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    How will I publish my first book?

    I am an English lecturer in Jupiter Science college. I love to write poem and recently I have finished writing my first novel. But do not know where to go and how to advertise it to get an contract from a publisher. Will you please guide me how can I publish it, also need information about the good publishing houses in Delhi. After publishing how to market my novel?

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    Re: How will I publish my first book?

    Hello Friend,

    Well, there are many big and small publishing houses in Delhi. First you have to visit samll ones as big ones will not ready to publish someone new to their publishing house brand name. After visiting the small publishing house you have to show your poetry to them so that they can make out the quality of the poetry. Now, based on their assessment you will either accept your proposal of publishing your poems or reject your proposal. As as new comer they will ask you to pay a portion of the publishing cost. This is a common practice these days. So, this is the whole process. You can use internet to find information of publishing houses in Delhi.


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    Re: How will I publish my first book?

    Traditional book publication is when a publisher offers the author turn, prints, publishes, and sells your book through booksellers and different retailers. The publisher basically buys the right to publish your book and pays you royalties from the sales.

    If you want to publish a book historically, most writers need to find associate agent. in order to search out one, you want to establish the right category for your writing. If you are or need to be a non-fiction author, you may need to submit a book proposal .

    Once these steps are accomplished, you are able to write a query letter. This letter is what you may send to potential agents. it is vital to mention the various elements that structure a query letter. you ought to take care to mention the synopsis of your book.

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