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    How to teach a lesson to one of my colleagues who never concentrates on his work and keeps on commenting on otherís work?

    I am working in a government organisation. One of our colleagues thinks himself to be oversmart and as a result he keeps on commenting on otherís work. On the other hand he never concentrates on his own work. How to teach him a good lesson so that he never repeats this again?

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    Re: How to teach a lesson to one of my colleagues who never concentrates on his work and keeps on commenting on otherís work?

    Dear sir if you are disgusted due to the behavior of your colleague in office and as you have mentioned about his behavior that he comments on others in office and never concentrates on his work so I would like to say that such type of people often found in government organization because there is no one who could make them better understand that what is official and what is not that is why they behave as no boundary is there for them in office premises so they take advantage of their government job and this type of behavior becomes their nature and they do the same everywhere there they go and make the atmosphere uncomfortable for others but remember that such type of people never gets enough respect anywhere else and when they realize then find themselves unable to have support in life then they understand that what we have done in past that is why no one is there respecting us in the world

    If you want to teach him a lesson that whatever he does is something that is not good in personal and professional life that is why first of all you should stop talking to him and when he comes to you and make comment or try to convey with you then show yourself too busy in your work as you have to do everything today so he will go to another person after you and better way is that you all colleagues should get together against him and take a day when he is busy in work then you all colleagues should comment on him about the situation because no employee is there in office who get no work that is why one day he will get big duty so you all should take advantage of that moment and make him annoy too much so he loose concentrate on his work and finally start fighting you and he will say something in anger but you should say that we are getting the same situation when you never concentrate on your work and just comment on us so your behavior disturb us in working time so he will realize that what he does with you all because until he will get the same condition that you face he will never understand

    Second way is that do not talk to him more and learn replying fast and when he comment then you can say that just do your work and let me do my work otherwise I would complain to boss so he can get your point so you may teach him well

    All the best

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