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  1. Boss resorting to bias in the form of looks
  2. My colleague is threatening me to leave the company
  3. Donít want to reveal the truth as my friend might lose his job
  4. Unable to understand why my boss is constantly troubling me
  5. Employees threatening to go on strike if we donít raise their salaries
  6. Sick of asking my boss for a transfer in a Software firm
  7. Unable to think about a proper reason for taking leave
  8. How to make a new beginning in my career?
  9. Unfinished tasks give me a lot of stress working in a MNC
  10. What to do so that our Principal doesnít change?
  11. My friends say that I am very hopeless at group discussions
  12. My hard work is not paying off working in a government organisation
  13. The best way to apologize to my boss for my mistake
  14. For Married woman, is the OBC based on husband or father?
  15. For Married woman, is the OBC based on husband or father?
  16. Legal procedure to leave company after serving 1 month notice period out of 2 months notice period?
  17. Can I reappear in UGC NET for JRF if appeared already? Whether my previous scorecard will be cancelled?
  18. Taking campus placement interviews for the first time
  19. University and deemed university
  20. What should one study for current affairs topic?
  21. Training certificates by company is not provided
  22. Marriage stipulation before joining the job
  23. Duration of office presentation
  24. Maternity leaves in two consecutive years
  25. Sexual bias by senior bosses
  26. Fashion designing and textile industry
  27. Is it better to take HRA or take full salary when staying rented accommodation
  28. Facilities given to the son and daughter of freedom fighters in India as well as Haryana?
  29. Notice period required at the end of contract?
  30. How to be a Finance Manager in next 2 years? Qualification needed?
  31. Will my college give me a private degree if got a prior job opportunity?
  32. Got and on roll job offer for website work
  33. Will my company fire me if my degree proves to be fake?
  34. Should women be recruited for sales profiles in offices?
  35. How to handle a situation when half of the staff is on leave?
  36. General Manager planning to bring low salaried staff instead of appraisals
  37. Will my automobile training certificates worth for any work profile in future?
  38. Employee claiming for her miscarriage during office time
  39. Boss not considering my over achievement of target for next mont
  40. Does regularity matters when employee is a great performer but not regular in office?
  41. Female employee creates unhealthy environment with customers
  42. Bossís behaviour is very rude in front of customers
  43. Are pay grades too suffer from various fixed quotas?
  44. For what time span an employee must be relieved if he/she doesnít perform consistently?
  45. Female employees create gossip environment in office
  46. Being an employer can one stop the appraisals till company earn some profits?
  47. Other than MR and opening a personal medical shop what other good options are available for me if I have opted for Pharma line?
