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  1. Clarification regarding OBC creamy and non creamy layer as per the Times of India 16th March edition
  2. Am I eligible to get OBC NCL certificate being 32 years old as per my Husband's income?
  3. Name of BAMS Doctor and BDS Doctor on prescription is valid to write allopathy medicine?
  4. Company Change Letter of under taking in Central Excise
  5. Salary Breakup for Monthly CTC of Rs. 85,000/-
  6. 26 days salary calculation for 9000/-
  7. In which OBC category I fall if the family income is high?
  8. In Rajasthan person with 2 children can not enter into Politics?
  9. Can I work with MNC if I am already an Insurance Agent?
  10. My Boss questions me on coming to office with make ups
  11. What is the loss if I shift to another job during notice period?
  12. My performance and training certificates seized by my employer on resignation
  13. How to trap fake caste proofs by candidates?
  14. What is the difference between a sales tax officer and an income tax officer?
  15. Office server works slow due to personal downloading by employees
  16. Personal parcels being sent by office couriers
  17. On what grounds can a relieved government employee be again appointed on same position?
  18. Teacher staff being very rude to students in government school
  19. Why not Salary and incentives credited on same day?
  20. Salary kept waiting till achieving the targets
  21. Finance department giving extra benefit to his personal social group in office
  22. My manager complained to my father for taking frequent leaves
  23. Not able to concentrate on work due to personal tensions
  24. Should smoking breaks allowed in office hours?
  25. Government jobs after Senior Secondary Education
  26. Chaos with co-employees around my sitting area
  27. Boss not taking responsibility of advances from one employee to another
  28. Staff taking sleeping naps in my office
  29. Principle admits more students against fewer seats
  30. How to crack the interview round of the telecom companies?
  31. Promotion criteria and perks offered in BSNL?
  32. Job for 28 year old inexperienced woman with qualification of Masters in Philosophy?
  33. Difference between the resume for Purchasing and Marketing Manager job?
  34. Additional benefits in BARC apart from salary
  35. How to project myself as a wrestler at national level?
  36. What is the work of purchasing Manager?
  37. What is the importance of self esteem?
  38. How can create an online store to sell various items?
  39. What should be kept in mind for effective online advertising of products of my company?
  40. What is the role of strategic control in marketing?
  41. Tips for organising the marketing team
  42. How to reject a job offer on proper terms?
  43. Is there any harm to resign after working for the first 15 days?
  44. Should reimbursement be given to the victim if company vehicle meets with an accident?
  45. Steps to be taken against complaint of bad working atmosphere
  46. Employee threatening to go to court for sacking him from job
  47. What should I do if I am uncomfortable with my team leader?
  48. Boss does not appreciate my success any time. What should I do?
  49. What to do if employer is putting wrong blame on me of manipulating the accounts?
  50. The colleague who sits near me keeps on smoking, which is affecting my health
  51. Promotion being withheld due to losses incurred by the company
  52. Increment given to one of the colleagues is not justified at all
  53. Our boss is not sporty at all in a government organisation
  54. Tight security around our company premises without any intimation to employees
  55. Is it necessary that our company provides us with medical insurance? What are its benefits?
  56. Can I take a month leave for going on a world tour with my family?
  57. One of the group discussion candidates shouted at me in front of everybody
  58. Bad weather playing spoilsport in attending the bossís party
  59. Met with an accident due to the fault of the company driver
  60. How to answer the question- ďHow were your relationships with your management in your previous company? ď in the interview?
