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    Not at all impressed by my bossís tactics

    I am working in a government organisation. Our boss is a very manipulative kind of person and he listens to his employees only whenever it concerns him. He only thinks about his own benefit while listening to the employees but otherwise ignores them. I am not at all impressed by his tactics. how to deal with such a person?

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    Re: Not at all impressed by my bossís tactics


    Best way to deal such person is to ignore him. These types of people should be avoided
    at all means. You need to plan a strategy on how to deal with him. Just do your work and
    don't pay him any attention. If you are honest to your work then nothing will happen to you.
    Just follow your work.


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    Re: Not at all impressed by my bossís tactics

    Hi friend .. What you have to do is that donít trying the boss in any manner now when say to him/her about the profit values and always talking with your boss on the different topic. May be your boss is interested to hear a good news behalf from other tactics stories tell him/her about the company benefits. Maybe can he/she change their attitude problem? And think differently.
    Thanking hope you like my suggestionÖ.

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