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  1. Can I pursue Mass Communication after 12th having science as my subject?
  2. What should I do to get high salary while pursuing CA?
  3. How can I apply for internship in companies like L &T and Philips? Qualification required?
  4. Future opportunities in Fashion Designing
  5. Sanctioning of PF amount on behalf of the candidate due to death
  6. Employer is warning on taking too much leaves. Shall I talk to him regarding this?
  7. Being an employer can I ask my employee to refund my expenses been borne as training expenses of him if he resigns just after his training?
  8. Employer not issuing experience letter. What should be done if he rejects to issue an appointment letter?
  9. Not been allowed in events and parties being the fact that I am a marketing manager
  10. Can an existing boss refer to a good company through his approach?
  11. How to enter as intern in big MNC’s?
  12. Company not granting my due amount of very small amount
  13. Are there any provision to choose such type of profile in which only completion of matters not the sitting hours of office?
  14. Are there any fixed amount granted by company if an employee doesn’t claim for any medical expenses?
  15. I am not been allowed for mailing directly to the head office. What shall I do?
  16. Work burden due to resignation of half of the staff
  17. What does interviewer expect when it comes to arguments?
  18. Shall interns be given with petrol conveyance?
  19. Boss deducting money on delay due to seasonal reasons too
  20. Boss doesn’t use his own brain for politics been played in office
  21. What legal actions are taken for an employee creating a wrong image of another employee?
  22. Half day salary deducted while facing an accident in office
  23. No personal calls allowed in office like schools
  24. No bonus or salary increment on winning the company at no.1 level
  25. What criteria should be maintained while choosing the best performer?
  26. Not happy with the sitting place at my workplace
  27. How to deal with high work pressure since the more I perform, the more work load is given on me?
  28. What should be kept in mind and implemented while launching a new product in the market?
  29. What to do if team is not working according to the plan made?
  30. What to do if a team member is not cooperating with me?
  31. How to convey boss to improve his English?
  32. Boss frequently giving threats for sacking from job for small mistakes
  33. How to convey to boss that we are getting late because of him?
  34. Which is a better option between Coca Cola(Off-Campus) and Pepsico(On-Campus)?
  35. Software Development Fundamentals(SDF) and its importance in professional world
  36. Answer to-”What do you do to improve your knowledge?”
  37. Salary hike issue still unresolved
  38. Lot of peer pressure for getting a good job
  39. Information about PF and its rules in a Software company
  40. Unable to digest my boss’s remarks on me
  41. How to persuade my manager to get my colleague transferred with me?
  42. Boss asking me to arrange for a projector for my powerpoint presentation, at the last moment
  43. Getting a lot of undue attention due to my handicap
  44. Interviews getting tougher by the day
  45. Medical issues leaked before entire team, person facing social boycott
  46. Lucrative offer post resignation in the same group of companies
  47. Unable to get desired package, is it ok to quit the company within second month?
  48. Sub editors sidelined for official launch parties during major events
  49. Conditions for transfer and promotion within sister concern company
  50. Is fully paid abroad trip include my within city travel?
  51. Promotion policies based on performance or years of service?
  52. Executives make up fake out-of-station duty allowance brochures
  53. Boss refuses to sign my rent allowance brochures
  54. Drunk drivers misbehaved with night shift female sub editors
  55. Late night accident in office cab, driver fled leaving injured editors
  56. Editor causing problem in signing loan formality papers
  57. Promotion cancelled due to terminal illness
  58. False reason stated by female employee for leave
  59. HR manager refuses to hand over annual contract documents
  60. Colleague read health record of employees
  61. Boss insists on attending out of town clients meeting on own expense
  62. Queries about LTC covering all expenses
  63. Salary hiked but only on papers
  64. Boss nosey about personal tensions
  65. No satisfactory response on complaints for non availability of WiFi connection in our company
  66. Interviewer getting too personal in the interview
  67. Salary hike in our company is a distant dream
  68. One of the employees asking for 1 month extra duration of maternity leave
  69. Received a fake job offer email from Tech Mahindra
  70. Casual leave application pending approval even after 3 days
  71. How to reward an employee for his brilliant performance in the project?
  72. My colleague challenging me that he will outdo me in the project
  73. Feeling guilty on being reprimanded by boss for the stolen laptop
  74. My friend pleading me for copying my ideas
  75. Lost my appraisal due to a silly mistake on my part
