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    New notice period rule came after my resignation

    I got a good opportunity and I resigned from my current job where I served notice period of 1 month which my general manager denied by saying that according to new rule I canít leave before 3 months. I accepted the new companies offer letter. What can I do?

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    Re: New notice period rule came after my resignation

    Try to find out the notice period rule from other staff members as this is not a rule that any body gives the notice period of 3 months before leaving the company as this doesnot make any sense, minimum time period is 15 days if you have an emergency or anything else. Your company cannot force you after the notice period you have given to them as this is not a way to stay in the company, my suggestion to you is speak to the higher level members of the company and and discuss this issue with them and also explain them the level of urgency that you need as this is totally injistice with you. As previously it was 1 month for the notice period then why it has been increased without any notice. Give them reason that none of the employees were aware about the same then why to accept that new rule.

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    Re: New notice period rule came after my resignation

    you should join the new compony after 3 months this will give you more experience about ur job.......so i thinks u should not leave the job but if u like the new job then
    there is an another option also there is some rules in compony after paying some amount u can leave that compony

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    Re: New notice period rule came after my resignation

    You can talk to the HR team and argue your case.
    If your general manager had accepted your resignation when you had sent it to him and asked you to serve the notice period of one month than you can stick to taht and serve just one month notice period
    Also you can ask the HR team to show the notice where it has been mentioned that 3 months notice period has to be served.
    Also check the date on which it was issued.
    If it was issued after your resignation, than you are not liabel to serve the notice period of 3 months

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