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    My parents have very high expectations from me and want me to become the team leader as soon as possible

    I am working in a software company. My parents have always had very high expectations from me and now they want me to become the team leader soon. This is putting a lot of pressure on me and thus I am not able focus on anything lately. How to handle such a situation and come out as a winner?

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    Re: My parents have very high expectations from me and want me to become the team leader as soon as possible

    Yes dear its nature rule that "Parents have always high expectation" and that is also not wrong. But you don't worry about this and just give your sent percent/work hard. As you mention that you also want to become team leader(come out as a winner) so company see something special in you and i am pretty sure if you work hard in same manner and focus on your given task then you will easily get post of team leader.
    So just chill and don't take lot of pressure on yourself and think your parents expectations in positive way and start your work
    Thanks and all the best..

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    Re: My parents have very high expectations from me and want me to become the team leader as soon as possible

    Hello Friend,

    Well, first of all you need to calm down my friend otherwise you will not achieve your goal. Team Leader is not an easy profession and it requires a lot of professional skills, professional expertise and experience from an individual. Hence, you need sometime to reach that goal. There is a syaing is english "Slowly but steadily wins the race" so you have to take a slow but steady approach to reach your goal. in the mean time you should tell your parents to give you some free time to assess the situation so that you can focus on your current work more closely. This should be your primary goal right now. All the best.


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    Re: My parents have very high expectations from me and want me to become the team leader as soon as possible

    Dear parents always expect something better from their children because they know that our son or daughter has ability to do the best in the world and this is all due to the guidelines and teachings of themselves because they trust in their teachings and you too that is why they are expecting better from us and this is our responsibility that we understand and value their expectations and try to full fill as soon as possible because they demand nothing from us but expect for success and support in the old age but before they want to see their children successful in the world and make name and fame that is why you should respect this situation and know the desire of your parents who did everything for you to make you able to fight critical situations in life

    If you are getting the pressure then you did not think that what a lot of pressure they have tolerated to make you able and survive on your own and now it is your turn and you are getting pressured so this should not be in your language that you are under pressure and remember that you are lucky that your parents expect something so your aim should only be to full fill desire of your parents and one more thing is to remember that they expect then they understand you so you should talk to your parents because this is the time when everyone want to be ahead and struggling for life so you should talk to your parents

    When you talk then make them understand that you respect their views and expectations and full fill very soon but you need sometime to improve in the world and your parents will understand your situation and not force you again to become a team leader then you will not get pressure and surely concentrate on your work

    You should make good relations with your boss and whenever you keep any party then do not forget to call your boss and also take some suggestions and tips about to be successful in business that is why they will guide you in right way and you will get more ideas about the business and one day you will lead

    All the best

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