  61. My colleague does not want my help
  62. One of my colleagues always boasts about his family wealth
  63. Boss wants me to come with him for fishing
  64. No proper rest being given to the employees
  65. Drunken boss slapped one of the employees
  66. Banking job taking a toll on my health
  67. How to behave with the doctors on my first day as a nurse?
  68. How to become an expert in salary negotiation?
  69. No annual increment due to not achieving targets in March.
  70. Will my tuition fee be deductible if I provide tutions at my home?
  71. Are there any provision for one time meal in offices
  72. My office canteen too charges service taxes
  73. Can I get an accounting job if I am not good in accounting?
  74. Do radio jockeys work on rolls?
  75. Are radio jockeys paid extra for voicing advertisements?
  76. Time duration of changing working shifts
  77. Being a boss does it means that he has to perform dual personality?
  78. Does retail means marketing or sales?
  79. Due to bossís delay payment irregular Wi-Fi services in office
  80. My boss tracks my phone after office hours
  81. No fresh drinking water in office
  82. Why monthly leave not allowed when took 10 days leave?
  83. Should family be allowed in office events?
  84. Non issuing of appointment letter by SSI unit/Company having 2 years of experience
  85. Should I continue Trading Business or go for MBA?
  86. Procedure for withdrawal of pension fund after 10 years of service?
  87. Which is better 10+2 or Diploma Engineering?
  88. Good earning field of engineering?
  89. Employee asking to leave office early as she comes early in morning
  90. Watchmen taking advantage of office facilities (infrastructure) after office hours
  91. Why different salary structures for same profile?
  92. Are PF amount be taxable at the time of relieving?
  93. Will my PhD monthly income be taxable if got altogether?
  94. Will my PhD income be included as my part of annual income?
  95. What is the work of Sales Manager?
  96. How to project myself as a comedian at national level?
  97. Additional benefits in ISRO apart from salary
  98. Difference between the resume for HR and Sales Manager jo
  99. Will I get reservation in OBC Non creamy layer as per my Husband and Father annual income?
  100. Job for 35 year old inexperienced woman with qualification of Masters in Psychology?
  101. Promotion criteria and perks offered in BARC?
  102. How to crack the interview round of the defence organizations?
  103. Questions asked in the interview conducted by ISRO to mechanical students
  104. How to answer the question,ĒHow would you improve upon our product/ company?Ē
  105. What is importance of Web Technologies in professional world
  106. Which is a better option between Satyam(Off-Campus) and IBM(On-Campus)?
  107. Action against employee for stealing companyís products
  108. What is HRA and what are its benefits? Is it compulsory to pay tax on this HRA?
  109. Company not reimbursing the expenses on time
  110. Affect on gratuity due to 6 months of health leave?
  111. What to do if two interview dates fall on the same day?
  112. Rules and regulations for setting up an online marketing store
  113. Too much of interference in my work by co-worker
  114. Steps against teacher involved in corporal punishment
  115. How to get rid of silly mistakes at work?
  116. Our workplace looks dull and shabby
  117. My job under the threat of termination
  118. I think that our bossís degree is fake
  119. My colleagues daring me to make some demand from the boss
  120. How to make a colleague realise his mistake?
  121. After Diploma can I pursue Engineering in other states? Procedure for the same?
  122. Is Outstation Allowance included in Salary?
  123. Unable to decide whether to go for the interview or not
  124. Unable to reward my employees due to financial problems
  125. Boss indulging in immoral practices is a shock for me
  126. Feeling down and lonely due to my best friend leaving the company
  127. My secretary asking for a salary hike which she does not deserve
  128. Want to work in my hometown and live with my family
  129. My boss wants me to leave the job before he terminates me
  130. How to behave at my first official party?
  131. Manager not giving me advance salary due to my bad reputation
  132. How to help my friend to meet the bossís expectations in order to get a salary hike?
  133. Is it good to choose Physical Education rather Maths?
  134. Questions asked in the interview conducted by BARC to mechanical students
  135. How to answer the question,"How long can you commit to work with us?Ē
  136. What is importance of PHP and MySQL in professional world?
  137. Which is a better option between Tech Mahindra(Off-Campus) and L&T(On-Campus)?
  138. How to get into the field of online teaching?
  139. An average appraisal being given to the most hard-working employee
  140. Havenít received the complete details about the interview yet
  141. Our boss is encouraging the employees to follow his political beliefs
  142. How to win the heart of my boss?
  143. Lot of stress in the training period itself
  144. How should I approach boss to change my timing of working shift?
  145. Should I transfer an employee to his desired location?
  146. Why leadership skills are important?
  147. What are the positive and negative gestures in a GD?
  148. How to save myself from redundancy, working in a software company?
  149. My colleague begging me not to complain against him
  150. Still not received my joining letter from Infosys
  151. School teachers showing no respect for the Principal
  152. My friend asking me to plead the boss to give him a salary hike
  153. What are the e-mail etiquettes that we should take care of while e-mailing our boss?
  154. Lot of politics in our company for getting a promotion
  155. What kind of problems can be faced in online marketing?
  156. Government hospital toilets are in a pathetic state
  157. Why planning is important if the project can take any turn in future?
