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    Our boss has warned all the employees not to go for late night parties as he is completely against them

    I am working in a government organisation. Our boss is a very strict portion and has his own notions regarding most of the things. He is strictly against late night parties and has warned all the employees not to attend such parties. This is not fair at all. What should be done to get justice in this matter?

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    Re: Our boss has warned all the employees not to go for late night parties as he is completely against them

    Hello Friend,

    Well, your boss has to understand that every individual has their own choice and preference and he must respect that. In any organization be it private or goverment there are many employees with different taste and attitude. Some are extrovert and some are introvert and this is human nature. If you like late night parties you don't have to tell that to your boss. As a grown individual your boss has no right to force his employees to stop going to late night parties. You should talk to him and tell him your preference of late night parties. There is nothing wrong to visit a late night party as long as it does not affect work . Let's hope that he will understand your point of view.


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    Re: Our boss has warned all the employees not to go for late night parties as he is completely against them

    well, good things are really tough to follow your boss is right in keeping safety of you employee in mind very few people like your boss is issuing discipline to his employees in the case of night parties where they are called rave parties these days you find many IT employees and private organisation employee do start enjoying the Saturday and Sunday parties as they will have the mood to enjoy drink and dance in disco which may give some satisfaction but you may also find them serious in issues like safety and women who attend them are victims of assault on them so there are many dark sides of late night parties which are really unnoticed .. you are an employee of government employee you don't have the need to show the YO YO attitude you are a public servant and you are responsible person in this society when your boss has warned you be beware those rave its for your good and don't involve in these late night parties where you get drunk and you scatter around in the night and involve in fights and do come to office with hangover.. a disturbance in your sleep daily night might be a health serious condition.. if you party every weekend you will develop dementia and digestion problems late night eating may increase stress level ultimately you are big loser at your health issues is concerned.. its ok you be to a party disco in day time no one has any problems with you but late nights many illegal things do happen sometimes you might be in an late night party where there is no police permission and police do raid the parties and arrest them FIR will be lodged so i don't want you government officials involve in all the mess be cool and enjoy with your self at a legal disco floor its not that you enjoy but be safe and never compromise on places be secured.. you might think that you can enjoy as your young but there is a limit for every thing limit your freedom and be happy..

    ill effects of late night parties are people who attend or party all night will be deprived of sleep lack of sleep for even one day will damage your health and you get drunk there with all the food stuff and lead in fatty liver problem which will make your liver a serious problem .. you are at risk of enjoyment at late night where you are supposed to sleep well maintain your fitness.. you might be young but there will be hormonal changes in you the ill effects will be felt at later stages.. all is what you have to maintain in your life is you do your activities according to discipline and with a particular schedule.. never neglect discipline which is the major issue in career growth... stress level when you drink at late night might increase as well so decision is upto you be careful watch your actions

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