria and perks offered in Indian Airlines?
  171. Job for 30 year old inexperienced woman with Mass Communication qualification?
  172. Difference between the resume for manager and technical manager/project head?
  173. Additional benefits in Indian Air force apart from salary
  174. How to project myself as a business tycoon at national level?
  175. What is the work of freelancer?
  176. Accounts department always delaying their work
  177. How to ask for a loan from my manager?
  178. My colleague not returning my money back
  179. Should I sign a bond of 2 years duration?
  180. Irrational thinking on the part of the Team leader
  181. Boss needs to learn anger management
  182. Employees begging for salary hike from the manager
  183. Getting reprimanded due to lot of leaves
  184. Producers asking me to make a lot of unnecessary changes
  185. Being jobless for one month due to extension of joining date
  186. Unable to finalize the name for my team
  187. Salary bonus being credited to my personal account
  188. Training period requires a lot of hard work
  189. Notice period being shortened by a week
  190. Unable to deal with the weird mannerisms of my nurse
  191. Our boss is an over-emotional person
  192. How to save the reputation of my company?
  193. How to bring up the sagging confidence of an employee?
  194. No separated salary account being provided by the company
  195. Resident editor hurl abuses during edition time
  196. Executive sneaked into my project report from office system
  197. Regional manager withheld my promotion
  198. Former employee's unpaid bills to be paid by company?
  199. Salary not credited for being on leave
  200. Perks and salary given to a MBBS doctor in both private and government hospitals?
  201. Our manager is a bundle of nerves
  202. How to admit my fault to the manager?
  203. Being overcriticized for my misbehaviour
  204. Suddenly got blank during one of the group discussions
  205. Information about the salary package of a CA
  206. No increment due to fight between me and my colleague
  207. My boss compelling me to meet his daughter
  208. Shocked at the betrayal by my best friend
  209. Overconfidence leads to failure in getting job
  210. Being transferred to some place in South
  211. Interviewer leaving the room in the middle of the interview
  212. Termination of 3 of my colleagues together
  213. My name being incorrectly published in the newspaper
  214. Many perks being withdrawn by the company during the time of recession
  215. Vice principal indulging in sexual harassment of the teachers
  216. Principal ignoring the teacher's complaints against the students
  217. Lack of proper furniture at our workplace
  218. Office Secretary lacking the basic manners
  219. Being Senior Juniors not obeying my orders
  220. Questions asked in the interview conducted by core companies in mechanical field?
  221. Will I get extra marks on initiating a group discussion?
  222. What kind of work one has to do in the training period?
  223. How to cut off the extra expenses of a company?
  224. Not comfortable with the western dress code in Indian Office
  225. How to start a Graphic Designing Business?
  226. What are the skills to become favourite of boss?
  227. How to improve my writing skills?
  228. How to achieve good listening skills?
  229. What should be my attitude as HR towards the trainees in the beginning?
  230. What kind of work is done in the back office of a company?
  231. What should be done for the health of the employees?
  232. What is the work of HR Manager in MNC's?
  233. How to project myself as a leader at national level?
  234. Additional benefits in Indian Navy apart from salary
  235. Difference between the resume for HR and Technical post?
  236. Can a 40 year old woman get good job with MA qualification?
  237. Promotion criteria and perks offered in Sashastra Seema Bal (SSB)?
  238. Questions asked in Clerk interview conducted by Railways?
  239. Importance of Aadhaar Card for private organisations
  240. Female boss favours female employees
  241. Harassment after office hours by Senior Officials
  242. Humiliation in front of female staff during presentation
  243. Fake salary promises and no option left for leaving the new job
  244. Direct entrance in government organisation for divorced wife?
  245. Casual wears not allowed on Saturday in my organisation
  246. No AC allowed in my office in the month of March
  247. Unusual lunch timing after 4PM by employer
  248. What would be the efficiency of work during notice period?
  249. Attitude on first day of office as Boss
  250. Physically handicapped colleague gets sidelined during annual appraisal