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    Getting horrible reviews for my previous work is making me lose my self confidence

    I am working in a private firm. Some of my previous work has been criticized badly by my boss and other officials. This has made me lose my self confidence and thus I am not able to bounce back. I want to show everyone what I am capable of. What can be done in such a situation?

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    Re: Getting horrible reviews for my previous work is making me lose my self confidence

    Criticism is the way you learn take it as an tool for your growth great people have faced criticism people laugh at us when we do mistakes and people criticize us if we donít do better work but that life stay with critics but never be silent with it.. answering critics is not the ultimate achievement but to silence is what an individual should promise to yourself and move ahead to bounce back strong and rise up rise up to the limit of sky and be an example to others in showing you an individual who has given it back with his talent and performance at work..you cannot control or even run away from criticism but controlling your mind and your thoughts on it can turn it around for yourself in the negative situation that your are in right now .. if you take it as a challenge then its positive path that your choosing it for your development in your life and career.. criticism is not that your laughed by people and under estimating your talent its all about the feedback that your receive from higher officials admit your mistakes and accept criticism to improve your attitude as well..

    The important ways to be positive to criticism and understand critics silence them and how do you do it to make it work for you is mentioned below have to apply them immediately:

    1. Understand yourself at work and loop holes of your functioning criticism can help you a lot for your career listen listen and listen to your boss higher ups what they are criticizing you at work understand their comments and take a note of weakness that you posses take it as a lecture of your life and take the negative out of it take it to make them positive focus your negative areas where you are not good or even worst at it make yourself understand that you lack those qualities in you try to give regards and thank them in your heart for telling you what you are at work and implementation.. sometimes its too painful and heartbreaking to listen to critics about you but you should be brave enough to take it a challenge to yourself.. failure is not about failing but failure is the one who never accepts that he has failed and when he is not ready to silence critics and when he is not ready to get up and prove yourself..

    2. When people criticism you be the a person who asks for a question relating your performance remember be free to ask what you lack and where you did wrong it may be good response that often critics do want from an employee.. your criticism can come from your boss manager team leader or any higher ups also but the important thing is you go to every one and ask what you lack in skills when anyone criticizes you then they might know you better than anyone else.. donít be in dreams that you will prove yourself but take the hard core reality of present situation that you are in right now then only you will prove yourself.. I may be bit ironical in what I have said but the hard and bitter words can bring in the strength in us.. negative is only the opposite of positive there are no negative in life they tend to make our life a lesson from a past experience..

    3. Donít try to take reasons for your failure donít be in defensive mode donít try to sympathize yourself for the critics your facing them its all about learning and learning the way of positive frame work of work abilities.

    4. Stay calm and composed never let yourself down by critics prove that your mental at heart and soft in the mind and grief will serve no purpose in your life and you shall never be successful when you donít learn from your experience of bitter taste.

    5. Address the problem at previous work learn what you did wrong and what are the areas where you need to focus and concentrate on your weakness so these above statement should be followed to silence your critics and not to answer them with words do the needful.. all the best

    awake arise stop not till you silence all with your performance

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    Re: Getting horrible reviews for my previous work is making me lose my self confidence

    Hi friend,

    Here are the steps that you need to do in order to improve your self confidence:-

    1. Recognize your insecurities.

    2. Talk about it with your friends and loved ones.

    3. Bounce back from your mistakes.

    4. Identify your successes.

    5. Be Thankful for what you have.

    6. Be Positive, even if you don't feel the same way.

    7. Accepts compliments gracefully.

    8. Stick to your principles.

    9. Avoid Perfectionism.

    10. Focus on Contribution.

    Hope i have helped you in getting relevant information.

    All the best

    Thanking you...

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    Re: Getting horrible reviews for my previous work is making me lose my self confidence

    Getting horrible reviews for my previous work is making me lose my self confidence

    Don't worry friend in the private firm if the candidate works dedicatedly only will get the reward from the boss either in terms of words or in terms of bonus.

    So, do not loose your confidence go a head with the good and hard work.

    Since you want to show your good work then you need to work on it in a planned manner .So, be ready to show your work.So, do good ground work and go accordingly.

    Good Luck friend share your feelings here after

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