  48. Can marketing manager work on contract basis?
  49. Boss not providing lift facility to an employee who is badly injured due accident
  50. My boss doesnít consider me good enough to attend morning meetings
  51. Had a brawl with one of my colleagues during my notice period
  52. Resume not as good as I had thought it to be
  53. Fed up of my team leaderís constant criticism on my dressing sense
  54. Change of place of transfer at the last moment
  55. How to tell my boss about one of my colleagueís bad habit without getting him into trouble?
  56. Bad health bothering me a lot in my work
  57. How to prevent por manager from terminating my friends?
  58. All of my colleagues are against me because I slapped one of my colleagues
  59. How to give my best wishes to my boss for his speedy recovery?
  60. My boss wants me to be the officiating head in his place
  61. Some of the employees are very careless in their work
  62. No respect for females in our company which is a government organisation
  63. Boss of government organisation wants us to take part in charitable causes
  64. Very difficult to maintain good relations with such an arrogant boss
  65. Should I terminate an employee for his 7-day absence without prior information?
  66. No proper rules being followed by the recruiting company
  67. Bossís ideas making no sense to me. Will this affect my future?
  68. Employees demanding for the provision of salary hike
  69. Unable to think of a plan to save my sagging career
  70. Happy with my government job but pay is not that much
  71. What excuse can I give for joining a day late?
  72. How to measure individual performance in a team?
  73. How does one Ďsafegaurdí his/her job in marketing world
  74. Do I have to inform about maternity leave in advance
  75. What is the JTO exam in BSNL for?
  76. Is it ok to limit smoking breaks in office?
  77. Should I continue job in TCS or go for MS Computer Science?
  78. Resignation not accepted even though it is as per the rules stated in appointment letter
  79. My total annual income is Rs.6.5 lacs, Will my son get OBC Non Creamy layer certificate?
  80. Whether my son is eligible for OBC Non Creamy Layer if my annual income is 6.5 lacs?
  81. How to get experience letter if i did not serve my notice period? What action can be taken against me?
  82. Can I work for two different companies in alternate time simultaneously?
  83. Difference between marketing and sales representative
  84. Does social interaction with boss, affect the office relation?
  85. 10th class or original birth certificate which is valid for Airforce entry
  86. Boss asks for proof of reason of leave
  87. How to become Army contractor?
  88. Which is best after BCA among MCA and M.Sc (IT)?
  89. What can I do if my earned leaves not sanctioned?
  90. Best carier option after doing 12th from medical stream
  91. Am I eligible for OBC NCL Certificate? Documents and certificates needed to be produced?
  92. Feeling biased towards friendís daughter in my class
  93. Can I use the performance certificates that I get as a proof of good work
  94. What kind of per word payment do Indian publications pay
  95. Smoking area has become a discussion hub
  96. Is opening a bookstore a viable business idea
  97. Next best job option for a call centre undergraduate?
  98. When one has to Resign? Is it illegal to work in the bank having the LOI? Being a LOI holder is it necessary to inform petroleum corp?
  99. Is it a good choice to go for Bank Clerk job while being a Engineering Graduate? Which is better to choose IT or Bank Clerk?
  100. Is it a good choice to go for Bank Clerk job while being a Engineering Graduate? Which is better to choose IT or Bank Clerk?
  101. How to ask Boss to endorse for vacant Manager position?
  102. Are there any norms for recording employeeís details in police records?
  103. New employer not taking into consideration the maternity leaves taken in prior company before resignation
  104. Employer not giving a part of extra profit
  105. Why there comes freezing period for HRs in the month of March when they are not a part of finance department?
  106. Land line number being personally used by employees
  107. Criteria for damage of office belongings not intentional by the employees?
  108. Drivers delay in delivering the stock for their own purposes
  109. Penalty charged on sales consultant due to customerís fault
  110. Company charging for arranging an industrial tour to headquarters
  111. Does it matter if we do our management training in other sector and job in another sector?
  112. Candidate with a MBA degree or graduate with experience?
  113. No extra pay for doing extra work on other profile
  114. Burden of doing office work when on leave
  115. Will the company fire me if I wonít clear my Post Graduation?
  116. Which type of management programme will be entertained on international level?
  117. How to answer the question,ĒAssuming that you are selected, what will be your strategy for next 60 days?Ē
  118. What is importance of Autocad in professional world?
  119. Better option between Capgemini(Off-Campus) and Cognizant(On-Campus)?
  120. Will it be right to warn and leave the employee for the first time when he commits mistake or he should be show caused and punished?