  76. My habit of forgetfulness can cost me my job?
  77. Company fooling the employees in the name of salary hike
  78. Haven’t got a single promotion in last 10 years
  79. Teachers encouraging the students to believe in superstitions
  80. Boss wants me to complete the task 3 days before the deadline
  81. A 3 months pregnant woman wants to join our company
  82. Employer always makes up some excuses whenever I ask him for my salary
  83. Have not gone to my home for the past 3 months due to the excessive work pressure
  84. Not able to give proper attention to my child due to late office timing
  85. Chances of elimination in Pre-Employment test?
  86. What is the salary offering for freshers in NTT DATA company
  87. What is the scope of growth in Remote Infrastructure management?
  88. How to be a good Journalist?
  89. Should better salary be the only criteria for switching company?
  90. What to do if the employee is late on the first day of joining office?
  91. Boss choosing me instead of a deserving employee for promotion
  92. Things that recruiters do no want in a resume of a candidate
  93. How safe is freelance modelling from professional point of view?
  94. What to do if assistant manager behaves rudely with us?
  95. How safe is freelance modelling from professional point of view?
  96. Boss choosing me instead of a deserving employee for promotion
  97. How to overcome nervousness on promotion to higher designation?
  98. Two month’s salary withheld during trainee period
  99. HR department’s irrelevant policies about religions
  100. Salary rollback and demotion for lack of performance in first quarter
  101. Major promotion for a new manager without performance graph
  102. Discrimination on the basis caste during appraisal
  103. Lewd remarks for gay working partners. What action can be taken?
  104. Female co-workers refuse to take postings outside native town
  105. House allowance deducted from salary for having roommate
  106. Can action be taken against client for molesting office secretary?
  107. PF deduction policy for contractual staff
  108. Maternity leave provision during third child
  109. Can casual leaves be merged in the year end
  110. Company backs out after verbal confirmation for job
  111. Female boss passing work during maternity leave
  112. Company refuses to approve 3 months maternity leave
  113. Show cause notice issued for manhandling office staff
  114. Client’s unethical practice of sending expensive gifts caught by owner
  115. Boss getting into personal details and trying to dictate terms
  116. Company vehicle hit one pedestrian, boss wants me to mull away the accident
  117. Unable to convince my boss about my colleague’s bad behaviour with me
  118. Not having the heart to go to my colleague’s party
  119. A certain company employing the people without conducting any interviews
  120. Office commitments forcing me to ignore my personal life
  121. My colleagues advising me to use unfair means for getting the job
  122. Being made redundant after 1 month
  123. Salary advance request being accepted but no implementation till now
  124. Colleagues forcing me to drink during official parties
  125. My sister’s wedding falling on the same day as company’s 25 years celebrations
  126. The termination of our manager has weakened my position in the company
  127. One of the employees showing off his personal laptop
  128. Good appraisal causing differences between my friend and me
  129. Increment only being reserved for the senior employees
  130. Unhygienic canteen food leading to loss of pay
  131. My resume being highly criticized by my teachers
  132. Finding salary negotiation a very difficult task
  133. Some of the teachers not encouraging their students to take part in extra-curricular activities
  134. Finding it very hard to take orders from a much younger person
  135. Manager not approving of my salary hike
  136. Our manager going through a very bad time in his personal life
  137. Duration of RD for debate in Income tax?
  138. What is the period to with draw the VRS, if an individual made force to apply VRS?
  139. Can a private employee do part time job on week offs?
  140. Which government sector gives more salary and good facilities to engineers?
  141. When the joining letter of CPO SI will be sent?
  142. Letter for not necessary provident fund scheme?
  143. How to demand for Advance Salary on new joining in a company?
  144. Up to what amount can I claim for medical expenses as per ESI deduction?
  145. Am I eligible for OBC NC if father's annual income exceeds 5.4 lacs per annum?
  146. No rewards given for a wonderful marketing plan by me
  147. Details of Deductions on Voluntarily Retirement
  148. Money lended by employer to family member without my consent
  149. Employer performing black magic to get business
  150. Seven days salary deducted on denying for official tour
  151. Liquor party in school farewell by the principal. Is this a right gesture?
  152. Got fired due to mailing resume from official mail id
  153. To which level the pay grade every month in government job are allowed?
  154. Why do computer programme certificates from government organisation is only allowed in LDS Panchayati Raj Recruitments?
