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    Not getting any kind of incentive to continue working in my present company

    I am working in a private firm. I have already spent 3 years in this company but I donít think that I have shown any growth whatsoever. I havenít got any increment here and no one appreciates my efforts. Basically I have no incentive to continue working here.Will leaving this job be the right decision on my part? Please guide me in the right direction.

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    Re: Not getting any kind of incentive to continue working in my present company

    Hello Friend,

    Well, if you are not satisfied with your current work and there is no future for you then it is much better to leave the job and search for better jobs in the market. It is hard to believe that you are working three years without getting any increment from the company. Generally, increment are paid to employees to encourage them to work hard and to adjust current market situation. You have three years of woek experience under your belt and without that you can easily get good job offers from outside. You can also use online jo portals such as Naukri, Shine, Monster etc for suitable job opportunities.


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    Re: Not getting any kind of incentive to continue working in my present company

    When there is no growth and no encouragement its really hard to work sometimes its better you resign from the organization .. Change is for life and you cannot ignore the importance of change and growth both are interrelated with each other both have decent contribution in man's growth..its very long that you have served in the company i used the term long for about 3 years is keeping in the view that you received no encouragement and incentives for the work you.. its high time quit the job where there is no freedom for work growth and forget about the incentives but there are no one including your boss to encourage with his words. the problem you might be facing is due to many reasons so finding what actually that you require to get promotions and growth in life as well as career should be your top most priority in your life right now .. When there is no recognition at work then you feel depressed and down so instead of facing depressed and unworthy working environment its better you start your new hunt for jobs you do with a desired profiles.

    you should go ahead with aspiring minds AMCAT employment exams which will enable you find good jobs and based on your experience as well..firstly its important that you recognize your job profile and responsibilities and try for new decent jobs linked with growth.. its very important that you remember that never choose a job profile where you donít find growth and encouragement.. Find a job that you find it good and you can achieve something in your life if your skills or position donít match then do every thing or course which will enable with the job you desire.. i cannot suggest you what job profile you should choose as you have not mentioned what is your position and your nature of work you do .. so is suggest you do find jobs which are an advancement to your current job profile for example if your working as junior engineer in software company then find the jobs based on your 3 years experience and desired profile and get your self in position of senior engineer in software company..

    the growth is massive when you want to do m.b.a I would suggest you do your PGPM post graduate program in management in reputed colleges like NMIMS, great lakes college chennai, XLRI symbiosis pune for admission you should write snap exam ,XAT exam and CMAT for admissions for top colleges so if you do 1 year program of MBA in PGPM then you can expect growth and as well as high salary.. few sites which i want you check it out:




    all the best my regards to you

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