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    Employer not giving any reimbursement for calls made related to office work

    I am working in a software company. When I joined the company, the employer told us that they would not provide us with separate mobiles for making work related calls but would reimburse us for the same every month. But now it has already been 2 months and I have not received any reimbursement. What should I do in this case?

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    Re: Employer not giving any reimbursement for calls made related to office work

    Hi aspirant

    If your company promised you to reimburse you for the calls made from your mobile related to office work, then they should definitely fulfill their promise and make it a point to reimburse their employees on time. If they can't do this then they should have provided you with separate mobiles for office work. Now as its already 2 months , you should go and talk to your manager regarding this as he is best person to help you in this matter.

    Tell him that you haven't received any reimbursement for office calls made from your personal mobile as promised to you earlier. Now its already 2 months and you haven't got any reimbursement yet. You want to know the reason for the delay and that when will you be getting the same.

    I am sure your manager will give you a satisfactory reply and then your problem will be solved. Then you wil have nothing to worry about. Good luck

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    Re: Employer not giving any reimbursement for calls made related to office work

    Hello ,
    Every company has some rules which they have to follow .
    If they have not provided you with seperate mobile phones for your office work , then a re-imbursement of the amount
    spent on official calls will be given back .
    I am sure there has been some mistake or some delay with the management , you should not worry about it .
    First , ask you colleages whether they have received thier re-imbursement or not .
    Then you can decide what to do .

    You can go and talk to the manager with the problem that its been 2 months and he will take care of it.

    I am sure the manager will properly justify you the delay and will make the required check for you and see to that it
    is not repeated again in the future .

    You can make it clear that even the other employee havnt received ( IF THAT IS THE CASE .)

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    Re: Employer not giving any reimbursement for calls made related to office work

    Hello Friend,
    Dont go by words in any company if there is policy to reimburse the business related call then only you should use your phone for that but to get the reimbursement you need to apply for it and give proof of all business related calls and which is pretty hectic to track with your personal phone.so please get all the details how it works and how to claim for reimburse.you may find some policy where reimburses can be claimed once after certain period .so be in touch with the HR spoke and he will guide you with proper process.if you find that the company doesnot have any such policy then you need to put a mail regarding your manager stating his false promise and from that day you should stop making business calls from your personal mobile.
    Thank You.

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