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    My manager is accusing me of false things just because he heard it from somewhere

    I am working in a software company. Recently my manager called me to his office and accused me of false things . When I asked him from where did he get this information, he told that he heard it from somewhere. This is unfair as I am completely innocent. What should be done in such a situation?

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    Re: My manager is accusing me of false things just because he heard it from somewhere

    Hello Friend,

    Well, this is nothing but misunderstanding. In a corporate world there are many people who tend to spread news like this to influencial people like your manager. They love to watch other people problems and this is there nature. To sort out the issue you must find the source and request them to stop spreading flase news like this otherwise you will take strong legal action against them. Hopefullt, this will sort out the issue. Now, talk to your manager and explain your point of view and tell him you are innocent. If he does not believe you then tell him to set up an enquiry committee and investigate the matter and find out the culprit. If you are honest then no harm will come to you.


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    Re: My manager is accusing me of false things just because he heard it from somewhere


    It a matter of weakening in trust from your boss. So you should not take it lightly.You politely ask you boss about the matter or talk to this with your trustworthy colleague. Try to find who is behind this or any misunderstanding has occurred.
    If you have any proof show it to your boss. And be careful with the ones who feel jealous with you. There are many who try to let you down just because you are good from them.I hope when the things are clear , you will gain the trust of your boss.

    Thank you.

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    Re: My manager is accusing me of false things just because he heard it from somewhere

    Dear such type of problems are common in professional arena where we did not do anything and finally the matters comes on us but if boss is saying to you that you did that then you are not accepting because when you have not done anything regarding that matter so you should not worry in such cases and keep continue with the truth because you are innocent then you can not accept anything false accused blaming on you by your boss

    Your boss also does not have any proof regarding that matter happened so that you should raise your voice against it otherwise you will loose your image in office and first of all you should go to the cabin of your boss when they are free from all works then say sorry that you interrupted your boss then they will ask you the reason for coming in cabin then you should mention that sir I want that candidate who told you something about me on that false thing and you are accusing me for that because when I did not do anything regarding that matter then how can I accept your argument over that issue and request your boss to confirm that heard news because this is the question of your career that you have to solve right there when iron is hot otherwise you will get nothing after some days except loosing your image

    May be that your boss call that person and confirm news and also say to your boss that sir the person who told you about this if ready to speak in front of me then I would accept my mistake and if could not then I would not be accused for anything by you so please and surely your boss will understand you and help you in this case

    All the best

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