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    Is it really reliable to join a company through backdoor entry?

    I have completed my graduation course but still unemployed. Some of my friends have got job in a company through back door. They have suggested me to join that company through the same process. They pay money to one of the employee and get into it. What do we exactly mean by this backdoor entry? Is it really reliable to get job like this? Will it have any effect on the career of the employees?

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    Re: Is it really reliable to join a company through backdoor entry?

    First most dear be aware about what is back door entry. I am explaining you same:
    Sometimes some employee have that power/company also know about this(sometimes only) , that employee hire fresher candidates in respect to some amount. So that was legal procedure because company know about those employee's.
    Some times it may be possible that some fraud employee try to trap you in their net. So in this case be aware and find all back ground of that employee then take any action.
    As you also want to know that it will effect your career, then according to me 'No' because main thing is experience in your field and good knowledge. So when you go to some new company then these two features need to be strong.
    So above are my side answer of your posted question. But i personally suggest you do not use backdoor entry process, according to me it will take around 20-40k for that.
    So just try and give interview in those companies which hire fresher and i am pretty sure that you will get a good job. Your money also save and you should be feel proud that you got job by your own self.


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    Re: Is it really reliable to join a company through backdoor entry?

    Hello Friend,

    Well, you should never use back door entry to gain access to a good company. You have a graduate degree and there are many jobs available in the market suitable for your academic qualification. You don't have to use any unfair means to get job. You should never listen to your friends and just follow your own path with confidence. You should try your luck to the bpo companies such as Wipro BPO, TCS BPO, Genpact etc. The criteria for BPO jobs is not that tough and only a 10+2 or a graduate degree is required. I would therefore suggest you to apply yourself to the BPO companies.


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