  155. What kind of a job will be there for Panchayati Raj LDC Recruitments?
  156. No reimbursements on food poisoning due to office canteen food
  157. Are 1st year students of GNM Nursing allowed to practice small surgeries in hospitals?
  158. Is this a right decision to stay after resigning if employer gives a good deal in package?
  159. Provision of “last door exam” after completion of training period
  160. Does the pay grade in government jobs equal for non performers too?
  161. Can a government official force a private concern for a candidate’s recruitment?
  162. How can non-journalism candidate apply in the same field?
  163. Training in government sector but certificate given for private sector
  164. Why every organisation is not open for trainings of students?
  165. Does fluency in English needed of opting for modelling career?
  166. Should I leave my call centre job and try for better opportunities?
  167. Things to be kept in mind for opening a restaurant
  168. Ways to improve marketing and sales?
  169. Not getting the permanent job being promised by company
  170. -Discrimination in my work place in Government Office
  171. What to do if wrong inferences were given by the accounts department
  172. Are we allowed to speak in local languages in a GD?
  173. What should be my attitude while working under my ex-wife?
  174. Manager asks me to decide on a matter concerning a Senior Employee who helped me alot
  175. What to do if I get late in completion of my tasks because of boss?
  176. Boss talking more about personal issues than professional
  177. Not getting money for the telephone bills
  178. What should be kept in mind while filling the tender?
  179. How to handle the short temperament of boss being his PA?
  180. Not getting the desired training center
  181. Getting uncomfortable because of boss’ daughter’s proposal
  182. Action against doctor for giving wrong treatment to the patients
  183. Company vehicle petrol log always missing, HR stays mum
  184. Boss gets abusive before the junior management team
  185. Fresh executives indulge in under the table malpractices
  186. Show cause notice issued against alleged misappropriation of funds
  187. Office computer accessories missing, no missing report formed
  188. Company refuses to pay for vehicle damage from office premises
  189. Can working from home option be counted in resume?
  190. Confirmation letter yet not received after 18 months of working without single leave
  191. Good incentives but low salary in Marketing and Sales Job
  192. No relieving due to customer’s bad debt
  193. Delay in lunch timings because of Boss
  194. Casual leaves and annual leave denied in the first year of service?
  195. Can surrogate pregnancy come under maternity leave?
  196. Salary deducted for approved casual leave, HR talks of company policy
  197. Extra hours in night shifts but no extra payments given
  198. Biased HR department policies towards people on basis of region
  199. Reporting boss ruins my image, marriage called off
  200. Salary negotiation refused after joining, lesser salary amount handed over
  201. Salary put on hold due to resignation of two contractual executives
  202. Asked to join lower rank with salary cut post maternity leave
  203. Only 35 per cent of the House allowances reimbursed
  204. Petrol allowance promised during interview but never reimbursed
  205. Salary not credited for first month post confirmation
  206. Boss borrowing my driver for his personal work
  207. Boss expecting too much from me at one time
  208. : Is it right for a female boss to smoke?
  209. Two of my team members simultaneously opting for their maternity leave
  210. Sarcastic approach of our boss towards his employees
  211. Our team leader met with a sudden accident now the whole responsibility has come on me
  212. How to ask for a salary hike so as to double my present salary?
  213. Procedure to re-negotiate my salary after joining
  214. Non-vegetarian food not being allowed at our workplace
  215. How to make my colleague improve his work performance?
  216. How to win my boss’s confidence this time?
  217. Colleague showing bad table manners
  218. Is counteracting other’s viewpoints a part of group discussions?
  219. Boss asking me to be a part of software development team
  220. How to make my boss’s birthday special for him?
  221. Was surprised by the interviewer’s conversation in Hindi
  222. Unable to match step to step with my boss
  223. My wife forcing me to take up a transferable job
  224. Boss himself found smoking while the employees are not allowed to
  225. Being called for an urgent meeting during the maternity leave
  226. In how many days will I get the advance from PF office?
  227. Will a false 498a FIR affect my career in IT sector?
  228. Bank PO VS Auditor (CAG) Job
  229. Can I apply for OBC NCL(non-creamy layer) certificate as per my parents combined income? What is the procedure for it?
  230. Rejoining previous company having 4 years experience as Assistant Professor? Should I got for certification courses?
  231. Employee not participating in contributions made but writes his name in list
  232. Does taking higher education in between of a working career affects negatively?
  233. For how long in an individual career, do marks consider?
  234. Will my part time salary be taxable under government norms?
  235. How can we claim ESI money if not used as medical claim?
  236. What are the protection laws for nurses in hospitals?
  237. Can salary be deducted for resignated employee for not giving training to replacement?
  238. Consideration of private job’s experience in government sectors
  239. Manager complaining about office issues at employees home
  240. Organisation providing various educational courses for employees in free timings?
  241. Boss’s family member’s orders for personal works
  242. General Manager communicates wrong information
  243. Employees being forced to come on Sunday on grounds of cutting 3 days salary
  244. Penalty when resignation due to boss
  245. Comments by boss on having a dark complexion skin
  246. No official notice about salary hikes till March mid
  247. What could be a minimum period for sanctioning leaves?
  248. No prayers allowed on my personal desk in office
  249. No outing planned by the employer
  250. No separate facilities for females in office