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    How fast can a company relieve his employees?

    I have 3 years’ experience as an accountant in small firm. I am planning to change the company, work for MNC Company. But wherever I go they ask me to join immediately. How can I do that? How can I join the company immediately without resigning the previous company? How fast can a company relieve his employees?

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    Re: How fast can a company relieve his employees?


    First of all you should check the policy of your company that how much time they want you to work on notice period. If you have a notice period of one month then you should not leave the job in a month as you may end up with no experience letter in hand. In your case the best thing is that to resign from the job and after that serve your notice period and in the meanwhile search a good job and join it.

    You can also tell the new company that you are not able to join immediately as you have to serve your notice period and get experience letter. Its nothing wrong in saying that because if they think that you are right then they will wait for you for sure.

    Hope i have resolved your query.


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    Re: How fast can a company relieve his employees?

    Hi friend

    You cant certainly leave the company immediately and start your new job as you have to complete certain formalities before leaving your company..And the most important is that you have to serve a certain duration of notice period as mentioned in your company's rules and regulations..You certainly cant ignore this as then you will not get your experience and relieving letter which your new employer will certainly want to see..

    The minimum notice period is 1 month and rest depends on your company..It can be even 2-3 months depending on your position and experience..So as your new job is really lucrative you must talk to your new employer regarding this that you have to serve your notice period in your previous company before you can join this new job and thus cant join it immediately..I am sure he will help you out in this matter ..Or you can tel your previous emoployer that you are ready to pay the compensation and so to relieve you immediately ..

    I hope you understand my point..Good luck friend

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