  158. How can good body language contribute to success?
  159. How to achieve positive attitude?
  160. What should be kept in mind and implemented to manage time effectively?
  161. What are the positive effects of motivation?
  162. What to do if employee is unable to finish off his task on time?
  163. How to motivate students being a teacher?
  164. Extension of working hours during the training period
  165. Boss wants me to select a present for his sonís birthday
  166. Termination of some of the best employees of our company is very shocking
  167. Donít have any trust on my boss working in government organisation
  168. Employees leaking company secrets just for earning money
  169. Havenít been able to complete my resume since the last 1 month
  170. Not getting a promotion due to bossís unfair ways
  171. Getting a very meagre salary even after 25 years of experience
  172. Nearing the end of my last semester and still havenít got a job
  173. How to have my own way by not listening to my boss?
  174. Being terminated just after 4 months of joining the job
  175. How should I ask my boss for organising an official picnic?
  176. Whom should I complaint regarding my bossís bad habits ?
  177. What should I wear while going to my bossís home?
  178. What to do if one doesnít know an answer during the interview?
  179. Should the health of my wife be more important to me than my work?
  180. How to ask the boss to make me the leader of an important project?
  181. Lot of pressure for the successful completion of the project in time
  182. Does every organisation provide maternity leave?
  183. Boss does not want me to head the foreign trip
  184. Sucking upto the boss is not my cup of tea
  185. My boss has problem with everything including my handwriting
  186. Right method to please your boss
  187. One of the employees thinks that she is the best
  188. How to answer ď How will you deal with extra work stress in a MNC?Ē ?
  189. Should we inform about officials who were taking bribes
  190. How to assert authority when officiating?
  191. How to counsel about sexual harassment?
  192. What to say in review interview?
  193. Not getting a railway house because a retired senior is living in it
  194. How to be a News analyst?
  195. PhD or job in New Jersey, which should I select?
  196. Bosses behavior has changed after my MBA announcement
  197. No thanks for helping a colleague
  198. Overtime for Practice for office competitions
  199. Value of physical education courses
  200. Is it ok to ask for leave instead of serving the notice period
  201. Personal business during office hours
  202. What kind of salary jump can we accept from team leader to process manager in a BPO
  203. Cab problem after overtime work
  204. What are the negative points in switching jobs frequently?
  205. What steps should be taken against employees giving fake documents during their recruitment?
  206. What safety measures should be taken for the women workers during their night shift being an employer?
  207. How should I ask for getting hike in my salary?
  208. Does poor family background put negative impact in the interview round?
  209. Action I should take against the drunk employees being owner of the company?
  210. What should be my attitude when I will go to fight for the first case of my career as lawyer?
  211. Senior employee got angry due to a prank played during Holi
  212. Sweepers are not cleaning the toilets well-How to convey this to the boss?
  213. What to do with an employee whose mistake resulted in the punishment of an innocent one?
  214. Manager still angry with me due to the maternity leave issue.
  215. How to deal with an employeeís emotional breakdown?
  216. Should I remain restricted to my hometown?
  217. Government school Principal taking bribe from students
  218. Unable to perform well during my notice period due to lot of negativity
  219. Not getting my increment due to some small mistake on my part
  220. Boss asking me to take interest in poetry
  221. Failure to keep my promise with my boss is ruining my career
  222. Being treated badly by my boss. How to raise my voice against this?
  223. My teammates blaming me for the failure of the team in the project
  224. Action against peon who is resting at home while going to deliver office items in the post office
  225. Boss gave me a marriage proposal-What should I do?
  226. How to remove my stammering habit while speaking?
  227. Boss threatening to go for tour against my wish
  228. Getting disturbed due to singing of senior member
  229. What to do if two joining dates in two different companies clash?
  230. Getting uncomfortable due to the responsibility given of leading a team in a new field
  231. What is the work of Marketing Manager?
  232. How to project myself as a dancer at national level?
  233. Additional benefits in DRDO apart from salary
  234. Difference between the resume for Marketing Manager and Brand Manager job
  235. Job for 25 year old inexperienced woman with qualification of various computer related courses?
  236. Promotion criteria and perks offered in ISRO?
  237. How to crack the interview round of the research organizations?
  238. Questions asked in the interview conducted by Tata steel plant to electrical students
  239. Will availing my maternity leave have any effect on my job?
  240. Friends becoming foes due to my success
  241. Unwell but canít avail my leave. How to deal with such a situation?
  242. Lost the pendrive containing important official documents
  243. Should I refuse my boss when he asks me to drink during official parties?
  244. My colleague trying to prescribe medicines beyond his scope
  245. Our boss is Not a Great person as he makes himself out to be
  246. Our workplace is full of unwanted objects
  247. Not getting double the previous salary hike after 5 years as promised before
  248. Finding it difficult to work and do household chores simultaneously
  249. My boss is hell bent on deteriorating my image
  250. Getting very low-paying placement offers