  121. How to manage emotions at work?
  122. Mistakes should be avoided to achieve perfection in my writing skills?
  123. Will it be right to question boss for choosing a non-deserving employee for the best performer?
  124. Getting disturbed due to the interference of other employees in my work
  125. What to do if members of the team are not comfortable with each other?
  126. What to do if interview date in one company collides with the joining date of another?
  127. What should I do if another employee is getting punishment because of my mistake?
  128. How to increase emotional intelligence at work?
  129. What is the importance of listening skills in GD?
  130. What mistakes should be avoided to become the favourite of boss?
  131. Advantages of initiating health services in a company
  132. Does bad performance in the past affect in getting job in future?
  133. What to do if employee is not comfortable with the dress code?
  134. How to resign from team leadership on good norms?
  135. Employees complaining about the rudeness of the manager. What should I do?
  136. How to improve my soft skills?
  137. Fake medical certificate issued for sick leave, HR manager caught the manager
  138. Prolonged sick leave, can it be adjusted with rest of the leaves
  139. Lucrative offer from sister concern company got cancelled due to bossís nod
  140. Salary reduced but not in papers due to excess leave
  141. Newcomers asked to quit within first month of joining
  142. Conditions for leave approval are based on bossís discretion or HR policy alone?
  143. Is promotion in print media based on number good stories or years of work experience?
  144. Grading gets biased, underperformer gets highest
  145. Biased appraisal for non-city journalists
  146. Getting low salary offered but better work environment
  147. What sort of paperwork I need to do after joining from a sabbatical
  148. PF not given even after one year of leaving the company
  149. Pay scales of traffic police officers
  150. Can we ask the nurse for her degrees
  151. Fed up of constant bad remarks on my character
  152. Repenting my decision of going into the medical field
  153. Getting very less pay as compared to my friend
  154. Donít want my boss to leave the company
  155. Unable to build up a good rapport with my team leader
  156. Unable to decide between a government organisation and a MNC
  157. Donít have the required money to set up my own business
  158. Gave a false excuse for taking my 3-day leave
  159. Boss wants us to go to a dangerous location for completing the project
  160. Our boss is a very inquisitive person
  161. Is it good for my professional life to get into a relationship with one of my colleagues?
  162. Foreign trip being cancelled at the last moment
  163. Newcomers exceptional at their work in government organisation
  164. Unable to decide whether to leave this company or not
  165. Our employers are treating us like machines
  166. Personal errands for the boss
  167. What will be the pention in Rajasthan Government job as per the pay?
  168. Change of Profession having 5 years of experience as Assistant Lecturer
  169. How can I with draw my EPS amount?
  170. Chance of becoming Law Officer from Clerk after LLB?
  171. My appointment letter given after 2 days on board
  172. Income limit for Non creamy layer for the current year?
  173. Is it compulsory to pay Gratuity in private company?
  174. What I have to do to change the ME college?
  175. Having an active backlog that I got in 1st semester, what all options remain for me if I want to join Corporate?
  176. Am I eligible for OBC certificate if my parents monthly income is 32,000?
  177. How to get a job in Ashok Leyland?
  178. Changing career path from Manufacturing to SAP domain
  179. Am I eligible to get Husband's Government job as a second wife?
  180. Is there any competitive exam for admission in B.Com? Jobs after B.Com?
  181. Why 31st of any month is a working if it comes on Sundays?
  182. Can food allowance be converted into cash at a time?
  183. What to do if I am late on the joining date in the office?
  184. Action against a fresher who was unable to report on the joining date?
  185. What is the work of Brand Manager?
  186. How to project myself as a singer at national level?
  187. Additional benefits in Metro Rail Corporation apart from salary
  188. Difference between the resume for online and offline job
  189. Job for 25 year old inexperienced woman with BTech in IT qualification?
  190. Promotion criteria and perks offered in Jindal Power and Steel?
  191. How to crack the interview round of the software companies?
  192. Questions asked in the interview conducted by private steel plants to electronics students?
  193. Are there bonuses for Indian employees on the occasion of Deepavali if itís a MNC organisation?
  194. Personal business experience being counted in career experience while searching for jobs?
  195. Regular bouncing of salary cheques by Real Estate employer
  196. Shall I allow my employees to use their personal dongles?
  197. Increment without compromising in aviation industry
  198. Credited double amount for PF reduction
  199. Being an Indian festival why no holidays for Holi in south?
  200. Whether casuals can be wear without employerís consent?
  201. Asked to relocate without any discussion or quit
  202. Salary not cleared after 6 months of resignation
  203. Money borrowed by colleague, colleague left the company
  204. Salary advance rejected due to leave application
  205. Late night shift without any extra wages
  206. Can action be taken against misbehavior during lunch hours?
  207. Can half day off be deducted from leave?
  208. Abusive language used for HR executive for asking to smoke outside the work station
  209. Married colleagues gets lenient approach from boss
  210. Colleague tried to molest female colleagues
  211. Post edition, editors drink inside the office premises
  212. Chemotherapy in progress, can I apply for sick leave?
  213. PF deducted but not deposited as per salary sheets
  214. 10 days paid leave gone without cash reimbursement
  215. Salary hike still pending after annual appraisal
  216. Salary not credited after joining in the new office branch
  217. 15 days salary withheld in school during joining as teacher
  218. Does annual leave can be exchanged for cash?
  219. Do medical allowances cover infertility related surgery?
  220. Lunch coupons sold to interns in higher price
  221. Joining a job again after several years of hardships and failures
  222. Yet to get rewarded for my hard work in the previous project
  223. Boss fired me from the job due to my affair with his daughter
  224. Should I back out and let some other person have a chance?. My female boss appointing me to head the foreign tour
  225. Is it possible to do a part time job simultaneously while working in a government organisation?
  226. Additional perks provided by government organisations which are not provided by private companies?
  227. Worried about my husband as he is not getting any salary hike
  228. How to find a job with long term security?
  229. Joining MNC after graduation is a good option?
  230. Finding a government job is very difficult these days
  231. Havenít been able to please my boss since the beginning of my training period
  232. Lazy atmosphere at my workplace
  233. Boss is planning to give me a decrement in my salary
  234. Making a good resume is not everyoneís cup of tea
  235. Unhappy with my bossís carefree attitude towards his employees
  236. Should I retire at 50 years of age if working in a Government Organisation?
  237. Our company accountant behaving badly with me
  238. My family wants me to get a promotion soon
  239. Manager not agreeing with me due to some ego issues
  240. Should I join my fatherís business after MBA?
  241. Is there any implant training available in HAL? How to apply and what is the fees for it?
  242. Being Halwai (BC category) am I entitled for Creamy layer or Non-Creamy layer?
  243. Previous year ONGC GT papers and syllabus
  244. Is it fine to take genuine experience letter from a company to get job in Saudi Arabia or UK?
  245. What to be filled up in "Areas of Interest" column of Resume?
  246. Expected salary in engineering college with 18 years of Industrial experience?
  247. Can a Doctor start medical shop or Pharmacy person is need?
  248. What is the difference between Military and Armed Forces?
  249. What is the difference between military and armed forces?
  250. Whether the licence will be cancelled if an Insurance Agent gets government job?