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    How does the working style of an Airline differ from a Courier company?

    I was working for Bluedart Aviation as a ticket counter. I had applied for a job in DTDC which is courier service company.I was appointed as a Receptionist for the main head office. Will the working style different in airlines and Courier Company? Please help me.

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    Re: How does the working style of an Airline differ from a Courier company?

    Hello Friend,

    Well, there is a difference between the job profile of ticket counter of Bluedart Aviation and DTDC receptionist for their main head office. In airline company you have to check and collect the tickets from different parcels where as as a receptionist you have to call different clients and check meeting schedule, receiving call from clients as well as co-ordinating different branches of DTDC service. Your english speaking ability should be good and voice modulation should be top notch otherwise you will not be able to handle different situation with ease. Best of luck to you.


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