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    How to deal with an employer who thinks that he can never do anything wrong?

    I am working in a private firm. Our employer is a very egoistic person and thinks that he can do no wrong. Even if we give him our opinions he never even listens to us and always has his own way. I think this can lead to his downfall. How to deal with such an employer?

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    Re: How to deal with an employer who thinks that he can never do anything wrong?

    Hello Friend,

    Well, you don't have to do anything. just wait and watch the show. He is not ready to take any help from others so why do you want to help people like him. You should always avoid people like him. They are a menace to the society. They are so ego-centric that they don't have any time listen to others opinion. Sooner or later this ego will bring your colleague downfall. You are not his moral guardian angel to give him necessay feddback. You have your own work to finish so you should better finish that in time. The best possible way to deal with such people is to ignore them for your own sake. Best of luck.


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    Re: How to deal with an employer who thinks that he can never do anything wrong?

    Hi, Normally such people who are dominated by their ego to a great extent are those individuals who are in the habit of living in a silence that no one can reach. They are neither too bad nor uncontrollable. The only thing is that they need the company and advice of the right person who knows well how to deal with such individuals. If you become authoritative with them, they are sure to back answer you and become more adamant in their attitude. So, you would have to be very tactful and polished in handling such individuals. Counting on his consistent and some extraordinary qualities, give him the benefit of doubt and talk to him like a friend that he has the right abilities to be showcased in corporate culture but he needs to change his attitude if he really wants to climb up the ladder of success. Tell him that it's good that he is fearless but he needs to follow the professional ethics in corporate environment. Explain him that it's always better to improve than to be sorry in life. I am sure, if the individual discussed above would have some intellectual values, he would understand your point and get the message hidden in your talk. If not, then nothing much can be done to bring him on the right path. Thanks

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    Re: How to deal with an employer who thinks that he can never do anything wrong?


    First of all you should not interfere in his matters. Let him do what he wants to do. You should set yourself as bad person who keeps advising him. He will learn on his own. If he does not listen to you then do not make him listen to you more. He will become more arrogant with you and your colleague relation may spoil. Just keep good friendly relation with every colleague but do not get too personal with him.

    Let your boss handle him. If he does not do anything wrong and he has self confidence then it is good. If he will do something wrong then your boss will look after him. You are just his colleague so better stay away from his personal thinking. Also do not worry about his future and his downfall. He will handle his situation because he is acting in that matter.

    You should give opinions to those person who take your advice and believe in you. If this colleague is not taking your advice then just leave it to himself. You just focus on your work and improving your skills.

    You know what is right and wrong but if the other person who is just your colleague and he does not take your opinion, it is fine . He must be having his own rights and wrongs. It is not your responsibility to teach him or to deal his such attitude.

    Just behave normally with him without giving opinions. This will be easy to deal with him.
    All the best

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    Re: How to deal with an employer who thinks that he can never do anything wrong?

    In order to deal with such kind of people, the only way is to prove them wrong and show them the proof that you applied your brain and it lead to a bizzare and see this is the result.
    You can plan out a task for such people which should be meant a bit difficult and then you should tell him to do that. And when he will not be able to do that then you can give him a solid proof that dont think that you are the best

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    Re: How to deal with an employer who thinks that he can never do anything wrong?

    Hmm so this is the case of over confidence and this is the fact that over confidence drowns a person irrespective of his work abilities.

    Now still if that person is ruining himself out of this over confidence then no one can actually help him as this is all a psychological and he might not come on the track untill and unless he learns a lesson that sometimes a single advice can turn the looser towards the victory.

    If you have already tried to explain this situation then yes your work is done , you can not poke him all the time irrespective if he is wrong and if you would do then he may even insult you and ask not to interfere in between.
    that would be really embarrassing which no one wants to happen.

    So the best thing is talk less to that person because such people are dominating in nature and not polite even.

    Its been truly said that a tree with lots fruit always bend and faces every hurdle in modesty but in otherwise case it would have to suffer. Right!
    so dont worry . instead just concentrate on your own work.

    Thank you

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    Re: How to deal with an employer who thinks that he can never do anything wrong?

    Normally this kind of people who find themselves dominated by their own confidence to some large degree are those who are inside the pattern of just living inside of a peaceful atmosphere which no one can reach. They can be nor to bad this time none uncontrollable. The single thing is because require the company plus information of the appropriate person discussion effectively how to approach this kind of individuals. For those who turn into respected together, they instantly rear response anyone and become a lot more determined inside their attitude. Consequently, you would have to always be really gentle plus lustrous within coping with this kind of individuals. Counting in his constant and a few outstanding features, give him the main advantage of doubt plus discuss with him or her such as a pal which bigger the correct abilities to become put on show within corporate and business lifestyle nonetheless this individual desires to switch his frame of mind in the event that this individual likes to rise up the ladder regarding success. Simply tell him which it is great that he's courageous nonetheless this individual needs to follow the expert strength within corporate and business environment. Demonstrate him or her which it's always safer to strengthen than to always be i'm sorry within life. I am sure, in the event that the average person mentioned previously could have quite a few perceptive prices, he would fully grasp your own factor and have the message disguised . as part of your talk. If not, in that case practically nothing much is possible to take him or her around the appropriate path.
    Let your manager deal with him. When he does not a single thing completely wrong anf the husband has self esteem its good. When he'll complete a problem then this boss is going to manage him. You are only his colleague thus superior avoid his personal thinking. In addition don't trouble yourself about his foreseeable future with his fantastic downfall. He will deal with his circumstance as he is operating in this matter.

    You should allow thoughts to those one that get your own information plus rely on you. If this type of colleague is not taking your own information in that case only hand it over to himself. You merely center on your work plus increasing your skills.

    You know what is appropriate plus completely wrong however, if the other individual that is only your own colleague plus he does not get your own impression, it is actually very good.He must always be acquiring his or her own privileges plus wrongs. It's not necessarily your own responsibility to show him or her or even to deal his this kind of attitude.

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